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  1. Add extra regular season game and only make 1 playoff team get a BYE. NFL cares about player safety though!
  2. 17-game season is upon us. As expected, GB's 17th game will be at Kansas City. Packers road schedule is absolutely brutal Looks like they'll alternate yearly with AFC teams hosting NFC this year and NFC hosting AFC teams next year and so on
  3. With King back, I can at least still make jokes about his tackling Like so Kevin King attempting to make a tackle in the open field
  4. I know it wasn't THAT long ago that they drafted him but I was still surprised to see that he's only 25.
  5. 1yr deal just isn't something to get upset about. If he's good, it's a bargain, if he stinks, there's nothing preventing them from benching him during the year for whatever CB they draft within the top 100 picks next month
  6. King on a 1yr deal is fine. Won't stop GB from addressing CB in the draft one bit either. Can never have enough CB's
  7. Normally yes but with the cap reduction is that gonna play a role in the comp pick formula?
  8. Also, "highest-paid center" contract. Here's hoping it's high enough to where GB nets a 3rd round comp pick out of it
  9. Another Packers OLineman heading to the Chargers. Bulaga last year, Linsley this year
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