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  1. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    Can't argue against this math. This is some AP Calc stuff.
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    It's a groin injury and the latest news was that he didn't need surgery but it is described as "nagging".
  3. Packers Regression

    Tom Brady Age 36: 60.5 Cmp%/4343 yards/25 TDs/11 INTs/87.3 RTG Age 37: 64.1Cmp%/4109 yards/33 TDs/9 INTs/97.4 RTG
  4. Fire Pettine

    Huh, none of your reply is anything I said? Richard was with Saleh in Seattle. I was not saying Saleh would come to GB..it would be Richard as DC here, not Saleh. The connections make sense and LaFleur has experience on teams that run the Seattle defense. Jackson being a better fit is an ancillary benefit not the sole reason for the change.
  5. Fire Pettine

    With LaFleur's relationship with Saleh and the jump that the Niners D made, I think that Richard makes a lot of sense. Our personnel (outside of ILB) seems to be a good fit for the Seattle scheme and getting something out of Josh Jackson would mean something to Gute. The fact that the whispers have started makes me think LaFleur is at least considering a change and after the Capers experience, I'd rather get rid of a coordinator too early than too late. This defense should've been much better than it was.
  6. Tramon is my spirit animal
  7. *Russell Wilson at checkout buying a fake Christmas tree* Cashier: Are you going to put this up yourself? Russell: What kind of sicko are you?
  8. Random Packer News & Notes

    Christian McCaffrey had 116 receptions and had -14 yards YBC.
  9. Random Packer News & Notes

    It is not meaningless, your argument has no context. RB YBC is typically offset by screen passes and more targets doesn't necessarily mean you will add to the total. Aaron Jones is 10th in the league in YBC among RBs/FBs. If he didn't drop that pass against Philly he would be 4th.
  10. I can't blame him...If I was an owner I would be calling the plays with a beer in hand from the booth.
  11. Week 17 GDT: Packers @ Detroit Lions

    With all things considered, mainly receivers being open, that was the worst half of football Rodgers has ever played. It's one thing to hold onto the ball and throw the ball away/take a sack, at least you can hide behind excuses but to consistently throw off your back foot and overthrow open receivers again and again is the definition of insanity.

  13. Week 15 GDT: Packers vs Chicago Bears

    Yes of course - he is a regular on 670 the Score and does all of the Bears pre and post game locally. I lived in Chicago for awhile and he is a well known/regarded voice in the market.
  14. Week 15 GDT: Packers vs Chicago Bears

    It was definitely said by Bears pundits again and again after the signing of HaHa. Here is just one example...
  15. NFL News & Notes

    It was signed in 1993 and the salary cap was put into place in 1994.