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  1. Not even Rod Serling could write such stuff.
  2. Why are you perplexed? After all, they're yutes, relatively speaking. Give 'em time to grow out of it.
  3. I completely expected this thread, at about this time. But I am mildly disappointed to not see a 2023 Draft thread at this time. 🙁
  4. His dream of acquiring 20-21 picks in 2021 has been dashed. He is a broken man right now. 😉
  5. Methinks if Twenty Pick Rick trades back from #66, even just a few spots, someone's head will explode.
  6. Edited to remove self-contradiction.
  7. What happens if the last team to pick in the draft goes over their pick time limit? Which team is allowed to jump in and pick? Anything could happen! 😄
  8. 1. Edge 2. CBOTF 3. - 21. BPA for depth, including a K in rd 4 or 5.
  9. Ronald Reagan. Clint Eastwood. Bill Bradley. Sonnie Bono. Jessie Ventura. Michael Bloomberg Al Franken. Donald Trump. ... and several more I can't quickly recall.
  10. Obligatory disgruntled, pessimistic Viking fan draft day comment, appropriate for posting after any selection: Fire Spielman! Optional, substantiating comment: He should have moved up to draft {insert name of favorite draft prospect here}, but he traded back and only picked up 2 third round picks for it!!! When we think about it, some folks comments aren't perplexing at all.
  11. Sorry; Ten-pick Rick is pondering 20-21 picks in 2021. The first round pick at #14 will be needed to add 4-5 more picks.
  12. Will Ex-Sen. Perdue's Exit Mean Sen. Herschel Walker, R-Ga.? (Oliver Contreras/Getty Images) By John Gizzi Tuesday, 23 February 2021 05:47 PM Current | Bio | Archive https://www.newsmax.com/john-gizzi/david-perdue-hershel-walker-raphael-warnock-senate/2021/02/23/id/1011248/ "...If anyone could be called a "hero" or "legend" in the Peach State, it is Walker. In a state where college football is considered the sport of kings, Walker starred with the University of Georgia's Bulldogs, won the coveted Heisman Trophy in 1982
  13. Here's one thing for you to know; he's very very fast. So, he could be a great addition to the offense. Imagine a defense trying to cover 18, 19, and Schwartz! May the Schwartz be with you! (Mel Brooks; "Spaceballs")
  14. The Vikings hold two spots on the list of 32 NFL teams' rushing stats!? That's perplexing.
  15. NOOOOOO! Ten-Pick Rick needs those picks to trade down to accumulate 20 or 21 picks in 2021!!! That will provide for a complete starting team of rookies, including P, K, LS, except for QB, RB, and 2 WRs, and perhaps TE. The quantity of CBs needed by Zimmer's D is inversely proportional to DL and LBs able to adequately create pass rush pressure, errant forced throws, and sacks while maintaining proper control of running lanes.
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