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  1. Irrational Dave is bringing a ton of rational thought to the discussion: I fully agree. RG isn't wrong. Sucks for him. He's also the the root cause of some of his self-inflicted wounds & delays. Hope his uses all the doubt, all the weight, all the obstacles to fuel him to excel this year. I am heavy rooting for him.
  2. Woodlands is fantastic. Would def live there. Spring isn't bad. Some amazing food.
  3. Florida is an INSANE sellers market right now. Impossible to find a decent deal to buy unless you buy pre-construction. Apartment complexes here are at 98+% capacity too (people sell their houses for a major profit, but dont want to have to spend an outrageous amount to buy - lol). CRAZY. Y'all go back to where you are from. We are full.
  4. Electric cars are becoming awesome. Sucks you've allowed such a ****ty grid to exists, but don't attack the future because you've regressed further. Florida grid never failed because of temperate. It literally takes a cat3 or higher hurricane to slow our ac units.
  5. HBO max is Wonderful. Blame the user for the poor experience, @D82.
  6. I always enjoy these shows. But...between this and the HOF game, I am less enthused.
  7. Frankly, my biggest takeaway has been this: "Hot damn, he might not be cut outright." My expectations were low, so positive news has been nice.
  8. I agree. Fandom is fascinating because it doesn't take into account supply and demand. The NFL is the league that guarantees the least money of any sports league - but people get caught up in the initial contract numbers. Id love someone to do an analysis of NFL contracts - how many deals go full term?
  9. My comments were most definitely not indicative of your exclusive feelings. But more so the reactions of multiple individuals here consolidated.
  10. At times, criticism is valid. But other times it's emotional whiplash. Crawford will forever be the perfect example of this. An overpaid player who had value but was treated as he was flaming hot garbage. I do wish the NFL was a bit more like the NBA when it comes to trading.
  11. This forum never stops being special. The following are all things that have been suggested: Let's cut cooper because he plays through injuries. Let's cut Zeke because rbs are replaceable. Let's not re-sign Jones because he doesn't generate turnovers. Let's cut Smith and the wolf hunter because we drafted some rookies. Let's cut Dlaw because of the lack of sacks. Let Dak walk because paying a QB isn't worth it. Let's cut T Smith because he's injured. Let's Cut Williams because he isn't nearly as good as the other 4 OL. Let's cut Collins becaus
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