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  1. That second paragraph isn’t really specific to this instance. A player could do the same. In your personal life you could certainly choose to give less to charity or reduce spending on other budgeted items in response to a big speeding ticket received (for example). It doesn’t make it less of a fine/punishment.
  2. Even though there’s an offset to taxable income, on the whole he would be down money. Hence “not a net benefit.” There’s a benefit to his tax bill yes, but when you zoom out from the tax itemization? You have to part with much more money than you save. That’s why the idea of “but he gets to write it off on his taxes” doesn’t really work as people seem to often think.
  3. This is emblematic of how little people understand the concept of “write-offs.” You still need to part with money on balance to be eligible for a “write-off.” It’s not a net benefit in any way. I have no opinion on whether this punishment is enough or falls short, but as a financial professional this is a huge pet peeve of mine.
  4. Maybe he could just give this guy another Andrew Jackson
  5. "including rushing yards to try and make your offense look better" would have been a great nominee to the "Ladanian Tomlinson is Overrated Because he Might get Hurt" memorial hall of fame had it been posted on this site. Also, calling Orlando Brown this team's best offensive lineman is laughable.
  6. They are. A grand total of two players have made their MLB debuts from that draft class, and they are the anomalies rather than the norm (Andrew Vaughn of the White Sox and Alex Manoah of the Toronto Blue Jays). He's almost certainly going to be up next year at the latest.
  7. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31591458/baltimore-ravens-john-harbaugh-says-possible-jawuan-james-return-achilles-injury-november-december I wonder if we became more likely to execute this move once the IR - return rules became official. Maybe he still sits out the full season, but in addition to the effective option to keep him next year, there's a potential insurance policy for our OL down the stretch. Agreed that it's outside the box, but I like it even more if this is actually a possibility, even if it's a long shot.
  8. He had three years remaining on his contract, that's not an option available to them.
  9. Keeping a window open as long as possible / constantly being in competition is a strategy that has served the franchise well. On paper, the 2011 Ravens team was much more of a good bet for SB contention than the 2012. Some bad breaks lost them the AFCCG. More shots on goal, rather than going all in for one season, is what allowed them to win it all in 2012.
  10. Seeing our current line as -4 at Raiders... gives me a bit of 2019 @ Dolphins opener vibes
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