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  1. Ranking the (B)East - LB Group

    He was. If they switched to 43 It is possible he'd play RE. But for all intents and purposes he's a LBer. turtle28 and I discussed who should rep the Redskins since they always seem to want changes made to the groupings.
  2. Ranking the (B)East - LB Group

    Lee is considered a starter - Thomas is not.
  3. TACT XIX: Totally Worth A 1st, Thanks Oakland!!

    So my baby sister is off to college in the fall - what stunner would you recommend for her?
  4. Cowboys Full Draft - How do you feel?

  5. Ranking the (B)East - LB Group

    I expect this to be a blow-out. Then a decent argument between the Skins and the Eagles. I think I lean Skins. But I do like Bradham a lot.
  6. Ranking the East - Master Thread

    LBers up in the Giants forum.
  7. Ranking the (B)East - DL Group

    LBers are up - this closes our Defensive players side.
  8. Ranking the (B)East - LB Group

    Who has the best LB Group for the 2019 season in the NFC East? Put a heavy emphasis on starting group, but consider depth as well. 2 Starters & 1 Bench Player will be representative of the whole - positions will not matter. Most points will be the starter - second most will be the Back-Up. (Hopefully there are no ties, but in the event I feel - or enough posters would like an amendment or a run-off we will decide how to proceed then. Please refer to the master-thread here: Cowboys: @DaBoys / @Nextyearfordaboyz / @The_Slamman / @Matts4313 / @canadaluvsdallas Eagles: @Jroc04 / @Danger / @TheRealMcCoy / @Kiltman / @ninjapirate Redskins: @MKnight82 / @Slappy Mc / @Woz / @Thaiphoon / @turtle28 Giants: @Acgott / @Shockey1979 / @GMENNATION / @Giants4eva / @Kodaraw
  9. Ranking the (B)East - DL Group

    Don't think it will change the result, honestly. And the top players were a representation of the whole group. I am just lazy and didn't want to list every single detail. LBers will be up later tonight.
  10. Ranking the (B)East - DL Group

    I misunderstood. I thought you meant any votes that didn't go to the Eagles or Redskins (IE, then Cowboys) could verbally re-vote. Looking back, I am unsure how I made that error.
  11. Ranking the (B)East - DL Group

    Only non-eagle / non-redskin vote so far has been by a Redskins fan.
  12. Ranking the (B)East - DL Group

    I'll keep this open for the night. Good back-and-forth going on.
  13. Ranking the (B)East - DL Group

    For the life of me I don't see how this makes sense - but it is done.
  14. Ranking the (B)East - DL Group

    Also. No idea what @Matts4313 is talking about. DLaw is better than Randy. Randy has greater potential - and has flashed brilliance as a pass-rusher. But he has not shown - at all - he is better. Nor is he the second best DL as a whole in the East.
  15. Ranking the (B)East - DL Group

    ...of course not. No team has more than two starters listed. No one ever reads my posts. lol