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  1. Cut Down Weekend

    I'm surprised Josh Shaw was cut.
  2. Aaron Donald effect on a Geno deal?

    No DT is going to get 24 mil per year and probably not even 20. With Geno already 30, he'll be doing well to get 15 per year on a 3 year deal. Dunlap will get a bit less maybe 12-13 per year.
  3. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    What's the difference between UFA and "Scouted"?
  4. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Am I reading it right that a team with 2.5 mil in cap space can offer contracts bigger than that? Are they now allowed/required to adjust their salary cap after seeing the results of the bids?
  5. Eligible Practice Squad players

    Core and Erickson are certainly not PS eligible.
  6. AFC North standings

    Browns severely underachieved this past offseason. They had over $100 mil in cap space and 2 top 4 picks. But keeping Hue meant they have no credibility with free agents who want to win rather than cash checks. So free agency was a bust. They couldn't talk Joe Thomas into another season because he knew it would be more losing with Hue. They made a couple of trades. Basically they swapped Kizer for Taylor. Big deal. If they'd hired a legit head coach and a solid veteran QB, they'd be miles ahead of where they are now.
  7. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    I think the main fix needed for TCMD is the contract acceptance criteria. The 200 million dollar deal of Nate Solder made that clear.
  8. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    I think it's more realistic to keep the old rule of simply banning tag and trades. The NFLPA frowns on impediments to the free movement of players and tags applied without the intention of keeping the player. That's why they and the NFL management council each have an independent right to veto proposed trades. In the Landry example, it obviously didn't happen. The NFLPA probably put his wishes first. But in theory players could be tagged and traded without their consent in which case the union would block it. So if we need a general rule, the ban is more realistic than allowing GMs to do whatever they want.
  9. John Ross is alive (old thread)

    He's got nowhere to go but up.
  10. AFC North standings

    Tyrod Taylor is in no way shape or form the future of the Browns. Maybe Mayfield is or maybe he'll be yet another flop to add to the jersey. Cousins had no reason to sign with the Browns because they don't have any hope of being a good team with Hue as coach. They had a middle of the pack defense last year which is an achievement for an 0-16 team. Upgrading the CBs would go a long ways toward making their defense top 5. That's why they took Ward with the 4th overall pick but they could have just traded for either Talib or Peters. They had better picks to offer than the former teams got for those players. They could have signed Johnson or Butler in free agency. They'd have had to pay more but they had the money to do so. Same thing with Cousins or Keenum. Browns started rookie QBs the last couple of years who turned the ball over a lot and cost them games. Put a veteran QB in there and they'd be better. Add some explosive offensive playmakers and they could be good. Joe Thomas played every snap of his career until he tore a muscle last year. The recovery time on that was a few months. He could have played this year but chose not to because he has lots of money saved and the team doesn't have much hope of improvement. with an owner who brings back a 1-31 coach. Saying they are investing in the future is one way to put it. Another is that they don't know what they're doing.
  11. AFC North standings

    They had $110 million in cap space. They replaced Isiah Crowell with Carlos Hyde. Big deal. Chris Smith was a backup with us and will be a backup with them. If they'd hired a coach to give them a fresh start and signed a top QB and CB, they be much better off. They could have traded for Michael Bennett or Aquib Talib or Marcus Peters. Tyrod Taylor isn't very good. If Mayfield stays on the bench, then they aren't getting much from the top pick. Imagine what they could have done if Haslam had fired Hue, apologized to the city for 0-16, dropped ticket and concession prices to get back to sellouts, brought in a good coach who talked Joe Thomas into returning, made some better trades, signed Cousins for $30 mil per year and used the top pick on Barkley or traded it for a boatload of picks the way the Colts did.
  12. AFC North standings

    Why does anyone think the Browns are going to win 7 or more games? They pretty much threw in the towel on the 2018 season when they kept Hue after records of 1-15 and 0-16. Then they blew the offseason by not doing much in free agency and had to use top 4 picks on a QB and CB. Imagine if they had hired Canton's Josh McDaniels, and signed Cousins or Keenum plus Malcolm Butler or Trumaine Johnson. They could have used the picks on Barkley and Chubb. Never change Jimmy Haslam.
  13. Draft watch

    Wynn is playing LT for the Pats.
  14. Draft watch

    Maybe Austin is an upgrade from Guenther and Pollack gets the O-line to play well. But if not, top 5 might be right. We're counting on a frequently injured LT and rookie center to upgrade a line which had problems at other positions too.
  15. Draft watch

    Sounds like Blaine Gabbert