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  1. O-Line

    My guess is the starting lineup is: Williams-Jordan-Hopkins-XSF-Hart Backups will be Johnson, Price, then a dogfight. Redmond and Adeniji seem likely to make the 55.
  2. Non-Bengal Free Agents

    Saints have cut Larry Warford. Bengals should have offered a late round pick swap to get him in trade. He was only scheduled to make 7.75 mil this season. He was voted to the pro bowl each of the last 3 years. It will be much harder for the team to get him on the open market and he'll probably cost more. At the moment the Bengals don't really have a starting RG. The plan seems to be to move XSF there but he's always been a LG in the league. He's also not nearly as good as Warford.
  3. Goodbye Andy

    Cowboys could revoke their franchise tender on Prescott until he signs it. If I were him, I'd sign it today. If Cowboys revoke tender, then Dak becomes a free agent and could still sign a long term deal with team. But other teams already have their starters lined up for 2020.
  4. Post Draft 53 Man Roster Prediction

    Yes, next week actually on May 4. Other teams have already started announcing who will or won't have their option exercised.
  5. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    The point of strengthening the line is to give the younger guys with upside a chance. If Burrow takes a beating like Klingler took, we won't learn much about his abilities.
  6. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    We're going to need to make use of that. Problem is when vets of 4 or more years get cut, they go straight to free agency. So our chances of picking up an overpaid vet who loses his job aren't that good. We need much better players than XSF, Hart, and Uzomah on the right side of our line but the team seems satisfied with them.
  7. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    Jones should be the pick. He's played a lot in college and is polished and very athletic. He's an instant upgrade from our worst starter, Bobby Hart. Hart was a 7th round pick for a reason. He was a backup on the Giants, a team whose O-line suckage is legendary. After they cut him, we made him a Bengals starter where he has continued to suck and make life harder for Bengals QBs and RBs. Let's stop making other team's jobs easier for them and field a competent tackle like Jones. My fear is the Bengals "outsmart" themselves and think Peart or Trey Adams is just as good and wait to take a RT. Take Jones, trade a late pick to NO for Larry Warford (they just drafted his replacement in round 1 so they won't keep his big contract) and our O-line is fixed. We can then take a LB and some WRs or RBs.
  8. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    I think Herbert would be successful in NE. If he falls out of the top 15, they should go get him.
  9. If we were going to trade out of the Burrow pick, I'd prefer Winston to Newton. He's much younger, doesn't have injury questions and it's just a matter of reducing his turnovers.
  10. Fan Speak Mock Drafts

    What's the obsession with Tyler Bass about? He seems to pop up in lots of mock drafts around here. Do people run out of guys to take and default to a kicker? He wasn't a very reliable kicker in college, no reason to expect the massive improvement he'd need to make it in the NFL. It's easy to find NFL kickers on the street who have actual NFL game tape. Let's not draft a kicker unless he's a once a decade guy. Bass ain't that.
  11. Trading Andy Dalton

    Bengals won't trade for Fournette but whoever does has the chance to exercise his 5th year option for about 8 mil. Why would Jags delay trading for Dalton unless they are thinking about using a high pick on a QB? Otherwise, agree on comp, talk to Andy, and get the deal done.
  12. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Come on Mr Irrelevant
  13. 2020 Draft Targets

    Jones. We need to keep Burrow alive and in one piece more than add a rookie wideout.
  14. Fan Speak Mock Drafts

    We won't move up since we only have 7 picks and the team doesn't like to trade future picks. They are a lot more likely to trade down after pick 1. Personally I'd rather have Wilson at 33 plus the 3rd and next year's picks than have Wills.
  15. @WindyCity Gipson was already picked at 206