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  1. Packers losing Robert Foster. Signed off the practice squad by Washington
  2. That's probably a bit too lofty. They definitely need some big time talent upgrades along the DL. It's Clark and a bunch of nothing. ILB needs help as well still
  3. I agree there. I will say though that McCarthy's biggest issue is his cronyism. It's common around the league but him hiring his good buddy Mike Nolan as DC after he'd been out of the league for about 6 years(and had poor defenses in Atlanta prior to his exit) was clearly a terrible decision.
  4. Of course Jones isn't gonna blame the staff. He literally just hired McCarthy about several months ago. His ego won't allow him to admit he made a mistake so soon
  5. Raiders signing David Irving
  6. McCarthy's team is in 1st place in their division while GB isn't checkmate
  7. GB won't have to worry about Mostert running all over them this time around
  8. Lol did Pettine call that Chiefs last defensive play before half? WTF was that 6 seconds left before half and they just decide to give Diggs 15 yards with nobody near him to set them up in FG range
  9. Yes they will be fine. They got outplayed but it wasn't as one sided as the score indicated. 3 plays accounted for 21 of the Bucs points. Bucs still win that game without the mistakes of course. Biggest concern was how easily the team folded once adversity struck. Rodgers, LaFleur....the whole team just got bodied for the TKO after a couple punches by the Bucs.
  10. By far the biggest gripe about MLF and the offense. Was an issue last season as well but the early success of the offense this year has sort of hidden this wart. Overall, this team is still near the top of the league in pass rate on neutral downs I believe, but this 2nd and long nonsense needs to stop
  11. Don't see GB making a big change like that unless they start losing games.
  12. Just absolutely no impact plays from that unit and they have far too many good individual players for that to be the reality. I firmly believe that Pettine will not get another season. Just hope LaFleur is better at picking DC's than McCarthy was
  13. IDK if they win since TB still won in the trenches. Closer score probably would have negated the Bucs being able to pin their ears back as often against this GB offense though
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