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  1. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    De'Aaron Fox looks so much better in yr2. Good to see so far. Kings defense is atrocious but they are gonna stress teams with their pace. 117, 129, and now 131 pts scored so far these first 3 games
  2. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick (0-1)

    The first time EVER that Tucker has missed an XP in his career. Well I'm done rooting against the Saints because it's clear they're gonna end up being a playoff team. Now I hope they beat the Vikings when they face them
  3. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick (0-1)

    Yep. Saints pick is gonna be late 20's. They look legit.
  4. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Trubisky can't even get the hail mary attempt into the end zone. Couldn't be my QB
  5. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Vikes lost CB Mike Hughes a week ago and now Xavier Rhodes couldn't put any weight on his leg as he's helped off the field. Didn't see anything that stood out so IDK how significant the injury is
  6. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Mitchell Smith throwing everything to his TE's and RB's
  7. Extend Mike McCarthy

    Yeah, that's where I'm at. I think McCarthy would be let go if GB misses the playoffs this year with Rodgers starting all 16 games, but IDK what Murphy does if they barely get in and then promptly get bounced in the WC game. The facts are that this team hasn't made it to the SB since 2010, and at some point you gotta change things up with Rodgers getting closer and closer to the end of his career. Plenty of season left to figure things out though
  8. This will be the 2012 Packers @ Texans game all over again
  9. You really think quality pass rushers are just gonna be available during the deadline? The position is what it is this season so they'll have to make due best they can with what they got
  10. Perry got more batted passes tonight than he has sacks on the season
  11. Gotta enjoy the wins still though, especially great finishes like that.
  12. Well this team isn't great but they sure are in a lot of exciting games so there's that
  13. Crosby.....dude this is a chipshot man
  15. Time to hit MVS for the win