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  1. GDT Week 2: Niners

    No amount of butt chewing or scheming is going to make Preston Brown any faster. Our LBs suck. The O-line is also pretty sucky but maybe not quite as bad.
  2. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    Until he publicly asked for his release, I thought it would blow over once the games started. Raiders got all the pain and none of the gain from AB.
  3. AB redeemable?

    What are the chances the Bengals sign or at least offer AB a contract now that he's a free agent. Bengals like to shop for damaged goods and Father Mike's home for wayward boys seems like a chance to do some redeeming.
  4. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    1 Jimmy G has played well when healthy. I doubt the 49ers are looking to replace him. 2 Broncos took Lock this year as Flacco's replacement. 3 Chargers won't want to pay top dollar for a free agent QB. 4 Colts are a maybe. They have lots of cap room. 5 Jags have Foles. Titans are giving Mariota a last chance so they're a possibility. 6 Buc will probably draft a new QB if Winston flops. 7 Bengals ain't happening. They love Dalton for some reason and drafted Finley as a fallback option. 8 Ravens would be a good fit for Dak but aren't going to throw in the towel on Jackson unless he's worse in year 2 than year 1. 9 Dolphins are tanking for Tua 10 Pats have their future QB in Stidham. Saints might be a possibility if Brees retires and Teddy struggles this year. Again, Dak for 30 mil without his Cowboy surrounding cast isn't a bargain to most teams. IMO the Cowboys should hire a new coach for 2020 and let him choose his QB, whether Dak or someone else.
  5. LB Malcom Smith available

    What about Raiders cut Brandon Marshall, formerly of the Broncos?
  6. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    So which teams would give Dak 30-35 mil next offseason and send Dallas a first round pick+? There will be several teams perhaps looking for starting QBs. But most will go after a rookie like Tua, Herbert, maybe Fromm. If they hit, a cheap QB is a competitive advantage. My guess is that most of the league sees Dak as the beneficiary of surrounding talent and not a guy who lifts a team by himself. But it only takes one..
  7. Zeke is an elite player currently. He's probably got a couple of elite seasons left in him, plus a couple of highly productive seasons, plus a couple of above average years. He's only 24 now so that gets him to 30 by which time the guarantees will have amortized and the team will be considering him year to year. This is a good deal for both sides.
  8. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    I'm a Bengals fan and we got the Andy Dalton comparisons for the first 3 years of his career to players like Marino and Manning. Anybody who watched the games knew Dalton wasn't in their class even if his numbers were similar. Prescott isn't an elite QB and wouldn't find much of a market if he was a free agent. If I were the Cowboys, I'd let him play this year for 2 mil, then give him the non-franchise tag and shop himself. If someone else signs him to a big deal, the Cowboys can match or receive 2 first round picks. They could also let teams know they'd take less, say a 1st and 2nd. My guess is no other team bites, and Dak signs his tender.
  9. GDT Week One: Bengals @ Seahawks

    This one could be ugly. Seahawks should win pretty easily. Bengals are a bad team, Seahawks are above average.
  10. Bengals extend Gio Bernard 2y/$10.3 million

    Not a fan of this move. RB is a young man's position and Gio is aging.
  11. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    His efficiency stats are good, his volume stats are ordinary. Notice that it says 20+ TDs, not 20+ passing TDs. So they are counting Dak's rushing TDs, which is fine but he probably could have just handed off to the RB for most of those.
  12. Bodine is terrible. He started for 4 years for the Bengals and our current backup center Billy Price was an upgrade from Bodine, even as a rookie.
  13. Jake Dolegala

    Or we could try to find a more talented QB. I know that's crazy talk for a team that passed on Mahomes and Watson to take Ross but still.
  14. Jake Dolegala

    McCarron is just returning from a hand injury and is the backup in Houston. Dolegala should make it to the practice squad.
  15. Rodney Anderson - Torn ACL again???

    I don't think we'll miss him especially but it's a shame for him. He seems to be cursed.