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  1. Lions place 1st round pick T.J. Hockenson on IR

    They reached. They took a player who was a want rather than a need and there were better options for the Lions there.
  2. Lions place 1st round pick T.J. Hockenson on IR

    Given how often the lions have high first round picks you would think they would have more success. Since 2000-Stafford, Johnson...Backus (kinda) Hockenson was a reach to begin with and has been absent outside his first game. I know it takes years sometimes for a TE to develop but we’ve already drafted 2 first round TEs that have busted. Its exhausting being a Lions fan and getting these same ol story players.
  3. Lions VS Bears Takeaways

    Blough is the future. Blough is life.
  4. XFL blocks Lions from pursuing QB Josh Johnson

    Is Michael Vick still an FA?
  5. Redskins v Lions GDT

    Stafford, Agnew, Flowers, Hand, Ragnow, Walker out. Hockenson and Melvin are questionable. Still expect the Lions to put up 50. Driskel will put up Lamar Jackson numbers today. 400 yds, 3 TDs passing 120 yds, 1 TD rushing Scarborough will put up a buck fifty and 3 scores as well. tickets are going for about 2 bucks 😂😂
  6. Lions vs Cowboys Takeaways

    Driskel and Scarborough are the future of this franchise
  7. Lions v Cowboys GDT

    Trade Stafford, sign Kap and Tebow
  8. Lions v Cowboys GDT

    You’re probably being facetious but a Lamar Jackson type would be prolific. Look what doofus driskel does for us and it’s actually manageable
  9. Lions v Cowboys GDT

    3 replies. All time low for the forum in a GDT?
  10. NFL arranges workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

    Lions should just go for it. Stafford our another month plus and no playoff hopes. Not like we are looking at Driskel as the future either
  11. Lions v Cowboys GDT

    Stafford out. Defensive injuries piled up. Anyone going to watch? I feel like it’s going to be a very laid back win for the cowboys. Good offense against an apathetic defense. Cowboys 31 Lions 13
  12. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Myles Garrett career is over. One swing. How many millions and millions of dollars that cost
  13. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Dispersal Draft

    SP Shark and SP Oviedo @freakygeniuskid
  14. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Dispersal Draft

    SP Samardzija and 1B Aguilar @freakygeniuskid
  15. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    The Astros should be losing 2017 WS title, Altuve should lose MVP