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  1. If the biggest drawback with NYC is that you might feel alone, despite never being alone, I'd say that's not too bad. I'm really glad that you are mentioning these challenges, since that was what I asked for. I wanted to know which kind of issues I might face that I didn't know or wasn't considering. This is great info! Once again, thank you! It's really, really helpful!
  2. I am leaning NYU, by some margin actually. I hope you're right. I don't mind people moving fast and people just generally be in a hurry. But that 'Don't wait for the light, plan your next move' surprised me a lot, especially since I couldn't recognize that from my visits to the city. I'm glad you don't feel like that! I don't mind the individuality. I don't know how you ended up in NYC, but I could imagine school/student organizations helps you make friends quicker than if you moved for work? I have no problem being by myself, so that's not a negative. What do you mean it's a city that will beat me down? That it's a stressfull city since everything moves fast? I'm hoping to get a dorm room for grad students, but I'm looking at private student housing as well. It's just seems to be the smartest move rather than trying to find an apartment somewhere in a decent condition. I don't mind commuting (something I've done a lot of previously), so I'm looking at all the buroughs for a potential gem. There's also a couple of danish scholarship funds with apartments in NYC that danish students can apply to. Thank you! I really appreciate it!
  3. I don't really know anything about the crime in SF and I didn't really feel unsafe, but I did feel a bit more unsafe than NYC. The last time I was in SF, I ended up living a bit too close to the Tenderloin area which made me feel a bit uneasy. Everything outside of that area is amazing. The car angle is something I've been thinking about as well. The traffic in LA is something I'm not particular excited about. I'm either going to be somewhat limited with what I do (and internships) unless I'm going to spend hours everyday commuting, and I'm not really interested in moving around within LA to get closer to internships. I'm not really looking for anything specific experience. Both places are massive compared to anything I'm used to here in Denmark and will be a 'city experience' compared to Denmark. I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you!
  4. That's awesome, thank you! I did what you're not supposed to and went on Reddit earlier. There were girl moving to NYC from LA for college that asked for tips and do's and don'ts and I was very surprised to see some of the replies. I couldn't recognize much of what was posted from my time in the city. Things like 'Don't make eye contact' and 'Act as if you know exactly where you going and in a bit of hurry, even if it isn't true'. But one thing that really stood out to me was the 'Don't wait for the light to change. Jaywalk.' and some guy echoed it with 'Don't wait for the light, look for your next move'. I know it's a big city and there's bound to be crime, but really? Is it unsafe to stand and wait for the light? There's obviously a huge difference in an 18 year old girl and a 25 year old guy, which I get. But they made it sound like it was the 'unpleasant parts' of Detroit or the Southside of Chicago (two places I'm not looking to visit again, btw.). My impression of NYC, as a tourist, is that it's a city that preys on tourists (like most big cities in Europe too). I walked around with a friend, not in a rush or anything, and we were stopped multiple times by 'rappers' and people trying to sell access to tour busses and things like that. When I visited NYU I was by myself and I was walking a bit faster, and I guess I looked like I belong, because no one stopped me. During my trips to NYC I've been to pretty much all of the the city (Manhattan, Harlem, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and even parts of New Jersey) and I didn't feel unsafe at any point. I wasn't walking around at midnight by myself though, but I felt much more unsafe in San Francisco than I did in NYC.
  5. Any experiences living in LA or NYC? Last year I asked you guys for advice for what to look for in a grad school. I'm really, really appreciative of all of the tips and help I got! I really mean that. I applied to Texas last year, but they wouldn't accept all of my credits, which set me back a year. I guess it's because it's a public university (they were the only public school I applied to, and the only one to reject my application). I've been accepted in to all of the schools I applied to, which I was kind of surprised by. I was hoping to just get accepted into one school, so I'm really excited and somewhat baffled. I've narrowed my choice down to two schools - University of San Francisco (Orange County campus) and NYU. I've got a pretty good idea of where I'm going, but I'd like to ask you guys about any experiences living in LA or NYC? I've been both places multiple times on vacation and stuff, but never for an extended time (not longer than 8 days).
  6. DT Teair Tart from FIU seems like an interesting player. 10 starts over the past two seasons with 51 tackles, 19 TFL's, 6 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. He's been bouncing about at a couple of JUCO's and a military academy prior to FIU. Measured in a shade under 6'3 and 304lbs with 33 3/4 inch arms at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. Again, this is from Dane Bruglers Draft Guide. "A no-star recruit out of high school, Teair (Tea-air) Tart was basketball-focused growing up when he was discovered by a football coach, helping him transfer to West Philadelphia and start playing football prior to his junior year. For various reasons, he attended four different institutions in the three years after high school and at one point was considered a top-10 JUCO recruit with an offer from Alabama before it was rescinded. He ended up at FIU, where he led the team in tackles for loss as a senior. Tart is smooth mover for 300-plus pounds, pouncing out of his stance to attack gaps or extend into blockers. However, he is very uneven performer, falling off balance or allowing his rush to stall when his first step is halted. The mental mistakes pile up (nine penalties in 2019). Overall, Tart is a well-traveled prospect due to questionable discipline and football character, but the skill level is there for an NFL team looking to catch lightning in a bottle." - Dane Brugler.
  7. Mason Kinsey was the last ranked WR (ranked 57th) with a profile, in Dane Brugler's Draft Guide. 203 receptions for 3343 yards and 50 TD's in 43 games (35 starts). 3 time All-Conference and 3rd team All-American as a senior. Pro Day number: 5'10, 198lbs, 32 1/2 inch arms, 9 1/8 inch hands, 74 1/2 inch wingspan, 4.64 40-time, 37 1/2 vertical jump, 10'05 broad jump, 4,34 short-shuttle, 7.30 three cone, 16 reps on the bench. "A no-star recruit out of high school, Mason Kinsey was a two-time all-region receiver at Habersham Central, earning team MVP honors. He went overlooked as a recruit and landed at Division-III Berry College in the northwest corner of Georgia (the team went 39-6 in his four years). He leaves the program with almost every receiving record in school history, setting the conference records for career receiving yards (3,343) and touchdown grabs (50). An ultra-competitor, Kinsey is a route technician, using coordinated footwork to sink and separate at the top of patterns. He is quick to locate the football and flashes an extra gear when tracking downfield. He doesn't lack toughness, but defenders can knock him off his path and out-muscle him at the catch point. Kinsey has ordinary size and speed and faces a massive jump in competition, but he has a knack for finding the blind spot of defenders, finishing catches and out-working everyone else." - Dane Brugler. Two other UDFA WR's, WR Nick Westbrook (6'3, 211lbs and 4.51) and Kristian Wilkerson (6'1, 199lbs and 4.49), comes in at 70 and 99, respectively.
  8. From Bob McGinn's tremendous article series on The Athletic with anonymous scout takes: “He’s just gigantic,” said one scout. “Size is his best friend. He is so big. Not top-flight foot movement but good enough for being that big. He’s strong and he’s tough. I doubt that (first round). That would shock me.” “Like him,” another scout said. “He’s massive. He moves good. He’s got great length. I think he’s a starting right tackle and will play for a while.” “He is one tough, nasty guy,” said a third scout. “I guess you could play him on the left side and get by with him.” “He wasn’t ready to come out,” said a fourth scout. “He needed another year. He’s really susceptible to a good bull rush. For being such a big human being there’s some functional lightness to that guy. He looks like a big mountain of a man but he doesn’t play real heavy. You can take him down the middle.” Added a fifth scout: “He is big but he’s so bad technique. He ducks his head, he bends at the waist. But that (guy) is big. He could be a star or bust.”
  9. Dane Brugler (The Athletic) just released his 7 round mock draft earlier today. Here's our picks: 1 (29) - Yetur Matos-Gross, EDGE, Penn State 2 (61) - Damon Arnette , CB, Ohio State 3 (93) - Lucas Niang, OT, TCU 5 (174) - Anthony McFarland, RB, Maryland 7 (224) - Khalil Davis, DT, Nebraska 7 (237) - Kalija Lipscombe, WR, Vanderbilt 7 (243) - Kyle Hinton, IOL, Washburn
  10. I actually think she's one of the national guys that actually knows what's going on in Tennessee (to some degree). She seems to be good friends with a couple of the local reporters as well as some of Titans Media department. But I really, really hope she's right.
  11. Dane Brugler as well. He also had us taking Jacob Eason in the second and Damon Arnette in the third.
  12. A danish guy reported that we are one of two teams (the other being the Vikings) that have taken a serious interest in OG Hjalte Froholdt. I'm pretty sure this guy either gets his info from Froholdt himself or someone in the Froholdt family.
  13. I guess Roberson is a legit prospect for us. He has visited us as well as meeting at the East/West game. Former Top 100 recruit out of HS. Played sparingly at Texas before transferring to Sam Houston State. Finished his senior season with 15 sacks.
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