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  1. These 2 teams are not playing each other on Sunday.
  2. Any update injury news on Cory Linsley?
  3. Your D is great but your O is offensive. It is difficult to watch.
  4. IMO it was the turnovers that killed us more than anything else. As others have stated - you cannot turn the ball over 4 times and expect to win in this league.
  5. Their kicker reminded me of Chester Marcol with those thick glasses. lol
  6. I would think the Eagles are worse than the Bears. At least the Bears have a good D and ST.
  7. At least we gotta appreciate MM beating MN. 😉 This shows how screwy this league is. We struggle against Jax and a lousy Dallas team goes up to Minneapolis and beats a hot team like MN.
  8. I suppose if you're find a way to lose it is better against an AFC opponent...
  9. So perhaps instead of ragging on MLF we should be upset with Murphy. "Too many cooks spoil the broth." MLF should have total control on who his assistants are.
  10. Indy was smart to not having their kickers kick it into the end zone. By forcing us to field it we almost every time started inside our own 20.
  11. Good lord, there has to be someone other than Sheppard on this roster who can perform better than this clown.
  12. I have a feeling a high school team could get the Bears' offense off the field. Yes, our D wasn't great but they did a decent job of stopping the run yesterday and getting a turnover. Unfortunately we also turned it over. Turnovers are what was the difference yesterday. We don't do that and we win against the top defense in the league in their house.
  13. No! The Ford family should sign him to an extension! lol
  14. Scoring only 3 points in the second half isn't gonna cut it either. This loss was on all of them.
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