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  1. Going along with the 2021 draft prospects thread, what is the position that you would like to target with the team's 2021 first rounder (knowing what we know now)? Let's make this individual prospect agnostic. Also, to clarify, this is slightly different than team needs. For example, we might potentially need another TE in the rotation as a long-term upgrade to one of the UDFA, but I doubt most would prefer to use our most valuable pick there. Similarly, a swing OT/developmental LT might be a need, but if we assume Stanley will be extended or at the very least franchised, then it may not be the best use of our top pick. The case for a few positions: WR - Much of the board was clamoring for a playmaking WR to pair with Hollywood. Boykin may yet develop and Duvernay looks like a nice addition to the group, but another top-flight option would have a place in this offense. EDGE - We have four of our five EDGE pieces set to be FA following 2020 (Judon, Bowser, Fort, McPhee). A lot of us had this as the top need for 2020, but much of the band was brought back together. The two arguments I see against this position are (1) value - we're likely picking late in the round and it can often be a soft area where the top options are gone and the next tier isn't really justified and (2) Wink has shown a propensity/ability to scheme pressure. DL - Madubuike was a great addition with our first third rounder in 2020, but this was definitely an area of focus in 2020 through FA/trades. Wolfe is a FA after 2020 and Campbell is both aging and only has two years remaining. Williams is still a key piece against the run, but both he and Campbell could be at risk next offseason based on what happens with the cap and space needed to extend core players like Stanley, Humphrey, and Jackson. S - Clark was a great deal to extend as a future core piece, but the interest in trading for Adams is warranted, although the compensation (trade and extension) required make that proposition a bit tricky. Earl may not play out his contract and Elliott and Stone are question marks. Another premium FS talent would be a welcome addition to the back end of this defense as the current talent/contract waterfall doesn't extend too far into the future.
  2. Chiefs sign Mahommes to 10 year extension

    Ultimately this is likely a good decision by both parties. Gives Mahomes upside in exchange for locking in long-term, but also protects the team some if cap is flat or doesn't increase much over the next couple years. I would assume he has some flat number that he gets if it's higher than the stated percentage.
  3. Crucial but underrated players

    Not sure he fits the criteria exactly. I think Nick Boyle May be a better fit. I’m guessing a lot of other fans aren’t aware that he had the most snaps of any Ravens TE in 2019.
  4. I'm definitely open to discussing it. I just don't like people assuming facts not in evidence (or worse, stating the opposite of what we do appear to know) to make their case.
  5. From 2016: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/new-poll-finds-9-in-10-native-americans-arent-offended-by-redskins-name/2016/05/18/3ea11cfa-161a-11e6-924d-838753295f9a_story.html From 2019: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/a-survey-explores-how-native-americans-feel-about-the-name-washington-redskins-no-its-not-that-survey-this-one-is-new/2019/08/09/e38553bc-b581-11e9-8949-5f36ff92706e_story.html
  6. This thread title is inaccurate. It's not Redskins shareholders attempting to force a name change. It is some shareholders in various other companies requesting that they not do business with the team outside of a name change. That's quite a difference.
  7. Lamar Jackson QB1

    Maybe a little more of a screen game as well
  8. Kyler Murray Hype

    I felt like this was already in the OP
  9. Even really fast QBs, like Rg3, don't have Lamar's seemingly superhuman ability to read defender leverage in making the decision to give or keep the ball on the run option. I think it's Ken McKusick who has described it as if he is able to watch the defense on frame-by-frame mode and use that to make his decision.
  10. Hall of Fame Game Canceled

    That's fine, that's certainly a defensible opinion/POV. I would just disagree with the notion that this news is signaling momentum going in that direction, rather than a logical update to the overall plan given the constraints we will be working with this season. It seems more likely to me that in planning for the 2020 season someone said "hey, does it make sense for us to have this 5th preseason game if we won't be holding the ceremony, etc.?" than this being a reaction to anything that has happened in the last week or two.
  11. Hall of Fame Game Canceled

    Yea, they're likely not doing the HoF ceremony in canton or having the event, so no reason for two teams to have a fifth preseason game. I'm not sure this is some indication that the season is in jeopardy.
  12. I think you're being overly deferential/almost trying to hard to avoid being a homer. I think we have as good of an argument as any team for best roster top-to-bottom. I would certainly disagree that the Steelers are even with us. I would say it's us, Chiefs, and 49'ers vying for the top spot. Then Saints right behind those three, then everyone else you mention after a clear gap.
  13. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here, but not only does Young give you a great slot coverage option, he appears to have a knack for finding the ball, as evidenced by his 3 FR in 2018, two of which went for TDs. Also, a number that's probably overlooked, he had 5 TFL in 2018, that's more than Jimmy Smith has had in his career. It's what Marlon (4) and Peters (1) put up combined last season. Lardarius Webb only notched that many in one season (rookie year in 2009). 2 sacks in 2018 as well. Really shows his ability to get in there and make a splash play, even as a small-ish CB (pitbull mentality you mentioned).
  14. A lot of the time when people ask why a team or player didn't win more championships, they don't consider that other great players/teams would necessarily have had to not win as well. The 1995 season/1996 game champions were the Dallas Cowboys triplets dynasty, then the 1997/8 and 1998/9 champs were those great Elway Broncos teams. Finally, the 1999/2000 champions were the GSOT Rams. Not sure which of those teams shouldn't have won or was prime for supplanting.
  15. I think Ben is the safer bet given the familiar situation.