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  1. I think the Packers defense has only allowed a 300 yard passer ONCE all season too(Deshaun Watson, who barely finished over 300)
  2. Lol sums it up. I think it's also PTSD from watching all those prior Packers defenses over the past decade. Even this stat surprised me
  3. What's hilarious is how many people actually believe the translation and also think this was said post game when he's wearing a road uniform in this interview. Lol
  4. I enjoyed this one too from a while ago(before the Rams lost to the Jets lol)
  5. Wheels have now completely fallen off for Baltimore. Screw what the data nerds say, momentum is a real thing. That pick 6 just completely sunk them and now it's snowballing on them even more
  6. Who else they got though? Jamaal Williams? Probably a better option but he's not gonna be any real threat to break one either. Pack just got crap on ST and gotta hope they don't do anything stupid for once
  7. Nothing yet but I have a hard time seeing that being something too serious. Quad injury was what he left with, which looked like a just took a good shot to it. Gotta think it was just simply a bruise
  8. Adam Stenavich got that entire OL playing at a high level. So much rotating and subbing guys in and out all year and they haven't skipped a beat. Just been playing at a high level all season long. Very impressive stuff
  9. Only real injuries were to Lancaster and Barnes right? Sucks that Barnes is gonna be relegated to having one arm the rest of the way
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