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  1. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    I could use some steals.
  2. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    It's still about exposure and the 2.5M he could likely get in college as they projected Zion to get, would be worth it. If the G League was so enticing, even without the ability to profit of their namesake, then why are there only 2 kids there now? Side note, Max Christie to MSU as well is a nice get. I hope Emoni reclassifies and we can see these two together. And hopefully add one more piece like a Bediako.
  3. 20 year old Arvydas Sabonis vs 20 YO Lebron

    Do I take the best (or second best to some) all around player of all time or a guy who was a pretty great big that never got to show what he really could have done against NBA talent in his prime and had a solid career here once he arrived? Not a tough decision at all for me.
  4. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    He says he has no interest in the G League and really wants to play college ball. Which I know is all hearsay but I am sure that the G League has offered a lot to the top recruits this year and only got a couple that struggled in school. The top prospects still are heading to college. I think it will depend on how well that program works to see how many more go that route.
  5. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    Feels like the most hollow recruiting win given I doubt we see him on campus. I'm hopeful they don't change the rule before him but they likely will and he will go pro.
  6. 2020 Keeper League advice

    I would easily keep Chubb
  7. 2020 Keeper League advice

    Assuming you will lose your picks in rounds 1 through how many ever people you keep? Also how many teams in the league? Is the draft snaked? Depending on League size I might consider just keeping EE (10-12 team league snake draft) or keeping EE, Golladay, Evans, and Ertz if a bigger league (14-16 teams or non-snake 12 team). Golladay is ranked higher than Evans on some lists and both are tail end 2nd rounders/early third rounders. So in a 12 team league if you do a snake draft, you may get better value at the turn depending on who else keeps people. If not you will be first in line to pick there and can grab whichever WR you prefer of the bunch. If its not a snake, I would easily keep the top 3 and likely Ertz or Gurley. Ridley may be better long term value but I think those others offer better short term value.
  8. If Stafford gets hurt and misses half of the season I would give some leeway, but would also depend on how others progressed. If our defense puts up another all-time bad season like last year, then no, I am ok moving on from him and Quinn as that is their specialty. I am expecting a playoff appearance for them to stay. If we make slight improvements and end up at 7-9, thats not good enough for me. They have had plenty of time to develop and sign players for their system and it would mean that either they cant evaluate talent or they cant develop talent. I go back to the list of successful coaches, and even those on bad teams that turn their team around within the first three years. Even with injuries or sub par QB play and turning to Ryan Tannehill, good coaches find a way to win. Coaches that need to keep learning on the job never figure it out and lose the locker room. If Patricia is not successful next year, he never will as a Lion. He might as the coach elsewhere after more seasoning, but it wont be here and it wont be right away.
  9. I'm good seeing another year of it. But not giving him more time to figure things out beyond that. He had a good roster when he took over. Not great but good. The offense is ready to take off, his D needs to step up. I dont think he is the right guy still, but will give him this year. If he still cant win with a healthy Stafford and the pieces his buddy put into place for him, they can both be gone.
  10. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    I actually like this idea if its possible. Gives a much bigger sample size.
  11. Martha Ford Steps Down

    I don't thing a truly independent party would have suggested we hire Rod Wood, a close friend and employee of the Ford's who had no football knowledge when taking over the team. I get as President, its not all about football and you have to have business acumen but you still would hope for someone somewhat involved in the industry. The rest I think DHLF addressed appropriately.
  12. I agree, was just putting it into perspective. He had his flaws, but his flaws werent that he could coach a 3-13 team to 9-7, it was that he led a team to 9-7 that had 11/12 win potential if he made some of the right moves. Which is also what Quinn was saying when he fired him and brought in Patricia to get over the hump. And then it turned into a complete rebuild.
  13. PHREAK'S Dynasty League 11th year, looking for a new GM

    It started that way about 8 years ago. But as members leave it was filled by whoever was interested. It was split 50/50 when I left a couple years ago.
  14. A win percentage of .563 would put him top 50 all time in coaches win percentage and higher if you take out the guys in the 1950s and earlier. Its hard to win in this league and he constantly had us as a winner. And the wording and direction used at that time was to replace him to get over the hump because just making the playoffs isnt good enough. Since then we have won 8 games.
  15. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    I am good with any of the options (lean towards keeping it H2H given how many teams were/are built) except we should keep the money for this year. Its $10, and a sunk cost and I am sure I can come up with $10 for next year. If it was a big money league I would feel different but still fun to have something to play for aside from bragging rights.