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  1. Free Agency

    Resign Dennard, CJ, and Eifert if they aren’t too expensive. Extend AJ and Boyd. Grab Kwon, K.J., Mosley, or Barr in free agency. Take Jawaan Taylor at 11. Trade 42 for a later pick in the second round and acquire an extra third (and prob give up a later pick) and trade that later second rounder for Rosen. With the two third round picks grab the best TE (I like Kaden Smith) and the best d lineman on the board.
  2. Official Draft Thread 2019

    I’m keeping a shred of hope that the new head coach will be flexible with Andy and maybe use a high pick on a rookie qb. Saying that let’s now suppose the new coach gave Mikey a promise that Andy would be his guy for at least a couple of years moving forward. If that is the case doesn’t Mikey HAVE TO at least entertain the idea of trading for AB? If Andy is staying put with the full confidence of the FO wouldn’t the best move for the team be to see if pittsburg would give him up for the 11th overall pick? Cap space shouldn’t be an issue but adding AB would maybe attract other non-scrub free agents too.
  3. Merry Christmas!

    Yay that f’n sucked.
  4. Merry Christmas!

    And go Broncos!
  5. Merry Christmas!

    At this point I’m expecting Marv stays with a ten percent chance of Hue taking over. A win over the stillers is at least fun even if it means hardly anything.
  6. Merry Christmas!

    5-8 spots higher in the draft would be nice but knocking out the stillers would make up for this terrible season imo.
  7. Week 13 - Broncos (Jeff Driskel era begins)

    Did anybody see a different score if Andy was healthy for this game?
  8. Week 13 - Broncos (Jeff Driskel era begins)

  9. 2019 Offseason Plan

    Count me in on a first round OT. I haven’t checked out one second of draft eligible players this year so unless a possible franchise qb or that Oliver dude from Houston are there... Since they won’t be bringing in any worthy free agents just draft three lb’s throughout next year’s draft. Not the best plan but what else can we expect from this franchise.
  10. Week 13 - Broncos (Jeff Driskel era begins)

    I think seeing AJ mad/in pain is my least favorite thing to see as a bengals fan besides Mike Brown.
  11. Mike Brown Dilema

    I haven’t lived in cincy since I graduated high school in 99 but after thinking about it if I lived there I would prob have season tickets.
  12. Mike Brown Dilema

    I won’t spend any money on the team but I will be a fan unless they move the team out of the city. I could never root for another team as much as the bengals.
  13. Week 13 - Broncos (Jeff Driskel era begins)

    I tried to make a poll for this question but it wasn’t working so I’ll put it here. What is more likely to happen at the end of the year? 1. Driscoll turns into Montana’s brain and heart inside Vick’s body and becomes the talk of the league all offseason and puts the team into Super Bowl range. or 2. They win one game the rest of the season with some more bad blowouts and Marvin gets fired. of the two possibilities which has a better chance of happening?
  14. Andy Dalton to IR

    Shake n Blake II baby!!! Quicker than a rattlesnake!!! I have zero hope that Marv is gone at the end of the year.
  15. Andy Dalton's Future

    Andy’s deal is so good for the club tho. Not as good as a rookie deal but will a new coach want to start with a complete unknown or someone who at least knows how to get to the playoffs? I really dont don’t want to think about it much because we live in a world where Marv getting fired is just not in the cards.
  16. Week 12- Carp Week 1.0

    If they win it will be an excuse to keep Marv. If they lose then the injuries and some other crap will be an excuse to keep Marv. Bengals 256 - O in a squeaker
  17. Week 11 - @ Ravens

    The only positive thing from today is that this loss ticks up the chance a lil bit that Marv might be gone this offseason. But that thought brings on more anxiety that it won’t even happen.
  18. The Saints come marching in

    And if it will make any difference.
  19. The Saints come marching in

    How the hell can they not get a drop out of Margus and then he goes to the freakin colts and becomes a more than reliable role player?
  20. The Saints come marching in

    And Ross is hurt during garbage time. Whoopedy freakin doo.
  21. Marvin Lewis

    So here’s the game. Next week if they beat baltimore they have a really great chance of falling backward into the playoffs which will cement another year or two Marv at the helm. FOR THE GOOD OF THE LAND is it better for them to win or lose?
  22. The Saints come marching in

    LET’S GET WEIRD!!!! Dammt Lengel false start. wait that wasn’t running into the kicker? wthell
  23. The Saints come marching in

    Driscoll is getting WEIRD!!!!
  24. The Saints come marching in

    How was that not a hold on the left tackle on the touchdown?
  25. The Saints come marching in

    So the bengals are 7 and 2 as home dogs. Easy guess as to who those two losses are to. And that’s about as far as I can take the staying positive thing this morning. Thing is if they beat Baltimore next week they have tiebreakers locked up on every other playoff hopeful for that sixth spot besides the titans. The freakin titans. Sure a win is possible but I might be rooting more for no injuries and the young guys stepping up.