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  1. You leave Mr. Anderson out of this. He had nothing to do with the loss. RIP
  2. Y’all traded him to Tennessee Just thought the 3 people that post in here should know.
  3. Lamar looks better in purple than Mahomes looks in red
  4. Marlins game cancelled due to COVID. Doubt we get the full 60 in this year.
  5. I’m still in formerly known as TimeForChange
  6. Just wear sunglasses 😎
  7. I forgot about this site. This makes me extremely sad. I’ve been a member 15 years (2 names-Webmaster approved) Its been dead for years but I like to imagine I made real friendships here. I miss the heydays of this forum.
  8. Do you think he will quitt football?
  9. Good value here. 1st round talent before his broken fibula
  10. I didn’t save the draft but I can try to do it again. Because of being stuck at home I just play it over and over (don’t judge) Theres a scenario where (unrealistic) CIN drafts an OT first and WAS drafts a WR. Miami trades their draft and the 2021 first round pick to you and they take Burrow. Giants take Brown I let the Jaguars trade up with me for their first rounders and 2021 1st rounder and they take Tua. Then I used the two 2021 first round picks I received in trades trade around and I was able to land Young at 7, Odukah at 9, Simmons at 11, and Kinlaw at 26
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