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  1. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I'm not sold on that. I get Marvin may have tried to influence things and should as the head coach but I doubt it was Marvin calling plays/coaching the D. Lewis has far more goodwill in coaching good D's than Austin has. That D with a different coach the last few years performed better. They stink on D, and they have an offense good enough to win games so I can understand them making a change.
  2. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Maybe a scapegoat but they are near last in every category. The D is on pace to be the worst D yardage wise in NFL history and has given up 500+ in 3 straight games. I appreciate what he did here, but that D is worse than ours.
  3. What Position To Draft In The First Round

    I would love an edge rusher or two. I wouldn't spend a high pick on a RT or RG but we do need to get better there. I feel like there are more pass rushers at the top of this draft so get one of those first, then address the O line, and then back to the d line with a couple more darts. I would not be upset if we come away with 5/6 O or D lineman from this draft. I also think we need a TE pretty bad but that's not at the top of my wish list at the moment.
  4. Bruce Irvin Cut--Is He Worth A Look?

    Honestly it doesn’t even look good on paper.
  5. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Zion reminds me of Larry Johnson. Short but bulky, super athletic. Larry had a better J but similar players from what I've seen.
  6. Bye Bye Tate

    I don’t like the deal. If he left in free agency because he was too expensive, we would likely get a late third comp pick. Now we are down Tate for the rest of this year and still end up with likely a late 3rd pick. Tate isn’t overly expensive, likely won’t be overly expensive, is Staffords favorite target, our best WR, and pretty much means we are throwing in the towel. I think his value to this team is well more than a third round pick even if his trade value is about right given the market.
  7. Potential Personnel Moves

    I think people strongly over-value what Tate will be getting on the open market. He is a really good WR, but is 30 and people don't get big contracts at the skill positions at 30. I think we can keep him for around 8-10 a year for 3 years or so which is well worth it IMO and worth more than the mid round pick we might be able to get. If he wants to leave and go to a contender, I would grant him his wish, but if he wants to stay, I keep him.
  8. Need to cut 1

    I agree with everyone else. I think the chance of Robinson and Cook getting healthy and being productive is greater than that of Doug Martin ever putting up enough points to consider starting him. If I had Doug Martin and saw either of those guys on waivers, I would jump at the chance for them. Especially Cook knowing his talent and what he can be when he gets back, even if its a few weeks from now.
  9. Trade!

    My thoughts exactly. I like he has a decent cap friendly contract this and next year and not awful for 2020.
  10. Need to cut 1

  11. Potential Personnel Moves

    I think it was a good move for Oakland. He was overpriced and underproductive. It gives them cap space and another mid first round pick. I doubt they get much for Carr at this point but they should look to move him as well and start over with their top pick next year. This gives them the flexibility to get a QB early and depending on how the Cowboys and Bears end up, maybe to get an elite QB and pass rusher. Dallas on the other hand way overpaid. They should have just kept Dez as he has been more productive. Its a head scratcher for sure from their side.
  12. Potential Personnel Moves

    Carlos Hyde just went for a 5th round pick, and he had a productive year last year and was productive this year. No way we get anything for Ameer unless its for an end of the bench LB/DL swap. I think given his lack of value on the market means we should probably hold tight as insurance for KJ if he gets hurt.
  13. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    I'm definitely not looking to trade for him. He scored all of his points in one week, has been poop other than that and doesn't seem to have a big role. There are better streaming options available for when I will need a TE.
  14. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Official draft order would be: 1. House of Spears 2. Mudhens 3. Saskatchewan Hello Theres 4. LBC Dirtbags 5. Herbie Hancocks 6. Bootleg Wombats 7. Erratic Gnats 8. Kramerica Interns 9. Rogue Squadron 10. Detroit Devastators 11. LOD 12. Ottawa Big Taters 13. Mad Heights 14. Badfish 15. G Money 16. Novi Wildcats
  15. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    I would too, but at the same time I want to see the young guys improve and Stafford not suck, which IMO means we will miss out on those guys. If we are 4-12 with Stafford and this offense, we need to fire every offensive coach we have IMO. Unless we score 35 a game and the D gives up 36+. But yeah, I would love Oliver or Bosa. There are a lot of good D lineman coming out but really want one of the elites.