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  1. 49ers RB Raheem Mostert requests trade

    While I liked Thomas (still do, but we are still waiting for him to "shine"), McCaffrey was my fave for that Draft. Wanted him to be a 9er badly.
  2. Raheem Mostert Requests a trade

    Well, if he wants a chance at another SB, yes there is some risk. Breida went to Miami and, while there is potential there in Miami, the 9ers have the foundation for a return.
  3. 49ers RB Raheem Mostert requests trade

    Problem with this request is every RB on the roster getting more $$$$ than him also has a better record of production. They aren't one year wonders (or is that half a year?!).
  4. Raheem Mostert Requests a trade

    Except every other RB getting more than him has had longer term success than he has (aside from maybe Jet, with that catastrophic ACL tear).
  5. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    It may be time to realize that Covid-19 is going to be with us awhile and we will need to live with it. At this point, I do believe the fear of it is causing more harm emotionally, economically and mentally than the actual virus is doing.
  6. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    That's all you see in Jimmy G?!?
  7. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    And unfortunately, this is nothing new for Jewish communities world wide. Perhaps the most persecuted ethnicity of all time. Just look at the history, some of which people want to deny (I've had 2 students argue with me that the Holocaust was a hoax!). So much hate in this world. Despicable.
  8. New Forum - New Random

    9ers are trolling the Saints in a PSA: https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/49ers-troll-saints-george-kittle-video-coronavirus-mask-psa Hilarious!
  9. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    That seems soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long ago. But, I guess it may be relevant.
  10. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    May not be a popular topic, but an acknowledgement of what we all saw in the SB: From this article: https://www.ninersnation.com/2020/7/2/21310861/the-worst-call-to-go-against-the-49ers
  11. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    Have we really had enough of a sample size to determine this?! I don't see it. I think the next season will be the first time we can actually tell one way or the other.
  12. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

  13. Patriots fined and docked draft pick for sideline filming incident

    Paranoid much? If they would stop cheating, you would have nothing to be paranoid of.....
  14. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    It's not working. A 404 pops up. Addressed already I see. Never mind.
  15. Niners traded up for Brandon Aiyuk at 25 WR

    YES!!!!!!!!!! Only 5 of 32 in the 1st round signed and 2 of them are ours!