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  1. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Yes. But that was easily done LAST season. The Band of Brothers could have headed south instead of north. Would have made for a more compelling storytelling. I love the show. It is amazing. Just a weak episode. It happens.
  2. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    It was dumb. Idea: Let's show my insane sister an undead creature. That will make things better. Somehow? Band of Men: Let's go look for a small(ish) group of W.W., so we can just steal one. Never mind this makes no sense. OH ****! A Bear. Oh, look our luck is awesome. Small Group...wait...large group. Crap. Gendry, run boy! Only don't have any weapon to defend yourself in the event there is another bear. Good luck! Boy, isn't our luck swell that this lake is here and it is weak. This gives us plenty of time for Gendry to run for hours. A Raven to fly for days. And Dany to fly back. Which, by the way, Dany with her weapons of mass destruction - never once considers to target the Others. Master of strategy she is not. Night King has the best QB arm ever. Jon Snow fighting random stupid W.W. was dumb. Him coming out of the ice just to be saved by Benjen who in the process dies is dumb. Him not staying in the North and instead going south to parlay with Cersie is dumb. ///side show/// Arya and Sansa having the dumbest fight sisters could have is grating. Arya is a trained assassin. Sansa is a lady. And they are talking about things that happened in season 1. Awful, awful writing. Only the Hound and Tormund were enjoyable. Worst episode of the season.
  3. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    I am furious at last nights episode. I suspect 3 of the ones you listed will absolutely die. All hail Gendry, the first of his name.
  4. Predict the 53 - Post-Week-2 Game

    Can't see any changes I'd make. Noah Brown, WR is someone that is on the bubble for me to add. But just don't see who I would cut for WR 6 when we have 4 TE's.
  5. Preseason Week 2: Colts @ Cowboys GDT

    kinda like Zeke "eating" after every carry? That got annoying real quick. Big play? Cool. Tough play? Fine. Every play? No.
  6. Preseason Week 2: Colts @ Cowboys GDT

    Yeah, HT, I think you need to take the L on this. When so many are saying you will never play again. That moment? That moment was everything. Happy for the kid.
  7. Deadpulse's Sig Gallery - Open

    WOW! Man that looks amazing. So clean. Love it. Thank you so much!
  8. Chidobe Vs J. Lewis

    Interesting. I figured he would have gone in the top of round 2 had the specter of his court case not loomed over his head. Lewis has such a high ceiling.
  9. Preseason Week 2: Colts @ Cowboys GDT

    What. We have child-labor laws that specifically prevent this.
  10. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Oh, this is going to be like an AMA for Webby? Okay, I will bite. Whenever the next NFL commissioner is chosen (I suspect it will be before the next CBA), will you change your icon to mirror that individual? I ask since the current logo has a striking resemblance to Goodell. And a follow up, who do you want to sit on the Iron Throne? (There ARE wrong answers to this).
  11. Preseason Week 2: Colts @ Cowboys GDT

    He is out, yes. Will likely see him in week 3 or 4.
  12. DC Forum Annual Pick 'Em - SIGN UP!!

  13. Predict the 53 - Post-Week-2 Game

    Post-Week 1 Game Update: + Alfred Morris + Emmett Cleary + Lenny Jones - Ezekiel Elliott - Byron Bell - Justin Durant Outlaw's 53 Man Roster Offense: 24 QB (3): Dak Prescott | Kellen Moore | Cooper Rush RB (3): Alfred Morris | Darren McFadden | Rod Smith FB (1): Keith Smith TE (4): Jason Witten | Geoff Swaim | James Hanna | Rico Gathers WR (5): Dez Bryant | Terrance Williams | Cole Beasley | Ryan Switzer | Brice Butler OT (4): Tyron Smith (LT) | Lael Collins (RT) | Emmett Cleary (ST) | Chaz Green* (BU) OG (3): Jonathan Cooper (LG) | Zack Martin (RG) | Joe Looney* (SG) | Chaz Green* (BU) OC (1): Travis Frederick *Green will rotate inside if need be. Looney will back-up C if need be. Defense: 26 RE (3): Benson Mayowa | Charles Tapper | Lewis Neal 3T (3): Maliek Collins | Tyrone Crawford* | Joey Ivie DT (2): Stephen Paea | Cedric Thornton LE (3): DeMarcus Lawrence | Taco Charlton | Lenny Jones *Crawford will rotate all over the DL. WB (2): Sean Lee | Mark Nzeocha MB (2): Anthony Hitchens | Jaylon Smith SB (2): Damien Wilson | Kyle Wilber* *Wilber will often play with his hand in the dirt until our DL's come back. CB (5): Anthony Brown | Orlando Scandrick | Chidobe Awuzie | Jourdan Lewis | Marquez White FS (2): Byron Jones | Kavon Frazier SS (2): Jeff Heath | Xavier Woods Youth movement is strong in the secondary. Expect miscues as a result. Special Teams: 3 K (1): Dan Bailey P (1): Chris Jones LS (1): TBD* *Someone will supplant the Canadian! Suspended: David Irving, DE Damontre Moore, DE Randy Gregory, DE Ezekiel Elliott, RB Practice Squad: TBD Joe Jones, LB Noah Brown, WR Andy Jones, WR Dan Skipper, OL Jordan Carrell, DL Richard Ash, DL Jameill Showers, Army Knife Javontee Herndon, WR Blake Jarwin, TE
  14. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    Yup, I absolutely expect a lockout.
  15. DC Fantasy Football - Who needs DCRA invite?

    I will be hungover. Opening college weekend.