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  1. Maybe we should give BoB a call.

    We should send medical help to UB's home, ASAP. One of the symptoms of Bologna Virus is hallucinations that a pipe dream trade will yield a SB win for the Vikings.
  2. Maybe we should give BoB a call.

    Yes, but first call Winter Park and ask if, when Twelve Pick Rick calls to trade multiple high draft picks over the next few years for Watson, you can listen in on the trade conversation on an ..... extension. cough, cough, Herrrrrrschel, cough, cough.
  3. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    What you hope for is not likely to occur. Teams know the Vikings cap situation and draft pick count, so they have the leverage in trade talks about Harris. Cap relief alone is enough reward to accept only a 3rd round choice for Harris. But, it would be preferable to keep a top quality safety, for continuity and experience/ familiarity he brings to the currently depleted secondary.
  4. 2020 Draft Talk

    How long is six rings linked together?
  5. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I don't have the Vikings latest cap space number at hand, but I understand it isn't much. It seems that the Vikings are likely done signing free agents, and do not have cap room to make trades such as those proposed above. So, I believe Ten Pick, er, Twelve Pick Rick will rely on (lower cost) draft picks to fill roster holes and wait for end of pre-season vet cuts to sign a few vets at a discount price. So, call me 'pessimistic' about more trades and signings. Sorry to spoil everyone's fun in speculating about 'splashy' roster moves. Speculation on the first 5 draft picks, in no particular order: OT/OG, CB(2), DE, WR.
  6. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    I look at the Diggs trade this way; I believe, but didn't check it out, Ten Picks Rick now has about nine picks for 2020, which means only one more deal is needed to reach ten.
  7. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    Pro Football teams are transient in nature. If you fall in love with a player, your heart may be broken. Proceed with caution. When you think about it, some folks behavior isn't perplexing at all.
  8. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    The Minneapolis Miracle morphs into the Minnesota Morass.
  9. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    Keep both Diggs and Theilen. Keep Cook because he is not only a runner, but a 3rd receiver. Fill the WR crew with inexpensive youngsters (translation: 'yutes' for odd posters who are big Pesci fans) who may develop into effective 4th and 5th receivers who can step up when Diggs, Theilen, or Cook are injured. Brzezinski must find a way to extend Cousins that saves cap space to re-sign one of the vital DBs and hope to retain 2 other top DBs for a functional secondary. It's time for Brzezinski to step up with his calculator and spreadsheets to save cap space so as to retain vets familiar with the Vikings O and D systems who will lead their units much more effectively than rookies drafted to replace 'expensive' vets. Why extend Cousins? It would be risky to try to replace him with a rookie; e.g. TJax, Ponder, TB, .... and he has proven himself to be a top 10, perhaps top 5 QB, when he is not playing for the dysfunctional Redskins. A dozen or so QBs are drafted each year by NFL teams and only a few perform well enough to become starters, with only one per year* becoming a top ten QB over their career. Youth is wasted on the Young - Oscar Wilde. A Yute movement is wasted cap space if no leaders are among them - Purplexing * - assume a 10 year career average for a starting NFL QB. Every year, for ten years, a rookie QB is drafted who will eventually replace a retiring top 10 QB.
  10. Vikings Add Dom Capers to 2020 Coaching Staff

    Perhaps Ten Pick Rick misconstrued Zim's request to a waiter for capers to enhance the salad he ordered at a recent lunch meeting?
  11. He didn't ALWAYS run the wrong way...All Hail Jim Marshall

    Jim Marshall didn't get into the Pro Football HOF because he made a mistake on one play. Several HOF members made similar, but not as notable mistakes over their careers. The key reasons holding back Marshall and dozens of other worthy players are two-fold; 1. the HOF criteria isn't completely objective, and 2. too great an emphasis on a players' team(s) winning a championship or having a winning record for the majority of the players' career with his team(s).
  12. Week 17: Bears (7-8) at VIKINGS (10-5)

    Cook and Mattison out for a tough game against a quality playoff bound team, a few OL not playing well, and a loss to GB that doesn't affect anything but playoff slotting... and it's the end of the world as we know it, so the talented players should be traded away for draft picks with uncertain production?! Some such ideas, motivated by frustration, often lead to greater frustration. What might have happened if Cook and Mattison were available, and Aaron & Aaron were out? Would that result in the same reaction .... that it's time to tear down to rebuild a talented team with unknown collegiate players.... drafted by Ten Pick Rick?
  13. Zone Blocking Scam

    The drafting process for OL needs to change to a 'Zone Drafting' scheme; i.e. Ten Pick Rick needs to be helped on each selection by two draft experts; one on his left side and one to his right. If he picks up a card with a mediocre/ bad choice, both experts need to take over, with one proceeding to the podium with their chosen pick while the other restrains The Piccumulator.
  14. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    More so? So, it's both, but 'expect' outweighs your want (desire) for him to fail. Is your expectation of Cousins failure based on Cousins alone, or partly due to the Vikings as a team supporting him? Considering the latter part of the last question, might your expectations of Cousins pending failure be based on 'outdated experience'? {i.e. Washington Redskins team support} Most team sports analysts/experts would agree that a team fails due to one or more members failing to perform as expected. But, there are other factors largely outside the control of the team; e.g. the opponents, significant injuries, and suspensions for player misconduct. Can you expound on your expectations of failure and your desire to advise Vikings fans to not expect much from Cousins? Your anticipated cooperation in furthering our understanding of this complex matter is appreciated.
  15. Week 3: Raiders (1-1) at VIKINGS (1-1)

    Oops! I thought this was a GD thread on the Raiders game. How did I get into a Twins forum, anyhoo?!