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  1. Wilkerson shouldnt be near top 5 important. I would put Clark, Williams, HaHa, maybe even Alexander over him right now. Williams because he's prolly gonna start and he's key to helping these young bucks, Clark is about to become one of the best if he isn't already at his position, and HaHa because we really don't have much behind him and I think he's gonna come back strong after a average season last year. Wilkerson is like the Peppers signing, except we don't really know which way this guy is gonna go, he could be another Bennett or turn around his careeer here. We need him to return to form and contribute to an already good line. It's just ashame we didn't get similar guy at EDGE.
  2. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    We were beginning to get there again before he went down vs the Vikings, also the run the table stretch we found our mojo again before the debacle vs the Falcons.
  3. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    I think they were really high on Spriggs but he just didn't pan out last year. Murphy might be better
  4. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    I think the Line is fine, Bulaga just can't stay healthy.
  5. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    The only guy that got open was Bennett and Rodgers extended the play when the Pocket broke down and he got it to the only open guy here. ill give you this one because he pretty much was running into a bunch of Bears, but vs the Vikings it was the right decision imo.
  6. Random Packer News & Notes

    I think if Williams can turn into a Eddie Lacy type (minus the weight issues ofc) he will be solid for us. That play against Chicago where he just trucked 3 or 4 guys for the first down is something to look forward to more on short yardage. I also think a lot of the running backs problems last year was injuries to the OL + defenses wernt afraid to put 8 men in the box against Hundley. Monty as a running back wasn't a failure in 2016, but they need to use him in limited roles for him to succeed. Out of the backfield as a reciever suits him best right now. I wish McCarthy would do two back shotgun plays with Cobb and Monty in the backfield, maybe with the the clean slate we will see some of it.
  7. Random Packer News & Notes

    It's not really a big loss when he's only gone for 2 weeks and you're a pass first team, and I think youre slightly exaggerating how poor Williams and Ty is, if they stay healthy those guys can do some damage, especially Williams whom got so much better at the end of the year. You just need to use these guys correctly, Ty more so as a 3rd down back will suit him better.
  8. Packers RB Aaron Jones suspended 2 games

    This will impact the packers a tiny tiny tiny bit, not too much, but we will miss his services. Williams, Ty, plus who ever they keep for the 4th string back will be fine the first 2 games. This is also still a pass first offense even though they would like to run it too. They won't let him go for a 2 game suspension, they already knew about what happened last year. Stupid mistake, but this doesn't change much or my impression of the guy, I still like him. I just don't understand why they don't just legalize weed everywhere tbh if everyone and their mom does it these days. On the other hand, I don't know why these guys risk big paychecks for a joint.
  9. Still think it's Clay, he's gonna be used all over the defense, and he needs to prove he's still a top tier player this year.
  10. Brian Gutekunst to become Packers GM

    By the interview with Nagler it sounded like he's fine with it, And I have to think they are happy with McCarthy. The question is though, is Murphy gonna be stubborn in the future to fire coaches and give them 2nd, 3rd and so on chances? I just hope he knows what he's doing if that time ever comes for McCarthy. We don't want a Marvin Lewis type of deal.
  11. Brian Gutekunst to become Packers GM

    I liked Ted, but I do like the laidback outgoing personality Gute has.
  12. Is Winston Moss on his way out of Green Bay

    You can have that opinion, not hostile to it at all. I just didn't agree that his character the way he was acting was good for the team. I also never expected him to be a kindergarten teacher, if he was he wouldn t be a football coach. But that's a very bad way to deal with a chip on his shoulder from a report too if that's what it's about, coaches get those reports all the time.
  13. Is Winston Moss on his way out of Green Bay

    I like that flavor, I really do, Mike Daniels is a great example of this. But character? I don't know how you want THIS type of character on this team. You want mean guys on that side of the ball sure, but the rest of the coaches that bring that mean streak on that side of the ball look like they actually give a crap, they give well thought out answers. This guy just looks like he's drunk or high, doesn't care , long pauses, it was very strange PC that doesn't lead me to believe this is the norm. I'm not worried this is effecting the team or anything, I just like my coaches like Pettine or Joe Whitt who bring the passion, mean streak, and Intellectual side to the game. Moss just rubs me the wrong way, and Im glad he's just a position coach.
  14. Is Winston Moss on his way out of Green Bay

    That press conference was disturbing and funny at the same time, wonder what's going on with the guy, I highly doubt its because Pettine is working them to the bone. Wilde has some balls though to ask that one question too.
  15. Wide Receiver Outlook

    he's so good he's sleeping while making a catch