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  1. 2020 Broncos Forum NFL Draft Thread

    I think it is short sited to just assume that Hamler should have not been taken because they could’ve gotten a wide receiver later on. The Broncos targeted him obviously because he is different from the other two wide receivers that they have. They have nothing like him including Juedy. Just getting another wide receiver later in the third doesn’t exactly replace what we just picked up. We now have three stud wide receivers and all three of them completely different. If we waited to get a wide receiver, He would not be as contrast to the other two studs they have. I think this is a great pick up. All I care about is we get Talent to improve the team and that’s what happened.
  2. Broncos sign OL Graham Glasgow (4 year, $44M deal, $25M gt'd)

    Solid pickup. Definitely happy with this.