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  1. Jags are tank proof unfortunately. One of the 5 worst franchises in american sports
  2. Texans have embraced the tank
  3. The spirit of Jay Cutler just possessed Mahomes on that play
  4. I wish we had Travis Kelce
  5. Kudos to the Ravens FO for being able to design their entire identity around his game and to hide his weaknesses as best as possible to maximize their overall performance. ONe of the best run teams in football. Knew it was slim but I'm glad GB tried getting Eric DeCosta as their GM
  6. There's still people who pretend he's a good QB so not everyone has come to their senses quite yet Great fantasy QB though
  7. Lamar is a terrible passer
  8. Excellent late game finishes with both the Vikes and Seahawks losing, both in crushing fashion. Vikes blowing a chip shot FG and Seattle pissing away a 2 score lead in the 4th
  9. Hey, they could always be one of the 12% who do make it....just pointing out how important it is to avoid that sort of start as much as possible, especially so considering how brutal the NFCN schedules are this season.
  10. Vikes in the NFL graveyard at 0-2. Only 12% of teams who start 0-2 make the playoffs.
  11. Kickers gonna haunt Zimmer all his life. You hate to see it
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