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  1. Wilson is a great athlete, but it was very clear how special Lamar is seeing them both take off from the pocket in this game.
  2. Baker Mayfield vs Lamar Jackson

    Which reminded me of "Brady vs. Manning" threads number 1 to n
  3. Baker Mayfield vs Lamar Jackson

    Fair, and right. I just think Points-per-drive is very important to consider when comparing offensive production as there was a material "shortening" of the game when Lamar took over due to the offense chewing up clock and consistently dominating ToP/snap count.
  4. Baker Mayfield vs Lamar Jackson

    You need to also control for number of drives per game.
  5. Rams CB Marcus Peters traded to Ravens for Kenny Young, pick

    Definitely helped the Ravens on Sunday against the Seahawks! Wilson's first pick of the year, taken back to the house.
  6. Ken McKusick has been adamant that Peters is on an Ed Reed-ian pace for picks since he’s been in the league.
  7. Really did seem like they had some sort of “it” back this week.
  8. https://sports.yahoo.com/ravens-sign-defensive-tackle-jihad-004544766.html “The Raiders made him a second-round choice in 2016, and he played all 16 games as a rookie with 13 starts. Ward played only five games in 2017 after toe surgery. Oakland traded him to the Cowboys in 2018, but he didn’t make the Raiders’ roster. The Colts signed him to the practice squad last year, and he finished the 2018 season on injured reserve with an ankle injury. Ward, 25, has 36 tackles, four sacks and one fumble recovery in 27 career NFL games.”
  9. I think Browns will try to plug middle of line as much as possible to prevent getting gashed. I think the Llama has at least one run of 30+ as a result.
  10. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    A guy Maryland was targeting/pursuing hard who went to Dematha just down the road, but ended up going to OSU... Chase Young, Edge would be such a nice addition to this team next year. A lot of football to be played, but I’m guessing he’ll be drafted well before our first round pick at this rate.
  11. Lamar Jackson QB1

    Yea, considering his completion percentage is 63%, I find this hard to believe. We don’t throw a ton of screens relative to other teams.
  12. I'm in on Ravens -6.5 Saw it at -7 some places, but love it at -6.5.
  13. SNF: LA Rams at Cleveland Browns

    That was an... interesting call
  14. Read closely, that was heading into week 6. still impressive on the 0 Int component, but the number of TDs heading into a week 3 matchup is very eye-popping.
  15. I actually made the comment to my SO that someone had to be ripping their hair out due to the spread there and foregone opportunity to score.