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  1. Week 11 Games

    Might? It's officially over now. The dream of him getting an extension is no more. Would be funny if they got Andy Dalton in the offseason though
  2. Week 11 Games

    Lmao this game
  3. Week 11 Games

    Goff is terrible
  4. Week 11 Games

    Jimmy got like half his td total on year against the Cards lol
  5. Week 11 Games

    Jimmy is bad
  6. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | Fultz BACK

    The excuse was that the India trip affected them at the early part in the season. I think the Pacers started 0-3 themselves so who knows
  7. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | Fultz BACK

    Kings actually looking good since that disastrous 0-5 start. Team defense has improved significantly which has allowed them to stay in games vs quality teams. Maybe there is hope for Walton yet
  8. Week 11 Games

    I kinda want the Niners to not lose this game. I don't like the idea of GB having to go at SF with that team coming off back to back home losses to division foes. They'll be pissed off and will likely have Kittle back in that one. It's not who you play but when you play them
  9. Week 11 Games

    Broncos pooped all over themselves that 2nd half. Brutal
  10. Week 11 Games

    Would have been nice to have that timeout that Fangio threw away on the garbage challenge
  11. Week 11 Games

    WTF, that wasn't a 1st down? Review that spot refs
  12. Week 11 Games

    Broncos teasing us
  13. Week 11 Games

    So does that awful INT right before half when they were already in the red zone. Bad teams being bad
  14. Week 11 Games

    Bad coaches stay challenging these PI calls and now Fangio just throws a timeout away
  15. Week 11 Games

    Congrats on the comeback win Vikes