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  1. Well, 1) it runs through 2022 I believe and 2) pays the NFL $1.5B per year as what I imagine is a loss-leader for DTV.
  2. Part of the problem on that one is the contract with DirecTV for Sunday Ticket.
  3. Yep. If anything, I think an expanded playoff would reduce interest in the regular season.
  4. On this front, when people keep saying inferior product, I'm not sure what they mean. Some say the slate of games is bad, but it's not like the entire slate on a weekly basis 20 years ago was all great teams vs. all great teams. The league has always averaged out to .500. Some people say QB play is bad. I would say QB play from a skill perspective is at an all-time high. Further, if you go back just 10-15 years ago, you'll find guys like Jeff Blake, Chris Chandler, Kordell Stewart, Craig Krenzel, etc. starting games. It's not like backup QBs are a new thing. Further, the 32nd best starting QB has ALWAYS been worse than all of the other QBs in the league, it's not like this is a new thing. Maybe there are legit gripes, but a lot of the critiques I've seen/heard claiming an inferior product don't actually make a ton of sense.
  5. Yep. A system in which all screens are equal will benefit ratings vs. how they are currently being measured.
  6. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    Any thoughts on DJ Moore, WR, Maryland? I don't believe he's been mentioned in the thread. He was the B1G receiver of the year and tore it up with 4 different QBs this season.
  7. Dean Pees

    You think he's ready for the NFL? I don't oppose it necessarily, the Wisky D has looked quite good, but just nervous about a first time NFL coach with one year of DC at the college, and only two years of coaching total. I would prefer Pagano given his track record (and maybe bringing in Reed as the secondary coach, given their relationship).
  8. Terrell Suggs: HOFer?

    I also wonder if his affiliation with the Ravens defense will benefit him (unfairly in some ways relative to other candidates). Baltimore hasn't had many prolific sack guys, particularly over an extended period, with the exception of Peter Boulware. His standing as the all-time sack leader for the Ravens, a team known for D almost more than any other (in terms of the perception of the franchise as a whole), may vault him over the top.
  9. Brandon Carr in 2018

    My mistake. We would still only be up the delta from the min contracts that we currently have on the books for those last spots (mostly end of roster guys that are on IR, like Boykin).
  10. Brandon Carr in 2018

    Not sure Hill necessarily forces our hand. That said, I could easily see them wait it out and see where they stand after the draft and what other teams do with cuts.
  11. Brandon Carr in 2018

    Eh, with the rule of 51, I wouldn't see it being too much higher. Our 1st and 2nd rounder will add about $2.2MM and $1MM (less the minimum player they replace), going off Humphrey and Bowser's numbers from this year.
  12. Brandon Carr in 2018

    The biggest question, I guess, is what the cap will be for next season. Per RSR, we were $3.2MM under the $167MM 2017 cap. RSR has us at $169MM for next season (including raises and CJ Mosley's 5th year option; doesn't include rollover money, I think), so we may very well not need the space if there is any significant increase in the cap (barring the desire to bring in a higher ticket FA). Another space we could actually open up some money for 2018 would be signing Mosley to a LTD.
  13. Speaking of Torrey Smith, rumor has been that Philly will cut him this offseason (they have a zero penalty out for 2018 and he's set to make $5MM each of the next two seasons). What would you think about bringing him back for another tour with this team? His last three seasons have been fairly pedestrian, but reuniting him with Joe could be nice if the price is right. $9MM / 3 years for his age 29-31 seasons? He may not like that set-up due to his age, so perhaps we structure it as a low year-one amount, with a slightly more generous year 2/3 as a team option such that we can get out easy if he doesn't have it any more, but he makes a bit more should he outperform the deal year one (at a higher rate than we would have him otherwise, similar to the Wallace deal). Perhaps, instead, as a backup option to not being able to resign Wallace? Potential 2018 core (assuming we cut Maclin): Wallace, Smith, ROOKIE, Moore, Campanero, Perriman Side note, it's kind of funny talking about these two for the Ravens as he was labeled as a poor man's Mike Wallace by someone here following his last season in Baltimore IIRC (re: the timing, the label was definitely applied).
  14. Terrell Suggs: HOFer?

    This is definitely something we've tossed around before. Pretty straightforward question, is he a HOFer? The Stats (all going into 2017 season week 17) 125.5 sacks (#2 active; #17 all-time)* 806 Total Tackles (574 Solo) 32 FF / 12 F3 7 INT , 144 yds, 2 TD * Not an official stat until 1982 Playoffs Notable player on a SB team 12.5 playoff sacks (#1 active; #3 all-time, behind Willie McGinest and Bruce Smith) Started 17 playoff games (#70 all-time) Accolades/Awards 2003 NFL DRotY 2011 NFL DPotY 7 x Probowl 1 x 1st Team All Pro 1 x 2nd Team All Pro Non-quantifiable Items One of the better 3-4 OLBs at setting the edge against the run Possesses an uncanny ability to sniff our and blow up screen passes Big personality that has received a lot of media attention over his career Some off-field issues, although these haven't received a ton of attention nationally *** My thinking is he's a more-likely-than-not guys right now, but I think one more good season puts him in easily. At that point, I think his numbers might be too much to let him be kept out. For argument's sake, if he doesn't add any more sacks against the Bengals tomorrow (decent chance he does, though, with their OL problems - he got 2 in week one), then he will be at 125.5 going into next season. At that point, a productive-albeit not extraordinary-season of 8 sacks would vault him past Dwight Freeney, Derrick Thomas, Rickey Jackson, Lawrence Taylor* and Leslie O'neal into a tie for #12 all-time with Johnathan Abraham at 135.5. Alternatively, if he goes nuts this postseason, I could see that being a path to sure induction (if he snags the top post-season sack spot or helps the team to a deep run, like to the AFCCG). In line with any further production he can add is the question of how much longer he will play. He looks like he found the fountain of youth this season and I'd love to see him stay in Baltimore as long as he can play and wants to. We would save $4MM cutting him next season, but I don't think we actually need the space (and there are other folks who would be in line for release before him IMO). If anything, I wouldn't mind seeing us offer him a two/three-year extension that would open up a few million of space for 2018 and keep him in Baltimore through his last game. Current cap situation for Suggs below: Anyway, interested to hear y'all's thoughts.
  15. He reminds me of those really effective #2/3 types Pittsburgh has drafted in recent years (a Markus Wheaton level of production perhaps). While I don't see him as a true #2, I could see him being a high-end non-slot #3 type that teams have to worry about when he comes on the field. I definitely think he could be a meaningful contributor (in addition to his ST work, where he's already been a contributor) in 2018 and 2019, then leave for a moderate contract (bringing back a comp pick) for the 2020 season and beyond.