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  1. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    My thoughts exactly. Not sure we need any more WRs, especially with attitudes and off field problems. I would be bringing in pass rushers left and right though in hopes we find someone who can get off a block.
  2. Do The Lions Fire JBC?

    For a couple of years now, JBC has watched Stafford struggle in his normal offense and thrive in a hurry up style. I get it may not be sustainable for a whole game, as our D is not good enough or deep enough to be on the field more, but why the heck do we not start with it to get him in a rhythm? That's why we should fire JBC, but I doubt we do during the season.
  3. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    I for one, am hoping that you continue down the same path the rest of the week. My pitching is having a week, my hitters are decent but wouldn't be winning much the way they are hitting.
  4. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I watched the second episode, it got worse quickly IMO. The writing is so bad, the acting might be worse. I have a feeling that this isn't going to last long.
  5. Week 1: MNF Jets @ Lions

    When did the offense look great without the mistakes? I will give Stafford likely will not play that bad again, but there are a lot of mistakes to correct. Thinking that those mistakes just go away is crazy IMO. Defensively I have little hope. I was concerned about our ability to stop the run and get a pass rush. The preseason and this game did nothing to make me think they will get it together. I appreciate the positive outlook, but I need things to show signs of change before thinking they will.
  6. Week 1: MNF Jets @ Lions

    Here are some stats from last nights game: Sam Darnold - 73% completed passes, 116 rating, 83 QBR Isaiah Crowell - 10 yards per carry. (Take away his 62 yard run and he is still at 4.5 ypc) Bilal Powell - 5 yards per carry Their WR's (minus their top WR from last year) are very average. Sure Matt Stafford and the offense will be better as the season goes on, but that defense was expected to be bad, but those numbers are awful. And they are against probably the worst talents we will see at RB and WR all year. Darnold may turn out ok, but we sure made it easy on him after his opening throw. No pressure, no coverage, no threat to stop the run game. There is good reason to be dramatic. We saw a team barely miss the playoffs last year get handled by one of the worst teams in the league. We brought in a new coach to get over the hump, not to start over.
  7. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    So my stupid self thought the playoffs started last week. Looks like I stole it from you on Sunday afternoon. Good week LK.
  8. Training Camp and Preseason

    That was my thought as well.
  9. Bronco's D/ST Saw you say 1 hour until free for all so I added Robbie Gould too for my last spot since it says that was posted over an hour ago.
  10. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I watched it as the premise has always been entertaining. I will say it was slow and none of the stories really pulled me in. Not sure how they make a full season of it but I will keep watching.
  11. Week 1: MNF Jets @ Lions

    I am expecting more points TBH. Anyone thinking we should be holding teams to 21 or less is being very optimistic. I think our O is going to be really good, I just am not sure we can stop anyone so I am seeing more of a 37-31 win. Even with a rookie QB.
  12. Rate my DRAFT Thread

    Did both of my other money league drafts last night at the same time (one was live so made it easier) although the other was an auction draft so I missed out on some deals. First is a 12 team, OP league so can start 2 QB's. There were 14 QBs drafted in the first three rounds. .5 PPR QB Russell Wilson RB Zeke RB Carlos Hyde WR Doug Baldwin WR Larry Fitzgerald TE Gronk Flex Kerryon Johnson OP - Derrick Carr D/ST - Jaguars K Josh Lambo Bench: Sam Darnold, Jordan Wilkins, Corey Clement, Will Fuller, Mike Williams, John Ross Overall I like it. I don't think I have ever drafted Gronk as he is usually too high but in the third with the WRs that were left at that time it made sense to me. My depth is not the best but I have some lotto tickets hoping someone breaks out. This one is an auction draft. 12 team, .5PPR, 6 pt TDs for QBs. QB Kirk Cousins RB Saquan Barkley RB Jamaal Williams WR Antonio Brown WR Michael Thomas TE Jordan Reed Flex Emanuel Sanders D/ST Texans K Graham Gano Bench: Rashaad Penny, Sony Michel, Jordan Wilkins, Jameison Crowder, Kenny Golladay, Nelson Agholor This one I blew my money early and got two top 6 players and another top 15. I knew my depth would hurt but tried for some young guys with breakout potential since I had to fill the bottom of the roster with $ and $2 players.
  13. Austin Hooper, TE Atlanta @chisoxguy7
  14. The Gnat's Dynasty League - Drafting - 1 Owner Needed

    I almost took Njoku over Wilkins in the 2nd. Figured one of the three/four I wanted would be there but looks like I will just be streaming them or wait for us to find a new owner for Sabo's team and trade for one of his.
  15. Sam Darnold, QB Jets