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  1. Adopt-A-Lion 2017 Discussion & Sign up Thread

    KR/PR Agnew Dont know who is next. On the road
  2. Week 2 GDT: Detroit Lions @ NY Giants *MNF*

    Lions win by 13 OBJ 3 catches 34 yds
  3. GDT: Week One is finally here

    Lane ejected for...a phantom punch
  4. Week 1 GDT: Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit Lions

    Dang who would have thought David Johnson would be a mom factor and our defense would dominant led by our Dline.
  5. Week 1 GDT: Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit Lions

    Staffers showing his grit there
  6. Week 1 GDT: Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit Lions

    Lions D gives up big play to hopefully give the Lions offense an idea of what that looks like
  7. Week 1 GDT: Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit Lions

    It's like a bunch of bros just decided this morning to get together to try and beat the Cardinals defense.
  8. Week 1 GDT: Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit Lions

    Dumb decisions, stupid penalties, and not in sync. What a terrible start for 2/3 of our team. Our defense is going to need the rest of the team to catch up
  9. Should the NL implement the DH?

    I think its the perfect take.
  10. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    He just seems extra involved and wanting to create as many topics as possible to increase activity. I feel like old Webby wanted it more bunched up to not bog things down. Plus its a whole new format. Why not a whole new Webby?
  11. Madden 18

    Is this new storyline worth the buy?
  12. Random Game Talk #1

    What are the best games to get on PS4?
  13. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    What are we arguing about here?
  14. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    I know you guys win alot and you will have a more dedicated fanbase but as a Lions fan I wish our forum was as populated and active.
  15. Who is better, Brees vs Favre

    Brees is the better QB and racks up the stats. Favre is a favorite because he is that gritty gunslinger.