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  1. Would they sign Richards to the 53-man and elevate Khalil Dorsey for additional nickel depth?
  2. I actually think he has a pretty chance at it (over 1,000 again). These past two games, the team hasn't seemed to really want to run the read option and he still wound up with ~50 yards a game. Seems like that's near his weekly floor. Could see them go heavy read option against a team like KC and him up the average / pace quite a bit. He's also a block or two away from having a much higher average now, so a long run or two could really change things.
  3. Not to mention Ozzie has continued to work as a consultant / scout for the org. If he was actually demoted against his will, he has zero reason to stick around. Any organization would be happy to pay him relatively handsomely to work for them on his own schedule. He has options with the Bama program as well. There's almost zero chance he hangs around the Ravens org if they forced his hand in any way
  4. And this doesn't even mention Marcus Peters
  5. The year is 2035... A 38-year old Lamar Jackson finally misses a game for the first time in what is sure to be a HoF career due to a sore hamstring. FF Gen: "SEEEE!"
  6. Guessing Will Holden is a PS activation on game day if Stanley can't go.
  7. I'd like to see Alaka active in this one over Board. I think his skillset complements this point a bit better.
  8. The fact that the Ravens had clear deficiencies/areas for improvement in week 1 and STILL won 38-6 is a really, really good sign
  9. I'm not 100% sure on why the Bucs are the biggest favorite of the weekend right now at -9.5
  10. Did a not too small player prop parlay (there was a comma involved) that hit on Drew Lock o/u 21.5 completions as the final leg. That was stressful 😆
  11. I was watching the game a little sporatically, but when I saw Ward on the sideline he looked like he trimmed down a bit. He didn't quite have Bowser's physique, but he looked more like an OLB than the EDGE-DL tweener he was coming out. Anyone know anything about this?
  12. Going to start a series of NFL previews where I just make exclamations about rostered players (vets specifically) playing their listed positions
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