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  1. If this is true then Aaron Jones should have had an idea of Rodgers intentions prior to choosing to re-sign with GB
  2. This season without Rodgers? Their schedule is brutal this year. I could see it being like 2008(assuming Love isn't a straight up disaster) where they're competitive but lose a lot of close games and finish 6-10
  3. Packers gonna suck without Rodgers so that doesn't matter much. Getting a ton of picks at least would give them a better opportunity of adding talent/trading up for a QB if need be
  4. Which is weird since the team they have now is good enough to win and were in the best position possible this past season to do so and simply blew it. If this was after 2018 it would make more sense with how the team and roster looked to be on the down swing(Rodgers included)
  5. Yep. Rodgers gonna be 38 by the end of this year....time isn't on his side here to be sitting out a season
  6. Best way to develop is to get game reps
  7. The traits are there, it's the accuracy issues that greatly worry me. The hope is he can figure it out like Josh Allen did
  8. It's Denver or Miami. Raiders would be hilarious since they are the worst of the rumored interested teams, but they just don't have much to offer compared to other options
  9. Terry Bradshaw said he'd pick McCarthy over Rodgers lol. There's no reason to take anything he says seriously
  10. I used to think this whole thing was a tragedy, but now I realize it's a comedy I believe this is how the conversation between Rodgers and the FO went
  11. I get where Rodgers is coming from but I'm a Packers fan so by default I side with Gute even though I'm not a fan of his either
  12. Double dipped at CB and OL, took a WR and a DL. Attacking all their major needs. Still hoping they add a vet FA along the DL, though that only applies if Rodgers is the QB this year
  13. I took it as him expressing his love for Green Bay the city along with the fans more than the team
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