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  1. Fire Pettine

    Well that's disappointing. By LaFleur's tone during his presser, I thought for sure he was gonna move on from Pettine.
  2. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    A top 10'ish QB who, at his peak, probably played the position the best anyone has ever seen but who ultimately didn't quite live up to the lofty expectations. 1 SB win, just 1 single SB appearance is not what I would have expected after 2010 happened. He's had some brutal playoff losses where the defense was straight up garbage or he got screwed by the OT rules where he never got to touch the ball, but his NFCCG performances will certainly hurt him. He just hasn't played well in any single NFCCG
  3. Last Game As A Packer?

    Dude was routinely on the field and yet it was like he wasn't even on the team at the same time. That's how non-existent a threat he was out there. I bet there are actually fans who forgot he was even still on the team this year
  4. It's all good I'm 8 beers in and now enjoying some patron while watching the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Packers football never happened today IMO
  5. Poach Arik Armstead and Emmanuel Sanders from SF this offseason. Then sign a TE(haven't looked at UFA yet) and draft a WR with their 1st or 2nd rd pick. ILB is trickier, but not paying Blake Martinez is a good start Super Bowl
  6. Last Game As A Packer?

    Kumerow, Graham, Allison, Lane Taylor, Blake Martinez, Montravius Adams, Grant, Spriggs, Goodson can all go
  7. Injury is my main worry. Team was remarkably healthy this year, and we know that's unusual with this team. Can't help but think it'll be back to PackIRs next season
  8. Fire Pettine

    What if Pettine is just Dom Capers but without the toupee. Makes you think
  9. I agree with that. The offense should also not have put up a goose egg either.
  10. Defense has failed him for a good chunk of his playoff career but when you aren't putting up points/sustaining drives AND turning the ball over in your own territory, you aren't without a good part of the blame. The run defense was abused all night, but this game may still have been within reach if they don't have the botched snap in FG range and if Rodgers doesn't throw that INT in the final minute of the 2nd quarter. Legit cost themselves at least a FG, and gifted the Niners their TD right before half. Game would have been within reach that 2nd half rather than a blowout with Rodgers and co just stat padding down 3-4 scores for most of that 2nd half
  11. He was bad at times, great at times, and mostly average the rest of the way. He's obviously no longer elite, which is why it's imperative that Gute adds actual talent at WR/TE to help support him at this stage in his career. IDK if they can win a SB again with this version of Rodgers and it's probably too late for it, but that's their path at this stage
  12. many is a stretch, but I do agree that I fully believed they'd definitely win 2 with Rodgers, who I think is/was a better QB than Favre. 2014 is looking like their last best chance with peak Rodgers and they blew it.
  13. And I have watched them win it all twice and have seen a lot of playoff football in my life. People gotta stop trying to compare things to this Patriots run because it's not common at all. You'd kill for getting to watch your favorite team go through this stretch that GB fans have gotten to enjoy, don't fool yourself.
  14. Yeah this was a helluva lot more fun than the last 2 years. Still, pretty obvious this team still needs improvements. The only real worry for me next year is injury. They had remarkable luck in that regard this year and that usually doesn't follow over next season. More reason for why they gotta add upgrades and hope that young players take another step next season