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  1. The Rams were just in the playoffs but with the addition of Stafford they should be even better in 2021.
  2. FranktikRam already straightened me out. 😉
  3. Back when William played RBs were more valued than they are today.
  4. We have a WR who is a clone of type A. Marquez Valdes-Scantling is a burner but not the best route runner in the league. He has a tendency to drop passes that Rodgers puts in the perfect spot for him. Very frustrating player at times but hopefully as he matures he will improve and his issues will disappear.
  5. We don't know all that is going on here but one would think the Titans would have to have had a clue things could go south for him in the future and drafting him was a bigger risk than normal.
  6. Let's take a look at last year's draft and the players available when we drafted Dillon with the 62nd pick. Pittman was taken by the Colts with the 2nd pick (#34) in the 2nd round so if he was one you want you don't move up for Love and instead take Pittman in the first (I would have preferred Higgins there). Blacklock was long gone by our 2nd round pick (he was the 40th pick). I don't know if he was worth a first round grade. If we don't move up for Love you'd have to move up 8 spots to take Epensea in the 2nd instead of Dillon there. With the decent chance we lose both Jones and Will
  7. Man, it seems longer than that. I don't get every game down here so I've only seen a handful of games lately.
  8. Not having Jrue in the lineup cannot be understated. How long has he been gone and when will he return? 😟
  9. Last night the NFL Network ran the MN game in week 1. I was very impressed with Deguara's blocking and he caught a pass in that game. It is a shame he got hurt in only his 4th game. If Love is the QB of the future, Dillon continues to get better and Deguara returns and plays well I'd say the 2020 draft was pretty good. Of course you really can't grade a draft for a couple of years afterwards. https://packerswire.usatoday.com/lists/reviewing-the-packers-2020-draft-class-after-one-year/
  10. Yes, getting the QB is the biggest thing but GB is a prime example that you need more than that. We've been in the playoffs a ton but not much to show for it these past 10 seasons. I seriously doubt Tampa would have won this year without that defense. In the NFCC game it was their defense (along with our screwups) that enabled them to win that game and ultimately the SB. They bottled Mahomes up pretty good too.
  11. And this past spring/summer we had no mini camps or preseason games. Rookies this past season are further behind than in previous years.
  12. Maybe Tee Higgins. He would probably be the only one close to our original spot that might have had significant playing time last season. But as others have said, the reason we didn't play in the SB was because we played poorly in the NFCC game.
  13. When you are literally running for your life out there (he was sacked 47 times last year) I don't blame him for being unhappy. It is a minor miracle he can do what he does.
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