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  1. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Agreed, the last pick in both rounds and a guy on waivers in half my leagues for one of the best WRs in the game. Wish I knew he was that cheap. Guess its good to ask.
  2. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    That was close, good week. Glad I caught you when Kittles was out and Hopkins on bye and Zeke and CMC had slightly down weeks. Perfect storm. TBH though, its crazy you have like 6 players drafted in the top 20 of most drafts.
  3. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    He could have, but the effects don't always go away. Even if not a hard addiction, could just be a lack of nutrition or something else but seems odd that a 38 year old former athlete would just rot away without something being involved.
  4. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I have heard he was in hospice due to organ failure. Which I am sure relates to his addictions over the years. Its sad what addiction does to people.
  5. Should we tank?

    We will lose enough to be one pick away from the guy we all want, will then over draft a LT to play RG and he will struggle to beat out Kenny Wiggins and will be off the team in 3 years. And then we will be back in the top 3 to draft the next QB's career we will waste with a coaching carousel and lackluster supporting cast.

    Why use a TO there?
  7. Trade Help

    Who wins these trades? Barkley and Kupp for CMC and JuJu? Bell, Allen Robinson, Ertz for Zeke, Hunt, and Robert Woods
  8. 2019-2020 NCAAB Discussion Thread 1.0: AP Poll is Out

    Same goes for MSU. Not having Langford should really drop them in the rankings. Once again our season will go as Cassius takes us. Will need some major development, especially down low if MSU thinks it has a chance. Going to be tough with a 6'8" center and a bunch of undersized 4s.
  9. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League (Season 2)

    I’d be interested in getting in too. Have some extra picks in this years draft and will move some players.
  10. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    All five of our 2014 starting pitchers have now won World Series elsewhere over the last three years. If only we could have kept them together and found a bull pen. Congrats Max and Anibal.
  11. Trade deadline

    Leonard Williams was cheap but he is a free agent at the end of the year. They could have just signed him in the offseason. I get maybe they have a slightly better chance now to get him in the organization for a couple months but its a risk and a dumb one IMO. Even if they resign him I would say he was likely to want to sign there anyways so he didn't have to move and wouldn't have cost any picks. I don't see an issue with some of the guys not moving. If they could get a comp pick for a similar price than why move guys? I was shocked at the overall lack of moves but then I remember that's typically how the NFL trade deadline is.
  12. Trade deadline

    I would too, but your draft stock only takes you so far. You have to produce even if not in the right system or you get traded for scraps like Kyle Van Noy or Leonard Williams. It would be a good move by the Pats to get him, but I don't think its needed and I think if they did do it they should not pay much.
  13. Trade deadline

    And Howard has done enough in the NFL to be worth a 3rd/4th at best. Albeit I didn't see Sanu's value as a 2nd either.
  14. Trade deadline

    No way his value should be anywhere close to a 1st.
  15. Trade deadline

    I still want to make a move with TB. Suh has been a bust there but would be perfect in this D. Shaq Barrett would be a perfect pass rushing OLB. If they want to throw in Peyton Barber or Ronald Jones that works too.