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  1. "A riot is the language of the unheard" - MLK
  2. Favre trying to justify himself treating Rodgers like crap is really something to behold.
  3. Silva is a fantasy pundit not on the Bears beat. All of the analytics and fantasy people love to dump on Rodgers any chance they can get, this isn't surprising at all. Rodgers obviously deserves some criticism for his play and not playing on schedule within the offense but unless every person involved with the team or close to Rodgers is lying, all of this relationship drama is just clickbait gossip. Rodgers' relationship troubles are the NFL version of the National Enquirer.
  4. Judging by those numbers, the ILB market is going to get expensive quick...
  5. The biggest companies in the world aren’t closing down shop with billions on the line because of “fear mongering numbers”. When has the NCAA ever walked away from money? I want to believe you’re right but that flies in the face of reality.
  6. Is that healthy athlete flying his own plane, landing on an air strip with no one else around and not coming into contact with anyone in the city he went to? Currently medical experts expect 1.5 million Americans to die in the next 18 months. Just because currently a small percentage is affected means literally nothing.
  7. Flying them in and having them in contact with people from other areas is how this was spread in the first place. Flying the disease across the country for a workout is what's irrational.
  8. Can't argue against this math. This is some AP Calc stuff.
  9. It's a groin injury and the latest news was that he didn't need surgery but it is described as "nagging".
  10. Tom Brady Age 36: 60.5 Cmp%/4343 yards/25 TDs/11 INTs/87.3 RTG Age 37: 64.1Cmp%/4109 yards/33 TDs/9 INTs/97.4 RTG
  11. Huh, none of your reply is anything I said? Richard was with Saleh in Seattle. I was not saying Saleh would come to GB..it would be Richard as DC here, not Saleh. The connections make sense and LaFleur has experience on teams that run the Seattle defense. Jackson being a better fit is an ancillary benefit not the sole reason for the change.
  12. With LaFleur's relationship with Saleh and the jump that the Niners D made, I think that Richard makes a lot of sense. Our personnel (outside of ILB) seems to be a good fit for the Seattle scheme and getting something out of Josh Jackson would mean something to Gute. The fact that the whispers have started makes me think LaFleur is at least considering a change and after the Capers experience, I'd rather get rid of a coordinator too early than too late. This defense should've been much better than it was.
  13. *Russell Wilson at checkout buying a fake Christmas tree* Cashier: Are you going to put this up yourself? Russell: What kind of sicko are you?
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