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  1. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    I'm in on Ravens +205 and a parlay of Ravens +6 and Over 39.
  2. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    I haven't given up on Perriman, but I'm still bitter about us not taking Diggs in that draft. I pounded the table for that guy. I'm a hugeUMD homer, but I'm sure anyone here can attest that I specifically said that he was my largest divergence on general consensus vs. my own rating for any Terp. We should have taken two receivers the second he was still available.
  3. The crisis thing wasn't specifically directed at you, moreso the talk of OL crisis, and others more broadly. Thanks for clarifying your position, though.
  4. 7 of those 9, as well as all 5 wins) are in the current iteration of the Pats (BB/TB), FWIW. The other two appearances were '85 and '96, both big time losses. They are most certainly a "newer" dynasty/historical winner. All 6 of the AFC appearances in the window quoted for the thread are the Pats.
  5. I may start a separate thread about this, but all of these league-wide positional crisis proclamations bug me. We will never be in a situation where there are "32 starting caliber quarterbacks." We will always have a bottom rung for every position as everything is relative. Across the board, QB play is better than its ever been (the result of passing leagues, camps, better nutrition, generational knowledge transfer, better systems, etc.), but some guys will always be the top half of the league in talent and some guys will always be the bottom half. It's not just relative performance within a position group. Other positions get better, too. Cornerbacks and pass rushes get better, making the QB's job that much more difficult. We remember the good players from the past and forget the poor players. Go back to prior years and look at QB play (or any position), a lot of guys are going to be poor/unspectacular.
  6. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    You could ask this about any civil proceeding, I guess. A functioning court system is integral to the successful operation of a free market system. As @jrry32 alludes to, all of the entities involved pay taxes to cover the legal infrastructure.
  7. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    If I've learned anything during my time online, it's that everyone in online forums/comment sections is a lawyer.
  8. Marshawn Lynch suspended 1 game

    Trying to draw proportional equivalency between suspension lengths is flawed logic to begin with.
  9. Marshawn Lynch suspended 1 game

    Does the NFLPA almost mandate that you appeal? Pretty sure that was the standard for at least one of the leagues (MLBPA maybe).
  10. Adrian Peterson traded to ARZ

    Maybe he can fill the void AZ has had since Cardinals legend E. Smith hung it up.
  11. 2007 Patriots vs 2008 Lions with 12 players

    I vehemently disagree. The ability to add a rusher without sacrificing anyone in coverage EVERY SINGLE PLAY is incredibly impactful. Lions sweep 4-0 under this scenario IMO.
  12. Ravens Rundown: Week 5 2017

    + No turnovers by the offense + Very few penalties + Defense scoring off a turnover - Coaching staff going conservative in the 3rd
  13. Would be pretty happy with this as a Ravens fan.
  14. Week 5 Gameday Thread

    That name is reserved for Frank Walker, I will have you know!
  15. GDT 2017: Week 5 - Ravens @ Raiders

    Would need multiple things at this point...