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  1. Arbitration for running backs

    The whole premise of this thread is flawed. The rookie wage scale makes it such that there are three rookies in the top-10 AAVs for runningbacks. This is not something you see at other position groups.
  2. Maybe there's a silver lining in that a player like Pierce takes a below-market deal to lock that money in.
  3. Thought we could start a thread for "explain it to me" type questions for individual players. Can be anything: why do people like this player? why does this player not get more love? why did this player get resigned? etc. To kick it off, what's wrong with Antoine Wesley that made him undrafted? He has looked pretty good in the two preseason games and went to a big program (with big production). A few key notes from his draft profile: Not sure what his speed is like (apparently it's not great), but he seems like a player that should have been drafted. What am I missing?
  4. Nothing but respect for MY kicker:
  5. OTA/Camp Observations 2019

    Also, I think Tim Williams and Tyus Bowser are indeed locks to make the team.
  6. Brown, Snead, Boykin and Moore are locks IMO. Emergence of Scott and flashes from Wesley are likely most threatening to Roberts's spot I would think.
  7. Nice corner kick by Smith. Maybe EDC will settle for a 7th?
  8. Shouldn't Ferguson be 4YRs based on the way you're reporting all of the others?
  9. Aaron Adeoye is the former AAF guy. Interesting measurables/athleticism.
  10. I get disproportionately excited at the prospect of a safety. Let's go!
  11. While Wesley did push off some, it looked like they were hand fighting each other.
  12. Wow, these are some awesome analytics, coach.
  13. McSorley just does not have the arm for the out route at the NFL level.
  14. I know these are preseason games, but I feel like missing or distracting from game action for other production content is cardinal sin #1 of sports broadcasts. I assume that the celebrity interviews during MNF in the Tony K days are shown as an example of what not to do to new broadcast teams.