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  1. With pick 249 the Cincinnati Bengals select DT James Looney of Cal. With pick 252 the Cincinnati Bengals select ILB Christian Sam Arizona St With pick 253 the Cincinnati Bengals select CB Taron Johnson of Weber State.

    Cincinnati Bengals have to make a cut so I can use my draft picks. adios 1559 - Scott Orndorff - TE
  3. TCMD Discussion!!

    Bengals will send in their 3 late 7th round picks tonight.
  4. With the 242nd pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select P Johnny Townsend from Florida. @DTMW78
  5. Eifert

    We still need a RT. None of Hart, Fisher, or Ogbuehi is starting material in the NFL.
  6. With the 218th pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select ILB Shaun Dion Hamilton of Alabama. @cortes02

    Heh, got all 3 of my free agent targets in round 11. 2 of them because I offered a minimal signing bonus that still fit within minimum benefit contract parameters and won't take away our comp pick in 2019 for losing McCarron.
  8. Bengals sign Matt Barkley

    And he has a buddy already in town...
  9. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    We weren't very good at run defense last year. Replacing Minter with Brown makes sense. So does taking Vea if he'd been available and we'd stayed at 12.
  10. TCMD Discussion!!

    Is someone going to make picks for Washington and Oakland? They've missed quite a few already.
  11. TCMD Discussion!!

    Bengals have a bunch of 7th round picks. If anyone wants to acquire one for a higher 2019 pick, we're open to that.
  12. With the 190th pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select CB Christian Campbell of Penn State. Redskins OTC @Cbrunn
  13. Burfict suspended 4 games

    It can be hard if a player uses some supplement or other. They usually have a list of ingredients but those aren't always comprehensive.
  14. With pick 172, the Cincinnati Bengals select CB Jordan Thomas of Oklahoma. @squire12
  15. Eifert

    If McGlinchey is still available at 21, you take him. No chance he makes it to our 2nd rounder. There's a fair chance one of Price/Daniels makes it there and we could trade up 10-15 picks to make sure. If McGlinchey is gone, then we could take Price/Daniels in round 1 but Pats and Browns are looking for LTs so Miller will be gone by our 2nd pick. Brown may still be available.