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  1. I’ve seen quite a few other jets beat reporters refute MM’s claim here on Twitter, unless something’s changed in last few hours.
  2. Yea kind of crazy how much of conventional wisdom it’s become that they’re the best team in the AFCN.
  3. Can’t see that being the case. If anything Wink tells him to go balls to the wall and other guys get the clean up.
  4. It probably won’t be against the Steelers this week, but I’ve got a feeling Lamar posts a bonkers stat line in a game one of these coming weeks. Think @diamondbull424 alluded to it recently, but I think he’s gonna pop off for something like 21/24, 275 yards, 4 TD soon.
  5. sp6488

    2020 ROT

    Gotta give Phillips a bit more leeway imo. He’s at the front end of his rookie year playing a new position and has definitely shown some flashes. If he can stick it will pay dividends beyond this season.
  6. This is excellent. One thing I love to see is that despite being more of a speed rusher who likes to rush wide, he doesn’t let himself get washed out of the play when his initial rush doesn’t get home. A few really good examples of re-establishing containment after a good first effort by the OT, resulting in a second bite at the proverbial apple.
  7. While you’re not wrong you’re sort of talking about two different moves/decisions. Making room on the 53 vs. gameday actives / inactives. On the latter point, they just had 4 RB active on gameday. There’s some flexibility on that front.
  8. I would think potentially cutting the center they promoted.
  9. The 98 accuracy is disrespectful. Most accurate kicker of all time.
  10. A few naysayers on Twitter claiming YN won’t be that great for the Ravens because a lot of his production this year is coverage sacks. Sounds good for the Ravens IMHO.
  11. Ideally the majority of our front seven is “rotational players” IMO
  12. Yet they still put up 30 in an apparently unimpressive showing.
  13. Eh. He and bowser both have a lot of impact outside of pure pass rush as SAM LBs. also, talking about total impact is where he has more contribution than pure numbers.
  14. I think Judon already feels pretty blessed going from GVSU m and a fifth round pick to making $17M for one season. No matter what happens, it doesn’t seem that he has an ill will toward the FO. it’s rare the player who leaves and shows bad blood, as you mention. Tony Jefferson, for example, continues to be a huge cheerleader for this team and his former teammates.
  15. Doubtful IMO. this is a move to take this team to next level. Not swap parts.
  16. Pretty intense line movement in the Ravens favor. Doesn’t seem like there were any major announcements driving that
  17. Going to be a very memorable one for me personally. Not sure how much Of the game I’ll get to watch play to play, but first child (boy) was born yesterday and I’m planning to watch it with him in the hospital room (mom needs to stay for a couple days).
  18. Have there ever been seven teams in a conference with 11+ wins? Even in 2008 when the patriots missed the playoffs with an 11-5 Record, only six AFC teams had 11 wins or more.
  19. Madibuike showed up against the run last week. I’m sure he’s up for an expanded role this week. Played mostly on early downs last week, guessing he gets in some more pass rush situations.
  20. Probably. Sanders is really the only offensive piece that concerns me. With their receiver group and OLine I feel like we’ll dominate this game early if we shut down the run. With that said don’t want to be short handed along the line. Looking at his write up from when we signed him, seems like he should at least be able to contribute to early downs against the run. Aaron Crawford, DL, UNC 6’2”, 290 The nose tackle from Ashburn, Va. was a three-year starter at UNC and one of the Tar Heels’ best defenders in 2019. As a senior last season, Crawford started all 13 games and finished with 50 tackles, three sacks, and was tied for second on the team with 9.0 tackles-for-loss. His 31 stops (tackles that constitute a “failure” for the offense) ranked fifth among all Power 5 interior DL, according to Pro Football Focus. Crawford’s 91.2 run defensive grade was the best among P5 interior defensive linemen, according to PFF. Crawford was Mr. Reliable for UNC and defensive coordinator Bateman this past season. He played 685 snaps and was snubbed in the All-ACC defensive awards. A former 247Sports Composite three-star prospect, Crawford had the third-best overall defensive grade (86.4) in the ACC and the second-best run defense grade in the nation (91.3). ~ Ross Martin, 247Sports.com
  21. And this is why I wouldn't be happy with us getting rid of Gus simply for the right to pay Crowder a market contract. We're paying Gus nothing this year (all dollar saved will roll into next year, in which the cap may be flat or down a bit) AND we have the option to retain him cheaply for next year or deal him. I also don't know how we would know Crowder was another Landry/Woods, that's a fairly big assumption for a guy who is in his sixth season in the NFL. His career catch rate and Y/target are both below that of Willie Snead, for example.
  22. Trading Gus for Crowder would surrender a ton of value. No way I could be in favor of that swap.
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