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  1. Predict the Week 1 Roster

    Levine has been pivotal to the Ravens successful use of the dime package. I personally don't see more utility coming from carrying an additional UDFA ILB. You are right, though, about the glut of talent in the secondary.
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Less potential concern about bat speed, which helps. That said, if Adley "just" ends up as Matt Wieters over his Baltimore tenure, that's not terrible. For what it's worth, MW has the 9th highest career WAR of the 54 players taken #5 overall.
  3. Predict the Week 1 Roster

    I think Levine is completely safe. Also, I'm pretty sure that Ken McKusick would quit his Raven fandom if that happened.
  4. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Yes. Obviously biased, but experts agree he's by far the best player in this draft. Plus defensive catcher (the hardest defensive position) that can hit from both sides of the plate and set records with the bat. Catcher is the position you expect the least offense from and his bat projects to be a plus at DH (highest offensive expectation, N/A defensive expectation). Obviously anything could happen (injury, underperformance, etc.), but there's tons of reason to be optimistic. Great character as well, apparently. Also, he looks like he's still 16, so there's less concern about him being over-developed already.
  5. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Different sport, but just look across the parking lot. I trust Elias to clean things up, but the Orioles neglected building out advanced analytics capabilities (among other things) and fell behind nearly all of their peers.
  6. Predict the Week 1 Roster

    Every year we seem to have more NFL roster caliber guys than we can fit on the 53-man, but this year seems more extreme than ever (IMHO, of course). A lot of this will likely be sorted out by injuries in camp/preseason, but we definitely have a few guys who could be dealt to other teams for late round picks or other roster pieces. Let me be clear, I don't think we will be able to get compensation for all of our potential cuts, nor do I think it will be particularly eye-popping, but I would love to see EDC pick up some draft ammo for at least one or two guys who won't make the team. Listing top-5 most likely candidates below (order is not specific): 1. Kaare Vedvik, PK/P - There was speculation last year that a team could deal for him before his unfortunate, bizarre injury situation. I could definitely see a team parting with a day-3 pick to solidify their ST if he balls out again this preseason. Teams like the Cowboys or Bears (who aren't particularly high on the waiver order) could definitely be interested in such a trade. 2. Kenneth Dixon, RB - I like Dixon, but the signing of Ingram, the drafting of Hill and the presence of Gus Edwards put his roster spot in danger, particularly in the final year of his rookie deal. I don't think the team will cut him, but I think he could be pried away via trade if another team has early injuries. DeLance Turner could slide into the 4th RB spot should they wish to carry another. 3. Seth Roberts, WR - As I mentioned in another thread, I see Roberts as an insurance policy. If we jettison him now, we would still be on the hook for $1MM of his $2MM deal. That's a small price to pay for a bit of peace of mind at the position before we knew Hollywood and Boykin would be Ravens. A team that loses a #2 or #3 could definitely be interested, particularly since his cap number will easily fit for just about any team. I would seriously doubt he'd garner more than a conditional pick, but still someone who could garner interest. That said, there are likely street options at the position that are better than the two positions above. 4. Maurice Canady, CB - We seems to have an embarrassment of riches at the CB position. Canady has played some very competent corner when given the shot (definitely outplaying his 6th round pedigree), but injuries and great options in front of him have largely kept him off the field. Being in the final year of rookie control is what may do him in (behind Averett, Bethel and Iman Marshall-who I think will be IR stash), but I definitely think there might be teams out there who would be interested in a 6-1, 200lb 25 y.o. corner with decent NFL tape. 5. James Hurst, OT/OG - Yes, I know... why would anyone trade for James Hurst? Well, The Baltimore Ravens traded a conditional 2018 seventh-round draft pick to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for freakin' G/C Tony Bergstrom in early 2017 in an attempt to bolster their line depth. Hurst has experience and ability to play all over the line and seems to be a good team guy. Honestly, he's not the worst player to carry for depth as he can play 4/5 spots in a pinch (thus reducing the amount of OL you may need active on gameday). His salaries are reasonable for a fringe starter ($3.5MM in 2019 and $4MM in 2020/21) and the Ravens would save $1MM by moving on from him this year (less than that effectively because he would be replaced on the roster). The biggest inhibitor to a deal here is that he's not the type of guy a competitive team is necessarily looking to add. He'd probably be a good fit for a team like Arizona, but I'm sure they would prefer to see what's available on the waiver wire rather than trade future assets. Dark Horse: Brandon Carr, CB - I seriously doubt this happens as it would seem silly to weaken our CB core, BUT his salary numbers are very cheap for 2019 and 2020 (4.5MM base in each) relative to other starting-caliber corners and he would fit nicely into the salary structure of a team that thinks they are a competitor should they lose a significant piece in the secondary. Again, I doubt this would happen nor do I really want it to, but his ability to fit into a team's cap sans extension could lure a desperate team into making a very nice draft pick offer.
  7. OTA/Camp Observations 2019

    I honestly view Roberts as an insurance policy at this point. He was signed immediately following his release and gave us a viable option before we knew we would be drafting two WR with our first three picks. I thnik he still gives some depth at the position in case of injury, but I see him as one of our top options for a preseason trade if another team has a rash of injuries in the WR group.
  8. Navorro Bowman Retires

    Great duo, but I have to throw Ray Lewis and Bart Scott into the ring. If you expand it to foursome, I think Lewis-Scott-Suggs-Adalius Thomas has to be close to taking the cake, at least post-1990 (3 made all-pro, all four have probowl honors).
  9. Eagles Extend Carson Wentz

    Particularly as that would make the cap hits more severe sooner vs. a long-term deal (which doesn’t make sense if you think your window is now through 4/5 years from now).
  10. 2019 RDT

    I don’t get slotting him over smith either TBH, unless the methodology includes contract value.
  11. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    If all of our picks were already signed and living in the Castle, I'm sure some fan somewhere online would be wondering if the guys we picked were good enough due to them signing so easily and without any sort of negotiation.
  12. Predict the Week 1 Roster

    Starting to think Marshall ends up as an IR stash. Barring an open roster spot due to injury.
  13. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Also McCoy/Pierce/Williams and tell Williams to go all out for the QB/shoot into the backfield and let the other two guys consume (and beat) double teams
  14. Random Raven Remembrances "RRR"

    "Back in the Mud Again" is the best video game soundtrack song ever. Change my mind.