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  1. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #32

    Check out my roster and see what excites you
  2. Let's try to get Suh back home

    Cap situations will work themselves out. We are stuck with Stafford for the next few years given his cap hit to cut. Spend the money now, try and win with him and then deal with the cap problems when we completely have to rebuild with a new QB in 4 years.
  3. Let's try to get Suh back home

    A pass rushing versatile lineman that could play DE in a 3-4 or DT in a 4-3 fits this D to a tee IMO.
  4. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    I'm looking to add some power to my lineup. Doesn't have to be a huge move.
  5. Let's try to get Suh back home

    I'm not talking specifically Suh, I am saying people who say lets sit on our cap and roll it into next year as the reason not to improve this year. Saying you don't like the fit, fine. You don't think he has as much left in the tank, fine. But simply financial is no excuse when we have 20 Mil in cap space left. He signed for 14M last year. a 1 or 2 year deal for 10-12 would probably get it done. If that's the case, then cut those guys I mentioned above and we are sitting in the same spot +/- $2 Mil depending on how many you cut. I think the impact of Suh in this defense would be significantly more than the impact Jones or Riddick has on our win total.
  6. Let's try to get Suh back home

    The NFL changes so much year to year, other than the Patriots being good. Teams rarely stay consistently good. Throwing away years in the NFL is not the same as throwing away years in baseball or basketball given how much player movement, coaching movement etc there is. So playing for 2020 doesn't make sense to me. Having an extra $10M to carry over would be helpful along with the 40 we could create pretty easily if we chose to. It also would give our D, which was solid last year, another strong piece to be top 5 this year with a full year of Patricia. Its why I wanted Ed Oliver so bad. Having an elite D gives you a chance. Suh would put us in that realm. I just want a playoff win at this point. I think that can happen this year, I also think we could be 4-12. So I say go for it, try to win. If we flop, we blow it up and start over. Not to mention, you could cut Theo Riddick, Christian Jones, and a couple smaller pieces and end up with a similar cap situation. I would rather have Suh than those guys at this point.
  7. Let's try to get Suh back home

    We are tight on cap space next year but it can be found rather easily IMO. After this year, we can extend Slay and reduce his cap number, Cut/trade Wagner and Marvin, cut Kennard, restructure Snacks or let him go and then we are sitting with $40-$50 Mil. They create holes but that's the game, every year there are new holes to fill. I say spend what we have now, try to win now, or just stop caring about football. If you are more worried about next year already than you might as well not watch this year since you're convinced they aren't going to win. I am pretty positive we don't win much but I still want them to try.
  8. Let's try to get Suh back home

    I'd take him. I've still been a fan of his and think his skill set would be perfect for what we are looking for. I am guessing the money would have to be reasonable but I think it could work out.
  9. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Oddly I thought he retired at least five years ago.
  10. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    I look at my team and it doesn't feel as bad as my record shows. Just can't get everything working together for a whole week. I am open to making some moves. Will consider moving Trout if it means adding some solid talent throughout my team.
  11. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #32

    Anyone looking for a SS? I am interested in swapping one for a 3B. Let me know if interested.

    Unrelated, when the window is minimized on this thread, I have the task bar vertically along the side and the small internet icon shows "FAR T.." Made me chuckle

    I just hope he is better than the last TE to be thought of as a top 15 prospect who is one of the greatest blocking prospects ever in Brandon Pettigrew. I hope he does well, I just don't count on it because first round TEs never live up to the hype. Maybe he will be the exception, but I will go with history until he proves me wrong.
  14. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where It's A Brand New Season

    His season average is just a tad under 1 per inning and that was with his first start being 8 innings with only 4 K's. He likely can improve on that. I am guessing he will be up in September and then back up early next year after we get the extra year of control. Detroits pitching prospects appear to be ahead of schedule, so I am hoping they go with some college bats in the draft. I know they are linked to Greene but I hope they get someone who isn't 4 years away since their window will likely start opening again in 2021.

    I think it supports the argument that a solid DE is more valuable to a football team than the best TE in the league. To compare against the rest of the positions in football, the only positions in which the best in the league (or even just the highest paid) is paid less than the best TE would be FB, K, and P. That shows you the importance of the TE position.