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  1. Current Top 10 NFL HC

    He only wins because of #12. Hadn't you heard?
  2. Who are the best QB guru’s in the league?

    He isn't coaching any more - which is a surprise to me - but IMO Tom Clements was the one who made Aaron Rodgers the player he is today.
  3. Forum font

    I'll check and make sure I'm on the current chrome version. Thanks everyone. As I said, I can live with this so its no biggie.
  4. Yes, Bandy is brutal at times. This was one great road trip. Let' hope the bats don't go cold at Miller Park this week...
  5. Forum font

    Windows 10 and the standard default Chrome. I noticed this pale font on a couple of other forums but not on all that I usually visit. Weird, huh? I can live with this. My old eyes aren't that old.
  6. Forum font

    I tried that but the Zoom is at 100%.
  7. Forum font

    Darn. That didn't work for me. I guess I'll live with it...
  8. Forum font

    Google Chrome. None of the other websites I normally visit seem any different - just this one. What size font is used on this site? Perhaps I can fix it on my end?
  9. Deepest Team Rankings

    It says the ranking they are giving the Pack is too high. Our depth isn't as great as some suggest. When we lose a starter the drop-off is significant.
  10. Forum font

    Unless it is my computer has something happened to the font on this forum? It is smaller, very light and not easy to read today.
  11. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    I did too. Ewwww...
  12. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    I remember a regular season game years ago when we played the Jets. A man came up and sat in front of us wearing a beige dress coat. We asked him where he was from. We could tell he was leery of admitting he was from NY. We told him nonsense, wear that Jets cap. We said to him that nobody was gonna bother him and nobody did. We tease and heckle Bears and Vikings fans but only rarely do these become nasty with vulgar language and physical altercations. Of course I haven't been to a game at Lambeau since 2005...
  13. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    Wasn't there a courtroom and jail at the old stadium?
  14. Why Aaron Rodgers Doesnt Have 2 Super Bowl Rings

    And Marino.
  15. IMO it is pretty darn nice to go into that park and take 3 out of 4 games.