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  1. GB-SEA 2nd half Passes

    Really just a horrible mesh of QB and playcaller at this point. It's about all you can say.
  2. Beat one of the VIkes/Bears and win the games we should and we will get in. Then we will play the Bears in the first round and Rodgers will steal their souls one more time.
  3. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    I lean towards an offensive coach because if you bring in a defensive coach and a hot shot OC (Zac Taylor for example). You could lose that hot shot OC the next year and you have to redo the offense again while Rodgers ages. With the best teams in the league all having offensive coaches and the best offenses, I just don't think bringing in a defensive coach makes sense. The Packers have also been most successful with offensive coaches and I am guessing Gute is going to follow that path.
  4. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    A different scheme and a different voice energizes Rodgers and reigns him in. Similar to what McCarthy did for Favre. Just because McCarthy can't do it doesn't mean someone else can't. Besides the Rodgers' thing, can you honestly say this is a well coached team right now?
  5. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    Two completely different situations. Shanahan got RG3's knee shredded. You are honestly okay just letting this continue? You just posted a thread detailing how Rodgers never checks down and have repeatedly posted about Rodgers post 2015 hasn't been the same. That's 4 years where McCarthy could've taken charge and gotten Rodgers right again. Where he could innovated on offense to help his team. Where he could've ran the ball more to help the QB. Literally tried anything to help. Nothing has changed on offense. At some point it's the coach's job to correct the player.
  6. Mason Crosby: To cut or not to cut

    What round does Gute draft a Kicker in, is the real question.
  7. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    It's pretty clear that MM has lost the locker room. They are all on Twitter, Cobb was tweeting during the game, Aaron Jones fires off 100 RTs of his plays in the locker room, they all see the media bashing MM and calling Rodgers the GOAT. We don't live in the age where you can stick your head in the sand anymore. On top of that you have Rodgers' pointed comments after every loss and Tramon calling him out for not playing to win the game. It's pretty clear where this is heading.
  8. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Completely empty game from Rodgers last night. He doesn't trust the scheme or the rookie WRs. He threw one timing route to a player not named Davante last night. He is so risk adverse he will not throw the ball to the rookie WRs unless they are wide open or he is in a desperate situation. Rodgers is not a QB who can run a scheme predicated on timing routes with rookie WRs he doesn't fully trust.
  9. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    Offensive candidates: Deflippo LaFluer Carmichael Defense/Special Teams candidates: John Harbaugh Pettine Toub Bring in Zac Taylor as OC.
  10. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    What I don't want is for him to take snaps away from EQ on offense, that would be not good.
  11. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    Trevor provides an immediate lift to special teams. He averaged double the punt return average and over 8 yards more per kick return. Everyone can hate on Trevor for a few gaffes fair catching kicks but he is a top level return man in this league and solid gunner. For as much as our special teams have sucked we should all want him back.
  12. In the context of this year the top 10 teams in receptions are a combined 45-56. You know who isn't on the list the Rams/Chiefs, they have QBs who can do push the ball down field and also the two most explosive offenses. Patriots:7-3Chargers: 8-2Lions: 3-6Giants: 2-7Saints: 8-1Cardinals: 2-7Falcons: 4-5Ravens: 4-5Raiders: 1-8Bills: 3-7Colts: 4-5 Instead of cherry picking receptions by RBs lets look at in the actual context of the offense. Who are you taking away targets from to force the ball to RBs? Outside of Lacy which RB are you giving the ball to in order to get to some RB reception number you think is acceptable? This offense has been elite outside of 2015 when it lost it's #1 WR and we had a rookie play caller for most of the year. Let's take Gronk/Edelman & McDaniels off the Patriots and see what Brady does (hint. not very good). The Saints/Patriots offenses are built around their RBs, our offense is built around our WRs. Is it the QB or the scheme? 2008 Packers 2009 Packers 2010 Packers (26.18 PPG) (351.1 YPG) (28.8 PPG)(379.1 YPG) (24.3 PPG)(358.3 YPG) Top 5 WR/TEs: Top 3 HB/FBs: Top 5 WR/TEs: Top 3 HB/FBs: Top 5 WR/TEs: Top 3 HB/FBs: Jennings - 140 (26.7%) Jackson - 39 Jennings - 119 (21.7%) Grant - 30 Jennings - 125 (24%) Jackson - 50 Driver - 116 Grant - 22 Driver - 113 Jackson - 26 Jones - 87 Kuhn - 18 Nelson - 54 Kuhn - 7 Finley - 72 Kuhn - 7 Driver - 85 Starks - 4 Lee - 50 Jones - 62 Jordy - 64 Jones - 30 Lee - 54 Quarless - 33 WR/TE = 84.6% of targets WR/TE = 82.1% of targets WR/TE = 84.7% of targets 2011 Packers 2012 Packers 2013 Packers (35 PPG)(405.1 YPG) (27.1 PPG)(359.4 YPG) (26.1 PPG)(400.3 YPG) Top 5 WR/TEs : Top 3 HB/FBs : Top 5 WR/TEs : Top 3 HB/FBs : Top 5 WR/TEs : Top 3 HB/FBs : Jennings - 101 (18.8%) Starks - 37 Cobb - 104 (19.1%) Alex Green - 30 Nelson - 127 (22.9%) Lacy - 44 Jordy - 96 Grant - 24 Jones - 98 Kuhn - 18 Jones - 93 Kuhn - 19 Finley - 92 Kuhn - 18 Finley - 87 Benson 15 Boykin - 83 Starks - 13 Driver - 56 Nelson - 73 Quarless - 53 Jones - 55 Jennings - 62 Cobb - 47 WR/TE = 82.7% of targets WR/TE = 86.4% of targets WR/TE = 85.4% of targets 2014 Packers 2015 Packers 2016 Packers (30.4 PPG)(386.1 YPG) (23 PPG)(334.6 YPG) (27 PPG)(368.8 YPG) Top 5 WR/TEs : Top 3 HB/FBs: Top 5 WR/TEs : Top 3 HB/FBs i: Top 5 WR/TEs : Top 3 HB/FBs: Nelson - 151 (25.2%) Lacy - 55 Cobb - 129 (22.8%) Starks - 53 Nelson - 152 (25.2%) Montgomery - 56 Targets Adams - 121 Starks - 29 Jones - 99 Lacy - 28 Adams - 121 Starks - 25 Targets Cobb - 84 Kuhn - 4 Adams - 94 Kuhn - 10 Cobb - 84 Ripkowski - 9 Targets Cook - 51 Rodgers - 85 Cook - 51 Rodgers - 47 Montgomery - 19 Rodgers - 47 Targets WR/TE = 83.1% of targets WR/TE = 83.5% of targets WR/TE = 83.1% of targets
  13. In 2005 a McCarthy led the worst offense in the NFL. They were the 32nd ranked unit in yards and the 30th in points for. That offense threw to the RB less than the year "our offense looked worse than ever" with much worse QBs.
  14. The trio of Matt Flynn, Scott Tolzien and Seneca Wallace, all of which should be more likely to check it down due to talent level, threw it to running backs only 10 more times in 10 fewer attempts (280 to 290). Lesser QBs tend to check it down more, even then they didn't do it at a crazy high rate compared to Rodgers.
  15. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Vikings Schedule (5-3-1) Bears Schedule (6-3) Packers Schedule (4-4-1) @ Bears (6-3) Vikings (5-3-1) @Seahawks (4-5) Packers (4-4-1) @ Lions (3-6) @ Vikings (5-3-1) @ Patriots (7-3) @ Giants (2-7) Cardinals (2-7) @ Seahawks (4-5) Rams (9-1) Falcons (4-5) Dolphins (5-5) Packers (4-4-1) @ Bears (6-3) @ Lions (3-6) @ Niners (2-8) @ Jets (3-7) Bears (6-3) @ Vikings (5-3-1) Lions (3-6) Opp. Record (35-29-1) Opp. Record (30-29-3) Opp. Record (27-36-1) The path to division is right in front of us. The Bears did have favorable scheduling with the tougher games - Vikes/Packers both played Rams/Patriots/Seahawks away while they got those games at home. The good news is the Bears already ran through the whole AFC East, we also get the Falcons at home which changes that game considerably. This Seahawks' game is a scheduling loss but if we can find a way to win we will be in a really solid spot. Win one of the Vikes/Bears game and take the games we should that would put us at 10-5-1, have to imagine that wins the division.