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  1. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    And Flowers. I think it would be a legit D line and we would have depth to keep guys fresh. Would love to send a 6th for him and hope he is worth keeping around/restructuring.
  2. Marcus Simien, SS Oakland @LION KING
  3. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    I'm kind of glad about this actually. I'd rather have someone with more potential there or a more proven back up if we add to the RB group.
  4. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #32

    Good to hear you are improving. Hoping the rest of recovery goes smooth. I have had open heart surgery so understand the pain of doing anything with a broken sternum.
  5. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #32

    That's crazy. Glad you are on the mend now. When did this all happen? Hope to see you around the forum more now.
  6. Touki Toussaint, SP Braves @LION KING
  7. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    I fully expect Duke to beat us. We are an unathletic team full of injuries and players who have played over their expectations. I am sure RJ Barret will beat up on Matt McQuaid, he should. Matt McQuaid probably won't play basketball beyond this year other than in rec leagues. I am also sure that RJ will take 26 shots to score 24 points, and Zion will take 12 and score 30, and that will be why we lose. I honestly doubt the game would be close. I am a realist. I know RJ has a place in the NBA, and nobody on the MSU roster right now does. But his place in the NBA IMO is more as a 4th best player on a winning team or the 1st or 2nd on a perennial loser while chucking shots.
  8. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Evan turner and Denzel valentine were players of the year in college too.
  9. Austin Meadows, OF Tampa @LION KING
  10. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    They lost all three games against decent competition without Zion. They nearly lost to Wake Forrest without Zion. Empty stats do nothing for me. Someone will put up stats in every game, I just prefer they lead to wins. I have watched RJ. I don't share your mancrush. I don't see it. He reminds me of Wiggins in that he came in as the highest rated highschool prospect and underwhelmed me. I watch his games and just don't see a guy who changes games. He looks like a guy out there for himself and not playing within the offense. If I was box score scouting, I would look at the first UNC game and say he lead the team in rebounds and points, great game, but then I remember watching the game and he didn't stop Cam Johnson, who scored nearly as many as he did, he had 4 assists but nobody other than he and reddish took enough shots to do much, and he lead the team in turnovers. The second game I watched him chuck 27 shots to get 26 points. Another great efficient night. He rebounded well again, I'll give you that, but again didn't make his team better and didn't stop anyone. I get it, your a Duke fan and blindly follow them and their stars. But there are definitely other points of view that have visual and statistical backup that doesn't include his high school stats and accomplishments.
  11. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    I think you have already been through the high school stats don't matter. Wiggins, Parker, the list goes on were studs in high school and college and did not pan out in the pro's. Every elite high school player wins games given the talent is so spread out. And numbers win you awards, and he has the scoring numbers. I have watched him play and nothing he does excites me. Looks like a lot of bad shots and taking guys one on one which I don't think he will be able to do at the next level. And he is not the reason that Duke got a 1 seed. They were a 2 at best until Zion came back and reminded people why they should be a 1. The 23 points on 10 shots and elite D and rebounding is what got them the 1 seed. RJ almost lost it for him showing he can't show out against good teams without Zion on the court.
  12. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Assists don't mean you are making your teammates better. Playing smart basketball makes your teammates better. Playing within an offense makes your teammates better. I don't trust him in those scenarios. He has talent, but he reminds me a lot of a poor mans Andrew Wiggins. He might score 20 a game in the pro's, but it will be empty and full of L's.
  13. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    He scores at an elite level because he takes 20 shots a game. If he had a better understanding of the game I'd feel better about him as a pro but he looks like a volume scorer right now. His O-Rating is not even top 10 on his team, he doesn't make people around him better, and he isn't a great defender, he isn't a good free throw shooter, he takes 7 3s a game while barely shooting 30% from behind the line. He might be a decent pro, but I don't have the faith you and the Canadian Basketball Association have in him.
  14. Willy Adames, SS Tampa @LION KING
  15. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I am at least excited for the Tigers rebuild. I am glad they took rebuilding seriously finally and stopped trying to give cpr to the team while on life support like the wings and pistons have done the last few years. Need to break it down and build it back up. Miggy would be gone if his contract was tradable, and if he bounces back this year I wouldn't doubt we move him and eat a large chunk of the contract.