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  1. What I envision in Bateman is that intermediate bended-off post route, about 15 yards deep that demolishes a zone scheme a la DJ Moore.
  2. Sure, may be easy to say they almost win out by this logic, but they inexplicably lost to the Steelers at home in Week 1, so there very well may be a surprise in there somewhere.
  3. Flip side to this is the 6x 3rd and 4th round picks we have this draft (with a bunch of small school / senior holdovers from last draft) may represent a perfect opportunity to opportunistically take yet another high quality back as insurance re: Gus and Jk’s injuries. That sort of talent at the position barring freak injuries striking again could get us to ~40 again over the next 2.5 years if we were able to get it the rest of this season.
  4. I don't think we struggled against Waller anywhere close to the level of success Kelce was able to have. Yes, he had 105 yards, but it was on 19 targets (a very pedestrian 5.5 yards per target). It's a pure volume story.
  5. Yards per carry: tucker 8.0 ryan 3.1 not even close
  6. Ok, got it. Makes sense.
  7. Don't need to go two far down this rabbit hole, but Wink really seemed to like being able to put two SAM-capable players on the field at once in Judon and Bowser.
  8. Would hope it's an offset language situation where he will basically play out the remainder of the year at minimum.
  9. I meant the other side of it, that you can escape the remainder of this year because he was released absent an injury designation. Typically the non-gauranteed salary for a given year becomes guaranteed when a player is on the roster week one to begin the season. Quick explainer I was able to locate: https://www.profootballrumors.com/2018/10/vested-veteran-salary-guarantees-nfl
  10. I don't think that's how it typically works. If a player is on the roster week-1 their salary for that season typically becomes guaranteed. They would have to have released him prior to week 1 to avoid it at this point, if I'm not mistaken. Unless there's some alternative language in his contract that makes that not-applicable.
  11. Don't disagree, but I would say that (A) is a bit more likely in close game or one in which we trail for a significant portion, while (B) is more likely in a blowout / playing with a big lead. For that reason, I say (B)
  12. I don't think Clowney could give us what Judon did as a SAM.
  13. I'm looking forward to what Oweh (and Queen as well) can do on delayed / creative blitzes against Wentz. He's not a guy that gets rid of the ball fast and this could be a game where some of our guys really start notching the sack numbers.
  14. I'd also add that it's almost artificially conceding it to not be running there. It's not like pundits credit you the other way. Some people still talked about Lamar's passing totals despite him sitting out something like an entire game's worth of 4th quarters in 2019.
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