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  1. 6.13 Tyron Johnson, WR, LAC @LionsRock is OTC
  2. 3.13: Washington Football Team D/ST @LionsRock is OTC
  3. I go out of my way to be unplugged as much as possible. I went several years without a phone on me 24/7 and only have one around now (not always on me) at the request of some close friends/relatives. I stopped watching TV (still enjoy MMA/NFL) and quit most social media as well. I agree that it’s rather rare, but I’ve grown to really enjoy it. With that said, if we’re drafting, I’m plugged in and paying attention. I enjoy the drafts dragging a little bit, but not like this one typically does. At the very minimum, we should be doing 8 picks a day.
  4. 2.13: Amari Rodgers, WR, Green Bay @LionsRock is OTC
  5. I just replied to a few messages. My pick will be up within 30 minutes or so assuming I don’t move out of this spot. EDIT: The pick is in. Good luck today with your draft, everyone!
  6. My team is starting to look pretty solid, but I took it over from an inactive owner and it took YEARS to build it to where it’s at. I drafted basically everyone. I would understand shaking things up a bit if we had a couple teams at the top for like 5+ years or something, I guess, but I don’t see the need right now. Being active, planning your draft well and trying to snag 1-2 guys who you can build around in some way each year can turn a roster around faster than people realize.
  7. Definitely a bit of a grey area. I mentioned it when it came up in discussions as well. I have no issue just trading the pick next year or a slight tweak of value perhaps if it’s determined to be necessary. It’s a pretty unlikely scenario to end up happening, but I agree with you on all your points.
  8. Just edited the post of my pick to correctly reflect this.
  9. I found myself in an interesting situation and felt the value was too good to pass up on. I was going to wait and let it play out (BPA), but decided to just get my guy. With Dak and Tua, I didn’t really need a QB here, but I felt the opportunity to add Lance added a lot of talent/depth as well as roster security/flexibility. Updated Depth Chart QB: Dak Prescott, Tua Tagovailova, Trey Lance RB: Dalvin Cook, Zeke, Melvin Gordon, Kenyan Drake WR: Kenny Golladay, AJ Brown, Chase Claypool, Clayton Sutton TE: Dallas Goedert, Rob Gronkowski
  10. With pick 1.11 (via @Oregon Ducks), Team X selects: Trey Lance, QB, 49ers @Fureys49ersis OTC
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