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  1. Draft watch 2020

    Still hitching my wagon to this pick. But I would not mind a DT either.
  2. Draft watch 2020

    This can't be real.
  3. College Footabll - BACK BABY

    Baylor is VERY good.
  4. College Footabll - BACK BABY

    In other news, Go Iowa.
  5. College Footabll - BACK BABY

    Awful situation for Tua being airlifted. Seasons almost assuredly over.
  6. #FireJasonGarrett

    I actually find the Patriots to be horrendous drafters. It is pretty amazing, really.
  7. Lil Minny Winny @ BIG D SNF DO YOU BELIEVE???

    i still can't believe Austin didn't attempt a return.
  8. College Footabll - BACK BABY

    At the Start of the year, I expected 3 losses to the Florida Gators. After losing Franks, I actually thought it wasn't the worst thing - and it hasn't been. Both are losses have been to top 10 teams (LSU and UGA) - and Frankly, Florida probably should have beaten both. This is turning out to be a successful year for Florida. I appears I was wrong about Mullen.
  9. Clappers and Matts4313: Boys vs Vagiants

  10. TACT XIX: Totally Worth A 1st, Thanks Oakland!!

    Guys. I need new glasses (perscription, daily wear). I am thinking Oakley's - Ray Bans - Nike. Anyone feel strongly about one of those brands? Best place to purchase frames?
  11. College Footabll - BACK BABY

    That's low - even for you, old man.
  12. College Footabll - BACK BABY

    #6 Florida vs #8 Georgia this week!
  13. 2019 trade deadline.

    We ALL hate you.
  14. delete

    For the remainder of the season, the JockStrap should be renamed the Matts.