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  1. Will it be Kurt Benkert beating out QB1 Blake Bortles? Or will it be Oren Burks whom will start his Hall of fame resume 3 years too late? Post your predictions below!
  2. Just saying if it did happen I want Love getting every shot at taking the job.
  3. But you're not staying competitive with Bortles though lol. If it was my job and Love is the future I give him every chance to start this season. Obviously if Love starts throwing picks left and right during Training camp and Preseason or doesn't show he can function in this offense, you don't throw him out there. But if Love shows promise in these live preseason games you start him over Bortles. Bortles isn't really setting the bar high to beat out anyways. If Love can't beat him out Gute will look like a failure just as much as if he fails week 1 or week 8.
  4. What's the benefit from starting Bortles? He's not going to take us to the playoffs, he's not going to show anything better than what Rodgers showed last year to Love sitting behind him during an MVP year. Gotta let him take the lumps early so he can correct them quicker. You're just delaying his progression for no reason. Unless the guy absolutely doesn't know what he's doing or cant hit a WR in stride to save his life, you start him and see what he's got.
  5. We'll be trading King for Surtain? Hells ya!
  6. Does Stokes have any chance to play in the slot with Jaire/King on the outside, or is he purely a boundary Corner?
  7. It all depends what he shows in the preseason. I think they'll give him every chance to start if Rodgers leaves.
  8. Yeah I wouldnt see him as a guy to all of a sudden want out even if Rodgers leaves. Obviously anything can happen but I would be very surprised if Adams went that route.
  9. Natural recieving back out of the backfield, explosive runner, good in pass pro. I love this pick, LaFleur is gonna have fun with him and Rodgers putting them all over the field.
  10. Well we won't be short of competition on the OL thats for sure
  11. Hell of a name. Don't think we need anymore CB help. Unless he shows something for STs prob PS bound
  12. Gute said he wanted to draft Rodgers in the 2nd and wanted to trade up for him immediately after the Myers pick. They really wanted their slot guy badly
  13. This man spoke it into existence, maybe he'll speak Rodgers staying into existence too
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