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  1. Current State of the Franchise

    I think this is exactly the wrong way to think. We don't owe Taylor 2-3 more years. He's been given a chance and so far isn't taking advantage of it. If he doesn't win at least 3 games, he should be one and done. We can find an experienced NFL coach to recycle if the Brown family is willing to pay. That's not a given from the folks who took Billy Price instead of Lamar Jackson and John Ross instead of Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson.
  2. Remaining Schedule

    Our strength of schedule exceeds all of the 3 loss or less teams except Atlanta. So we won't win tiebreakers and need to keep losing. Fortunately a coaching staff that can come off a bye week and lose by 5 touchdowns is clearly up to the task.
  3. Draft Talk 2020

    Today was a hugely successful one for the Bengals in our quest for the top pick. Three of the four teams with 1 win got their second today. So only the hapless Redskins are within a game of us. While I have full faith we can lose out, the Skins might get a win off the Giants to give us insurance.
  4. GDT Week 10: Ravens @ Bengals

    A normal team would look at their options if AJ doesn't sign an extension. They can tag him for 1 year at about 17 mil or let him walk and get a 3rd or 4th round comp pick in 2021. So if they want to keep him, the beginning point for negotiations would be 17 mil. The way the Bengals do it is they look at his availability and production over the last couple of years and set themselves a price. If that price is 11 mil per year, they won't go higher.
  5. Current State of the Franchise

    If Sanu was worth a 2nd round pick to a contender, then AJ is worth a 1st. If we tag him and someone else signs him, we'd get 2 first round picks for him. Unless we agree to take less in a tag and trade deal, but those require creativity beyond what the Bengals possess. It seems hard to believe he's still out from a rolled ankle on the first day of camp. Maybe it's like Richie Braham's bone bruise. It seems like he isn't going to play this season. I'd guess the Bengals tag him, don't trade him, and don't reach a deal on an extension by next July.
  6. GDT Week 10: Ravens @ Bengals

    Tyler Boyd will be on the field though.
  7. GDT Week 10: Ravens @ Bengals

    That guy must be related to Finley. He's been talking him up since before the draft. NFL GMs on the other hand, don't see Finley as starting material.
  8. GDT Week 10: Ravens @ Bengals

    I expect Finley to throw it up there plenty and get picked quite a bit. The Ravens have a great secondary and Earl Thomas will have fun tricking the rookie QB. The Bengals run defense will be overrun, probably giving up close to 250 yards.
  9. Draft Talk 2020

    It might have cost us one of our precious 6th round picks. We probably wouldn't have taken Risner or Cody Ford anyway after taking Jonah Williams in the 1st.
  10. Draft Talk 2020

    Were we every so young?
  11. Draft Talk 2020

    Yeah, Preston Brown has the mobility of an iron lung patient. Not surprising that a guy who was slow before a knee injury is even slower afterward, but the Bengals seem to be surprised by that. They could have had Zach Brown and Darron Lee as cheap stopgaps but apparently it was too much trouble to trade a 7th for Lee and give Brown a call.
  12. Draft Talk 2020

    Here in Columbus, the game isn't even on tv.
  13. Current State of the Franchise

    Not in Oakland but in Vegas, sure.
  14. Current State of the Franchise

    Uh, no they're not. They could easily be a playoff team next year. Bengals won't be.
  15. Draft Talk 2020

    Jets defense was pretty depleted vs Dolphins. Darnold is a better QB than Finley and I'd be surprised if Bengals won that game. If we do get a chance to trade a high pick to Skins for Haskins and a pick that gets us Young, we should do that. Haskins has an elite arm and a decent brain.