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  1. Week 14 Games

    Their 1st & 3rd are shipping to Oakland, regardless. The 4th is going to New England. Might be more painful for Bears fans to have a high slot because they’ll have to watch other teams use those picks.
  2. Week 14 Games

    Kinda reminds me of Christian Ponder in that respect. The one saving grace that might offset his throwing enough to be mediocre overall.
  3. NFL News & Notes

    only a mistake in this era of snowflakes. nobody would care 10+yr ago.
  4. NFL News & Notes

    It’s accurate.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    That wasn’t really something done specially for Graham. The vast majority of GB contracts (and probably NFL contracts) have declining dead money such that cuts are feasible in the last 1-2 yrs of the deal, depending on the deal’s total length. Even in 4-yr contracts, starting at least in yr 3, your dead money has decreased enough that the cut savings might be large enough to replace the cut guy’s production with something better if he is severely underperforming.
  6. Random Packer News & Notes

    If Turner is worse than Light, that’s looking like a terrible FA contract right now. Dude should be making like half that money, given his play quality at G.
  7. Random Packer News & Notes

    Yea I think many people have trouble understanding probabilities. There is a most likely outcome that can certainly swing +/- by outside factors. Doesn’t mean what eventually happened was ‘most likely’ and that if you repeated all the decisions that you took before it that you would continually get the same outcome year after year.
  8. Random Packer News & Notes

    Yea, I'm kinda curious why they're not sliding Turner out to OT, unless they've seen very bad results from that in practice. I thought that was part of the reason they gave him so much money this offseason, because of his versatility. He certainly didn't seem to merit that much just looking exclusively at guard-play. He can't be much worse than Light. Unless GB just thinks the backup guards are even worse than Light.
  9. Week 12 GDT: Packers at 49ers (Adams or Bust Edition)

    Thanks for the info. I agree, I’m not sure I would accuse anyone of intentionally tanking (cept maybe Miami this yr). But I would also add that just because a percentage of the high picks didn’t pan out doesn’t mean the overall amount of draft capital didn’t statistically help. It gives a team much more margin for error to miss on picks and still come up with a lot of talent on cheap rookie deals, which allows the team to use the extra money on FA’s & to receive player salaries in trade. If you get more swings at the plate before you strike out, it’s easier to get hits, even if the one you eventually make contact on was tough to reach. To one extent or another, NFL teams use the widely publicized ‘draft pick value chart’ to base trades off of. If we look at this chart, over the last 4 drafts, SF has had 11,660.7 points of total draft capital value (incl. 8012.8 defense, 3573.9 offense, 74 special teams). 11,660.7 is about 2915 per year, which seems about the avg amount of capital for a team picking in the #5 slot, or higher. For reference for GB fans, TT had 10,406.9 total points of capital (6825.4 defense, 3581.5 offense) over his last EIGHT drafts (2010-17). So SF (and teams in a similar situation) had basically 8 drafts worth of capital stacked into 4 years.
  10. fans give up on players too early. The guy was broke his foot right after the draft and spent half of his 1 season here on PUP. Not much sample size to determine much of anything. rookies rarely ever do much even when healthy.
  11. do we pay Kenny Clark?

    I can see the all-22 mattering for secondary & WR’s, but do you really need it to see pressures?
  12. do we pay Kenny Clark?

    that's basically what your 'value' statement implies. If you understand that it takes 2 sides to agree, there is no foundation to argue if a guy should be signed at a sooner date or a later date. No one knows what a player's asking price is at any given time, and it may or may-not correspond with his momentary "value".
  13. do we pay Kenny Clark?

    what if he doesn't agree to a reduced price? he knows what his capabilities are. it takes 2 sides to agree.
  14. NFL News & Notes

    Yea I was looking at their schedule. The avg PFF ranking of the offenses they’ve faced is like #26. Imagine playing 7 straight games vs #26 offenses. It’s inflated the Pats offensive #’s too. Pats D & special teams has directly scored 37 points. 5 Pats FG’s came on drives that already started in FG range. And 3 TD’s came on drives that started in FG range. So they’re basically giving their offense like 8.5 free points/gm. Which is probably like 6 pnt/gm more than a league-avg defense playing a league-avg schedule.
  15. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    in one 18-snap sample, only 10 of which were runs. On the season, his grade in run D is ranked #68 amongst edge players and was #132 going into the Oakland game.