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  1. Watching the LA/Buff game and that "Int" was definitely not. Good thing the Bills won, despite the comeback that "Int" inspired. Anyone else impressed at the chemistry developing between Diggs and Allen? Especially after a bizarre off season.
  2. Our 1st round picks shined yesterday! So much fun to watch...sure missed Bosa out there. Sigh.
  3. Um, I believe a contusion is a fancy way of saying "bruise"? Not really worried about him.
  4. I don't usually dip much into doom and gloom...but we have to admit that Bosa is our most relentless and fiercest pass rusher. Because of this crap for a playing field, he may be gone for the rest of the season. With Jimmy G gimpy as well as George, it isn't looking good at all. Add to the situation the fact that the rest of our division is doing pretty well...hope for even the playoffs is not realistic. Super Bowl victory? Uhhhhhhh.....nope.
  5. Um, wow. I guess I am nobody. Shrug. I have said repeatedly that Pettis was my fave WR from that Draft and was ecstatic that we got him. Unfortunately, that hasn't panned out well at all. Initially, I was disappointed we didn't pick Lamb this year. When I took a closer look at Aiyuk, I came to realize that Aiyuk may have more to work with and perhaps better character/work ethic. I am very excited to see Aiyuk in action.
  6. With the signing of Sanu, this may be a moot point.
  7. Good stuff and with logic and reason rather than knee-jerk gloom and doom. Keep it coming.
  8. Indeed! Wasn't this the end of Charles Rogers career? Collarbone just kept on breaking...3 times, I think?
  9. Wow. I too thought about picking the Bills, but I have traditionally picked the 9ers on opening for at least the last 3 seasons...just doesn't feel right not to (yes, unintentional allusion to "Signs").
  10. That leg makes me cringe every time I see it...and it's supposed to be healed?! 😱
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