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  1. LFFKL 2017 Draft: 1K,703x2,DTF,Fuller,X,DB,TFC,SLM,IDOGx2

    Dalvon Cook, RB Vikings
  2. Gridiron Greats Dynasty League

    @Foooooooootball is up
  3. The Gnat's Dynasty League

    Corey Davis/any of my WRs are available. Make an offer, looking for value this or more likely next year. Could use some RB help.
  4. The Gnat's Dynasy League 2017 Draft

    Corey Davis, WR Titans @catcheryea is up
  5. USMC's Dynasty Draft Thread

    Stephen Gostkowski, K New England @The Gnat on the clock
  6. The Gnat's Dynasy League 2017 Draft

    1.4 Dalvin Cook RB Vikings
  7. USMC's Dynasty Draft Thread

    3.08 - Curtis Samuel, WR/RB - Carolina
  8. Preseason GT #1: Lions vs Colts

    This has to be the laziest thing I have seen. There is this thing called google that helps find stuff like that.
  9. Goodness Gracious- DE Issues

    I agree with this, although I wouldn't mind keeping our eyes peeled for guys who get cut to potentially fill in. I don't think there is much available at the moment that would be an improvement but there may be some situational guys that get cut or could be available for trade.
  10. LFFKL 2017 Discussion Thread

    It looks like a couple teams did not set keepers and all of their players were dropped. Are we planning to do this online or offline/forum draft?
  11. The Gnat's Dynasty League

    I should be third, or at worst 4th.
  12. Best Draft of the Past Decade as Determined by 25-Man Rosters

    That 2009 lineup is dirty but they really fall off on pitching. 2010 has a close lineup with far and away a better rotation and bullpen. 2011 Doesn't quite have the depth at this point to make me move them ahead of either 09 or 10.
  13. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    The old forum was super dead tbh. The Lions forum has had a downward spiral in participation the last three years and is just about at rock bottom. As for predictions, I win it all, again.
  14. USMC's Dynasty Draft Thread

    2.8 - Kenny Golliday, WR Detroit
  15. Gridiron Greats Dynasty League

    I agree to this. Please stay healthy Ameer.