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  1. We neglected him emotionally last year, now we're onto I, Inspire hope. Everything is going according to plan.
  2. Unfortunately players want a financially stable future
  3. You would think they would try to upgrade from Lancaster/Lowry if this was the case.
  4. I hope so, I want games in Lambeau towards the end
  5. Yeah if he plays there in some packages I wouldn't mind. It would be strange if they decided to move him to SCB full time which I highly doubt.
  6. Watch him do one now everytime he scores a touchdown
  7. Idk this is the first time in a long time we might actually have a viable backup. So say if we're rolling 8-2 rodgers gets an injury, and hes out for the rest of the way or at least until the playoffs, you really think they are gonna put in boyle? Doesnt seem really smart to me. Even if that wasnt the situation I wouldnt see the packers making such a weird decision to bubble wrap him no matter what. I think the only thing that would hurt him is confidence if he ends up not having a great season in for Rodgers. But that's the mental game Love should overcome if he's going to be our successor to Aaron. I say just let the kid play if he is forced to.
  8. I think this thing depends on Jackson finally turning into something. Though I do like Sullivan. This room could definitely be a lot worse. I kinda don't blame them sort of like WR, where they want to actually play out some of the talent they got. Though I think Tramon will be on speed dial if he never gets picked up.
  9. Eli not great, but good when he was good.
  10. If the guy was 2-3 inches taller, and weighed 10 more pounds, I don't think it's really going to change my evaluation of him that much. All I care about is the tape, and I don't think his "smaller frame" than some TEs hinders his play.
  11. Yeah i think Deguara will definitely bring a lot more than Vitale. He'll play everywhere. I just think Vitale could of got a lot more looks than he did. He still was a pretty good athlete out of the backfield for his size. I also fell for the hype from training camp lol.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/madison.com/sports/football/professional/matt-lafleur-aims-to-get-more-much-more-from-rookie-josiah-deguara-than-just-an/article_86bcfb3f-e5b6-550e-b660-ba7391f01edb.amp.html Theres more than one quote by both Lafleur and Gutey explaining how they want to utilize Deguara. “I love Josiah. He is extremely versatile,” LaFleur raved. “The thing he brings to our offense is we can be in the same personnel grouping, and we can line him up on the line of scrimmage, or in a wing alignment, or we can line him up in the backfield. I just think that adds stress to a defense in terms of, ‘How are these guys going to line up and what exactly are they going to do?’ When you watch Josiah, you see such a gritty, tough player.” This sure sounds like a guy who hasnt scouted him and only based his evaluation off of one clip.. Asked the best place for Deguara to line up, Gutekunst replied: “I think that’s the really exciting thing about Josiah. Everywhere, quite frankly. As we went through the process, that’s a guy that Matt was very, very excited about. I think he’ll be able to line up in-line with his hand down, I think he’ll line up in the slot, back as a fullback, an H-back. I think he can be a matchup piece that can move into all those different spots. “Really, the stuff on the move is where he really excels. He’s a tough kid, very, very smart. He’ll be able to pick this up fairly quickly. With a lot of the movement blocks that Matt likes to do in his offense, I think he’ll be able to really excel at that.” It sure looks like to me they did their homework on this guy. I dont think our Scouting department, Gute, and Lafleur would be that bad at their job that they would base that one play for their evaluation. Lafleur talked about using that clip from last year. So i am guessing they already had him on their radar since he was going to be in the draft next year. The 6-foot-2, 242-pound Deguara fits the versatile prototype LaFleur wants in his offense, and while Gutekunst might’ve made the pick, it certainly sounded after the draft as if LaFleur asked for him. LaFleur told reporters in a conference call he and Bearcats offensive coordinator/tight ends coach Mike Denbrock are “very close,” having worked together at Notre Dame in 2014. Even though Lafleur really really wanted him, he still scouted the guy, he has connections with the Bearcats TE coach/OC Denbrock. So he had to of gotten a lot of information about him from Denbrock.
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