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  1. Well, PFF had this to say about him “On first review of the game film, Nijman earned the second-worst single-game PFF grade by a Packers left tackle in the last five years.” So there seems to be a bit of a disconnect. haven’t seen the pressure numbers though, or the play in question.
  2. Surprising how good an O-Line can look when the QB isn't holding onto the ball forever. Rodgers "finished with an average time to throw of 2.05 seconds, the quickest single-game figure he has ever recorded since PFF started recording". That's why fan OL evaluations are all over the place around the league because they forget about that important variable which affects OL perception.
  3. It’s pretty arbitrary. Considering that the chances of a late 3rd-round being a *good* and consistent starter is like 15%, 10yr isn’t a big sample size to be fretting over. And with the way they’ve hit home runs with 4th & 5th rounders, tunnel-visioning on the 3rd smacks of cherry-picking. Fans would have no problems if GB picked the same players, but swapped the ones they took in the 2nd w/ the ones they took in the 1st, and swapped ones they took in the 4th/5th with ones they took in the 3rd. Video-game-esque stratification. The real world isn’t so clean.
  4. looks like they've got a long way to go if the weights are any indication. half the league has a starting-5 w/ a median of 315-320lbs.
  5. yep. here are the stats for playoff teams, 2005 thru 2020. & the odds of a particular reg-season win rate resulting in a particular playoff outcome. 14W+ teams: 10 total, 1 W SB (10%), 4 L SB (40.0%), 0 L ConfCh (0.0%), 5 L Div (50.0%), 0 L WC (0.0%) 13W teams: 31 total, 3 W SB (9.7%), 8 L SB (25.8%), 9 L ConfCh (29.0%), 10 L Div (32.3%), 1 L WC (3.2%) 12W teams: 35 total, 5 W SB (14.3%), 2 L SB (5.7%), 9 L ConfCh (25.7%), 10 L Div (28.6%), 9 L WC (25.7%) 11W teams: 45 total, 3 W SB (6.7%), 2 L SB (4.4%), 7 L ConfCh (15.6%), 12 L Div (26.7%), 21 L WC (46.7%) 10W t
  6. no it sounds stupid in many ways. many other teams rosters have *also* turned over multiple times and not won. 70+% of other teams fit that category. it's retarded to try to handwave away the massive draft handicap teams suffer, which benefits the losers. As if a team being straight-up garbage for many years, and combining the resulting draft boost with some luck, is some sort of ingenious & coveted strategy.
  7. not mutually exclusive. almost all of the teams that did win a SB had significantly more draft capital than GB over the decade. everyone except Seattle had at least two 1st-rounder's worth of additional draft capital. Heck, Tampa & New York had twelve 1st-rounder's worth of additional draft capital. the teams aren't competing with a balanced amount of resources. & it's a stupid argument when your cutoff is 1yr shy of GB's SB.
  8. You are nothing but a repetitive ad-hominem attack. You should get a mirror some time.
  9. *citation needed*. Feel free to reference any predictions I ever made about the 2020 draft, instead of confusing me with other people. Rodgers deserves no absolution in this situation.
  10. You are projecting. You knuckleheads used to get salty every time anyone even vaguely comes close to criticizing your sacred cows. That’s why, out of respect for the forum, we’ve not been bringing that up. But you zombies don’t show the same respect and you keep initiating this bull* in various unrelated threads. Go **** yourself, idiot.
  11. You could always make an appropriately titled thread for that. But I see you’re more interested in being an ignorant *bag
  12. Are you people ever going to let this go back to being an NFL/Packers forum?
  13. We get that there are a lot of things you don’t understand.
  14. he missed 1 game. as for the pressure metrics, they are per-pass-rush snap, so it's not going to be skewed by differing opportunities. 7 sacks in the final 10 games would put him top-10 if he kept that up for 17g. The only question is his endurance if they ramp up his snap count.
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