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  1. Trading Rodgers: A Down Year Discussion

    I agree with Peppers but not so much with Jones. He's having a problem staying employed. He jut got cut by Lions the other day and is currently a FA.
  2. Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    If our O line wasn't a mess along with our secondary we might be okay. Of course most teams would be screwed without their starting QB. I'm sure you guys would be screwed too if you lost Brees. BTW. I've always liked Brees. I remember watching him tear up the Big 10 back in the day.
  3. Trading Rodgers: A Down Year Discussion

    This. If we do what HorizontoZenith suggests what guarantee is there that these defensive players we draft are going to put us in the SB? The draft is the ultimate crap shoot. Rodgers is a known commodity and his presence on your roster automatically makes your team a contender. I can't think of any defensive player playing today this side of the late Reggie White that can do that.
  4. Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    Yes, but it is depressing to have this many walking wounded no matter if it is happening to your team or someone else's.
  5. GDT Week 7 - Saints @ Packers

    If we lose but the guys play well and don't quit that also tells me McCoach is a leader of men and a good coach.
  6. Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    I don't think you gentlemen have a lot to be worried about. Our O line is a mess, our starting RB has cracked ribs, we have no pass rush to speak of and we give up yards on passing down shockingly easy. I feel bad for Hundley. It will be difficult for us to know what we have in him because he'll be running for his life all afternoon. I just hope we aren't embarrassed.
  7. GDT Week 7 - Saints @ Packers

    What is also depressing is how we are hit with injuries. It seems like every year one position is decimated. Last year it was CB and this year it is the OL.

    That might be a tall order unless our offensive tackles get healthy.
  9. Trading Rodgers: A Down Year Discussion

    How do you know for certain? I think this defense, when healthy, is a lot better than you believe. It isn't a top defense but I think it was good enough. With Rodgers we don't need the '85 Bears. I guess we'll never know now, will we? One good thing about all of this - let's say Hundley struggles like I think he will and we don't win more than a handful of games going forward we might get a top 10 pick next spring. Then we can get a real difference maker on D (plus draft higher in every round than we have in eons) along with #12.
  10. Trading Rodgers: A Down Year Discussion

    If Rodgers wasn't injured and the defense got healthy I think we had an excellent chance to win the SB this year even with this defense.
  11. Green Bay Packers 2017 Playoff Watch

    Exactly. I say he'd lose his job if he did it anyway. You don't trade away a QB of Rodgers' caliber unless you have someone just as good waiting in the wings like we did when Favre "retired".
  12. GDT Week 7 - Saints @ Packers

    This is just damn depressing. That is all.
  13. It appears McCoach and TT wanted a QB that knows the offense on the active roster rather than a veteran that they'll have to spend valuable time bringing him up to speed.
  14. I suppose the pickings were slim. If we were to pluck a player of another team's practice squad don't we have to sign him to our active roster? I'm not sure...
  15. Ted's "miss" in 2011 was because the player suffered an injury he never recovered from. I don't think you can label any player a "bust" if an injury robs him of his chance to even get on the field and play. To me a bust is a player who in the end turned out to be a dreadful player. One such bust for TT was Brian Brohm back in 2008. I don't know if you can label Randall a bust just yet. He didn't look terrible as a rookie and was banged up last year. He does appear to be very immature, however. He might be one of those players whose talent is from the neck on down.