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  1. I'm 68 and I remember Starr in his prime. One thing that Starr was that Rodgers isn't at times is decisive. He was never hesitant. He didn't throw it as much as QBs do today either. Without forcing Rodgers to take truth serum we may never know why he is so hesitant in these big game.
  2. The one thing that might prevent Gute and company from trading him away right now is if Love isn't ready to start full time yet.
  3. Not 10 years but Rodgers sat behind another HOF QB for 3 years before he got his chance to start. Yes, most of the time QBs that are high first round picks start right away because the teams that draft them need them to start on day one.
  4. Tauscher didn't set the league on fire right away, you know. I think Runyan is gonna be fine guard for us for years. Nijman is a great backup tackle who can start in a pinch. If you're expecting Pro-Bowlers with every pick you are never gonna be happy no matter who the GM is. smh
  5. His other OL picks have looked bad? What is wrong with Runyan or Nijman? Gute also got Turner and Kelly via FA. It is a shame about Tonyan. I think Deguara was drafted as an H back and not a receiving TE. I don't blame Gute for getting Cobb even tho Rodgers asked him to. We probably needed a veteran presence in that WR room besides Adams. But it was headscratching that Cobby wasn't used more in that divisional playoff game on Saturday. We could have used MVS in that game too.
  6. I was speaking generally, not about Rodgers specifically. If you are winning you are on top of the football world. But if his team is losing games because his line stinks or they can't run the ball how often is the QB blamed when in reality he might be pretty darn good but nobody can tell because he is on his backside all afternoon? In 2010 Rodgers played like garbage for most of the NFCC game in Chicago but that is all but forgotten because we won that game with our defense. IF our ST unit wasn't historically bad and the defense only gives up 2 FGs we'd be getting ready for the Rams and
  7. It will be interesting to see what interest Z will draw from other teams after back surgery this past season. Is there a chance he could return for a lot less than what he got before?
  8. If we don't have the Smiths perhaps we could resign Mercilus for one more year? From all accounts he is a good leader in the clubhouse and could take Z's place there in the locker room and on the field and not cost a fortune.
  9. I wouldn't be opposed to him returning either if the Packers can do a little creative accounting. Even with his postseason struggles he is the best option right now for us to even make the playoffs in 2022. I think Love is another year away, frankly, and I don't think AR is going to retire either.
  10. QBs get more praise than they deserve if the team wins and all or most of the blame when they don't.
  11. I didn't see this before but seriously? Gute assembled one of the better defenses we've seen around here in ages, a pretty stout OL and a solid running game (it was unfortunate Dillon got hurt in this game). Losing Tonyan really hurt this year. The only position he dropped the ball was WR depth but AR did have the top WR in the game. He even dabbled in FA and actually signed pretty decent veterans, something TT was loathe to do. This was a championship caliber roster but poor play by Rodgers and historically crappy special teams play did us in.
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