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  1. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 11 aka The Reboot

    That sounds like a pain to do, especially with pick trades, but I am not a fan of snake drafts in dynasty leagues. It really makes it tough on the bottom teams to get caught up.
  2. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Did someone sneak him steroids or they are just projecting a 50% increase to his career high HRs? My guess is Miggy is heathy and is easily our best hitter after his down year last year. Even if he has sort of a down year I bet its better than Castellanos. I would be less shocked if he was our 5th best hitter than I would be if he was our best.
  3. 'Merica League Draft - Deadpulse otc, Sax, Chetlemon

    Evan Longoria, 3B SF @The Gnat
  4. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Dawel Lugo was the #4 prospect in the D Backs system, last I checked that's top 10 in the D Backs farm system. We also got two lower prospects to go with it If a team is in need, they will give up prospects to make a run. Also people claimed that was not enough. The game hasn't changed to the point where if teams need a bat, they wont go get a bat.
  5. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    If a team is close and Victor is having a good year and needs a DH or has an injury, he would be a good candidate for trade. It wont be much, but if we get a top 10 prospect in someone's farm for him, it would help more than having him on the team. Yes it is unlikely, but if he is hitting like he has this spring, someone will want a .290 with decent pop in their lineup.
  6. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 11 aka The Reboot

    Mine have been set for two months I think on ESPN
  7. Rival Talk 101

    I mean if you want to use him as a WR who can't make a catch in traffic and has no chance for YAC than so be it, still only worth 3.5 a year tops.
  8. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Yeah, its tough to see them so pitiful now. Would be nice if Victor has a resurgence and can be dealt at the deadline. I hope we go with a position player in the draft this year. We have a ton of pitching prospects but not much as far as position players especially with Candelario and Machado in the bigs.
  9. lions signed TE Luke Wilson

    This is a decent signing. Nothing to get excited about but better than/equal to Fells at a much lower price.
  10. The Lions Den: Visiting Free Agents

    And Fells got how much money with those stats? And Hayden our replaceable third CB now is getting $6.5 Mil a year, meanwhile we resign our second best CB to less than $5 M per year. That's being smart with the cap. The guys of Fells/Hayden's skill sets are getting stupid contracts this year. We spent smart on a couple LBs that fit what we want to do, similar to the deals we got last year in Hayden and Fells. We are making moves that make sense given our holes and our cap situation. Simple as that.
  11. 'Merica League Draft - Deadpulse otc, Sax, Chetlemon

    Victor Martinez, DH Tigers @The Gnat
  12. Rival Talk 101

    I get why they signed him, just can't believe what people see on him. They paid 7.5 mil for a backup TE.
  13. The Lions Den: Visiting Free Agents

    All of those players helped. Darren Fells was our best TE last year, Hayden was a very good 3rd CB as noted by his contract he signed this year. If you want guys at that level, look at the contracts they signed this year to see what they cost. They are now the 6 mil dollar player you are talking about. That's what the league has become, so instead of doing that, we are finding those guys again and getting them cheaper based on what Quinn sees in them. Aside from that, there are about 5 players that really would have been great signings this offseason for us. We are competing with the rest of the league to try and get those players. We tried to get Richard Sherman here, we tried to get Jimmy Graham here, rumors are we tried on Richardson and WIlkerson and Suh. I don't think Quinn is sitting in his office saying, nah we are good but rather trying and not overpaying to get guys here. We have 15 mil in cap space, 8 mil of that will go to rookies. We could either use that on 3 average players and draft the best player or use it on one and have two below average players plugged into the those holes. Football is the ultimate team game and I would rather have average plyers fill holes than trot below average guys out there every game because no one cares if Suh is on your team if he is the only one they have to worry about and can gameplan him out of the game.
  14. Rival Talk 101

    The dollars blow my mind. What has he done to deserve that kind of contract?
  15. The Lions Den: Visiting Free Agents

    I don't think anyone thinks we are a super bowl team from these moves. We just aren't throwing in the towel already. They have made good moves IMO, that have made the team better without damaging our long term cap situation. I think everyone is aware we have holes and want them fixed, we just aren't jumping off a cliff because they haven't signed a big name free agent. I would rather fill all of the holes with guys like we have signed than sign one big name and have to plug fringe NFLers into the rest of the holes. Fill the holes with decent talent, then draft BPA instead of being forced to draft a single position. If we don't use the cap wisely, we end up like Washington with a bunch of high priced, underperforming stars surrounded by a sub par cast not making the playoffs.