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  1. Scott and Reed weren’t on that team. Jamie Sharper was likely a better player than Scott though. And Rod Woodson at FS was no slouch either.
  2. Man... what an incredible “unstoppable force meets immovable object” scenario
  3. Proche is the only one who may be able to be snuck onto the PS as well.
  4. Of course. I was solely making a comment about what takeaway one makes purely by looking at those numbers as presented.
  5. While I agree with that concept generally, just looking at those numbers with no outside biases or knowledge would lead me to believe that it's better to concentrate targets on a WR1. If I had to choose, I would rather be like the offenses in the high concentration group than the more evenly distributed group. Important caveat - I assume injuries play a large part in shaping the total share of targets in an offense.
  6. Like geese migrating back North in the spring, the prognostications of the Browns being the class of the AFCN this year are beginning to trickle in... https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/2021-nfl-power-rankings-post-draft-standings-every-team https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/powerrankings/
  7. Don't sleep on Watkins either - he has shown a knack for sitting down in soft spots in the zone and being able to turn up field fast and violently
  8. How about we just leave it at former "World's Strongest Man" Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who portrayed him, then?
  9. Agree. I think it's an interesting data point. I think it's an interesting place to dig deeper when their grading is at odds with common / public perception.
  10. With this signing and my likely unrealistic hopes of what Cleveland can be, I'm having dreams of Lamar dropping back; having all day to throw; Hollywood, Andrews, Watkins, and Bateman embarrassing secondaries asked to cover for 5-6+ seconds; Lamar being able to takeoff for 10+ if nothing's there... It's a good dream
  11. Even if he's unspectacular, I think that's sort of the point to a degree with this signing. A guy that can contribute on the right side but also play a competent LT if needed.
  12. It may not be Powers, but given the depth of this roster I could see a couple different guys traded in training camp for picks or pick round swaps. One of the IOL, someone in the defensive backfield should another team have an injury, someone like Boykin, etc.
  13. We'll have to see how much and how early the rookies are able to get into the building and what training camp / preseason looks like.
  14. This is a good illustration of what I mean about the right-handedness of the Ravens run game and the "pivot" that Yanda was so good at. It actually wasn't executed perfectly here, but it shows it well. Typically, Yanda would attempt to turn the defender's right shoulder away from the play and swing the gate open with his butt to the running lane. OBJ would then continue up into level two and wall off a LB (likely the guy you see Yanda go after and Ronnie hit on what is an incredibly athletic pull). As you can see it's a bit backwards in execution. Had OBJ continued up into level two, he walls
  15. Same, would love to see something like $15M / 3 years for Houston or similar
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