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  1. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    I’d feel better about this game if it was at 1. Just that little slice of 4:15 primetimey-ness is giving me more pause than this o line.
  2. Week 7 Other Games List

    Yeah I wrote that before that happened. I love his running style, not his handsy-with-the-zebra-ness.
  3. Week 7 Other Games List

    As long as it’s not a blowout.
  4. Week 7 Other Games List

    Man Marshawn Lynch is fun to watch.
  5. Week 6 Other Games List

    Makes me wonder what his reputation would be if he wore stripes and Burfict wore yellow pants.
  6. Week 6 Other Games List

    Wonder if Mitchell will get a suspension for that hit on Smith?
  7. The Bengals Offense Under Bill Lazor

    I'll check out the post game quotes after games and the training camp videos but I think the last article I read on there was when Carson was still on the roster.
  8. Week 6 Bengals @ Steelers game time moved

    Hell yes. I get off work at 2:30 central time on sundays. Won't have to spend all day Sunday staying away from anything that might have a score pop up!
  9. Tyler Boyd facing drug charges?

    Open liquor bottle in the car along with some vape thingys and what might've been cannabis oil. Whoever wrecked it left the scene apparently.
  10. Week 4 Bengals @ Browns

    Finally got out to a sports bar for a Sunday and the number one take from being able to watch most of the games today was how crappy the officiating is. Ticky tack PI's and then easy PI or D holding calls not thrown.
  11. Week 4 Bengals @ Browns

    Gotta admit I was asking what Hill was doing and it was Mixon. I think all that Bodine is good for is falling on fumbles.
  12. Week 4 Bengals @ Browns

    After three terrible loses if they lose against the brownies this week what are the chances Narv loses his job? I know I know Mikey doesn't do that but the bengals roster is obviously better, the scheme has been fine up until Zampeze who is now gone, and Katie has to know to do something about what is obviously a coaching issue. I don't think they will lose and will be hoping against all hope that they will turn the season around this week but there has to be more than just a chance he's gone right?
  13. Top 5 draft pick

    Same here man.
  14. Top 5 draft pick

    Yeah I was trying to ironically suggest that another franchise QB would be pulling strings behind the scenes to make the team (the offense) better.
  15. Good luck on the carpness this week fellas. My guess for this game is if everything goes perfect for Dalton n co they'll be leading by three scores at the half and then Marv will downshift into his patented ultra orthodox play not to lose rubbish and Dalton will have three picks in the red zone and then the d will give up an 80 yard screen pass to an o lineman that lines up in the TE spot. Or Kizer has a coming out party and shows Dalton how it's done. Then Marvin announces his contract extension in the post game press conference.