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  1. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    I saw him last year in the state championship. He is a stud and hopefully he reclassifies as it sounds like he is a strong MSU lean. Could be Izzo's swan song if he comes for the 21-22 season.
  2. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

    Avila is being a little crazy. They need bats close to the majors but that's excessive. We likely will end up not moving them or moving them for something worthless like mid farm type prospects with little MLB potential like we always do.
  3. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

    I feel this way about Boyd, Greene, and Castellanos. Boyd is going to Fulmer us and tank in value and we will get nothing for him. Sell now to the highest bidder, get some bats and get ready to compete in 2 years.
  4. Van Noy was at the top of almost every scouts board at that point. He was a first round talent that fell and everyone got excited. He was the epitome of taking talent over scheme fit. The Patriot defense we are running requires some specific things and they have often been ripped for reaching on guys who fit their scheme however they usually end up working out. I hate that we are trying to be the Patriots but we have to at least try and get those types of players to fit this system or ther is no point in even giving Patricia a chance. Every team drafts for scheme fit. If we had Greedy as a higher rated talent, they would have drafted him. I am sure we all have differences in who was BPA, and it sucks when they reach for guys but I will give him the benefit of the doubt until I see it fail on the field. We reached with Golliday, Walker, Hand, Ragnow and others under Quin and those happen to be some of our best players.
  5. My thoughts on this is if you draft talent over scheme fit, you end up with Kyle Van Noy who struggles until he gets to a scheme that fits his skill set. You have to draft for scheme, but I also get what you are saying. I still think Tavai was a reach and wanted a handful of others at that point but I would say they scouted him to be a 2nd round talent and that would be on the scouts if he is not.
  6. Stranger Things

    Same here. Probably will binge it on Monday afternoon/evening
  7. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #32

    I'd be interested in Trout but if the offers I have been getting for him are an indication of his price, I have zero interest.
  8. Fantasy Baseball Advice Thread

    I feel like you tend to be too quick to react for fantasy baseball. Its a long season and players all go through slumps and dominant streaks and you just have to be patient. If you move him you are currently selling at an all time low price which doesn't make sense to me. I'd wait and just not start him until he figures it out. I have faith he gets it back together and his K numbers are always highly sought after. If you move him, I would still want more than Rosario by far. Especially given his cheap value as a keeper.
  9. Lions Kicking The Tires on Domato Peko

    Great move in 2013. No real feelings on it now. Another body for competition but likely wouldn’t stick on the team.
  10. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where It's A Brand New Season

    Good start to the career of Riley Greene. 4-5 with 2 fingers and 5rbi.
  11. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #32

    I think a lot of us will have a hard time. Happens in 8 man leagues. Some of mine are aging but still have a good group to choose from if they are healthy.
  12. NBA Draft Thread: NO trades 4 to ATL (8/17/35)

    True, and gets us out of another guaranteed contract. Not sure I care about not having 2nds in the future, they can be bought if we really want them.
  13. NBA Draft Thread: NO trades 4 to ATL (8/17/35)

    WTF Detroit. I would have preferred Porter to a bunch of 2nds.
  14. NBA Draft Thread: NO trades 4 to ATL (8/17/35)

    Bol for Detroit please. Take the risk. Need to take chances.
  15. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    I would have liked that a lot more than just getting Snell. I get that he fits our needs more than Leuer but the extra year of 10M for a guy who averages 6 pts a game on his career is a little insane. The sooner the Pistons realize this team is not competing on anything and they dump everything and start over the sooner they can get fans back in the seats.