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  1. I know people in the service industries in Miami that are accepting payment via Bitcoin or Doge. That’s enough to get me excited to sit on it for a while. Especially since everything else I am in right now is tanking.
  2. 62 78 201 but I vote trade down so we can get 2 of these.
  3. lol. No chance that would ever happen.
  4. Sad news. Always tough to see a great one go. Its Dark and Hell is Hot and Then There Was X were classics.
  5. I wont be on Saturday most likely but will message TL my top 2/3 picks with write ups.
  6. I've seen a lo of people with Slater in the top some with him above Sewell. I am not sure I want him but I have been digging a little more in case he may be the pick. But my thoughts are one of Pitts, Chase or Sewell should be there. If not, one of the QBs is and we should trade down. I would be happy with any of those scenarios.
  7. How about we pick two people per pick to nominate a sleeper and then the rest of the group votes between those two.
  8. Solid pick. If he can stay healthy he should be solid. Don't love his combine numbers but they aren't detrimental either. I am ok not having one of these picks for a sleeper but would like to encourage someone picking to consider 68 or 140.
  9. Looks like a solid backup and special teamer. I doubt he starts, or hope he doesn't at least but always good to have decent depth with a little experience. He is probably an upgrade over Will Harris at this point so just continuing to build depth it appears.
  10. Maybe reach out to Carolina. They have 3 6th round picks, maybe they trade the early one and a late one for our 5th.
  11. Swap Brown for Milton Williams or another DT in the third and then grab a WR in the 5th and I like it. I love fixing the line, the D is improved. I like the low risk high reward free agents in the defensive backfield. Would be a solid team.
  12. Given nobody is a starter here I am good with whatever. If we trade down again, we should just split the picks like last year and each find someone to pick for a given pick.
  13. I added some new names I like. 68, 129, 162, 182, 256, 100, 125. Not in any order just guys I like with these later picks.
  14. We should be able to move 177 for 2 6ths. If we decide to move down again. Or a 6th and a 7th.
  15. If we can get Chase or Sewell, or the podium. If they are gone, drop down up to 10 spots and I'd be happy with quite a few players. Surtain, Horn, Farley, Smith, Parsons, Slater, Waddle, Pitts, JOK, etc would all be great if it involved us gaining another high pick as well. I'd be disappointed with any of them at 7.
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