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  1. Much rather have him than Walton right now.
  2. Week 3 Bengals @ Panthers

    Bengals 28 Panthers 20 d line comes out of it’s shell this weekend.
  3. Is Hill still on Atlanta’s ps? Why not just bring him back?
  4. I think J is liking this a little too much.🙃
  5. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    And Alexander.
  6. Mixon out 2 weeks

    Anyone else looking forward to seeing Carson in action? It’s looked like Mixon has had a toughness that the team has fed on so far but that might be the one thing that Carson is as good at as Mixon.
  7. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    I wonder what this team would’ve looked liked if Trey Hopkins would’ve started over Bodine. Was he on the team for Whit and Zeitler’s last year here? I guess they would’ve still had Zamp’s playcalling.
  8. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    Let’s go defense. You got one more in you.
  9. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    I have zero feelings about celebrating this score right now.
  10. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

  11. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    What the hell happened to Mixon???
  12. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    I can’t hear the game but it looks like the crowd is getting the defense amped up just from the looks of them.
  13. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    Bengals 20 Ravens 12 it’ll be a weird one.
  14. Week 1 Bengals @ Colts

    Holy hell watching the high fives on the stillers sideline that they TIED THE FREAKIN BROWNS was better than anything that has happened in the last five years.
  15. Week 1 Bengals @ Colts

    That was much more emotional than it should’ve been.