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  1. Aaron Rodgers vs Deshaun Watson vs Drew Brees

    You'd take a weak armed Brees over Watson? I think highly of Brees but I'd want Watson over him presently. I'd take Rodgers over Brees only because Rodgers is younger. Packers fans are hoping AR will be better with a full year in this new offense under his belt in 2020.
  2. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - Home of the Real MVP

    Who else should/could have the Brewers signed instead?
  3. Drew Brees will return for 2020 season

    Brees' value to the Saints is more than just his arm strength.
  4. Sorry your mock isn't getting a lot of love but I have to agree with the others here. If you let Bulaga walk I'm glad you kept Veldheer but then you have to draft a tackle for the future. I too don't want to move Jenkins. I'm not a fan of drafting a RB in the first round either. Hopefully we can upgrade the backup QB with someone better than Rosen.
  5. I still do Karaoke if I can find a place that still has it. Do you sing with an organized group?
  6. All star weekend

    I have to admit I didn't watch it after the first quarter so I guess I missed the good stuff.
  7. All star weekend

    The NBA's all star game is the worst of the major US sports exhibitions.
  8. All star weekend

    This having the player with the most votes as the "GM" of this game is so stupid. It should be the players with the most votes in each conference play and be done with it.
  9. All star weekend

    It drives me crazy when these singers perform the anthem like it is a pop song with all of those embellishments. This should be sung reverently and as written. My barbershop chorus performs it at baseball games but the only embellishments we add is the arrangement.
  10. Vikings Add Dom Capers to 2020 Coaching Staff

    I don't know if they are hated but you have to admit their later years in GB were not as productive as their earlier ones.
  11. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    Do you honestly believe Newton was a top 10 QB in that decade? He is an exceptional athlete and uses his legs effectively but the others on the list are much more consistent passers.
  12. Biggest non-QB bust?

    And Packers fans wonder why we were crap for all those years.
  13. Vikings Add Dom Capers to 2020 Coaching Staff

    Yes, for all of the picks we wasted on marginal at best defensive players in Ted's later years really hampered our playoff chances while AR was in his prime.
  14. More flex scheduling could be on the way

    Mainly because several of the teams the league was showcasing on Thursdays were not very good.
  15. More flex scheduling could be on the way

    Yes, but the NFL doesn't really care about the fans in the stands. It is all about television ratings and they want competitive games in prime time.