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  1. Would you feel better (or worse) if the scouts were honest with you and said absent Horn & Surtain they were not 100% confident in any of them? And as such double dipped to hope to hit on one. [Not saying this is the case, but I wonder if a moneyball approach to football would be treated well by fans]
  2. What about Armstrong? I could easily see him being the one that is cut instead of Anae? But I agree it should be pretty competitive.
  3. Which Training Camp Battle are you most looking forward to? QB # 2 Garrett Gilbert | Ben DiNucci | Cooper Rush Do we keep more 2 or 3 QBs? RB # 3 Rico Dowdle | JaQuan Hardy | Brenden Knox Can any push for playing time? Just a ST role? Returner? How Many WRs are kept after Cooper, Gallup, & Lamb Noah Brown | Cedrick Wilson | Simi Fehoko | Stephen Guidry | Aaron Parker | Malik Turner | Brennan Eagles | TJ Vasher | Brandon Smith | Osirus Mitchell Keep in mind Gallup is a FA next year.
  4. He should have transitioned to a TE/FB early in his career and would likely still have been playing.
  5. I don't think that will be true. Ralston has potential to be a staple on special teams.
  6. I can't see us carrying 11 OL, @quiller
  7. It is weird to me how many "WLB" we potentially could have. lol
  8. Excellent. Changes made for the group.
  9. The only Jersey I need is for our sweet new long snapper! Victory is sweet.
  10. Hey @Nextyearfordaboyz I updated based on what I have heard about LEO, 3T, 1T, DE - can you spot check and tell me where you think things are wrong.
  11. Wild. I don't think people realize how fortunate we really are.
  12. Went ahead and updated this for the team. @D82 can you and your modly powers help out as changes happen in the off-season? No response necessary I know this is a yes for you. lol
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