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  1. We shouldn't bring AJ Green back at any price, even veteran minimum. He's not the future or even the present. Let him finish his career elsewhere. Finley has no business on an NFL roster. Obviously we won't draft a developmental QB, we just need to sign a veteran stopgap/mentor to Burrow. A Matt Moore, Joe Flacco, Chad Henne, Colt McCoy type. They aren't hard to find or expensive. The team very much needs to fire Zac Taylor and hire an experienced coach. But probably none of us think they will actually do so. So the losing will continue until the inevitable denouement a couple years too late. My guess is the team will try to re-sign WJ3 and Lawson, mainly because they were drafted by the Bengals. Spotrac thinks Alexander has increased his market value to 8 mil. Bates and Hubbard are in line for extensions so Hobson will use them as excuses for why we couldn't sign Thuney (even though we could sign Thuney by cutting some deadweight).
  2. Lawrence will go #1. Fields will likely go #2. No other QB has a hope of going in the top 10. Jets will get the top pick. Jags will pick second. No chance they win 2 more games with Jake Luton at QB. Bengals won't win any more games either with Allen or Finley at QB. So we're pretty much locked into the third pick. And that's ok.
  3. Yeah, he's only played 5 years so far and this season is his first big check. Thuney not only hasn't allowed a sack in 2020, he's not even allowed a QB hit by his man. But that's not the sort of resume the Bengals need, right? Cut Hart, Uzomah and either XSF or BJ Finney and you have the 15 mil to pay a top talent without even dipping into our current cap space. I'd be looking to line up Jonah-Thuney-Hopkins-Spain-Sewell and move on to other areas to improve.
  4. This is the time for the Bengals to begin a proper rebuild. Move on from Zac Taylor and his staff of underachievers. Fire Duke Tobin for a series of poor drafts and staff a full front office. But we all know MB won't change and Taylor and Tobin will be back for 2021. On the player side, we should move on from AJ Green, John Ross, and Geno Atkins. Dunlap is already gone, see if Geno has any trade value. Take anything for him. Cut Hart, Uzomah, and Gio for cap reasons. I'd offer Uzomah, Gio, and Shawn Williams cheap contracts if they don't find takers elsewhere. Re-sign Lawson, Alexander, Thomas, Wilson, Daniels, Huber, and Harris. Look for an upgrade from Bullock. Maybe re-sign WJ3 if he's reasonable about his price, ie less than he's making now on the 5th year option. We should have plenty of cap space to add some impact players. I'd go hard for Joe Thuney of NE and make him the highest paid guard in the league. We should also go after one of the Bucs free agent LBs, either Lavonte David or Shaq Barrett. Sewell and Basham to start the draft would be great. We should be looking for talent more than specific positions as we probably won't be playoff contenders in 2021. But with a fully recovered Burrow and talent added in 2021, then 2022 could be our year. Roethlisberger might be retired by then and the bloom is coming off the rose for Lamar Jackson.
  5. Yeah, with our defense and QB, we're going to finish 2-13-1 in Taylor's second season. Mike Brown will give him a mulligan though so he'll be back for 2021. The Fighting Finleys have no chance, even vs the Giants and Cowboys. Welcome to Cincinnati Penei. We should still go for Thuney in free agency too. Then we can look for pass rushers. Reader, Tupou, and Wren will be back next season. Maybe we'll re-sign Daniels too so I'm not as worried about the run defense as the pass defense. Lawson is earning himself a good contract somewhere. WJ3, not as much.
  6. Spotrac has the Bengals as 40.6 mil under the 2021 cap currently, with 36 players signed. Joe Thuney is on the franchise tag this year for NE but they won't tag him again so we should make a run at him. Make him the highest paid guard in the league. Adding a probowler next to Jonah will shore up our o-line considerably. We should still draft Sewell if we get a chance. Cutting Hart and Uzomah would pretty much pay for Thuney at 13 mil per year. Amusingly, Spotrac has a valuation feature for some Bengals scheduled to be free agents. Green, Ross, and WJ3 all have fair market values less than they are currently making. My guess is incumbent Bengals management re-signs WJ3 with a raise and proclaims it a great deal. We really need to sign a top tier free agent on both the O and D lines. That would help a lot and free up the draft. Not holding my breath though.
  7. Toothlessburger is on the Covid list this week (along with 4 teammates). So he may not play vs us unless he has a couple of negative tests later in the week.
  8. I reject the idea that this is year 1 of a rebuilding plan. There is no plan unless it was to let Burrow get Bengalized from the start. The O-line was terrible last year and might be worse this year. The LBs were terrible last year and might be better this year but the D-line is certainly worse. We had the personnel at the start of the year to field a 3-4. Dunlap-Reader-Atkins backed by Hubbard-2ILBs-Lawson is legit. Bynes, Pratt, and Wilson could fight for the inside jobs.
  9. Considering he took over a veteran team which was 7-9 the year before, Taylor had done miserably. He should have been fired after last season, ala Freddie Kitchens in Cleveland. But making needed changes right away isn't the Bengals way. The Bengals way is to not make any changes and hope things improve.
  10. Sorry you got Bengalized. I don't really disagree with anything you wrote. Lamar Jackson was hurting going into the game so that may have helped our defense look more competent than usual. The Bengals as an organization are committed to losing. They wouldn't describe that way of course but Mike Brown, Duke Tobin, and Zac Taylor aren't smarter than their opponents. They obviously don't believe in changing course when something isn't working. Instead it's more of the same. The floggings will continue until morale improves.
  11. Green has no trade value at this point. He's playing on the franchise tag so his contract is guaranteed so the team can't even save money by cutting him.
  12. Well, this was entirely backward. Generally good performance by the defense. Probably helped that Jackson was gimpy and missed several days of practice. The O-line was disastrous. Guess the Jags game was fool's gold for them.
  13. I think we'll cover the 13 point spread. Ravens 31-20. Burrow continues to show improvement but run defense is still weak, even with Geno back.
  14. The state of Ohio is now allowing the Bengals and Browns to have 12,000 fans per game. I'm curious where the line is that attendance is less than capacity. 90% or so with the Burrow excitement?
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