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  1. Front 7 as a whole really played well this game it seemed. Martin looked pretty good for his debut.
  2. Pettine might have just been constipated and lafleur litterally scared the **** outta him
  3. Barnes/Jburge/Martin the holy trinity will show us the way.
  4. Looks good in coverage. Sideline to sideline type of speed. Not gonna get my hopes up he turns around our ILB corps, but he looks like a pretty good depth signing.
  5. I miss his facial expressions during games. Damnit covid
  6. Its weird because we do have physical corners. Jaire, King, Sully, even Jackson to some extent. Don't know why Pettine doesn't try it if this soft coverage and rush 4 isn't working. I'd rather get beat pressing than getting dinked and dunked up and down the field. Gotta challenge the WRs sometimes.
  7. Shoulda just went with the discount double check belt, then some defensive player would of done it after a sack, we woulda won 93-3
  8. He ran it a lot early on using Jones IIRC. But since we were down so much we didn't run a lot of it as the game wore on.
  9. These games really are painful to watch, Elite defenses outside of the division always seem to be Rodgers/Packers Kryptonite. When you can't run the ball, and the opposing team is ahead it's pretty much over when they pin their ears back. Rodgers gets rattled with waves of pressure. And I get it Rodgers played bad, but this OL just didn't help the cause at all too. Defense today, we just couldn't get a lick of pressure on Brady. Z/Preston need to step their game up. I'm glad Clark was back but it didn't seem to help much in the pass rush department. In these games it's like we do the exact opposite of what the other team does well, which is well, do pretty much everything wrong lol. Welp we got the Texans next week we can beat up on at least.... right..?
  10. Yeah that happens a lot in the NFL when 2 players are trying to make the pick. Specially going full speed like he was. Can't get on him too much for that. Still good coverage by Barnes, ****ty luck that it ended right in the hands of the Falcons WR.
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