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  1. Where is their D particularly weak? Seems like they have a pretty strong DB group. Is it in the front 7? Should we expect to run power at them early and often?
  2. Jerruah sure does have a lot of power with the other owners if he was able to start this tradition in 1966, decades before he purchased the Cowboys.
  3. People pointing out that he was the youngest QB ever to start a playoff game were in the clear minority here.
  4. For what it’s worth, I think TB12 moving to the NFC dampened that possibility (another Trubisky)
  5. I honestly am more confident about this game than I’ve been for one in a while. I think we boat race them. Putting my money where my mouth is with several units on the -7 line. Don’t think there’s any way this is a “trap game.” Given the teams’ history I think the players and the coaches will prep thoroughly and keep the foot on the gas all game long.
  6. This forum has a long tradition of "race to the bottom" arguments, where apparently whichever player has worse things around them is automatically better. It was truly perfected across countless Brady vs. Manning threads, but has had many great variations over the years.
  7. Haven't been in there. This is nuts.
  8. Lack of close contacts made me somewhat confident this was the case.
  9. sp6488

    2020 ROT

    I think some of it simply comes down to him being the reigning MVP and a legit star. Media outlets looking for headlines are going to take everything he says and try to turn it into a juicy headline any way they can. It's sort of like the Antonio Brown or Dez Bryant storylines: Reporter - "Lamar, how would you feel about the Ravens signing Antonio Brown?" Lamar - "Man, that would be cool, wouldn't it?" Headline - "Lamar calls on Ravens front office to sign Brown immediately"
  10. Good shot of Justin Madubuike putting the center in the backfield as well.
  11. Queen is also a lot more raw at the position, so his play in the passing game has to be graded a little bit on a curve at this point IMHO.
  12. Reminds me of Clarence Moore, who was apparently nicknamed "Big Drink."
  13. One thing that could be interesting with Williams is his experience playing inside, outside, AND safety. If we go into a four-CB dime package with Williams and Smith on the field, Wink could possibly cook up some interesting deception where it can easily turn into a three-safety package, with EITHER Smith or Williams turning into the third safety.
  14. I doubt Pitts gets close to our selection. I would like to see us draft a mid-round TE, though, particularly an in-line blocker who can contribute in the short-to-mid range passing game. A potential successor to Nick Boyle for 2022 and beyond.
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