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  2. Yup no DL is concerning, also I would keep Lewis until he wants to retire honestly.
  3. They're prolly tied for the worst
  4. Foles and Goff both do, but hey at least we aren't the Vikings with Kirk Cousins that has 0 and less playoff wins than both
  5. Lol thats the one thing I knew people probably wouldn't like, but to be fair that year we had really bad secondary backing him up compared to ours now.
  6. Kollmann is suggesting the rams safties coach Ejiro Evero, worked with Green Bay in 2016 for defensive quality control. Worked under Fangio. Has been great with the rams safeties group since he got there. https://www.therams.com/team/coaches-roster/ejiro-evero Just a name to throw out there.
  7. It's only fitting this is page 100 and you were the first post lol
  8. Nah that was worse. We could of won that game many many times and ****ed it up. That was worse and felt worse imo. This one only stings because it was against Brady. But that was more of a heartbreaker.
  9. RIP Ted, this was so sudden. He was a great GM despite what some might say about the way he did things. But he has built great teams together, brought in and drafted amazing players that helped us win. And to this very day we still have great contributors on this team that he drafted. Adams/Clark/King/Bakh/Linsley/Jones/Williams/Lowry/Crosby and our HoF QB Aaron Rodgers. Ill miss him. Let's win that Lombardi for him!!
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