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  1. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League (Drafting Now)

    I wanted him. He was next on my list.
  2. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League (Drafting Now)

    I'm good with it. I actually like it because then I don't have to worry about people snagging a start at the end of the week and it truly goes on who has the better team, not the most time to spend online picking up players.
  3. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League (Drafting Now)

    So regular pickups will only be processed on Sunday nights? So if you are close in a matchup and want to pick up a bat, you can't? I am good with that as everyone is on the same playing field, but pretty much makes it a weekly locked league.
  4. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League (Drafting Now)

    Another maybe dumb question, will future drafts be separated similar to this one MLB/MiLB or will it be one big one and draft whichever you want as long as you allocate the right number of picks.
  5. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League (Drafting Now)

    I like weekly. It gives everyone a chance when someone is added to waivers which probably is not too often aside from just after the draft. If it is for regular adds/drops I would say daily or three times a week. Also, is there a rule about picking up guys who are drafted this summer? It seems they should be off limits and always go into the draft at the beginning of next year. If that isn't the case, I am guessing most will save their waiver budget for that.
  6. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    The thing about this league that has me interested is it has been going on for a long time. I think this is year 8 or 9. I like the league as is but would rather cut to 12 and have more active people than 16 with 4 or 5 teams who don't set rosters. I am down for bumping the keepers 1 or 2 if we drop to 12. I am in some other dynasty leagues so don't mind this being more of a redraft league with a couple keepers. It doesn't screw you completely if your keepers are sub par and doesn't guarantee a top 2 finish if they are good.
  7. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League (Drafting Now)

    Did anyone else's chat room delete a bunch of the recent picks? Mine went back like two rounds. Is there another way to see recent picks?
  8. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League (Drafting Now)

    What if I just keep drafting Vlad each round until he sticks on my roster?
  9. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I'm on season 5 of Shameless. The emotions of loving and then hating characters from episode to episode is crazy.
  10. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League (Drafting Now)

    That's how I feel about everyone. I hope someone was planning on taking Hamilton prior to my next pick. If not, oh well. Hope he gets some steals and doesn't crush my OBP.
  11. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League (Drafting Now)

    My top 4 on my board after my pick were Haap, Hosmer, Taylor, Vizcaino.
  12. New FF Elite DRAFT THREAD

    Billy Hamilton @crab1106
  13. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League (Drafting Now)

    My board was destroyed this last round and a half so figured I should just take him now. I'm sick of thinking I will get someone in the next round and then having them be drafted within the next two or three picks after I pick.
  14. New FF Elite DRAFT THREAD

    Michael Kopech @Deadpulse
  15. FFMLFB League

    Clean out your inbox