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  1. Trying something... Jonathan Taylor Jonathan Taylor Jonathan Taylor
  2. Any report on the DC? Is he bringing someone from SF?
  3. Hey! James Robinson deserves respect as the feature back... - Fantasy keeper league owner
  4. Have to push back here a bit.. in what way has he outshined Queen? Even if he's been better in some contexts, he's had a significantly more limited role and has been deployed far more strategically.
  5. Almost completely unrelated tangent, but this made me think of (for some reason) how much ESPN squandered Ray Lewis as an analyst. They clearly asked him to lean into "rah-rah leader" Ray Lewis, which is certainly one of his known personas, but I thought he could have been amazing if he brought his film junkie side to the role. By all accounts, he's one of the best studied defenders ever, he and Reed hanging on the offdays watching film is a thing of local legends.
  6. I'm guessing we re-up Bowser. With the likely cap reduction, I think it makes sense for him to sign something like a $20M/2 year deal to stick around and hit the market again at 27. That said, Wink has shown that he really likes having two SAMs. I think we bring back YN on a 5 or 6 year deal, McPhee on a one, and Ferguson continuing on his rookie deal. Thinking Ward isn't available again on the cheap as the remainder of the NFL realizes the error of their ways (we take solace in a ~6th round comp pick).
  7. Not @drd23 but I like Zaven a lot as a SAM, almost as a Judon swap out.
  8. FWIW, I think Wink's system is more adaptable to a true FS that can fake it coming down into the box than the other way around (a true SS that fakes it playing single high).
  9. Right. It's not like anyone goes in the reverse direction either. Nobody thinks back to the 2012 playoffs and gives extra credit to that Ravens team for beating the Andrew Luck Colts, then going on the road to Denver (Manning) and New England (Brady) to eventually beat the 49ers in the SB.
  10. Hopefully this doesn't stop the Jets from coveting every ex-Raven. Comp picks will be crucial for keeping the talent level high in the post Lamar $$$$ years
  11. When you find yourself in a hole, your first move should be to stop digging
  12. Not sure that's really fair to Queen given that his profile and the position he plays is one that is likely to be the MOST impacted by lost offseason / camp time. Also, it's not a zero sum game where someone picked later being awesome and far outplaying their draft slot making the higher picked guy bad. If Andrews was a zero, I'm sure Hurst would still be here today. A second round pick is good value too, so other teams definitely saw something in him worth paying up for after two years in Baltimore.
  13. I think this is incredibly likely. I think Williams could be a candidate for a slightly longer extension, somewhat similar to what Suggs did late in his career (lower AAV, high guaranteed numbers).
  14. Along with Minkah?!?!? At least he doesn't have sons all over town like Marlon...
  15. Interesting, I've seen it bounce back and forth between -2/-2.5 and now it looks like it might be getting closer to 3
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