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  1. Ohtani started too late IMO and wont be close. He only has 93 career HRs and will be 28 this year. If he hits 40 per year he would have to do that for almost 17 years. Vlad Jr would need to hit 45 a year for 15.3 years. Its pretty much an unattainable record IMO unless someone has a Tom Brady type career and plays until they are 43 like Aaron did and hits 40-50 a year from age 20 on. Unless someone like Vlad or Tatis goes off and hits 55-60 for a 3-4 year stretch, I don't think we will see anyone get close.
  2. I really hope we sign Williams. New Orleans obviously can't afford him and he would be reunited with his DB coach in Glenn. Would be a huge upgrade for the back end. Adding someone like Brisker or Cine at the top of the 2nd would be nice. If we wait until the third or later then Bell, Kerby Joseph, Percy Butler or Bryan Cook would be good options. Can you get a PFF breakdown on those guys you haven't covered yet?
  3. A lot of guys I wish we had on our side to get better looks at like Coby Bryant, Jake Ferguson, Jeramy Ruckert, Jahan Dotson, Chad Muma but still some solid names on our side. Most excited to see how we like the QBs, Deangelo Malone, Jalen Tolbert, and Damone Clark.
  4. That would be a big loss. It would be bigger if he took anyone with him i.e. Pleasant.
  5. I've been looking at LBs and I think these guys will move up boards. Smith and Clark will test well at the combine and someone will fall in love with the athleticism. Brandon Smith Damone Clark Leo Chenal
  6. I agree. I think KT has more upside. Hutch is great but has more holes in his game than KT and KT is a better athlete. Things may change with the combine and workouts but thats my current take.
  7. TBH, I don't love going full dynasty, as it makes it harder to build up IMO. A top team that has 20 keepable players has a much bigger advantage then to someone who has 12 guys that are keepable and then are stuck keeping 3 guys that shouldnt be kept. I don't mind expanding the minors a little and being a little more lenient on the players staying in the keeper spots but I think parody is bad enough in the league that we shouldn't make it worse.
  8. I meant it doesn't work financially for Bagely to go to Philly. I assumed it worked as you had it. And I get Bagely isnt a primary piece in a trade but he is good enough to be a role player off the bench for Philly. Sac would also be giving up Barnes, so giving up 40% of their roster for Simmons and having to deal with Westbrook would be a significant trade. I feel like they could do better.
  9. I like the idea but not sure why Philly would do that. They would much more prefer Fox to Heild and Grant. Sacramento makes out pretty well in the deal as do we. They team is coming along, but still a ways away. Cade is flashing and can become a batman, but he has trash around him so far. The biggest problem is nobody is developing around Cade. Hayes is trash, Sekou never got better before we gave up on him. Stewart isnt improving this year. Bey got worse this year. I think its time for Casey to go and get someone in to develop talent better. This offseason I would like to
  10. I am guessing it doesnt work financially but seems Bagely should go to Philly instead of the Lakers. IMO the Lakers are getting steals in getting off of Westbrook and giving up depth for Tobias and Buddy and a late pick next year and one 6 years from now. Sacramento is giving up a lot but also their team isnt going anywhere as is and getting Ben to build around would be helpful.
  11. He definitely surpassed expectations for me this year. I didnt have a specific win total I had in mind and we probably were about at or slightly below where I hoped or thought we would be but I also figured we would be one of the worst teams in the league based on talent. This was a reset year, and all I wanted to see was solid drafting and development of players and a team that fought for him because that was lacking under Patricia. I think we got that with the way ARSB came along. Swift and Reynolds took steps forward. The CBs outplayed expectations dramatically. Sewell started r
  12. I like it other than I think we have to do more at WR than just Olave. The rest of our guys just didn't do enough to be comfortable with just Olave added to the group IMO. I wouldnt depend on Cephus or Raymond on a legit team. I dont know a ton on Hall so would need to look into him more. I feel like there will be better talent at that pick at more dire of need positions. I also don't think Howell makes it to round 3 but if he does, I am all for it.
  13. He is shooting almost 40% from three already on 3 shots per game. I think that number improves but his shot is already there to be effective. He is definitely a stretch 4 but could play the 5 and be ok when teams go smaller and would have the advantage. Paolo feels like he could be the next KAT. Good offensive player, liability on D, not sure you will build a championship team around him but will fill up stat sheets.
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