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  1. So it's not human nature to see or hear of a situation and make connections to possibilities? Remember that when you make inferences from limited information....which we all do on a regular basis here.
  2. It is likely the reason the 9ers don't have him. I shouldn't speak for the rest of the league, though. Shanny had a talk with Kaep when he took over as HC. Soon after, Kaep opted out of his contract to become a FA. I don't think he was willing to put in the mental work to learn Kyle's O.
  3. Wilson would be my ideal 1st round pick, even if we have to trade up and give up more picks. We would give up less for Wilson than Watson, overall. I'd really like to find a speedy edge to focus on for our 1st round pick if Wilson is gone, but I'm not seeing anyone who really fits the bill at #12 (if we stay). Which means it may be a CB if Wilson is gone (though I would rather go OL) and EDGE will have to wait....it's time to get another Patrick on the Defense: Patrick Jones II in the 2nd or 3rd round.
  4. If we stuck with Jimmy G, I would be ecstatic over this draft! Love the OL and Patrick Jones picks, especially! I believe Jones would be a great compliment to Bosa and decent replacement for Ford.
  5. And not on any NFL roster! Too much gym rat, not enough film geek.
  6. We all know the Chiefs, especially Eric Fisher, should be high on that list, but the refs look the other way. Patrick is their Mahomie. 😜
  7. Wouldn't they be the same? Improvement is improvement.
  8. Well, Tomlinson was mentioned above, but other than him, not really.
  9. Very nice take! Tre Norwood was thrown into the 3rd or 4th quarter of Bedlam (OU vs Ok St) about 2 or 3 years ago as a Freshman when the upperclassman ahead of him couldn't stop the Cowboys passing game. He made an IMMEDIATE difference. Shut down performance. It was impressive.
  10. Good stuff! Please continue. I like the fact that these are 'cutups' instead of highlights with an annoying soundtrack. Just give me football, good and bad and in between! Hoping to see a Rumph cutup soon....
  11. REALLY?! I guess I have not watched enough Stafford....cool.
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