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  1. I get that but then if you have to run Chark, Deebo, Lezard or Smith out there every week it kills you there. Especially while Thomas is out and who knows if he comes back fully healthy or aggravates the ankle. If you only have to start 2 WRs, maybe but still I wouldnt want to have to play one of those other WRs each week as a WR2.
  2. Ryan is likely safer to be consistent, but Cam has a ton of upside with running the ball (which also comes with more injury risk). Id lean Ryan but its close.
  3. I wouldnt do it. Anyone else at QB available on waivers? I dont think its enough of an upgrade to thin out your WRs and I dont love your depth at WR.
  4. Depends on the rest of your roster but I would prefer Thielen, Chubb and Robinson. Taylor may end up the best of that group but getting a top 10 player in Chubb plus a top 10ish WR is a great deal IMO.
  5. Dobbins Moss Akers I think Dobbins is the easy leader as he has the most talent ona run heavy team, although he does have the best RB blocking snaps. I think Moss has a chance to steal carries but won't be fantasy gold. Maybe a solid silver by end of the year. The Rams backfield scares me. They will ride the hot hand and the other two backs have both shown the ability to be playmakers so I feel he will have the hardest time getting regular snaps.
  6. Sorry, my bad. I am all for bringing in people with a winning pedigree. I also like to see something change when a coach arrives instead of continuing something (sort of like MP continuing to do what every DC has done under BB). KC as a total defense went from 24th to 5th from 18 to 19 when Daly arrived. I know he was just the DL coach and run game coordinator but the rush defense didnt really improve. In looking at NE once he left, they improved their run D and overall D as well. So I am not sure I am sold on Daly at this point unless he has some type of system/ideas that he isnt able to implement at this point because he isnt the DC. I feel like there are better options out there. I also sort of feel the same way with Bienemy. I like his upside and the system he runs, but he also has Maholmes, which will make any OC look good. I do like that he still involves his RBs better than we have ever been able to do since Barry retired while maintaining a healthy passing attack. I would be a lot more excited for this hire than I was Matty P because he at least has shown the ability to be creative and use his assets.
  7. https://detroitsportsnation.com/matt-patricia-refutes-kliff-kingsburys-concerning-comment-about-lions-defense/wgbrady/detroit-lions-news/09/23/2020/234257/?fbclid=IwAR10eCSpuUM5Fuej-euAeKThZttlrkNwNzVe9XQiKDxKLN1zV2vtoKC0FMQ Lol, super secret changes that nobody notices or needs to prepare for because they arent really changes.
  8. Yeah but those NE D's that were dominant had Wilfork but also had great LB play in Vrabel, Bruschi, Mayo, etc And other solid D lineman like Richard Seymour. But again the one constant in all of their defensive success is BB, and his ability to exploit a players strengths. But our back is bad too. We have solid CBs but would have been very good had we not push Slay out. And our S's are also not expensive or high round picks. Our team has a bunch of underachieving 1st and 2nd rounds and then a bunch of 3rd-7th rounders playig about as they should, with minor exceptions with Golladay.
  9. I think that speaks to the levels he ignored those positions. We are full of late round picks and journeyman on the D line. No investments there other than Flowers prior to the 4th round of the draft. It has been neglected too long. We arent NE and dont have BBs mind to be able to manipulate the D to exploit the strength of a player and hide their weaknesses.
  10. I feel like Flowers has some talent and can be used properly in more than just NE's scheme, but may not be worth his contract. And I agree about an overhaul. I think we can get out of Coleman's deal and Trufant is short term. Davis is gone after this year and our 2nd rd reach from last year still isnt doing anything to get on the field over Davis so I wouldn't count on him. The low level DL signings this year were cheap and for 1 or 2 years. Our S's are weak but on rookie deals or cheap deals that can be moved. I truly dont mind our CBs though and if we had a decent pass rush we could be solid there.
  11. I don't think thats buying low. It seems like a pretty even trade but I would want the Jacobs, Chark, Kelly side unless I was really hurting at WR. I dont like Swift much as a fantasy asset this year. Just too many mouths to feed. I like Jacobs more than Henry on a week to week basis. I think he will be more consistent, maybe with less upside but not by much.
  12. I agree with this. I have never been a fan of blowing it up mid season just because it really doesnt help anything. You are not getting better coaches or GMs mid season to make an impact on this season. Let them play it out, and then pack their bags. I see no point in letting Bevell be the head coach as he is already there and helping make calls and developing players. Let them ride it out but have your GM list ready to go and make calls to line someone up at seasons end and let him get the coach he wants.
  13. Okudah was a consensus top 4/5 player at a position of need. I am guessing that maybe some wanted someone else more but I doubt any/many were opposed to Okudah completely. It wouldn't shock me that Quinn did his own thing and alienated his coaches as it seems that they haven't worked together to find the players they need to build a winner, but this just doesnt seem like much of a story. I would like to hear their thoughts on TJ Hock as that was more of the pick that could have some arguments in the room.
  14. I want Quinn gone more than Matty P, but want them both gone. Quinn has had Long enough to put a defense together and we ignore important positions. The pass rush has been neglected. His LB selections have been awful. He traded our best CB for scraps. And he has no depth at S with questionable starters. I would be highly disappointed if he is still here next year.
  15. https://www.pff.com/grades?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqOTgnr3z6wIVTL7ACh3i6w1zEAAYASAAEgKtAfD_BwE There is further detail about how they convert the grading system to a 0-100 scale and how they compare to stats etc at the link provided.
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