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  1. Black Monday - HC / Front Office Changes (0 HC Openings)

    It's Irrational Dave. He is kinda KNOWN for being absurd....
  2. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    While I agree in principle - the man is also merchandising this stuff. I have no problem with him getting his.
  3. Draft watch 2020

    People say has a hard 1st round grade. Will be fascinating to see where all these WRs go.
  4. Draft watch 2020

    Glad he's doing well. Such a good WR class.
  5. Draft watch 2020

  6. Draft watch 2020

  7. Draft watch 2020

    17 Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE 51 Jeff Gladney, CB 82 Thaddeus Moss, TE 113 Jordan Elliott, IDL I'd be happy with these as the first four rounds.
  8. Draft watch 2020

    Ooo. Exciting. A second day pick. But I'd do it. MM needs to attack the middle.
  9. Coaching Staff

  10. Coaching Staff

    Not necessarily. Chance Witten would start his coaching career as an assistant to a position.
  11. Coaching Staff

    Truthfully, we just don't know. His rapid ascent into a Head Coach - and the length of which remained as one clouds what and how he would act without all the additional duties. He has his playbooks he likes, and his tendencies are strong. He's more conservative than aggressive - but it has been a really long time since he has called plays.
  12. Coaching Staff

    He is FANTASTIC with the DL. Just don't let him draft your guys.
  13. Black Monday - HC / Front Office Changes (0 HC Openings)

    Browns D gonna be good!
  14. College Footabll - BACK BABY

    FUN game. I am shocked. Also, I do not want Delpit anymore.
  15. Coaching Staff

    I'm okay with this. As excited as I was to have him back...I wasn't overly impressed with his tenure here.