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  1. I remember seeing a news item a few weeks ago where a drone disinfected an entire stadium in 3 hours. What if the folks who work at Philly had disinfected their locker rooms before tonight's game? Would that have been sufficient? Have any of the Philly players tested positive? I noticed umpires and guys in the dugouts wearing masks. I'd like to know why players out on the field and diamond are not.
  2. Pats vs Bucs would be something but I don't see NE getting there and lord knows how Brady will play at age 43. I think this might be the year for NO but KC? It ain't easy going to this game in back to back years.
  3. There will be a SB IV but it might not happen until Feb. of 2022.
  4. Would it be a problem if they call the team the Redtails and use the actual Redtail hawk as the logo? This way you can keep the colors.
  5. Harlan's biggest screw up was giving Sherman the GM hat along with HC.
  6. No, he hired Mike Sherman after Rhodes was fired.
  7. But it was Wolf who brought in Favre. Do you think Tom Braatz would have been bold enough to make the trade for Brett if he was still running things in 1992?
  8. I know a lot want to put Favre up there but IMO Wolf should be up there before Brett or Reggie. If we don't have Wolf we don't have the other 2. Lambeau, Hutson, Lombardi and Wolf for me.
  9. When I saw the suggestion of Redtails I immediately thought of a Redtail Hawk. If they use this name along with the bird as a symbol I don't know how many folks would think of the WWII squadron.
  10. So would the name Indians. The team probably should stick with something associated with DC.
  11. To me a dual threat is someone who can buy time in the pocket and move around like Rodgers. A dual threat is someone who defenses have to account for his running ability like Russell Wilson.
  12. It appears all of the teams will play those in their divisions and the geographic counterpart in the other league (NL East vs AL East, for example).
  13. Why would Dr. Fauci report there is a good chance a vaccine will be available in 2021? He doesn't strike me as one who would say that if the trials weren't going well.
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