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  1. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Well, there is some penalty, but not much in this situation. If they did a post-June cut, they would not have had the option to spend any of the Perry savings until June 1st, whereas just cutting him gave them an extra few million to spend immediately in the March FA frenzy. But they did not end up spending that extra money anyways.
  2. Cole Madison reports to Packers Activities Today

    I think you have a delusional perception of how good most NFL backup OT’s are. GB’s were fine.
  3. Where do we have depth?

    It depends how you judge depth. If you're just going to judge by how big of a dropoff there is from starter to backup, that's a problematic metric because it's huge sliding scale from team to team. you'd essentially be punishing teams for having a stronger starters. It would be better to just compare the ability of the backups to eachother in absolute terms & forget about the starters. In absolute terms, GB has decent depth at RB, OL, and WR compared to the teams on their 2019 schedule. That's considering the first-guy-off-the-bench (ie. #2 RB, #4WR, etc) at those positions as listed by ourlads.com. On the defensive side, the DL/EDG have decent depth. Secondary and ILB depth is suspect. Of course, this is the pre-draft depth charts, so things could change. GB is near the top of the league in draft assets, so it would stand to reason that they'd improve more in that aspect than most of the opponents, though you can't expect too much out of rookies. And none of that factors the situation beyond the 2019 season. Expiring contracts will change the depth picture on all the league teams.
  4. This is just ignorant. Rodgers had good tackles and a good center to make up for it. Rodgers has generally had a good OL for a number of years now. I would say even last year they were above average when you factor time-to-throw and the greater number of pass plays they called. Rodgers’ sacks would go way down if he got rid of the ball faster. No matter whether that is his fault or the receiver’s fault for not being open, it’s not on the OL.
  5. Because some people use their brains instead of latching onto things that confirm their bias.
  6. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    To be fair, the premise upon which that statement is based is only applicable if you have unrealistic expectations of late-1st-round picks.
  7. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    This myth needs to be put to rest. GB doesn't whiff in the 2nd any more than other teams. Fans just do not have realistic expectations for 2nd round picks.
  8. Packers release Nick Perry

    It was a 3-year deal, so Graham is still on the books for 2020.
  9. Dee Ford

    Do you have any statistics to back that up? You have unrealistic expectations for late 2nd-rounders. Even a high 2nd-rounder only has like a 35% chance of being "valuable", and probably a 50% chance of being an outright bust. Stop tunnel-visioning on GB and look at the rest of the league in general.
  10. Packers release Nick Perry

    Yea I was frustrated by that when I noticed his contract stuff is now hidden unless you have a membership to certain sites. I think he had like a $5m roster bonus due (maybe triggering in few days?). Just not sure how that impacts the cap in regards to the June 1st stuff, since in that situation, his contract would be treated as if he's still on the team until June 1st.
  11. Packers release Nick Perry

    They should have plenty for Clark. If they take the 5th-round option it'll probably be like 8.8m cap hit. Y1 of an extension is probably not much different. Using some estimations, I'm guessing they'd have somewhere in the neighborhood of 35m in cap space next year, not including Clark. Alot of $ coming off the books with Daniels, Bulaga, and Crosby. Graham might be a cut candidate as well depending on how he performs this year.
  12. Dee Ford

    I can still see the argument for sticking to FA rather than a trade. There are always risks for any player performing up to expectations, whether they're obtained by trade, FA, or trade. Splitting the risk into 2 players is less risky than putting all your eggs in one basket, which is what trading for high-$ guys is. For example, from the data I have, the #44 draft slot has like a 35% chance to be a good player. I don't have statistics for the FA's, but for the sake of argument, lets say Dee Ford has a 30% chance of not being a good player for the years he is with us, and Preston Smith has a 40% chance of not being a good player. Then, statistically: 0.40*0.65= 26% chance that neither Preston Smith or the #44 is a good player for us vs. the 30% chance Ford isn't a good player for us. so in that case, the FA+pick has a better chance of yielding high-end player production than the traded high-$ player. Now, obviously, this equation can change depending on what the true FA statistics are. Just pointing out that there is a world where giving a 2nd to pay Ford is not the optimal option, even forgetting about the benefit of splitting risk among 2 players.
  13. EDGE Free Agents

    small sample size. just hypothetically say there is metric where NFL players at a given position tend to score between 5.0 and 14.0. You see 5 packer players from that position that scored 10.5., 12.7, 10.3, 11.6, and 12.2. This thread is like saying we know from this sample that the Packers have a rule that they will only take guys that score above 10. However, for all we know, the Packers have a rule that they won't take anyone that scores below an 9.0, and it is just happenstance that the 5 particular players in the sample were above 10. At the end of the day, it's just a sample size argument. Now if you had a sample of 15-20 players or more, then I can see alot more confidence in using those numbers and a process of elimination to determine what thresholds a team requires in various metrics.
  14. EDGE Free Agents

    kind of a small sample size to be drawing a threshold precedents from. only a handful of guys. there could be numbers where they all exceeded the true threshold by a fair amount rather than just barely breaking the threshold that we are assuming.
  15. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Well, who has bad body language when things aren't a mess? Might as well say nobody's body language should ever be critiqued. (and I say this as someone who thinks fans/writers make to much out of player's body language in general)