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  1. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Well, who has bad body language when things aren't a mess? Might as well say nobody's body language should ever be critiqued. (and I say this as someone who thinks fans/writers make to much out of player's body language in general)
  2. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    not to mention the Titans faced a very tough slate of defenses. It ranked 2nd toughest schedule in DVOA, and featured 10 out of 16 games against top-10 ppg teams.
  3. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    Yea, I looked at Trevathan and it seemed borderline. I agree, he's not worth 6.4, I think he's still maybe consistently worth $3.5+m, so not a ton of savings to be had, even if fortune has it that there just so happens to be a $3.5m value ILB available on the FA market this year and that the team FO can correctly identify which guy that is. Long's still probably worth $3.5-4m (especially seeing as Witzmann was a dumpster fire in the second half of the season). Cuttable if you absolutely need the extra couple mil and feel good about a replacement option, but still a risk in doing so. It's all just risk management, and that's one of the way's successful teams erode. Trying to trim here and there as you get more successful and draft capital dries up. It's easy to justify slight reductions in depth & reliability if you look at any move individually, but it adds up cumulatively and makes it harder for a team to withstand any regressions in all sorts of factors, including health.
  4. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    good points. That's why I think the Bears could still be tough in 2019. Sure, they'll erode, but there is a lag on the effect of lost picks. most picks don't contribute much until yr 2 or 3 anyways, so there is a small window before the loss of those picks will start to reveal itself. Things are still on the fence with Trubisky. If he doesn't take a decent step forward, I think their window is shut after 2019. But I don't think he's like Bortles-level bad, so don't anticipate a Jags-like implosion.
  5. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    also need to factor in the cap held for empty roster spots 194.1m total (incl. rollover) -174.1m roster (inlcudes 39 players) - 0.3m dead money - 1.9m 2019 draft picks (#24 draft slot in rounds 3, 5, and 7) = $17.8m cap space for 42 rostered players - 4.5m cap holds to fill the remaining 9 roster slots ($0.5m per) = $13.3m cap space left over cut candidates are probably Sims and Acho, which would give them another $7m in cap if replacing those guys with minimum salaries. maybe could scrape together another $2m if they cut Chase and roll the dice on QB health.
  6. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    he sat most of his junior season with an ankle injury.
  7. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    they wouldn't gain any meaningful cap room by trading him until 2021, and even then, it's only like 10m savings. And how much does a 37-yr old Rodgers (with 2 more seasons of aging) net in a trade? Arod's money will be stuck on the cap for a long time regardless of what happens to him.
  8. Packers Fire Mike Mccarthy, Joe Philbin named Interim HC

    What is he supposed to say? is he supposed to belittle him in public? there is nothing to be gained by that. it's dumb to judge him by those public comments. Which great FA backup QB would you have liked for them to replace Hundley with at the time? or what resources would you have been willing to spend on that? Making a mountain out of press conference statement is just indicative of someone seeking out anything they can stretch into a criticism for lack of sufficient knowledge to make criticism in the relevant areas of a football coach (scheme, playcalling, teaching ability).
  9. Packers Fire Mike Mccarthy, Joe Philbin named Interim HC

    Who could have guessed you'd wander in here with a bunch of bull-s strawman arguments. I left out 2011 & 2015 because we all agree they drafted poorly in those drafts, numbnuts. I never called RRod, DJones, or Perry "hits". My point was that alot of fans that complain about those 3 drafts I mentioned would not be complaining about them if the picks were simply re-ordered. People that have an agenda, like you, keep trying to spew revisionist history by lumping 2012-14 drafts in with the 2011 & 2015. Heck, I've even seen people trying to lump in the 2016 draft. You are a colossal idiot if you think Hayward, Hyde, and Tretter were not hits. And you are totally delusional about what the typical odds of success are for given draft slots. These 3 outperformed their draft slots. Tretter would have more starts if TT hadn't happened to draft another good center in Linsley at roughly the same time. There are a crapload of other 2nd-rounders that would love to have produced as much as Lacy did during their rookie contracts. Cherry-picking other good players that were picked later does not mean that teams that are picking later aren't handicapped. Take a statistics & probability class. Possible is not the same as probable.
  10. Packers Fire Mike Mccarthy, Joe Philbin named Interim HC

    It doesn't matter what round of the draft you make your hits in. It just matters that you make hits. They've made plenty of hits when you account for the handicap of the draft slot. If the draft order had been as follows, nobody would have an issue with it. 2012- R1 Hayward, R2 Daniels, R3 Perry 2013- R1 Bakhtiari, R2 Lacy, R3 Hyde, R4 Tretter, R5 DJones 2014- R1 Adams, R2 Linsley, R3 HHCD, R4 RRod And being a "draft and develop" team doesn't preclude the team from using free agents *when they have the cap space to do so*. GB usually didn't have the space, but when they did, they signed FA's. That's why when they realized 2011 class was going to be a bust, they were able to spend on Peppers and it helped them make a run in 2014. And when they decided to let most of the 2013 class walk, they were able to bring in almost 20m in FA's in 2017. The problem was that in 2017, unlike the Peppers signing, they got less mileage out of the FA's. Not to mention keeping Perry instead of Hayward.
  11. Packers Fire Mike Mccarthy, Joe Philbin named Interim HC

    In your opinion. I disagree. And I think it is not uncommon in human psychology to subconsciously assume others share your own attributes. On another note, fans like you have a vested interest in foisting imaginary character flaws on your scapegoats to psychologically excuse your abuse of them. It helps you live with yourself.
  12. well if you add up a handful of things that are individually insignificant, the total can be significant. You can't just make a practice of dismissing everything individually as if it's in a vacuum. That's a recipe for wasting alot of cap space that could be used to make your team better. It doesn't matter that the fans aren't writing the check. In a league with a hard cap, success often goes to the teams that are able to more efficiently use their cap space. Next year, Crosby will be making about 270% of what the average starting kicker makes.
  13. Packers Fire Mike Mccarthy, Joe Philbin named Interim HC

    He never came across as arrogant to me. I think that's more likely a case of you projecting your characteristics onto others.
  14. or at least waiting until Monday. Doing it hours after the game serves no purpose to make the team better. Seems more like a ritual sacrifice to appease the howling portion of the fanbase who wants to see someone punished. I guess at least they got a few hours head start on the selection process of hiring a new scapegoat.