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  1. Week 7 GDT: Dallas Cowboys @ San Francisco 49ers

    I wanted him as a backup.
  2. Week 7 GDT: Dallas Cowboys @ San Francisco 49ers

    From a team point - I get it. If I am Zeke, and I am actually innocent, I would tell you to shove that statement where the sun-don't-shine.
  3. The Jim McElolwain Gators thread

    I think Chip Kelly would kill it in Florida. His scheme with Florida Speed would be a modern version of the fun-and-gun. Someone who I think the players & fans would love would be Rex Ryan. Build him with the right offensive staff, and it could work. And yes, I understand both of them are very limited when it comes to recruiting. The staff would need to be built with that in mind.
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    Our scheme relies too much of Lee. Our DL is told to JUST rush. Which, with those three, isn't awful, but that exposes us in the run game. Which means we need our LBers to tackle. Which, without Lee we are left with a one-legged Smith. Doesn't work.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    I know I am in the minority here, but I really don't want a S - especially in the first. I think if we fix our front seven Woods / Jones will be fine.
  6. College Football - 2017 - IS HERE!

  7. Salary Cap

    He's, frankly, the only big name FA I'd like.
  8. Week 6 - AD to AZ

    Yes please!
  9. Beast Of The East - NFC East Discussion Thread

    I expect Kapt'n Kirk to go to the 49ers.
  10. Beast Of The East - NFC East Discussion Thread

    Wentz has done great. It is clear why our coaching staff loved him. Will be interesting rivalry with Wentz and Dak. Meanwhile Giants and Skins will likely need too rebuild.
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    Yeah, Eb is who I'd want. Tremendous amount of experience. Plus Redball like having some connection with his staff. Makes this the ideal move.
  12. Salary Cap

    Scan almost wasn't around this year. He will absolutely be gone next year. A good amount of Romo's deadcap will also be gone.
  13. Cowboys Cutting Carroll

    It is possible Lewis ends up as the best player from that draft.
  14. Cowboys Cutting Carroll

    YES! Lewis has been fantastic.
  15. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Go on...