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  1. Good luck healing to CJ. He's a high quality human being and a decent player.
  2. Bengals problems are top down. I won't even pick on Mike Brown here but Duke Tobin hasn't done a good job lately. If Bobby Hart has to start at RT because we don't have anyone better, that's on him. Giving Hart an extension was idiocy. Missing on 2 OTs in 2015 draft plus Billy Price has crippled the team. I won't even mention passing on Mahomes and Watson to take John Ross. Hell if we'd just picked Marshon Lattimore, we'd be better off. We don't need all our first round picks to be stars but we should be getting above average NFL players in the first round if the talent evaluators are at least average. Then there is Taylor. He hasn't shown any ability to outcoach his opponents. Both the offense and defense were pretty predictable last night. Ignoring obvious weaknesses won't make them go away. Taylor is responsible for Turner and Anarumo having jobs and being in a position to generally suck and get outcoached. Bengals were thoroughly dominated at the line of scrimmage on both offense and defense. Bill Callahan got winning performances from guys like Chris Hubbard, whom the Browns have been trying to replace. If only Callahan worked for us...
  3. I'd think Channel 10 would have it. We're considered local for both cities.
  4. This X 1000. The Mixon fumble was on a run after a first down incomplete pass. I was sitting there and saying to myself, "for once, don't run on 2nd and 10". But sure enough they ran and it didn't turn out well.
  5. We know there is no chance of Hart improving. It's possible Johnson improves with more playing time. Hart doesn't belong in the league, let alone the starting lineup. Maybe Johnson is just as bad but that's a risk I'm willing to take.
  6. Taylor had an abysmal game as HC. He didn't run the clock down on the Bengals last possession of the 2nd quarter, so Chargers had time to get the field goal. He called all 3 of our second half timeouts from the sideline. He didn't trust Burrow to not turn it over or take a sack with 7 seconds left. And he started Bobby Hart vs Joey Bosa. Burrow had a pretty good game for a rookie QB with no preseason games. The interception was a blunder but his only one. No delay of game penalties was nice to see. I expect we'll see him be more aggressive vs the Browns on Thursday. If Hart doesn't get him killed by Miles Garrett.
  7. Yeah, the Chargers will be sure to match Bosa up vs Hart. Williams will get a workout from Ingram too. Chargers O-line is nothing special but also better than Bengals O-line. Since they face the Bengals D-line, we'll see if they hold up or not. IMO both defensive lines are better than both O-lines but there hasn't been much live tackling in training camps.
  8. This is a building year. We patched some holes in free agency and found our QB of the next decade+. But we still have some obvious holes and unknowns. IMO the biggest unknown is whether or not Taylor is a good NFL coach or he's just a guy who once shook hands with Sean McVey.
  9. I'll guess 24-14 Chargers. Burrow is still a rookie with no preseason games. LAC have talent in all their units without a glaring weakness. Bengals have a bad O-line and suspect secondary and LBs. Lynn is probably a better coach than Taylor as well.
  10. I would have liked to pick up Shaquem Griffin from the Seahawks. He's the guy missing his left hand but he's very fast and athletic. We could use a coverage LB.
  11. Great deal for Mixon. I'm surprised the Bengals paid that much since the cap is likely to go down for 2021 and lots of veteran players will be available.
  12. I'm surprised he got that much. Market will be crowded next spring as the cap likely decreases. I would have guessed 8-9 mil per year rather than 12 for Mixon.
  13. Bailey should make the roster if he's good enough. But if he's not a top 7 (or however many LBs we keep), it should be safe to move him to the practice squad. He was a 7th round pick for a reason after all and hasn't had preseason games to show he was misdrafted. Let's not repeat last year's roster mistakes by keeping Dolegala on the 53 all year or AJ Green long after it was clear he wasn't coming back.
  14. He has his own movie as well, the 3rd in the trilogy.
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