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  1. Burfict suspended 4 games

    If it turns out that they busted him for taking something prescribed for a concussion there better be a media firestorm.
  2. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    I was just about to come on here and rant about how I wanted them to either sign another o lineman or somebody for the defense that isn’t a third week retread to really open up the draft for bpa. The football gods are smiling on the bengals today!
  3. Eifert

    O’Neill, Crosby, and Rankin might be possibilities in the second round also.
  4. Eifert

    Ugh, I don’t really want to play devil’s advocate but if he plays eight games this year it’s a successful signing? Ugh. I guess they wouldn’t do it but I wish they put this money into signing Suh for a two year deal and cut MJ. He would put the defense into easy top ten maybe top five territory.
  5. AJ McCarron UFA Now

    He didn’t get the memo.
  6. Trades around NFL

    I’m still smiling from the Glenn trade. The front office was actually proactive and went out and got a deal done without even losing a draft pick. Between that and resigning Huber I’ve got to say I’m pretty surprised that they are where they are now.
  7. Chris Smith to Browns

    Unlike the o line last year, I’m all for giving the kids more playing time this year.
  8. Jordy Nelson

    I’d rather get Suh.
  9. Draft watch

    Derwin James falling there would be my dream. I really think he has the physical tools of Polamalu and the locker room presence/force of personality to really help change the second half meltdown tendency’s and perception of the team.
  10. Draft watch

    Is there any other LB’s at 21 worth that value other than Rashaan Evans? I like Vander Esch but not sure if that is too much of a reach. As for other defenders maybe Davenport or Landry, I seriously love Mo Hurst and Taven Bryan but would like to see if either is there in the second, and cb is always on their radar in the first.
  11. Draft watch

    I was referencing the Glenn trade and Daniels hopefully being at the top of their board at 21. I wouldn’t be against Evans or maaaaybe someone similar and then hopefully price is there in the second. My first choice being Daniels and what that will look like for Mixon and Gio having a new C n T.
  12. Draft watch

    Case closed! Daniels at 21 it is!!!
  13. Bengals trade for Cordy Glenn

    1000 times better than starting a rookie at left tackle.
  14. Draft watch

    Let’s say they grab a stud defender in round one, and both James Daniels and Brian O’neill are sitting there when the 2nd round pick comes around. In this scenario neither position was taken care of in free agency. Now this team needs a stud center but it desperately needs a left tackle. Daniels seems to be the higher rated player but it looks like a pretty steep drop off after O’Neill. He might take some lumps his rookie year but is getting comparisons to Staley. There’s a tiny chance he might be around in the third but it looks like there’s a better chance of Ragnow there or one of the other centers that will at least be a step up from Bodine (after his inevitable resigning.) So who does everyone grab?
  15. Trades around NFL

    That would’ve been amazing.