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  1. If you look at the drive coming out of the half (before the interception) thats Rodgers we need to see, just get the ball out quickly. And I get sometimes they aren't open all the time and you gotta wait but sometimes he gets caught in that trap too much.
  2. We played Garvin wayyyy too much, where they concerned about Preston because of his head injury? Or was that just Z's injury trickling down?
  3. It looked like he stared it down deep a little too long, Rodgers problem always been he waits for the deep route to get open instead of moving on in the progression faster.
  4. Last year it was all about timing with Rodgers, getting the ball off with rhythm, that was his biggest issue vs the saints, I dont think fans are affecting his play like that.
  5. I feel like (and hope) Lafleur gets back to his basics of his offense. Forcing the Lions to stop the run, run those mesh plays, run those motions, and finish it off with playaction. Don't spread it out unless you absolutely need to. Let's beat up on the Kitties and see what it felt like last year with what worked.
  6. Rodgers still has input in the gameplan, I'm not sure Matt likes the empty sets as much as him.
  7. Yeah that could be the case. We also came out in empty a lot which didn't help. Sucks thats prob Rodgers influenced more than anything.
  8. The only answer is King lol. But he's still on the team, Stokes just takes over.
  9. I didn't really pay attention to them so much, Aaron said they didn't play that bad. I think it was more in the run game. Unless they start really really struggling I think this is the line we got until 69 is back. Again I didn't watch Newman/Patrick closely but I don't think Runyan or Braden are sizeable upgrades.
  10. Didn't Runyan struggle in the preseason? Braden hasn't even taken reg season reps too. Not sure they would of changed much here.
  11. Just why overthrow it here? Why not throw it more inside where Mvs is more likely to contest for it? I get he might of thought the saftey could of undercut it but it's not going to hit MVS either. It really was basically a punt. Also Lewis comes open too.
  12. At least we don't rhyme with least 🥴
  13. They lied its actually a 16 game season in the nfc north 🙃
  14. Cooper is drinking these bears kupps
  15. But he run fast and throw ball, defenses can't handle such a combo!
  16. Thats the trifecta right there
  17. Out of all the number changes 11 looks the weirdest on defense
  19. Maybe he just needs to be blessed by tebow
  20. I feel like deferring gives you way more value which ever way you take it. I mean hell we only gave up 3 on the opening drive, if the offense scores there its a hell of a lot better. For momentum sake it could help, but when you really break it down its not going to change things much if their defense shuts us down anyways.
  21. We usually always struggle if Jones can't get going, it just sets up so many great things in Lafleurs scheme and it gets guys open with playaction. Today we just matched up with our weapons vs theirs. And if no one gets open, we struggle hard.
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