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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    At least we have some clarity on the issue. I think most speculated that the tragic death of his friend played a role. Wishing him the best in whatever he decides to do regarding his football career
  2. Harrison Barnes To Sacramento

    Solid deal for both teams. Dallas frees up cap space so Cuban can overpay another 3rd tier FA since they won't land a KD, Kyrie, Kawhi etc and the Kings fill their huge hole at SF. Ideally, Barnes opts out and he and the Kings negotiate an extension for lesser AAV(sounds like this has been hinted at). So far he's fit into the offense quite well and predictably his usage rate has dropped significantly with him in a different role than the one he was in with Dallas
  3. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | No More Garbage Thread Titles

    Pelicans are in such a tough spot. They need to tank with AD on the way out, but they can't sit him the rest of the year so playing him is gonna hurt their chances at racking up as many L's as possible. IMO the only solution to this is to let the Kings borrow AD for the remainder of the season for their playoff push. Once the Kings season ends, he simply returns back to the Pelicans who can then work on trading him
  4. Trade Deadline Rumors & Random Discussion

    Even with an overpaid Barnes next season, the Kings will still have more than $20 million in cap space. FAct is, they aren't a FA destination for anybody so the money is really irrelevant here. They had a huge hole at SF and Barnes at least gives them a legit option with size. The bigger issue is how he integrates with this team. In Dallas, he was paid to be one of their main players and played as such. In Sacramento, he needs to accept getting back to a secondary role like he was with the Warriors when they won. If he can accept being a 3rd-4th option, he could be a solid fit Otto Porter would have been better for them but I guess the Wizards preferred the Bulls package and IDK what the Bulls are doing I absolutely hate losing Shump. Kings won't really miss him on the court but I'm very concerned with what his loss will do to the locker room. He was unexpectedly the vocal leader and the heart and soul of this team and the young players fed off his energy. The entire personality of the team was all Shump, from coining them the Sacramento Scores to "purple talk" that all the players use on social media. I know he was an expiring but I wish for THIS YEARS team they'd have kept Shump for the year just for what he meant to this young squad. Don't like messing with the chemistry of the team
  5. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | No More Garbage Thread Titles

    Are you not entertained
  6. Conference Championship Games

    Guys, Goff isn't it. Patriots are winning this game comfortably. Accept it already and accept that Brady will be praised for completing screen passes against bad defenses as if he's doing things that no other QB could. GOAT
  7. Conference Championship Games

    Good news everyone. Football is cancelled. There is no SB
  8. Conference Championship Games

    Pats handle the Rams
  9. Conference Championship Games

    Lol 3rd time they convert a 3rd and 9+. Hurry and end this game the result is already known
  10. Conference Championship Games

    Another 3rd and long. Maybe the Chiefs won't allow Edelman to run free open the middle for an easy 1st this time. 3rd times a charm right?
  11. Conference Championship Games

    Good lord the same result. End this game now
  12. Conference Championship Games

    Another 3rd and long....you gotta get this stop
  13. Conference Championship Games

    3rd and 9 and they give up the conversion. That's the dagger
  14. Conference Championship Games

    Mahomes has the pleasure of sitting on the bench having no chance at winning the game after the Pats just won that toss. He really is the next Rodgers wow
  15. Conference Championship Games

    Great, now the Pats will win the coin toss and get a quick TD to win in OT. That's all that FG means