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  1. Looking like Steno gonna be the OC, which after the Getsy news, makes sense
  2. I don't think the relationship is toxic tbh. I do think both sides spent this season getting a better understanding etc. That said, they should still trade him. He's not winning another SB and he isn't playing as long as Brady....so at most we're talking about maybe 2 more seasons left. Ship him out for assets now and get a head start on the new era and whether or not Jordan Love is the guy for the foreseeable future. Rodgers can flame out in Denver getting owned by the better version of himself(Mahomes) twice a year. Works for me
  3. Feel awful for Allen. Defense totally let him down. That should have been his signature win Mahomes legend continues to grow
  4. Divisional round sure did make up for how terrible the WC round was. Every game gonna end on the last play
  5. Season on the line and both these QB's just taking turns coming up big when needed most. Must be nice
  6. One of the greatest playoff games ever. 2 elite QB's just throwing haymakers in the clutch these last couple minutes.
  7. The real NFL MVP coming up big in the playoffs there for the Rams.
  8. Lmao Brady Luck really is inevitable. Dude definitely made a pact with the devil or some **** because this stuff happens regularly year after year. Just insane
  9. Gotta have it and Brady delivers with a bomb TD and didn't go 3 and out. Didn't think that was possible
  10. Short from 47 yards playing in 50 degree weather in Tampa? That's embarrassing
  11. Truly in awe of Brady luck at times. Just when the game looked to be wrapped up after that fumble deep in their own territory, that happens.
  12. Yep. 2022 gonna be a full on reset for the franchise. So many players about to be gone as they clean up their cap situation
  13. Rooting for whoever wins out of the Bills/Chiefs matchup. Josh Allen is fun and the Bills fan base is great and Mahomes is Aaron Rodgers but without the playoff disappointment
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