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  1. Hopkins had the Bengals highest O-line score in 2019 but he was still the 26th rated center in the league.
  2. Price has a fully guaranteed contract as a former 1st round pick so I doubt they cut him. He probably has offset language though if he is cut. Agree Hopkins probably starts on PUP. His injury came in an NFL game so he might have to go to IR instead. Agree it's likely the team keeps 10 on the O-line. We aren't going to carry 7 WRs again so that might be the cut instead of TE, depending on preseason. If the league uses the same roster and PS rules as last year, we can activate an extra O-lineman on Sundays and carry a vet or two on the PS. Spain seems like a lock to make the roster,
  3. It wouldn't surprise me if the Bengals went D-line then O-line Something like: Round 2 - Barmore/Basham/Ojulari Round 3 Little/Radunz/S Brown Round 4 Cleveland/Green/T Smith/ D Brown
  4. Jenkins is a better player than Cosmi but probably not suited for LT when Williams gets hurt. Reiff would be the likely cover for Williams in 2021 but not longterm. I wouldn't be shocked if they went with an interior lineman like Davis, Dickerson, or Humphrey.
  5. My guess as to what the Bengals will actually do: 1 Jamarr Chase 2 Liam Eichenburg 3 Milton Williams 4 Ben Cleveland 5 Chuba Hubbard 6a Joshua Kaindoh 6b Jose Borregales 7 Paddy Fisher
  6. Falcons should take Pitts. They can't trade Julio now for 2021 picks due to the dead money hit.
  7. FWIW, Peter Kings says he thinks the Bengals will pick Chase but he'd pick Sewell plus a guard at 38.
  8. Betcha another team with a higher claim gets him. Raiders gonna Raider
  9. Bengals should claim Hurst. We're in desperate need of better pass rush, especially from the interior.
  10. There are analysts who say teams should trade 2021 picks for 2022 since there will likely be a full season of college football, scouts will be allowed on campus, a combine, and the players will generally be evaluated better. So fewer busts.
  11. With pick 253 in the 2021 NFL draft, the Los Angeles Rams select Illinois State S Christian Uphoff. D-0086 @rackcs NYG are on the clock.
  12. Any suggestions for Rams final pick? I'm leaning toward S Christian Uphoff. I don't know much about him other than PFF has him rated as their 107th overall prospect and he's available at 253.
  13. Fwiw, I think it's fine to name players who haven't been picked yet. Whether participants or onlookers who want to kibitz.
  14. We picked Kaindoh for round 6. Last pick is 253. It's on the clock Monday, no later than 7:20 pm (Eastern).
  15. Who's the Ravens GM? I was looking around and can't find the current GM list, is there one somewhere?
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