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  1. With how quiet marketing had been and the film set to release in less than 2 months, that trailer was actually surprisingly solid. My boy Sub Zero lookin great throughout that trailer
  2. JJ Watt announces he asked and was granted his release from the Texans
  3. I'd laugh but we just saw the Packers hire the DC of the 0-16 Lions
  4. I'm sorry but when watching Brady play the QB position there is nothing that makes me think that I'm watching the best to ever do it at that position
  5. Brady deserved it for having another stellar defensive performance that he willed his team to.
  6. Tom Brady should win SB MVP for holding the Chiefs offense to zero TD's. Truly the best defensive player we've ever seen when it comes to the playoffs Incredible INT by him just now to cap things off. Peyton, Brees, Rodgers....these guys simply couldn't win a playoff game if their teams held opponents to 9 points. Just can't imagine any other QB except Brady pulling it out
  7. Look man no other QB could win when his defense allows zero TD's in 2 straight SB's. Tom Brady is the only one who can do this and that's why he's the GOAT
  8. Why did Jared Cook have to fumble. So close to getting a washed Brees in Lambeau and then getting to face this Chiefs defense
  9. would have helped if they got this crew in the NFCCG instead of what they got stuck with. Bucs woulda been flagged for at least 3 defensive holding calls
  10. This Packers team really could have beaten the Chiefs. The ****in 3-5 minute window at the end of the 2nd/start of the 3rd is what did them in
  11. Brady has now willed his defenses to allow zero TD's through his last 7 quarters of SB play. This is why he's the GOAT and no other QB could ever do this stuff. No other QB could win in this situation
  12. They should have inside track at the 1 seed next year. NFCW teams will beat up on each other, Packers have an absolutely brutal schedule, and the Bucs get to face the creampuff NFCE and AFCE divisions next year. Not to mention the NFCS division looks bad next year, especially with the Saints likely falling off a cliff with Brees retiring and a bunch of cuts and other moves to make to clear cap space
  13. Brady defenses have now gone 6+ straight quarters without allowing a TD. Just no way any other QB could win in this situation. Only Brady can do it thats why he's the goat. Rodgers could never win a playoff game if his defense goes 1.5 games without allowing a TD. Just not possible
  14. Replay looke dlike Evans heel clipped his foot and they both tripped more than anything
  15. Can only laugh. We've seen this for nearly 20 years. Dude is forever charmed in the postseason
  16. Brady has now watched his defenses hold opposing teams to 9 points in the last 6 quarters of Super Bowl play. How does he win so much? No other QB could win like him
  17. Fine, remove Cohen from the deal and ship out another 1st round pick IMO
  18. Had to make sure I heard that right. Didn't he just break up with Danica like...last summer or something lol
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