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  1. Week 11 - @ Ravens

    The only positive thing from today is that this loss ticks up the chance a lil bit that Marv might be gone this offseason. But that thought brings on more anxiety that it won’t even happen.
  2. The Saints come marching in

    And if it will make any difference.
  3. The Saints come marching in

    How the hell can they not get a drop out of Margus and then he goes to the freakin colts and becomes a more than reliable role player?
  4. The Saints come marching in

    And Ross is hurt during garbage time. Whoopedy freakin doo.
  5. Marvin Lewis

    So here’s the game. Next week if they beat baltimore they have a really great chance of falling backward into the playoffs which will cement another year or two Marv at the helm. FOR THE GOOD OF THE LAND is it better for them to win or lose?
  6. The Saints come marching in

    LET’S GET WEIRD!!!! Dammt Lengel false start. wait that wasn’t running into the kicker? wthell
  7. The Saints come marching in

    Driscoll is getting WEIRD!!!!
  8. The Saints come marching in

    How was that not a hold on the left tackle on the touchdown?
  9. The Saints come marching in

    So the bengals are 7 and 2 as home dogs. Easy guess as to who those two losses are to. And that’s about as far as I can take the staying positive thing this morning. Thing is if they beat Baltimore next week they have tiebreakers locked up on every other playoff hopeful for that sixth spot besides the titans. The freakin titans. Sure a win is possible but I might be rooting more for no injuries and the young guys stepping up.
  10. Marvin Lewis

    I wasn’t really mad about Marv coming back this year because he is probably the best chance of winning a playoff game. Like said before I have no faith that Mikey will let whoever would take over after Marv actually implement their ideas and are doomed to fail so while Marv ain’t sniffing a Super Bowl he might finally win something of consequence. I’m all for moving on from Marv but I don’t see this team actually getting over the hump until he’s gone.
  11. Marvin Lewis

    What head coach in the league right now would actually win with Mikey as his owner? I’d argue that even belicheck would have a rough time getting the types of coaches and players he wants. That being said my guess is that Marvin could’ve been a near great coach if he had an owner that didn’t hamstring him at every turn. By now Marv has let his defensive prowess lapse into absurdity and the combination of Mikey’s micromanaging and the city just waiting for the bottom to fall out at every turn has turned Marvin back into a pumpkin.
  12. Week 8 - those pirate people

    So i spent the day with the kid not opening anything on my phone so I could watch the game without knowing anything about the game when it drops on game pass later tonight. We got back home and I turned the TV on so she could watch a movie or something and it just happens to be on live TV AND just happens to be on fox AND in bonus coverage. Which means I watched the two minute drive at the end of the game and the field goal to win it. So what the hell did I miss?
  13. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    It took a couple of defensive prayers for two of the wins this years. The only thought I’ve had this whole game is what could Andy do with a new head coach. Could be another Coslett/Mike Shula situation could also be at least one or two prime time wins every couple of years.
  14. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    This drink makes me team.
  15. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    Bengals 52 Chiefs 44 Andy has himself a game and the d line makes a play or two.