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  1. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    The fact they wanted to move Glenn to LG instead of RT says a lot about the quality of our options at LG.
  2. Team Needs

    O-line looks like a disaster in the making. LBs haven't been good for years. CBs are question marks.
  3. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    What happened to Boling? He played ok last year, then suddenly he's done? I'd expect Jordan to be starting at 1 guard position by midseason. Not really looking forward to the season. We have a slapdash coaching staff and some pretty obvious holes.
  4. Yeah, Dobbins doesn't have Elliott's power and is closer to recent Clemson RBs. Give him a seam and he'll get yards but he's not going to run over people.
  5. Free Agency

    PFT had a piece saying 10 teams had contacted McCoy with one offering 11 mil. I'm confident the Bengals aren't the high bidder. It seems odd for there to be so much interest in McCoy. I think Suh is a better player and he got 9 mil.
  6. Free Agency

    I'd give him something like a 1 year 6 mil. IMO we need help at LB more than at DT.
  7. Offensive Line Projection

    Let's wait and see if it's true or not.
  8. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    Using a top 10 pick on Lock hurt your rating. But I think he's got a better chance of real life success in the NFL than Daniel Jones. So you did better than Gettleman.
  9. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    No, I did the numbers on Friday at work but then we had a network outage that kept me off the internet. If you can't goof off on the internet while getting paid, what's the world coming to Anyway, here are the numbers. Bengals came out ahead overall due to getting Murray at 11 and the way the draft pick value chart overvalues early picks. Of course the rest of my draft had negative value relative to the picks used... TEAM ABBR Point Value Gain/Los CIN 1595.3 IND 1119.0 MIA 1097.6 DEN 857.0 TEN 729.0 PIT 694.8 MIN 402.0 CHI 266.1 BAL 251.6 GB 202.2 PHI 193.1 KC 11.7 LA 7.8 OAK -14.7 NO -42.0 JAC -69.2 DAL -85.8 BUF -109.3 WAS -136.4 SF -167.4 CLE -167.5 NE -178.9 LAC -216.1 ATL -268.2 TB -318.2 ARI -363.7 CAR -570.0 HOU -607.5 SEA -813.9 DET -825.4 NYJ -842.0 NYG -1300.7
  10. Free Agency

    Zach Brown is signing with the Eagles. 1 year, 3 mil.
  11. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    Thanks. I'll post the results tonight.
  12. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    I can't seem to download or copy sheet 19. I was just going to add a lookup formula to the draft chart to determine pick value difference then sum by team.
  13. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    Shouldn't it be based on overall point difference not pick difference? Missing by 10 picks in round 7 is a lot less consequential than missing by 10 in round 1. That's why the draft charts exist.
  14. Draft Grades and Thoughts?

    IOW, Peterson is a bad coach if he can't get his QB to throw to the open receiver.
  15. Draft Grades and Thoughts?

    Bengals aren't going to sing any high profile guys like Berry or Suh. But we could sign useful guys like Manti Teo or Zach Brown, or Dontrelle Inman, or Joe Barksdale or Brandon Fusco. We could have re-signed Josh Shaw cheap or Jake Ryan but they're now with other teams on cheap deals.