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  1. 2020 Tight End Titillating Talk

    That’s how most teams’ TE rosters look.
  2. Plans for Aaron Jones?

    Can we stop regurgitating these myths? GB spent 99% of that salary cap.
  3. AG20 Mock Offseason V2

    wow, that would be the mother of all DL, esp. if you include EDG in that. Probably $87m+ cap spending on defense. Would have to have like a top-4 defense for that kind of money. If Pettine can't make that work, that'll be a clear sign to get a new DC. Still got some receiving reinforcements, though not as much as some would like I'm sure. Combining a bunch of lottery tickets like EQ/Sternberger/Lazard development and rookie production from Johnson & Moss. Hopefully one of those can be a passable #2. Does this take any snaps from Gary?
  4. Pettine's Back Mock

    Not saying I advocate for getting Hooper, but his situation is different from Bennett & Graham. he’s only going to be 26 next year, as opposed to 30 or 32. either TE or WR can help the team’s receiving talent.
  5. It’s a damning indictment of teams that are drafting in the 30’s
  6. Fire Pettine

    Yea this kind of stuff happens all the time, from the HS level to the pro’s. Nothing remarkable about it. Coaches & players talk to refs if they notice an opponent is repeatedly getting away with something.
  7. Get with the times. This is 2020. A time to think in binary, like kindergarteners.
  8. Fire Pettine

    for what it's worth, Sunday earned the Packers defense their lowest PFF game grade in the 14 seasons PFF has been grading (starting in 2006). The grade is -26.1 (the base grade from their premium stats 1.0. The new premium stats with the 0-100 scale has it at 55.3). -26.1 is the lowest out of the total 244 games GB has played in that period. It is one of 6 games worse than -20. The only defender who graded well in the game was Keke, and that was on only a 10-snap sample.
  9. exactly. especially in the salary-cap era. GB was quite possibly a Bostick brainfart away from having 3 SB's. do fans really need to swing the narrative so wildly on such a small of turn of chance? it all just has the feel of a bunch of children lashing out because they subconsciously feel they are special and have some sort of birthright for the team [they had arbitrarily chose to root for] to experience greater than average success. I don't care who your QB is. It's unreasonable to expect your team to win out many times over a *31-team field*. Invariably every year, 2 or 3 new teams will stumble into a strong peaking window in their growth cycle with some strong draft picks (often aided by being high in the draft order). They'll also have hit on some FA's, who were gained from freed up cap space granted by the periodic expiration of existing team contracts. Since that team is early in their 'window', many core players will be on rookie contracts, allowing the team to be stronger. And those 2 or 3 teams combine with the 2-3 strong newcomer teams from the previous couple years who are still in their window. That's not even counting the stalwarts like the NE's and NOR's. So altogether you have at least 6-8 strong competitors. Then luck will determine the rest, whether it's injuries or a lucky bounce here or there. A ton has to go right.
  10. That's just because people had different expectations. whether they should or shouldn't have had different expectations is another story.
  11. maybe league-avg if you are playing a league-avg strength of schedule. but what about when playing playoff-caliber teams, or Conference-championship-caliber playoff teams? For sure, Brady/Belichick distorts many reasonable expectations. Defense should definitely shoulder a decent amount of blame, but it just gets way overstated, as if every year was a 45-51 to the Cardinals. 4 out of the 8 losses, the defense has performed avg or better when compared to what the opponent typically scored against the rest of their schedule. And some of the times they crapped the bed, the offense also crapped the bed, so it wouldn't have mattered what the defense did. 4 out of the 8 yr, regardless of their regular-season accolades, the GB offense scored below what their opponent allowed to the average team in the reg season. Then 1 of the 8 they did about average ('15) and another of the 8 was slightly above average ('13). The only times they greatly exceeded what their opponent allowed to the average team was '09 and '12.
  12. 2nd half of the season, he is on pace for: 336/572= 58.7% (#32), 3356y (#18), 20td (#20), 4int, 84.2 rating (#27) 5.87 ypa (#32) 9.99 ypc (#31) Offense was 20.1ppg pace (#22) Literally the only good thing was the INT's. I agree w/ you on the spoiled part tho. In more ways than one. Spoiled w/ the coaching & FO quality too.
  13. Cherrypicked numbers can certainly lie & there is plenty of bias-by-omission there. 2 things can be true at once. In alot of those games, both sides played poorly, not just the defense. Some of the losses both sides played ok, but it wasn't enough. Offense really only played great in the '09 and '12 loss. '13 & '15 were league-avg. '11, '14, '16, and '19 were all poor showings by the offense. In '11, GB off scored below NYG's avg-points-allowed and gave NYG 10 points off TO's. w/o the TO points, the defense held NYG to about their avg-points-fielded. Neither side played well In '13, both offense (+3.5pnt above SF avg allow) & defense (6.0pnt below SF avg scored) did well vs. SF's seasonal numbers, but still wasn't enough. Neither side played better than the other. They both played ok. In '14, GB offense scored below SEA's avg-points-allowed if you factor out the 3 free FG's provided them by the defense & ST. Defense held SEA under their season avg (by -1.5) in regulation. Defense outperformed offense overall. In '15, GB offense scored about equal to ARZ avg allowed. Defense held ARZ 12.5pnt below their season avg in regulation. Both sides played ok. In '16, GB offense scored below ATL avg allowed (-7.0) & shutout in 1st half. Def allowed ATL to score 10pnt more than their avg scored. Both sides played poorly. This yr, GB offense scored below SF avg allowed (-3.0) & shutout in 1st half. Def allowed SF to score 7.5pnt more than their avg scored. Both sides played poorly. & this notion that 1 good drive at the end of a game absolves all your struggles the rest of the game is stupid. or that 1 poor drive at the end of the game cancels out all the good you did the rest of the game. If you want to play that game, you might as well say the offense played poorly in '09 because the game ended on a scoop-and-score from an Arod fumble.
  14. yea, the health was ridiculous this year. just one starter missing major time in Taylor and he might've lost his job anyways. Very nearly the injury luck of the spotless 2014 team.