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  1. May not be a good idea to go down this road much further--could get VERY political.....
  2. I would be interested to know more about the accident. Too many drivers going too fast and addicted to their phones, but don't know if that had anything to do with it... Hope not! It is always shame to see a good person lose their life to an accident like this.
  3. I remember some being concerned about taking Warner so high (3rd round? Too high? Naw!). I was ecstatic as I had been watching some BYU games and really liked Warner. He was my fave LB of that Draft. I think weight was a concern for some....
  4. I disagree! Pick your weapon and let's duel! Fred is VERY important, but I think Bosa is THE most important defender on the team. No one puts as much direct pressure on the opposing QB as he does. I can place Fred right AFTER Bosa.
  5. Regarding Sherman: Yikes! I too hope he gets help.
  6. Exactly! He had only 3 catches for about 20 or so yards, but 1 was a 1st down and the other 2 were TDs! A Packer DB called what he ran the "Oh sh!t route". Clark faked falling on a route only to pop up and grab the pass for a TD---twice! I feel for his wife and 3 sons.
  7. He may have had some concussions, but the reason he had to retire was chronic hamstrings. After more than 1 surgery failed to fix them, he retired after 4 seasons. He was part of the 3 pick draft of 1997. Jim Druckenmiller (QB) in the 1st, Greg Clark 2nd, Mark Edwards (FB) 3rd. They traded the rest away wheeling and dealing to get those 3 players. This was the 1st Draft I paid attention to...
  8. I watched him play a couple times while he was a Ricks College Viking as I was attending at the same time. Played WR more than TE at the time and he was tough to stop.
  9. https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2021/07/09/former-49ers-te-greg-clark-dies-at-49/ Cannot believe this. One of my favorite 9ers despite such a short tenure. Had a bigger impact on The Catch II game than TO! Recruited to Stanford from my junior college alma mater Ricks College (now BYU Idaho). Very 😢
  10. I was very wary of his traits in that draft. Wasn't interested at all. And, that made me at least a little concerned when we took Aiyuk, his team mate the next year. I got over it quick. Aiyuk is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more than and better than Harry.
  11. I do not care for alternate helmets at all...regarding the rumored red helmets. No thank you. The white pants always seemed kind of off to me. Tan or gold pants are best, IMO.
  12. 😡 😱 Classless attempt to grab notoriety!
  13. I was/am big on Mac. Lance is likely the much better choice, but I would have been pleased with Mac. I think he was woefully under-rated on this board. The Pats obviously like him.
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