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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    I sure hope we limit the big plays coming out of the bye week. Also the presnap stuff would be refreshing to get a handle on..
  2. Week 11 Games

    its for the greater good
  3. Week 11 Games

    We might need ya to skip next week
  4. 2019 WR Corps

    I mean the guy showed sparks in his game that got you excited for next year from last year. Im Not saying he's starting or he had an amazing year last year but I doubt they let go of that talent.
  5. 2019 WR Corps

    I dont know how you can see what he did last year and not put that kid on the team. We would be making a huge mistake doing that with his upside and physical traits. He even made a Special teams touchdown in the preseason so it's not like he did nothing.
  6. Week 10 Games

    Garrett should be suspended for the rest of the year. I get it Rudolph started it, but at the end of the day Rudolph pushed him and he retaliated by slamming Rudolph's helmet onto his head with ******* full force. Who cares if Garret had the helmet in his hand, you shouldnt get pushed over the edge like that by someone pushing you, something that happens regularly in football in scrums. I've never seen a guy do that before, may it be highlighted more because it happened to the QB, but you shouldn't do that to any player even if the other started it. And watching the tape it didnt even look like Rudolph did that much to make Garrett go THAT far when it started.
  7. Random Packer News & Notes

    Kumerow would be drafted number 1 overall in madden redraft
  8. Aaron Jones

    I'm fine if the packers resign him, you only worry about his injury history though, but keep him company with Williams and complimentary backs through the years and it may very well be worth the investment. Especially in this type of offense.
  9. Week 10 Games

  10. Week 10 Games

    ICe ice baby
  11. Week 10 Games

  12. Week 10 Games

    Now we need them to miss the field goal
  13. Week 10 Games

    I kinda wanna see the failmary 2.0 tbh
  14. Week 10 Games

    Go for it pussys
  15. Week 10 Games

    Jimmy is thinking about Erin again