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  1. The draft is on here correct? ESPN alerted me the draft is tomorrow and it will likely auto pick on ESPN if we don't change that date.
  2. I said this throughout the process but the organization needed organizational change. Replacing Quintricia with a new GM and coach would have led to more of the same. Instead we added a new position between Rod Wood and the GM that allows Rod to focus on business while Spielman leads the football operations. Then they added multiple assistant GM type roles to help assist the GM to again focus on football and not worry as much about the marketing, facilities, etc. I am still skeptical of Dan Campbell as an X's and O's guy but he put really solid people around him and he seems to have the en
  3. Whats the timeline to see picks in the NHL typically? I know Lafreniere played most of the season last year but wasn't a show stopper. Byfeild played like 5 games. When do we expect Raymond to be NHL ready? Or if we grab a forward this year what is the expectation for him?
  4. Side note, the Tigers are balling out right now.
  5. Saw this pop on my phone a little while ago. Nice get by Stevie Y. ROY candidate with upside and only 25 is a solid addition to the team. I don't know enough about hockey to know if his numbers are sustainable or not but he had a pretty decent sample size last year.
  6. Tigers are pushing their way out of sell mode. Unfortunately a bunch of guys are hitting way above averages and it likely isn't sustainable but its good to see the young pitchers throwing well. Sucks to lose Turnbull for the year though. At least we aren't in last place anymore.
  7. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/how-jalen-green-cade-cunningham-compare-in-the-early-race-for-no-1-in-the-2021-nba-draft/ Interesting article from over a year ago (April 2020) talking about Green vs Cade as the #1 pick this year. It shows those who claim Cade has been the guy for 3 years obviously weren't paying attention. It actually has @NYRaider's argument about the least successful one and done players picked #1 recently have come from non-blue blood programs. But did give the edge to Cade in the article because of polish but I think Green exceeded expectations in
  8. I like this. Feel like I will be disappointed though. I'll still be really happy with Cade but Green is so intriguing.
  9. Yeah, the amount of pressure Green faced was astronomical IMO. He was one of the first to go that route and did so in a covid year causing less exposure and opportunity. He made the choice with an unknown other than knowing he had to go pro after one year. He played against people older than him and many of them drafted last year and many others who have played and are scraping to get back to the league. He could have went and out athleted everyone in college like Edwards did and been safe to know he at least would get exposure and first round looks but chose a tougher route with so many q
  10. To be fair, as down as people are on Ben Simmons, he has had a pretty darn good career other than one playoff series. Edwards hasn't had time to develop completely but he cam on strong in the second half of last year. Fultz has been injured every year and can't get right and is still young enough to develop if he can stay healthy. Bennett is the only bust due to lack of talent/mentality. That being said, I still would prefer Green to Cade but I don't think Cade is a bust and definitely not because of the route he went in college. He was a top 2 recruit in the class, the top recruit
  11. You only can make money doing this for a short period of time. He led a team to the finals, which isnt winning but at least he got to play in one. I dont see the Suns getting back with healthy West so he can take the money and ride off into retirement or opt out and play for significantly less on a winner. Will be interesting to see what is important to him. He has made over 300M in his career, is that enough to live forever how he wants if he can add a ring or is 450M more important?
  12. And has a 44M hit next year so he can't ring chase yet. Maybe at 37, he can join up with 37 year old Lebron and AD to win a championship. But maintaining this level in his late 30s will be tough. I don't see the Suns getting back there if the West is healthy so I highly doubt he ever gets one. Will go down with Barkley, Stockton and Malone as some of the best ever to not get one.
  13. We all know Booker is the better player but he wasn't in this series. In the 4 losses his O-rating was 95 and his D rating was 124.5. And thats with two 40 point games in there. He didnt rebound, he ddnt get assist, and he wasn't efficient. It was a rough series for him. He scored 40 but gave up 40 to Middleton and did nothing else. And in the closeout game was nowhere to be found. I'd still take him over all but a couple SGs in the league but he had a bad series.
  14. https://sports.yahoo.com/nick-saban-says-alabama-qb-bryce-young-has-signed-nearly-1-m-worth-of-endorsement-deals-already-180220170.html Saban saying Bryce Young making almost 7 figures already. Top basketball prospects will easily do better than that.
  15. Glad to see it wasn’t a super team that won it this year. The Bucks developed a lot of talent and found missing pieces in role players instead of dumping everyone for one more star. Gives hope to us small market teams in the super team era. Hopefully this will lead others to stay at home and win.
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