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  1. I use sleeper for one of my football leagues and I am not a fan of it. I'd use it but tbh, its a little last minute when already signed up on ESPN. If needed we could switch to Sleeper or Fantrax after the draft.
  2. I think I just want to avoid QB this year. Nobody excites me. Willis is the most exciting and as most have said, will likely need to spend a top 3 pick on him. Corral has been good as well this year he likely will move up. Howell is falling but he might be around at the end of the 1st and I like Ridder but not sure I want to spend a first on him. Strong has been good but again, not world beating IMO. Slovis has fallen off and likely should stay another year but if h comes out and is there in the 3rd I would like to draft him at least to be a backup.
  3. Agreed, the improvement from last year has been crazy. To be fair though last year Mel Tucker came in really late and then covid happened so he wasn't able to implement a new system easily. He did pick up a couple key guys in the transfer portal though and going with Thorne at QB full time has helped a ton. He is significantly better than Rocky Lombardi. As for leaving early, all three are redshirt juniors and RB shelf life is short in the NFL so if a player has a chance to go, they typically go. I don't see any chance Walker stays around as he has been a 2nd-4th round projection th
  4. Just MSU related, not sure how you have Connor Heyward in your risers but not Kenneth Walker III, Jalon Nailor or Jayden Reed. Walker is the NCAA leader in yards with 120 more yards than #2 and only 4 more rushes than Bijan. He is hard to bring down and is making a lot of guys miss as he leads the country in yards after contact and broken tackles. Reed and Nailor are both big play threats. Reed was the leader in all purpose yards with 2 punt returns for TDs on the year and multiple big plays at WR. Nailor just came off a week with 3 TDs of over 60 yards each, one showing a great adju
  5. I would be strongly against a QB high in 2 straight drafts. Its a waste of assets given we have so many other holes. If we draft a QB and they look to be Josh Rosen after year 1, then maybe but then I would strongly question the talent evaluators. Goff can win. He was in the Super Bowl which shows a good team around him along with good coaching, he can get you there. He played bad in the SB but so did the whole Rams team. I don't think he is the long term answer but he can win if we build the right team around him. And then can find the guy to get us over the hump similar to what
  6. It will be interesting to see how some of these teams adapt over the next couple of years. KC looked to have a dynasty but they already are showing signs of lack of depth due to large contracts and before long, Kelce and Hill will be considered old for NFL standards. The Bills paid Allen early but his big cap hits aren't until 2023 so their best window is the next two years. Seeing teams like Seattle fall down the chain once Wilson got paid and teams like GB never able to get over the hump after paying Rodgers bigger money just shows how hard it is to sustain once you pay the QB. Tom
  7. Agreed, especially because Derek Carr is about the same as Jared Goff IMO. Neither are good enough to carry a team, both are good enough to win with the right team and coaching around them.
  8. I think Kyrie for Ben Simmons makes more sense. The issue would be if Kyrie was willing o go through with the trade.
  9. Agreed. However I would hope to upgrade/replace Big V in the offseason and Jackson has been shaky too so we could look to improve there too. But even then it would have been nice to have what could have been our line together for a bit but now won't happen.
  10. Agreed on all fronts. Being able to go get the next Ramsey, Minkah Fitzpatrick etc would be nice and I would be all for it. Helps when you have other stars on cheaper deals by drafting well.
  11. I'm in. Any chance you can do the draft at 2:00 instead of 3:00 on Saturday?
  12. Sucks to have injuries but at the same time I am ok making sure he is ready to go next year at 100% opposed to trying to rush him back from it. Between lack of talent to start along with the injuries, I just want to see player development the rest of the year with a win or two sprinkled in. We have cap space and picks and I truly believe some guys will want to play for this staff.
  13. That would be ideal. The 49ers gave three firsts and a 3rd. So might have to take away one of the Steelers later picks but still would be a good haul to be able to build and add talent to this team.
  14. Will be a prospect I am watching. Still hoping for one of the big 3/4 but Griffin could play his way into that discussion along with a couple of others. Would love to have Paolo or Chet to go with Cade, Bey, Hayes, Stewart. Really wish we would move Grant and gain another 1st round pick.
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