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  1. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - Home of the Real MVP

    I don't think it is wise to trade Hader unless you are 100% confident Knebel is going to be your closer. It probably wouldn't hurt to have both of these guys seeing we don't send Hader out on the mound in consecutive days.
  2. Coach Of The Year Predictions

    It is rather remarkable how this team is finding ways to win when our QB isn't playing all that great. They seem to get along fine but Rodgers isn't the same player he once was.
  3. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    No, my hubby and I retired to Florida a few years ago to get out of the cold. We return to GB every summer for a couple of months. Summer in WI and IL is great but you can have it late October thru April.
  4. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    Hard liquor doesn't agree with me so I usually stick with beer. I doubt I'll be drinking beer that afternoon. Perhaps in the evening either toasting or crying into it...
  5. Gerrit Cole Signs with Yankees (9/324)

    Holy crap! That is a hell of lot of cash. Must be nice...
  6. I can't recall - what was the down and distance? Could AR run for the first down?
  7. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    It is stupid when these announcers do our games and say "Packers fans love this cold/snow". Yeah, right. The networks like to romanticize the "frozen tundra." I froze my tail off enough at Lambeau when I lived up there.
  8. Tom Brady is Not the Problem

    But didn't NE have a good defense in the years they won it all? That was what I was thinking of. It is hard to tell if their defense this year is as good as their ranking when they played a lot of poor offensive teams this year and struggled against teams with better offenses.
  9. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    There are a lot of young Packers fans who weren't around when we had crappy QBs for 2 decades when you guys dominated us. These young Packers fans are spoiled (of course when an old fogey like me brings this up they aren't pleased. ). I have no clue what will happen on Sunday. If our offense plays like it did against Washington we'll probably lose. We have one bi-polar team, that's for sure.
  10. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    We beat Dallas on the road in week 5 but lost to the Eagles in week 4. Perhaps Philly was playing better then than now?
  11. Tom Brady is Not the Problem

    n/p Too bad we can't delete our posts after we submit a reply...
  12. Tom Brady is Not the Problem

    What does Eli's record have to do with this thread?
  13. Tom Brady is Not the Problem

    Has he ever really done it by himself? Has any QB, ever? Tom has a limited WR corps and his line is not very good. Playing behind a turnstile OL and not being the most nimble QB in the league is a big reason for their offensive woes IMO.
  14. The commercials now are more about the goofball sports "agent" than Rodgers. Most of the time AR just stands around rolling his eyes at the goofball. Rodgers is laughing all the way to the bank but I'd like to know what fool thought these stupid ads were funny...

    For me the fact that even tho we have sputtered at times the fact we are 10-3 and leading this division with a rookie HC is building a nice foundation for 2020 too.