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  1. What is happening right now? We are absolutely more likely to go for it on 4th down. That doesn't mean we excuse the clock management issues. I am THRILLED MM is embracing analytics. It makes his job so much more effective. I bet you each of the coaches here is learning a ton as they continue to progress in their coaching careers and see the value of analytics.
  2. No...I am not convinced - nor was any data presented - that MM is screwing up less than others. Nor am I suggesting he is screwing up more, mind you. Bill is a HOFer who has gone really conservative this year and has had mental errors. He's argument was that of someone in the honeymoon phase, which is cool you are happy. Everyone should be happy. Our team is much better and much better coached. We just don't need to dismiss areas of improvement.
  3. This is just as nonsensical as the people who criticize MM for everything. MM absolutely has had clock management issues and simply because he is able to answer a question does not make the answer a correct one. What a weird way to qualify this. Further, the coaches across the NFL having clock management issues does not excuse MM - if anything it highlights how odd it is that teams have so many issues. It's like the ref question - just because a lot of refs suck and decide games in a way they should not...does not mean we just simply white-wash the ref issue because it's an epidemic.
  4. It is... Moore Quinn Bones But I will say we have the three best coordinators team in the league. Tampa is close if we just look at OC and DC. Ravens are probably 3rd with Bills as 4th. Either way, we beat them on Special Teams.
  5. Coward. Take the Cardinals like everyone else! lol
  6. You are paying a RB 90 million with a mobile QB that is making 40 million. Behind a top five OL. …and your afraid of half a yard? My man you’ll likely lose more games than you win. And that’s to mention nothing of the fact that your Kicker has already missed kicks.
  7. ...sure. He was spectacular. Both as a failure and as a success. Spectacular doesn't necessitate positive.
  8. If the argument is Williams will be offered a HUGE or even DECENT SIZED deal in Free Agency and ergo isn't worth it, I can understand. If the argument is we don't even bother approaching him with a team-friendly deal now, then I don't understand.
  9. Okay, now I am interested. @Nextyearfordaboyz - let me know if you think this should be a separate thread. Connor Williams. I have seen several of you want to move on from him, seemingly no matter what. And...I don't understand. Does that mean you are comfortable with Badazz as starting center or are you willing you replace two starters at OL and knowing that Smith has a long injury history? https://www.pff.com/nfl/players/connor-williams/46216 I think, given we have Smith and Martin, we are so spoiled we forget just how bad OL play lea
  10. Romo was Magic. Something truly special to watch. You’d hold your breath with anticipation knowing you are about to witness something spectacular. Dak is inevitable. Doubt or deny him all you want and he continues his surgical March. Obliterating history and barriers along the way.
  11. He guesses a lot - which translates to picks. But people are absolutely gonna burn him on double moves.
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