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  1. 2019 Quarterback Class

    Hmmm...don't know whether to be excited or not. Never paid much attention to any college sports other than football. His backup looked good in the Spring Game. If Murray does go to MLB, I wish him luck.
  2. CLE picked for Hard Knocks 2018

    Okay, so one time of public intoxication vs. multiple suspensions because you won't stay off the weed...I think I will take the one time public intox. Still available to play. Testing positive for weed? Yep, you'll be gone for awhile...like Gordon has. But, to each their own!
  3. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Yes! Welcome back, Foster.
  4. 49ers Select Dante Pettis, WR, Washington#44 Overall

    I know, but Shanalynch have shown they are going to get their guys regardless of what we think. Resistance is futile! Drink the Kyle-Aide and move on!
  5. Around the NFL

    Sooooo much this! Being a teacher, if I made a political statement (regardless of where!) I could face suspension at a minimum and termination as a maximum. Sure, you can voice your opinion and your employer can discipline you for it. The 1st Amendment does not protect from consequences via an employer, it only promises the government will not give us any.
  6. State of the Franchise

    Indeed, very horrible news.
  7. New policy for the National Anthem

    Okay, to you. But I'm not making it up. Whatever, people. Believe it or don't.
  8. New policy for the National Anthem

    And, apparently, there are those who cannot hold a debate without slinging insults...whodathunk it?!
  9. New policy for the National Anthem

    Wow. Really? No, what's worse are those who dismiss any opinion they disagree with just because they disagree.
  10. Minor Niner News Thread

    Had a good laugh on that one! Of course he didn't. I don't just push for Sooners...see my '18 draft crush: Quenton Nelson. Instead, we took the guy next to him.
  11. New policy for the National Anthem

    There are businesses that want this protest to go away. I spoke to a BWWs manager and he said the entire chain has been impacted. Sunday is usually their biggest day during NFL season. Business is down 25% across the nation for BWWs on Sunday in particular. People have called in and said they will not be coming to eat and watch until the kneeling stops. The NFL has been perceived as condoning the behavior, so they needed to remedy that, I guess. Not sure this accomplishes anything...
  12. Minor Niner News Thread

    Actually, I really liked Dumervil that year...seriously.
  13. 49ers Select Dante Pettis, WR, Washington#44 Overall

    Exactly. So, why even continue to complain? This is my point. Perhaps it's because I am a teacher, but I have very low tolerance for complaining/whining or negativity in general.
  14. 49ers Select Dante Pettis, WR, Washington#44 Overall

    And such complaints have dominated this thread. Why can't we just relax and wait and see?! People seem to distrust the FO when all they have done points to improvement, thus far! When they ACTUALLY do something that truly warrants such hand-wringing/complaining, then I can understand.
  15. 49ers Select Dante Pettis, WR, Washington#44 Overall

    Which has been the story of previous regimes! Taylor Mays comes to mind...ugh.