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  1. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-historical-draft-success-for-all-32-nfl-teams That article agrees that Dallas rocks at drafting.
  2. Love the two picks. Are they still doing articles? What have people said about the picks?
  3. If gallup is traded. It opens up a lot. We saw how explosive our offense was with CeeDee. No reason to not keep that up. Ideas we trade gallup for a CB. Sign a FS and DT in FA. And party with Pitts or Waddle.
  4. Would not suck. Remember at the start of the season when Wade was considered CB1? Lol
  5. Pitts seems like the most logical choice. But I would note Hate Waddle. Speed on this Offense & a natural replacement for Gallup.
  6. I think everyone agrees Dak is a top 10 QB (personally I think it's fair to say top 7). So when the term mediocre is being thrown out does that mean you consider all QBs who are non-elite (say the top 3) to be mediocre? Is the tiers elite, mediocre, garbage? And I know I'm deviating, but what position holds the best value to re-sign? It's not OL since the good ones are in short supply so people pay for barely starter quality. It's. Kt WR given the recent success of rookies. Forget RBs. Is it DTs? I guess safety since the nfl so highly undervalues them.
  7. Yeah the reason I ask is because I've been pretty removed from the NFL. Legitimately had no idea who's actually available.
  8. Between the option of rolling with who we got and exploring Short as an option (knowing full well we have cut Free Agents who has been signed same off season like HAHA) you'd choose which?
  9. The saints are the first team im seeing being actually negatively impacted. Frankly that's a team im calling about trading picks for players.
  10. Sure. And valid. But I wouldn't be against looking at him is all. Not suggesting this fixes the spot forever. But we have certainly explored worse options.
  11. Why the sad face? I'd be happy with Short.
  12. First. Here is the methodology. https://beastpode.com/2021/01/17/john-schneider-seattle-seahawks-general-manager-nfl-draft/ Second. Here is how we stack up. https://danmorse.shinyapps.io/nfl-draft-value-over-expectation/ For ten years we have finished in the top half 9/10 times. 5 of which were top 10 finishes. Pretty impressive stretch.
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