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  1. Looks like there was a tie for Gurley
  2. The draft continued and we're mostly through the 3rd round now. With pick 69 we took Jackson Carman. When we took a DE at 50, there were lots of tackles we liked left on the board. But 6 of them went in the next 18 picks and we were down to Carman or Spencer Brown as tackles we liked. So we took the more polished local guy to backup Marcus Cannon at RT. With pick 81 we took DT Marvin Wilson of Florida State. He was dominant in 2018 and 19 then had a poor season last year in a new defensive scheme. He has some similarities with Geno and is a good addition. We don't have a 4th round pick so we'l
  3. Bengals are sorry to miss on Sheldon Richardson but we got our other 9 targets so our roster is filling out.
  4. Lions should have traded for him when he only cost 10 mil.
  5. We traded a backup CB for him as insurance in case Lawson left. We re-signed Lawson, who is a better player, than added Shaq Barrett, and drafted Jayson Oweh. So Barnett wouldn't have made our roster and we got 10 mil in cap space by cutting him. We shopped him around but no interest in him. Though Detroit gave him a 20 mil contract so maybe I should have reached out to them.
  6. With the 81st pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select Florida State DT Marvin Wilson, D-0290 @Samsel Chiefs are otc
  7. Nobody wanted those guys when you started shopping them weeks ago
  8. No offense but the team needs listings are sort of pointless. They don't take into account players signed in free agency in the mock and each GM's opinions will likely vary from whatever your source is.
  9. Newsome was a good pick for Philly. T-rade keeps his job?
  10. I thought I'd at least get Radunz or Little at 69 when I made my pick at 50 but the run on tackles began right after that. Carman isn't my favorite but he's higher rated than some of the guys already picked.
  11. With pick 69 of the 2021 NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals selection Clemson RT Jackson Carman. Welcome home Jackson! D-0185 @T-rade Iggles are otc
  12. I'm another vote for getting rid of the unofficial roster sheets. Don't use it at all, I just follow the official roster.
  13. I'm a fan of Taylor Sheridan's works. Sicario 1 and 2, Wind River and the Paramount series Yellowstone. The tv show Evil was great if you haven't seen it. If you want some comedy with your horror, try Ready or Not.
  14. That's actually how the NFL does it in real life. Workout bonuses are considered to be under the players control as to whether or not they show up for offseason workouts. So the league classifies them as Likely to be Earned incentives and they go on the cap for the current year, long before the player has had a chance to actually earn them. If the player doesn't attend enough to qualify, the team gets a cap credit for the following year. From a team's point of view, it encourages the player to stay in contact and to be in shape for training camp. From the player's POV, it's easy m
  15. Round 6 of free agency was last night. We cut Derek Barnett to gain 10 mil in cap space. We signed slot cornerback Troy Hill from the Rams, former Bengal TE Tyler Eifert, and former Bengal DE Chris Smith. We also re-signed CB Tony Brown as he wasn't asking for any signing bonus. As prices drop further and we get into the musical chairs portion of free agency I'll look to re-sign several more of the 2020 players. Draft is mostly through 2nd round. I'd hoped to get TE Pat Friermuth at 38 but he went in the first round. So we took WR Kadarius Toney to give Burrow another weapon. We gained p
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