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  1. 2018 OTA Talk

    I just finished Twilight of the Gods by Steven Hyden. If you remotely like classic rock it’s amazing.
  2. Meet Anthony Munoz

    I played soccer against his son in grade school. His kid was head and shoulders taller than all the other kids. Fell on me during the game. It didn’t feel good. But I got his dad’s autograph along with every other person at the field that day. He literally had a crowd around him the whole time he was at the park. As classy as it gets.
  3. John Ross is alive (old thread)

    So I just spent half of my break feverishly searching twitter and the nfl app for any injury news. Guess it’s time to watch some old Geno videos.
  4. AFC North standings

    Bengals 12-4 Stillers 9-7 wc Brownies 8-8 Ravens 7-9
  5. AFC North standings

    If Price and one of the defensive picks work out I think this team is in the playoff conversation. Hell just losing PA and the gazebo gate at center and Lazor having an off-season to implement his scheme puts this team into wild card contention. There was a good amount of crap in the playoffs last year for the afc and this team can be part of that crap this year!
  6. Draft watch

    I love to see the team getting no respect this time of year. Under the radar of the national media, expectations are low outside of the building so they can hopefully concentrate on what they need to do.
  7. Infamous Bengals

    It’s kinda funny how I don't have James Harrison even getting close to this list. I still liked him after he went back to the stillers.
  8. Projected offensive line?

    I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for the new coaches coming in. I might’ve been more excited for the prospect of Zim, Hue, or Guenther taking over Marvin’s job but this one is actually happening.
  9. Projected offensive line?

    All it would take is a couple of injuries.
  10. 2018 Draft Grades

    This was a terribly weak o line class too. Every single one of them were overdrafted. The guys there at 46 weren’t worth it and they prob would’ve had to trade back into the late first to grab one of the guards on the board. Now if that Mccarron trade had gone thru???
  11. 2018 Draft Grades

    For getting Glenn and Price out of #12 this draft gets an easy A for me. I would’ve liked another o lineman before the seventh round but I really like that every pick after the second round has both really good value and a ton of upside/playmaking ability. Bates was my favorite safety outside of the early guys. If we get three average to above average starters on defense out of this draft it will be a good draft imo.
  12. Rounds 4-7

    Allen Lazard, Trenton Thompson, Scai Moore, Tegray Scales, Quin Blanding, Poona Ford, nick DeLuca, Jeremy Reaves and every o line prospect for udfa.
  13. Rounds 4-7

    In the seventh I want the three best o linemen available. Plus more udfa’s.Flood training camp.
  14. Rounds 4-7

    If one guy drafted today pans out it will be a good day. Each pick has upside and playmaker ability too. I really didn’t want to see Samuels go to the stillers and Avery go to the brownies.
  15. Rounds 4-7

    And there goes Dissly, the tight end field is extremely thin now.