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  1. Oh, I get that. But if someone is "your guy" and your the HC, don't you go get them? Doesn't matter who it is, you get them.
  2. Actually, depending on the pick, it may be both a party and a hellscape... ๐Ÿ˜Ž Where's my popcorn!?
  3. Actually, all of that was pointed more at Lance than Fields. And Jones has 17 starts, I believe. I could be wrong, but I think Lance has a total of 19? A difference of 2 and in the SEC, I give Jones the edge for competition played against. Others may give Lance the edge because he had a lesser supporting cast...or did he? Isn't Lance's school one of the best at their level? I will ignore the "misinformed and misguided' digs (wow, you certainly get aggressive in your opinions. Objective tone goes a long way to having people listen to you!) as no one person can know everything about every p
  4. Well, we would take him with a 1st after trading up and giving up 2 other firsts....so technically not giving UP 3 to take him. Just 2. But if he busts, it would be extremely cringe-worthy.
  5. Few do. Some say it's all because of his supporting cast. His WRs, however, vouch for him. If Tua could be drafted so high, I don't get why Mac shouldn't. Teammates of both say Jones is better. Or, they're all about the latest trend...got to get a sports car of a QB. Athleticism should be a nice addition, not the focus. QB is still a cerebral position. And those who already have experience in a more pro-style O should not be discounted just because someone else is more athletic (pointing more at Lance than Fields with this).
  6. Okay, but there's round 3 as well on Day 2....๐Ÿคจ
  7. Really? Day 2 is ideal for WR, IMO. Especially since some of our WRs spend more time on the bench than we would like.
  8. Sooooooo true. None of us who have chosen a horse in this race (or not) have any idea how it is going to go down.
  9. ๐Ÿง Not getting what you're cooking here....I probably don't want it anyway.
  10. I had no idea any such studies had been done. Never crossed my line of sight.
  11. That dude is possibly the luckiest athlete in recent history. Running for his life so often and not a single major injury....so many other QBs would be jealous if they thought about it.
  12. How is that a myth?! Just look at Jimmy G and his ACL, for one. Freak occurrence, yes. But it was because he was running. No contact, either. Freaky. RGIII relied on his knees/legs a lot. He's not playing anymore, is he? Cousins is.
  13. Nice! Love this kid. Eager to see where he starts his NFL career.
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