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  1. Always fun to mess around with the simulated mock draft tools out there. Starting a thread to post some of what you all get if/when you run them. These will evolve throughout the lead up to the draft as rankings change. WalkTheMock is one of my favorites, but feel free to share any you like personally. https://www.walkthemock.com/ EDIT: Adding in TheDraftNetwork here. https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine I ran this one the other day: 1:28 Javon Kinlaw, DL, SCAR 2:28 Tyler Biadasz, C/OG, Wisconsin 3:28 Branlee Anae, EDGE, Utah 4:28 Anthony McFarland, RB, Maryland 5:24 TJ Carter, CB, Memphis 6:28 Ashtyn Davis, FS, California If our draft turned out anything close to this (the first four picks, in particular), then I would be over the moon. I would have liked to get a WR and ILB in there, but the limited number of picks hinders things a bit for the moment. When picks get updated, we should have three more fourths, no sixth, and a seventh added IIRC. Looking forward to seeing yours.
  2. Ravens Mock Draft Simulators

    I think I'd like that (OBVIOUSLY depending on who else falls to our pick). It really seems like there's a lot of guys with whom I would be just about equally happy from 25 - 40.
  3. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    What the top-line cap number is post-CBA and what happens with cap carryover are two major factors that will impact FA. That said, we have a few levers for the space that exists currently: - If we move on from Carr that would free up a healthy amount of money - A Stanley extension would potentially free up space as he's accounted for on the 5th year option and is obviously in the higher portion of the round (how we structure will be influenced by carryover rules) - A Yanda retirement would open up some money, albeit with a loss on the line - considering he hasn't retired yet, I'm starting to think he'll be back... if that's the case, I could see the Ravens adding a year to his deal (converting 2020 salary to bonus) to free up current year dollars if needed As far as pursuing FAs, I could see a scenario where EDC diverts from his to-date strategy of relatively flat 3-year extensions if the player in question is a true building block player. If Yannick Ngakoue hits FA, for example, I could see him getting a six year deal with a more steep cap hit increase to fit him in under the current year
  4. TCMD Discussion (Free Agency Round 5 Begins)

    Basically swapping him for Carr works for me. Under this scenario, it may make sense to push Marshall to a hybrid CB/S role similar to what Carr was playing later in the season. That was what some of the discussion around him touched on for the draft.
  5. I would add that Stix Smith has really come into his own as a dominant force. He's not quite the brawler that Bruno was down low, but his ability to stroke the trey takes his game to a whole different level.
  6. What's contained in the new CBA could be quite interesting. If they eliminate the ability to roll cap over, franchising Judon almost becomes close to a no-brainer in my book. The opportunity cost of those dollars would decline substantially.
  7. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    I don't know... Maybe we should stop talking about him, though, before others get wise.
  8. Flip side is that it would be simpler to make such an accusation, if Completely unsubstantiated, behind Closed doors rather than to the whole world.
  9. Great signing. Not much else to say.
  10. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Would Fotu in the second be considered "falling" at this point? I've seen him consistently as a Day-3 guy in a lot of rankings. I've been consistently mocking him to us around the 4th.
  11. Ravens Mock Draft Simulators

    Just ran another TDN simulation. Before I get to my results, I want to comment on the players available at pick number 28 (first round). If the board fell like this, I think EDC would be trying everything in his power to trade back. In particular, if one of the teams at the top of the second liked one of the remaining QB prospects (the Colts, Lions, or Chargers, for example), it would be a great opportunity to pick up some extra 2020/2021 draft capital and still have our pick of a lot of similarly-graded talents. A high 2020 2nd, swapping one of our 2020 comp 4ths for a 2020 3rd and a 2021 3rd/4th might be good value. Players available at pick 28 (with TDN rankings): 20. Jordan Love, QB, Utah State 22. Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama 23. Grant Delpit, S, LSU 25. Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin 26. J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ohio State 28. Patrick Queen, LB, LSU 29. Kenneth Murray, LB,Oklahoma 31. Neville Gallimore, IDL, Oklahoma 32. Jacob Eason, QB, Washington 35. Ross Blacklock, IDL, TCU 36. Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU 37. Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson 39. Zack Baun, EDGE, Wisconsin Since I don't have premium and can't make trades in the simulation, I ended up going with Delpit (oh hey @diamondbull424) as he's just too talented to pass up here, would add some additional sizzle to the dime, and would help fill out the long-term pipeline at the position. Really though hard about Gallimore and Blalock as well as Queen and Murray. Two of my favorites went a pick or two before my third and fourth round picks (Biadasz and McFarland, respectively). 28. Grant Delpit, S, LSU 60. Curtis Weaver, EDGE, Boise State 92. Saahdiq Charles, OT, LSU 119. Gabriel Davis, WR, UCF 124. Leki Fotu, IDL, Utah 152. Devin Duvernay, WR, Texas
  12. Hence why they were smart to start with an indefinite suspension with an offseason reinstatement rather than simply saying it would be the remainder of the season (~6 games IIRC). Blunts some of the opportunity for trying to make game count comparisons.
  13. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    On jimmy smith, I’m thinking they are trying to get him on a reasonable deal (maybe something like Carrs current series of options). If Jimmy is back, I’m guessing Carr is gone. May be tough to get that done though unless he’s willing to take a bit less than market to stick in Baltimore.
  14. Hilarious to me that there’s such a strong contingent of Browns fans still justifying Garrett’s actions. Love that the story is gumming up the offseason for two other AFCN teams though.
  15. Ravens Mock Draft Simulators

    Just ran one in TDN tool. Apparently I love players in the B1G... 28. Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn State 60. Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, Michigan 92. Tyler Biadasz, IOL, Wisconsin 119. Anthony McFarland, RB, Maryland 124. Collin Johnson, WR, Texas 152. Jordan Fuller, S, Ohio State
  16. I think we too often miss one of the biggest confounding factors in cases like these, that sometimes these sorts of traits may have helped the player reach the NFL, rather than the other way around. Things like this or increase aggression/lack of impulse control can be major positives in separating the proverbial wheat from chaff in lower levels of football on the way to the NFL.
  17. To trade or not to trade that is the question?

    At this point, the best thing he can do for the Ravens is sign somewhere on a qualifying deal (over $1MM IIRC) to serve as a cancellation of a low-level FA signing to the Ravens in the comp pick formula.
  18. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    He's an exclusive rights FA and will almost certainly be brought back on the league minimum.
  19. DB424 Mock Offseason

    I'll echo the others' comments, I'm not a huge fan of the Hurst trade. I think he'll be incorporated even more next year as Lamar continues to grow as a passer.
  20. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    I have AntMac in my Ravens mock (3rd round). I think he could work in as a returner and also give us another weapon on offense. He’s a different runner than all of the guys we have and could move out to the slot or wing in some sets as well. Incredibly versatile and might have more value to us than many other offenses.
  21. I'm kind of shocked that it took this long for someone to mention the Pats.
  22. Yea, I’m more and more skeptical that Roman is a fit for them. He doesn’t strike me as a guy you hire to be the CEO (e.g., Harbaugh) and if he’s not going to build to the scheme he’s known for (because you’re committed to Baker As the centerpiece), what’s the point ?
  23. Matching Up vs. TEN

    FWIW I think this is a sign of respect re: our matchup. I interpret this to mean that CBS thinks the other game will be more exciting. It’s an insult to Tennessee or a credit to Baltimore, not a slight to the good guys and the Llama.
  24. Mariota might have really good sprint speed for a QB, but the true place where Lamar separates himself isn’t the straight line running. It’s in the ability to start and stop on a dime and his uncanny ability to sense when a defender is off balance (huge advantage on the read option).