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  1. Lombardi and Starr. The continued success they had over 9 years was remarkable. If McCarthy and Rodgers win another SB they might give Vince and Bart a run for their money.
  2. Packers Forum Big Board - #2

    I misunderstood this thread. Barkley is the #2 guy in this draft.
  3. Packers Forum Big Board - #2

    This was my thinking as well. Plus our chances of getting Chubb or Barkley are minuscule unless we give up a bunch of our remaining picks.
  4. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    I don't understand this thinking either. Sure, if we decide to trade him for a boat load of picks what guarantee do we have that we'll be able to find another QB of his caliber? He is a once in a generational talent. Only one other team has had back to back HOF QBs in the history of this league so the chances we'll get lucky again aren't great. We had 25 years watching mostly crappy QB play (other than probably Dickey) before Wolf got Favre. I'm in no hurry to suffer thru that again. Gutey would be a damn fool to even entertain this nonsensical idea.
  5. Mike Pettine Defense

    Yes, the Fuller move shows Gutey knows CB is still a hole we need to address. OT - has there been any news about interest in Morgan Burnett out there?
  6. I'm probably one of the few around here who was around to see these 3 guys (Fuzzy and Jerry Kramer) in action.
  7. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    I doubt Aaron is gonna play hard ball. I won't have a problem if we sweeten his contract now. I still think AR is the best in the business and I doubt that broken collarbone is going to affect his play going forward.
  8. Packers Sign Kyle Fuller to Offer Sheet

    OIC I for one will be glad once Gutey finds us a good corner so folks will stop wringing their hands.
  9. Packers Sign Kyle Fuller to Offer Sheet

    All I was comparing or making an analogy of was how folks here were complaining in the past about Ted sitting on his hands and now they are grousing about Gutey screwing the pooch on Fuller because it didn't work out.
  10. Packers Sign Kyle Fuller to Offer Sheet

    DIE?? No offense but what in the hell are you talking about???
  11. Max was 6'3" and 203 lbs. Boyd is 6'5" and 220 in his playing days. He is still around scouting for the Falcons at age 80! I didn't know those 2 gentlemen were that big either.
  12. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    If he tries to play hard ball he'll be cutting off his nose despite his face. Even he can't do it alone and we can't surround him with good players if he takes too much of the cap.
  13. Agreed. But how many positions can we improve via FA and at what cost? We don't have an unlimited cap. Some of these holes will have to be fixed in the upcoming draft. We have a lot of picks to work with and we are drafting higher than we have in a while.