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  1. Add/Drop thread

    I don't think this really matters. I think both will have inconsistent numbers. I like TJs upside but feel Olsen is a tad safer. I would likely risk going with Hock.
  2. Taco Charlton

    I'd send Agnew for him. Gives us the first chance and trying him out.

    That's because we didn't win many games and didn't have an order of who makes the next one. So you rarely saw the same person make them back to back. That and the forum is a lot slower than it used to be.

    If we lose, we will know why
  5. Chris Jones--Should We Take A Shot At A Trade?

    Lets turn this or one of the others into a potential trade thread. We don't need a thread for each individual that requests a trade as I see Jalen Ramsey just did as well.
  6. Who killed you this week?

    I have two bigger money leagues. One is a 2 QB league and my QB1 was Big Ben. The other is a 16 team league and my backup is Minshew, the starter was Brees. Going to be a rough year I think.
  7. Week 2 Takeaways

    I think the D LIne issues go back to pre-season and the fact they all were hurt and did not practice/play or held out. They are out of shape and struggling with adapting back to live games. I think they will continue to improve but is tough when Flowers, Hand, Daniels, Snacks, etc didn't practice together until a week ago. I feel like we don't take advantage of mismatches on offense. Ty and TJ can create some advantages catching the ball and we just don't seem to run much for them. Ty Johnson should be our kick and punt returner. O line played ok, good down the stretch. Still would like to find some upgrades there.
  8. Week 1 Take Aways

    Yup, inconsistent as I have said. Can throw passes that no one else in the league can but also makes some dumb decisions that cost his team. He throws it 100mph no matter if the WR is 5 yards downfield or 30 yards downfield and lacks touch. Roll it all into one QB and you have yourself a 10-15th ranked QB in the league. The INT I was typing was his second of the game. He was so sharp that he led us to 13 points. That's not going to win too many games even if our defense is legit. We are lucky they fumbled at the 1.
  9. Week 1 Take Aways

    Does the QB make the coaches or vice versa? Or both which is probably the best answer. Aaron’s Rodgers has bounced through coaches. Brady has had numerous OCs that have all struggled when they leave. Sean Payton wasn’t a great coach until he found Brees. As I type this I see Stafford throw his second INt if the game, while standing in the pocket with nobody close to him for 4 seconds. He just made a bad decision on that throw, and that’s relatively common amongst his INTs. He has a strong arm, he just isn’t a great QB/leader/decision maker.
  10. Week 1 Take Aways

    The inconsistency in coaching and surrounding players is a part of who he is now. The fact that no coach or coordinator can make him consistently look good tells me just as much about Stafford as it does the organization. He has arm talent but has been ruined by our organization and I don't see him magically improving in his 30s. He wont get consistency, he wont have a great O line this year, and I think the hits and lack of o line and drops have ruined his psyche. I don't hold him accountable for our losses. I get its a team game. But I also don't leave him without blame. As I said above, I don't see him going into any situation with a top 12 QB and making them better. He would improve the Bears, as would 15 or more other QBs, he would improve the Jets, Bills, and Jags but again I don't think he improves them more than 12-15 other QBs. Stafford is an all time Lion great. I like him, I support him, but I don't think he is better than he is.
  11. Week 1 Take Aways

    The argument is that good/great QBs win games. So even if they had an average backup QB, they would have won 5 or 6 games. Guess how many we typically win with Stafford? And yes, the gap between Manning and middle of the road is huge. But Brady, Brees, Rodgers are all on Mannings level. Mahomes is easily better and even if he doesn't have the history to be on Mannings level, right now he is a league MVP. Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan I would easily take over Stafford. Ben Roethlisberger (minus his off field stuff) I would take over Stafford. If we had the chance right now to trade Stafford for Watson, Goff, Wentz, I would take that trade in a heart beat. Phil Rivers has been more productive but at this stage of his career is close to Stafford IMO. Then you have Dak and Cam that I would argue are better, and likely would take on trade although Newton is just about as inconsistent as Stafford but he offers more with his legs. That's 11 QBs I would easily take over Stafford and another 3 or 4 that are in the realm. That doesn't include the potential of Baker Mayfield, it doesn't include the potential of Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen (who probably has similar arm strength and can move). Bottom line is until Stafford does something other than put up stats on a 6-10 team, he doesn't deserve to be higher. He doesn't offer potential like some of the others, he offers a middle of the road team. I don't see him making any of those teams better of the QBs I mentioned than if they stay with what they have now.
  12. Week 1 Take Aways

    The Indianapolis Colts won their division every year with Peyton Manning. He gets hurt and they win 2 games. A good/great QB can overcome roster depth and make a team a winner. As I stated, its not only wins, but there have been plenty of games we just haven't been in, and although Stafford shows that poise every now and then to lead his team to a W, it isn't often. I get Stafford is not in the Manning stratosphere, but that's the point. He isn't a top QB, he is a middle of the road QB. I think it would be hard to find someone better, but that is available. The point being he is ranked about where he belongs. Maybe 2/3 spots lower than he should be but not 10 spots lower than he should be.
  13. Week 1 Take Aways

    Wins aren't the only stat, but they are an important one. But even looking at everything else, stats, talent, decision making, consistency.... Those guys are right in his general range. If this was year three, I would say this is crazy, no way would I take Dak over Stafford, look at his potential and arm strength. But after 10 years of mediocrity, he needs to do more to move out of that mid teens range of QBs. He has a big arm, but it doesn't make him a great QB.
  14. Week 1 Take Aways

    Mayfield and Jackson I wouldn't at the moment but they could move up. Prescott and Cousins are right in that realm and doesn't shock me if they are higher. Cousins is similar in that he has put up numbers but not wins. Prescott has won games and put up numbers. I like Staffords arm talent but the decision making and consistency has been an issue for his whole career. I get he hasn't had consistency throughout the organization in his career either but he has plenty of tape showing he isn't a top 10 QB, but has the potential to be. I think he is rated pretty close to where he should be until he gets consistent and wins games. Good QBs do that even with not so great teams.
  15. Fantasy Baseball Advice Thread

    As I said in PMs, he likely will be kept given his value and likely starting spot next year. Also you need to throw out the other options to drop to get an accurate answer. If Urias was the only option, he would be droppable, but I don't think he is the only option.