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  1. Niners and Saints in their own tier in the NFC this season
  2. I will say this, I assume this means GB won't be paying Aaron Jones, which is smart. Never pay RB's
  3. Lmao how many TE's are the Bears gonna roster?
  4. Love the potential of Shenault in LaFleur's offense. Injury red flags scare me but f it. After the Love pick, may as well just go all out with risks
  5. for the record, it's not taking a QB RD1 that upsets me. It's just...I didn't think this was the right year to do it(Rodgers contract basically means we aren't talking until 2023 at the earliest for when we see change) and I also just don't like Jordan Love as a prospect at all. They pretty much just locked themselves into waiting until Love is 24-25 yrs old and in yr4-5 of his rookie deal before he likely gets his chance as the heir apparent. This completely nullifies any advantage you'd have with him on his rookie contract since he'll be up for an extension by the time he gets his chance. Just a bad decision from an evaluation standpoint and process standpoint IMO
  6. My confidence in Gutekunst as GM continues to decline
  7. Nurk...tonight wasn't the night to videobomb the post game interview dude...
  8. Wow. Wolves were up 22 on the Kings with under 6 minutes to go, and were up 12 with 1:13 left and they lost
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