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  1. DJ Moore - Possible 1st round target?

    Yea, that's definitely a "let me use one thing I know about this team off the top of my head" justification.
  2. Darth Pees is pretty much the last person this statement would apply to.
  3. Not to mention, the injury guarantee thing is moot for the Colts since they only signed him to a 1-year deal.
  4. The Offseason target

    Wouldn't mind us kicking the tires on Marcedes Lewis, potentially bringing him on with a cheap deal.
  5. This Ain't Ravens Talk

    Another option, there is the Horseshoe pretty close to the harbor if anyone in your group likes casinos.
  6. The Offseason target

    Whether you like it or not, I guarantee you Perriman will be on the roster over Adeboyjo/White.
  7. The Offseason target

    Obviously that beats the numbers I mentioned above and there's almost no way we could fit that deal reasonably into our current cap situation.
  8. The Offseason target

    His catch rate was a little down this last season, but it was very respectable the prior two years (70% in 2016). Tenth among TE in catches this past season. I think comparisons to Ed Dickson were a Bit hyperbolic.
  9. The Offseason target

    Proposed Ebron deal. Does this get it done? How would you feel about it? 3 years, $15mm, 7.5mm total guarantee (6 signing bonus, half of year 2 salary for injury) signing bonus - 6mm annual base - 1mm/3mm/5mm cap hits - 3mm/5mm/7mm sprinkle a little additional money on top in incentives (pro bowl, all pro, tds, etc.) slighty more than the Dickson contract, allows him to re-hit the market at 27, ideally with increased value with likely a new CBA.
  10. This Ain't Ravens Talk

    On the other side of the harbor, in locust point just past Fed Hill, is a place called Little Havana. They do a really good bottomless brunch with a good crowd if you're around on a Sunday for part of it. This is a good spot to hang out as well if you;re looking for something different (not sure if they're open yet for the season, you can call them): http://tikibargebmore.weebly.com/
  11. This Ain't Ravens Talk

    If you like baseball, O's games are an option as well starting in about a week or so. Camden Yards is a great ballpark, even if you're not the biggest baseball fan, and is walkable (incredibly so) no matter where you are staying in the harbor area.
  12. Ryan Jensen made highest paid C by Tampa Bay

    Here's a bit of a catch-22 (and I think a bit of a rabbit hole that you can get stuck in). Is it credit to the FO/coaches for developing a 6th round pick into the highest paid C in the league OR is it a criticism as to why he wasn't playing sooner? I tend to think it's the former, but these are the sort of logic pretzels one can find themselves in with these sorts of things. Similar to the question about McKinnie in the SB year. Were the coaches wrong to keep him out of the lineup until the end of the season OR were their methods instrumental in getting him to adequately prepare for games through practice?
  13. 4 Rounds of Heaven With Trades

    Kind of meh on the Ravens picks after the first. Honestly, if it shook out like that, I would much rather see us take one of the following in the second over Gesecki: Chukwuma Okorafor, OT Jamarco Jones, OT Tyrell Crosby, OT D.J. Moore, WR
  14. Meh, I'd argue Kyle Boller was far worse. Higher pick (Perriman was in the mid-20's) that they traded up for (sent their second round pick in 2003 along with a 2004 first rounder that became Vince Wilfork). Not to mention, contributed to wasting some prime Ray Lewis, Jon Ogden, Ed Reed, Jamal Lewis, Chris McAlister, Todd Heap, Peter Boulware, Suggs, etc. years.