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  1. Talent gaps in the NFL are actually rather small and roster turnover happens relatively quick. With the right coaches to develop talent and the right talent, we can be good in two years. Could potentially be good next year. Patricia started on the wrong foot, had the locker room against him and it continued each offseason with someone wanting out or someone not signing here because of him. Patricia struggled with in game coaching. He missed a lot of challenges, threw the challenge in weird spots, and didn't make adjustments in game. He also seemed to let off the gas too early and tr
  2. I'm not blaming Stafford, I am just saying we can get similar results with someone else rather easily because we have a dumpster fire organization. I always hope we can build around Stafford but I do understand a new coach and a new GM may want their guy to put their chips on. If Fields or Wilson fall to us at 7 and they want to draft them, I wouldn't blame them. The point is we can't get much worse record wise without Stafford, so if he can net more picks and we get another young QB to develop, than I am all for it. But I do not blame him solely for the failures of the Lions in his tenure.
  3. I agree completely. And in my comments above I said a downgrade from what we have now but thats only if KG is healthy, which he wasn't and we still could throw the ball this year. I like KG but just seems like so many better ways to spend the money, even though I hate letting go of one of the few we have developed.
  4. Agreed. The extra 3rd would be helpful here. And/or signing Kerrigan. Just need something else there IMO. I like Bryant and Julian but they are extremely unknowns at this point.
  5. I really like this. Wouldn't mind adding another DE, especially if we don't keep Okwara and trade Hand. But like adding Thomas and Nixon to the interior of our D line. You have added talent to each level of the D and the revamped WR core is solid even if it is a slight downgrade from where we are now.
  6. To be fair, Tom Lewand was replaced by Rod Wood. So although yes those areas reported to Lewand, they now have another leadership level in-between so there is even less pressure/stress/time wasted on those things and Holmes can focus on finding and acquiring talent. Its actually a bigger deal to me because this is the type of re-structuring I was hoping for. I have been saying we dont have the proper support for people to be successful in a GM and coaching role and its because the GM and coach had to do a lot of these things ( I will guarantee that some of the non personnel tasks were previ
  7. I feel like people are skewed by all time greats and thinking that overhauls of rosters take time. We likely won't have sustained success in winning the division like New England or Pittsburgh, but also shouldn't take more than two years to turn it around to be competing for the playoffs. In the NFL, playoff teams rotate every year, and teams go from really bad to really good quite quickly. You can see in year two if the progress is being made and a coach is headed in the right direction. Look at Miami. Absolute trash last year, in the playoff hunt this year, no drama, even with competiti
  8. I agree, they don't need to trade him. But they also have gone through four coaches and three GMs with him and nobody is building a winner with him. Get something for him and try a new path. We have been reliving the same season for 10 years for the most part. And the reason those journeyman QBs are relevant is that Stafford has produced barely more wins than they have. Its not all on him but his below .500 winning percentage means something.
  9. I mean, I love Stafford, and really appreciate what he has done here, but he really hasn't done anything other than put up empty stats. Some of that is on his coaches. Some on his demeanor, some on his supporting cast. But given it is a rebuild, forcing a staff and GM to work with an aging QB may not be the best route. I hope he has a chance to win someday, but I really don't think it will be here. He has great talent, just not consistent and at 32, if he could net us a 1st plus from say Washington, I would have to strongly consider it. As to your comment about how hard it is to fi
  10. Has to start at the top. The Fords are the common denominator through all of the turmoil. I am not sure they have to sell the team, but put someone at the top that knows what they are doing and allow them to restructure the org chart as needed. There can't be this many bad GMs, coaches, players, etc. At some point you have to get lucky unless the structure of the organization is truly that bad. I look at it like we are the LA Clippers before Balmer bought them. Sterling was rich and treated ownership as a status symbol and really didn't care if they won as long as he made money. Ballmer
  11. Lewis at least had some sustained success, with Andy Dalton at QB. Obviously not great, but more to work with than Bowles. I dont want either but if they hire experienced, I am fine with Lewis but would prefer Doug Pederson. I am hoping for Staley at this point. Dan Campbell could be ok too. Pretty much I am not optimistic and assume we will be right back here in two or three years anyways.
  12. I really don't think its that big of a deal. Its important to develop coaches and without getting political, there is an extreme discrepancy in race between those who have played and those who have had opportunities to coach or be a GM. What you can't do is just start hiring minority head coaches because without some experience because they will fail and we will be right back where we were. This program gives some incentive to hire at the lower levels and pays off when they leave, just like the player 3rd round compensation picks. Also third round picks have about a 12% success rate so it
  13. I don't think you have anything on the life of a Lions fan. At least you saw some Super Bowls, I have seen 1 playoff win in my life, as have people twice my age. I've seen the best RB and one of the most talented WRs retire early because they can't stomach playing for this organization. I have sat through Matt Millen being GM for 8 losing season without being fired. Matt Stafford is the greatest QB to ever wear a Lions uniform and he can't win a playoff game if he can even lead the team to one.
  14. BB went 11-5 in his second to last year in Cleveland and was such a good assistant under Parcells that NE was willing to part with a first round pick for him. His defensive genius was identified, Cleveland just gave up too early. Also he is the exception, not the rule. You get a lot more Adam Gase or Chip Kelly situations than BB situations. Every coach that got a second chance and succeeded had done something worthwhile between to improve their resume (Pete Carroll) or had a decent enough first run to deserve another (Andy Reid, Jeff Fisher) Jim Schwartz has done far more to earn a s
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