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  1. He's never been a DC before, right? I wonder how long it will take him to come up with a system.
  2. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    I think teams should be able to extend rookies in the mock if they can do so in real life. That would be after 3 years for drafted players and 2 for undrafted ones. If we're limiting the number of extensions/restructures to 3 per team, then we probably don't need to set a minimum cap limit.
  3. It would be nice to know what sort of scheme we're going to run and thus who to keep and who to replace.
  4. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Fine, but we're 45 mil under the cap now. They may go into the season 10-15 mil under the cap but that still lets us keep the ERFAs and RFAs, plus add a couple of impact free agents and some filler guys.
  5. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    Just now saw the postponement. No worries Mike. You do a tremendous amount of work and I (and everyone else) are very appreciative. An early March start will still let us get through free agency in the mock before the real thing.
  6. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    Oh, I don't suggest adding more work. Do you have the data from last year and can just add a season to everyone?
  7. J-Deere Mock offseason 1.0

    But they signed before the 2018 season.
  8. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    The seasons of experience listed for players in the UFA list is a year too low for everyone but several years too low for some players. Also, it seems like almost everyone wants a 5 year deal, which is a big change from the past.
  9. We got turned down by college coach Todd Grantham. Back to square 1 in the DC search.
  10. 2019 Draft Prospects

    We'll see if the team is any more proactive in free agency but finding a good RG or RT and OLB shouldn't be too hard. We don't have any must re-sign free agents and if Eifert and Dennard leave, it's not the end of the world. We have more than 45 mil in cap space so we should be able to keep the players we want and add at least a couple of upgrades.
  11. J-Deere Mock offseason 1.0

    Why are Atkins and Dunlap on the free agent list?
  12. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Bengals trade block is the whole roster. Nobody is untouchable but we're not looking to dump anyone in particular. Looking for RT and multiple LBs.
  13. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Certainly the NFL Management Council doesn't care. But you know who does? The NFLPA. That's why they have the right to veto a trade of a franchise tagged player, independent of the team or player's wishes. Their position is that free agency means free, not with compensation due from one team to another. Since they're not represented in the mock, we have the rule.
  14. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Eagles can tag Foles in this mock if they want to keep him. But they can't trade him after tagging him. It violates the CBA as PFT pointed out this week and the rest of us already knew.
  15. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    I think the official numbers come out during the combine. The OTC numbers are close enough until we get the official ones.