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  1. C- The best player from this draft was Aaron Jones. King is pretty average when you consider where he was taken. It is pretty bad when you only have 2 players left on the roster from a draft that took place only 5 years ago.
  2. This back issue with Yelich is very concerning. This could be career threatening. They can't find a cause so how can they fix it? 😕 It is just sad, frankly.
  3. He's probably speculating what will happen. We are all speculating. Not one of us here really knows (nor do the pundits in the media). AR isn't talking and the folks at 1265 aren't forthcoming either.
  4. The thing with Brady was he was a FA. Rodgers is under contract for 3 more years. So for AR it is either show up for camp, sit out or retire because Gute and company have made it clear they are not trading him.
  5. Really? Then where is all discord coming from?
  6. For sure. I recall many here moaned about taking Rashan Gary in 2019 and it appears we might have a pretty nice player here after all. 🙂
  7. How can you say that a day after? I know this is Football's Future but until we see them on the field there is no way to know what we really have.
  8. I don't know if AR did that. Things just got stale for MM in GB. It was time to move on.
  9. As I said before, I can't imagine any team will want Love in any trade until he actually plays at this level.
  10. Until Love shows the league he can actually play at this level what team is gonna trade for him? I don't believe anyone at 1265 said a thing about Rodgers. They are known for keeping things close to the vest. If anything it is AR or his agent making noise. This reminds me of Russell Wilson in Seattle several weeks ago. I'm not going to lose sleep over this.
  11. At least it appears there is no structural issues shown on the MRI so there's that...
  12. I hate to be that gal, but if BB is the best of all time how come he couldn't make the playoffs last year without Brady?
  13. I just don't see any other GM offering a pick for Love at this point because nobody outside of 1265 Lombardi Avenue know how Love has progressed so far. If Love is a bust he won't be the first QB taken in the first round to flame out. If he turns out to be a good QB then it was worth the move. When your team is successful you don't have many opportunities to draft a QB in that round. I can get why our GM made the move. QB is the most critical position in sports so teams will move mountains to ensure they have that position covered going forward. If Gute screwed up it is his head that wil
  14. I don't know if Rodgers is the GOAT. Frankly I never declare any player a GOAT because things/players skills change and improve as time goes by. Marino absolutely deserves to be in the HOF. He was way ahead of his time. He would probably be even more successful if he was playing today. The sad thing is if a player never wins a ring or "only" has one his accomplishments are diminished in the eyes of some because of Brady's success. We will never see this kind of obscene post season success again by a singular player again in our lifetime. There are scads of players in the Hall who have n
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