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  1. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Perriman is on the Bucanneers. EQ and MVS are both going to be better than Hogan next year and Tate isn't going to be worth the money. Hard pass.
  2. NFL News & Notes

    Yes and Rodgers' numbers go up in Domes (all road games) and are better than Brees'. Which is why I said if you flipped homefields, Rodgers would be head and shoulders above Brees. These are not small sample sizes, the numbers tell a story, one that favors Rodgers.
  3. NFL News & Notes

    If Rodgers played 9 games a year in a dome and Brees in Green Bay this wouldn't even be a discussion. Brees' numbers drop off dramatically when outdoors while Rodgers' numbers are elite no matter where he plays. Brees Rodgers Indoors Outdoors Indoors Outdoors Games: 128 125 54 134 Comp %: 69.57% 64.95% 67.51% 64.29% TD/INT: 296/113 206/109 54/11 270/67 Rate: 104.2 94.2 109.0 101.6 Y/A: 8.08 7.14 8.43 7.70
  4. Evaluating Gutenkunst's first year

    If Gute was given full control and able to fire McCarthy prior to the season, does the Randall trade happen? I feel like that was more of a coach thing than a Gute thing.
  5. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    Him not liking the Office is my main gripe...
  6. rcon14 Mock 1.0

    This would be an A+ offseason IMO. The Burns vs. Polite argument is going to be one of the more interesting questions in draft season. In Matt Miller's most recent mock, he took Burns at 12 and Polite was still available at the Saints Pick. He took Irv Smith for us but I wouldn't be opposed to getting both.
  7. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    Sucks is probably a little harsh on my end and Patricia cannot be a great guy to work under offensively. He did interview for the Browns job before this. Him and JDF are probably the best two options left on the market. Which is probably another reason LaFluer locked up Hackett quickly. After that it's Mike McCoy - YIKES.
  8. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    I can spin things to fit a narrative too: He wouldn't have gotten a job he had been pursuing for years without McDaniels. Now he is being viewed as a top OL coach after being the OL coach at a bottom tier Big Ten school. He should be thanking McDaniels.
  9. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    Odd because he is a terrible OC?
  10. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    So you are calling DeGugliemlo a liar? He plainly stated he had been trying to get the Colts for years, long before McDaniels. You are the only person here still talking about McDaniels, get over it.
  11. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    The way Nagy talked about Hunt yesterday, I would be pretty shocked if Hunt wasn't on their roster come training camp.
  12. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I wonder what Kyle Long's value on the open market will be. Most of the talking heads in Chicago think they will move on this offseason. He could be a guy that gets overpaid on the open market but I would be interested for the right price.