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  1. Fox had the Bengals game but only 1 game this week with CBS getting the doubleheader. Fox in Cbus chose the Browns-Cardinals game, hard to blame them. I went to a bar to watch the Bengals.
  2. This game shouldn't be close with all the guys the Lions are missing.
  3. Lions are pretty depleted. Bengals should win by at least a couple of touchdowns. We should be able to pass it all over the field with Okwara and Okudah out. Their O-line will be missing Ragnow and they didn't have much at WR at the beginning of the year. Our run defense should be able to shut down Swift. We just need to be able to cover a TE.
  4. Using Armstead as the example, he's currently under contract for 2022. After the 2021 season, he will likely void his contract for 2022. If he does, there are no cap consequences for 2021, just for 2022. Because he will have fulfilled his contract for 2021.
  5. I don't have any money on the line but think 7.5 is not much for the Bengals to overcome. They should cover easily. I think this might end up 31-14 or something like that.
  6. Jags are in building year. They will have a high pick next year and already have their QB. But giving up on last years #9 overall pick seems panicky.
  7. Steelers have a bunch of injured defenders. Watt, Bush, Haden. Alualu is out with a broken ankle. Toothlessburger will probably play despite almost dying from a pectoral injury.
  8. Brady has a job with a better team. He seems to be reviving Sam Darnold.
  9. No, the rollover from last year goes into this year's cap space and is no longer tracked separately. Team is about 13 mil under the 2021 cap with the rollover included.
  10. Regarding dead money on voided years, the teams fully expect to absorb that. They are using the fake years on the contract to push it into a future season, not expecting the player to repay it. Regarding the number of bidding slots, I think 3 per round for new players plus a resign plus the reserve bids is plenty. The difference between teams and rounds is who the targets are. Cap strapped teams start off looking for bargains or role fillers. Teams with lots of cap space bid on stars. As rounds go by and the overpriced players drop to more reasonable demands, they attract a market.
  11. Price actually played pretty well for the Giants last night.
  12. Bengals are about 13 mil under the cap currently. So they can't afford a big (more than 10 mil) roster bonus on a new deal for Bates. The benefit of doing a multi-year deal is they can structure the cap hits where they want. Williams is eligible for an extension after this season but unless he plays every game, they will likely want to wait. If they push his deal a year down the road, it would come up when Burrow and Higgins are first eligible for extensions.
  13. Eh, I think it's more likely we'll see why Dalton isn't with the Bengals anymore than his revenge game.
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