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  1. Cardinals placing Adrian Peterson on injured reserve

    There are other players in the HOF who are anything but altar boys so I doubt that scandal will keep him out.
  2. Espn NFL Playoff Machine. Predicting time

    I wish we still had that praying emoticon we had on the old board.
  3. Predict the Patriots' future post-Tom Brady

    I don't think it is a coincidence Garoppolo and Cassell looked very good when they filled in for Brady. Jimmy looks promising in SF but Matt hasn't performed as well as he did in 2008 with other clubs. IMO it is BB who makes NE the force it has been since 2000. The Pats might struggle for a while after Bill retires.
  4. Predict the Patriots' future post-Tom Brady

    Yes, none of us are getting out of here alive...
  5. Wide Receiver Outlook

    With Ted's track record of finding WR gems in the second I'm all for that!
  6. Brett Hundley, his career moving forward

    I guess this again shows how tricky it is to scout collegiate QBs to the NFL. Cousins is a good QB but not in Wilson's tier.
  7. Aaron Rodgers Announces He's Medically Cleared

    Rollins is slow and now with an Achilles injury - you do realize he's been on IR since Oct. 16th? - he'll be even slower next year. I'll be surprised if he is on the roster in 2018. With our issues in the secondary drafting someone this raw in the 2nd round was probably the mistake. So far Randall has 4 INTs - 2 less than the league leaders. His play wasn't great last year and the beginning of this but is coming around and right now might be our best corner albeit because of injury. If we are generating all this pressure why do mediocre QBs look like Tom Brady at times when they play us? Most Packers fans are weary of Dom Capers and pray he retires this offseason. Our defenses have been pedestrian at best under his tutelage since 2010. We fans also believe an EDGE player is our #1 need going into next year.
  8. It isn't just in GB. As soon as Carson Wentz hurt his knee the Eagles' chances of getting HFA took a blow. They may still get it but not many are confident Nick Foles will take them to the promised land. Folks in Houston were all excited about Deshaun Watson but once he got hurt that team went back to being mediocre in a hurry. AZ isn't a factor without Carson Palmer. Indy looks dreadful without Luck. Case Keenum is playing way over his head and he is aided by their defense. I really wonder if he can take the Vikes to the Superb Owl. What would happen to NE, NO, Seattle, LAR, LAC, Carolina or the Steelers should something happen to their guy?
  9. Brett Hundley, his career moving forward

    What were the other knocks against him? I don't recall.
  10. Brett Hundley, his career moving forward

    Before he played any significant downs in the regular season none of us were sure what to expect. He had looked decent in the preseason but as we all know there is a world of difference between those games and the regular season. We hoped he would be good and would generate interest from other teams in a trade. Now we know he's going to be a career backup and could carve out a nice career for himself doing just that.
  11. Aaron Rodgers Announces He's Medically Cleared

    34 for a starting QB these days isn't ancient. I suspect Romo had to quit because of his back issues, not his collarbone. Even if we did what you are suggesting - shut him down until next season - who's to say he plays in week one next year and breaks it again? Every player knows going out onto the field he is taking a chance of injury. If he, the coaches and especially the doctors are good with it we should be too.
  12. My fear is he will be reluctant to dip his toes in FA again this season after the mess with Bennett. I hope I'm worrying needlessly.
  13. GDT Week 15 - GB @ CAR. A. A. - Ron Returns

    I hope we make the playoffs but if we don't I'm still glad we'll be able to see Aaron play again this season.
  14. MVP in the true sense

    I believe Rodgers is more important to GB than Wilson is to Seattle. Even with their defensive injury issues that defense is still much better than the Packers.' We were fortunate that we had 3 struggling teams on our schedule during those weeks Rodgers was sidelined. If those 3 teams were better and/or playoff caliber teams we don't win any of them with Hundley starting and Rodgers doesn't return this season.
  15. MVP in the true sense

    This is an interesting take. We've actually seen what happened to the teams that lost their starter but you state Wilson is because of speculation? Seattle may very well be screwed if they lost Wilson but we really don't know for sure.