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  1. Week 2 GDT: Detroit Lions @ NY Giants *MNF*

    Glover Quinn is a beast too.
  2. Week 2 GDT: Detroit Lions @ NY Giants *MNF*

    Its hard to not get a little excited. The team is playing smart, sound football. They are making tackles, making catches, and doing the little things it takes to win. I am still nervous about our depth and the ability to maintain for a whole year but it has been a great start to the season. Sure there are plenty of things to work on but they are grinding it out and doing what is needed.
  3. FFMLFB League- Regular Season- DB the Champ!

    #1 seed vs #1 in points scored. Should be a good matchup. PS, I want to keep most of my team. Its going to be tough letting some of these guys so after the year.
  4. USMC's Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    I think you are probably safe. That's a lt of ground to make up but I will keep my fingers crossed that Stafford hits Tate for 2 or 3 TDs.
  5. Lions Den - Introductions

    Welcome to the forum. How does someone in Utah become a Lions fan? Going to a Wings game should be fun. I am looking forward to getting down to the new stadium this year.
  6. LFFKL 2017 Discussion Thread

    Are we good to pick up people yet?
  7. Rate-My-Draft Thread

    My 12 team league with 1QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, a flex, and an offensive player so pretty much is a two QB league. I am not fond of my QBs but the value was too good early to not grab other positions. QB Phil Rivers RB Jordan Howard RB Ezekiel Elliott WR Odell Beckham Jr. WR TY Hilton TE Jimmy Graham Flex Devante Parker OP Joe Flacco QB Deshone Kizer RB Darren McFadden RB Derrick Henry RB Marlon Mack WR Corey Coleman WR Kenny Golliday The Golliday pick I just made because it was late and the last meaningful round for me. There are a few guys I am considering dropping him for such as Kamara, Perine, Foreman, Jamaal Williams, Ginn, Lockett, Robby Anderson. I will probably lean toward Ginn or Lockett for now. I liked my first three rounds, wasn't quite as excited after that when I realized I had to reach for Phil Rivers and then there was nothing at QB. I don't love it, but I like the potential to hang around and then be really solid when Zeke comes back (unless his law suit allows him to play all year).
  8. Will Lutz, K New Orleans @FootballPhreak
  9. The Gnat's Dynasy League 2017 Draft (Now with Time Slots)

    Will Lutz, K New Orleans
  10. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    I inherited a bad team and through trades and hitting on some draft picks I am in 3rd with potential to compete next year. It takes time, and it sucks those first couple of years but it can be done and is the point of a dynasty league. Also, I agree with whoever said it earlier, this should not be a snake draft with this many keepers.
  11. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I hate seeing JV go. At least we got something for him, I am sort of shocked that Houston is willing to pay as much as they are. I knew that contract was going to bite us when he signed it, and it sucks that it led to having to move him. I thought he could be one of the few to start and finish with the same organization.
  12. Martin & Parker for Abdullah & Dez

    I don't thin kits that easy. I also am not high on Bryant and I think Martin is legit when he comes back with all of those weapons. I like Abdullah more than most though so would probably do the trade. I think it comes down to how you feel about Parker. He could blow up this year but I don't trust Cutler.
  13. Rate-My-Draft Thread

    12 team, .5 PPR auction draft I did last ight in one of my three money leagues. QB Russell Wilson RB Jordan Howard RB Duke Johnson WR Mike Evans WR Doug Baldwin Flex Brandin Cooks TE OJ Howard K Matt Prater Def/ST Baltimore Bench: QB Andrew Luck RB Doug Martin RB Marlon Mack RB Alvin Kamara WR Tyrell Williams WR Adam Thielen WR Tedd Ginn Jr. I know I am really weak at RB after Howard but when Doug Baldwin was sitting at $24 I couldn't pass him up. QBs went much higher than expected and unfortunately I waited too long. I know Luck is a risk but got him for $4 and had extra cash at that time.