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  1. Who Am I? (Trivia)

    Jerry Rice is indeed one of them! need to double check on AD, but I think he sat out at least one game. Recently, I think Moss had the potential to, but did not finish out season.
  2. Most overrated player on your team?

    Who are these "people?" If you look at any QB ranking list of late posted around here, he's solidly in the lower half/third of almost every single list. Some people may think he's underperformed his true talent level of late (myself included), but they certainly aren't attacking these lists by any stretch or arguing it. I just don't think he's a particularly good answer to this question given what I see as the general perspective/consensus on his "ratedness."
  3. Browns sign OT Greg Robinson

    Yea, teams like the Browns who aren't realistically competing in 2018 should be taking exactly these sorts of risks IMO.
  4. Who Am I? (Trivia)

    Not seeing a new question, so I'll throw one out. Name one of the modern era players to play 17 games in a single season (there are 8).
  5. You're not wrong. Again, I agree with your conclusion. I will say this, though, as a broader statement. Passing, even with an elite QB, is higher variance than rushing. I know this is highly-stylized, but a QB who completed 70% of passes that all go for first downs will inevitably go three-and-out. A running game that can get 3.4 yards every time would never be stopped. That is why I brought up the question of elite D. If you can guarantee some floor of offense that could potentially be more attractive than higher average output with wider swings in either direction (I can't rollover excess points). Again, I agree with you response, but I am just spitballing here as the basic question isn't particularly interesting.
  6. 2018 Fantasy Baseball Advice Thread

    5x5 H2H league (offensive categories OBP, R, RBI, HR, SB) Would you rather have Gregory Polanco, OF, Pirates or Adam Jones, OF, Orioles for the remainder of the season?
  7. You are both probably right, but I thought I would give the question a little more credit and think if the situation provided has any bearing. Again, I think it's Rodgers no matter what.
  8. Probably. For the purpose of the thought exercise I think the jump from the #16/17 QB to the best (or among the top-2/3) is larger w/r/t SB competition than the jump from the #16/17 RB to the best. If the premise was that the team had an all-time great defense, the question might get closer due to play style, but I think Rodgers is still the answer decisively.
  9. I think Giants/Pats in 2007 is the easy one. Giants were well-constructed for this matchup, but I still think this fits.
  10. Most overrated player on your team?

    Eh. I don't think that makes him "overrated." This is a belief/thought among some Ravens fans, rather than some widespread belief. Not to go all Chuck Klostermann, but in some ways he may be turning "underrated."
  11. Most overrated player on your team?

    I honestly don't think there is some overwhelming number of people stanning for Flacco as elite or top-notch, so this one is sort of a bad fit IMO. My first thought was Jefferson as well. Jimmy is a decent one, more so because of availability (rather than ability) as you mentioned. Ravens are tough as they seem to largely be flying under the radar. Not many big predictions for them and their players aren't winding up on lists like Top-100 or various breakout player lists (the type that come on NFLAM or similar shows). Weddle may be one. It seems weird to say so many secondary players as the team led the league in picks last season, but I think Weddle's turnovers were largely driven by other players (pass rushers and corners).
  12. Well said, Wackywabbit. Also, with respect to the bolded, that's fine, as long as you are willing to go through every other team's season and do the same. For example, the Steelers looked way worse against that backup-led Packers team that everyone loves to claim as a game we got lucky with. I realize that if you make that a loss, they still win the division, but my larger point is that you could say the same for a bunch of teams and it doesn't really work if you only "penalize" the Ravens (and fail to include the other things WW mentions). Basically, wins are wins in the NFL.
  13. Top 10 4-3 DT/3-4 DE & NT

    Very fair point. He's still being mentioned in the post, though, but I certainly see your POV on this. I would agree that he's certainly underappreciated or underrated, but I will maintain that Humphrey was a strong pick for the referenced thread.
  14. Top 10 4-3 DT/3-4 DE & NT

    Funny thing (with respect to your phrasing), he was hurt this season and the Ravens run defense looked terrible in his absence. He missed games #3 - 6. In those 4 contests, the Ravens saw 156 rushing attempts for 678 yards and 4 TD (4.35 YPC). Ravens 2017 games 3 - 6 In the other 12 games, the Ravens yielded a 3.95 YPC* and 8 total rushing TD. Ravens 2017 games 1 - 2 Ravens 2017 games 7 - 16 For some perspective, their poor stretch would equate to the bottom third of the league for a full season (specifically, the break between 4.3 and 4.4 ypc is at #26 and #27 in this measure). Conversely, the better stretch would equate to the top third of the league for a full season (specifically, the break between 3.9 and 4.0 ypc is at #9 and #10 in this measure). Obviously there are other factors to consider, but a very quick and dirty analysis says the team was top-10 against the run with him in the lineup and bottom-10 with him out. Note, that YPC (rather than total yards) is the measure I prefer for ranking run defenses. * Interestingly, this number was exactly the same for games 1 - 2 and games 8 - 16.
  15. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    Would love that, but Joe's gonna keep playing for a while. 19 kids gets expensive.