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  1. It's just super ironic. Especially with no real off-season to speak of.
  2. I am laughing hysterically that Redball was more aggressive that KM and MM.
  3. I'm sorry. You can take your priors and shove it. I routinely suggested keeping Redball and didn't like the Mike hire. Try again next time.
  4. We want someone slower then Jaylen?
  5. There is a pretty great graphic that shows just that. Dalton comes in for Jarwin and runs it too short.
  6. Apparently this is motion at the snap. Not pre-snap.
  7. The entire league was at 14% pre-snap motion. Dallas was at 4%. Ranking them at 23 of 28. While the rest of the league is increasing pre-snap motion Dallas is Decreasing. Bad.
  8. He is still a foe. (and one who had recently posted in the falcons forum).
  9. Let's get some our foes in here: @scar988 - @naptownskinsfan - @dcat - @FalconAttack - @falcfan4life - @FalconFan13 - @Malfatron How are you folks liking AJ Terrell thus far? He was a player Dallas was looking at.
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