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  1. Does he ever wash his hair? It needs to be cut. And sporting a beard with grey streaks makes him look more ancient than he actually is. It is really a bad look all around.
  2. Is Barry running a different defense than Pettine did?
  3. The best thing about yesterday is every other team lost in the NFCN so we are still in first place. 😉
  4. MLF's offense works like a charm when we can run the ball. As some said earlier in this thread - the game was lost in the trenches on both sides of the ball.
  5. I am in Green Bay for a funeral staying with my BIL but he doesn't get Bally sports.
  6. Today's performance didn't help Burnes' cause today. I still can't believe we won on that walk off slam!
  7. I think it is a Chryst problem. Mertz was one of the top QBs coming out of high school. Can a kid with that kind of talent crash and burn this quickly without "help"?
  8. The defense isn't blameless either. How many big plays down field did Penn State have?
  9. I now almost hope we struggle this year if it will get Cryst fired. I thought he sounded like a dope on the day he was hired. Crappy football all around.
  10. He was fine until the weather got cold. Not a good thing in the Frozen Tundra.
  11. Ramma Lamma Ding Dong! lol
  12. Commissioner's List? Where is Rashan Gary? I don't see him on your list...
  13. If I were a Bills fan I wouldn't be too happy with the way their starters played against our backups today.
  14. Those Bills announcers were pathetic. They got all excited over their starters beating up on a bunch of 3rd and 4th stringers who most won't be around in a few days. lol
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