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  1. Dee! With Bosa 8th! Cool. Now if the rest of the D could play this well...for that matter, if the O could play HALF as well...
  2. Week 7- Rams. Like this week, I may start choosing whoever the Lions face if I haven't already picked them.
  3. Yes, Sooner fans are elated in the switch to Caleb Williams. It appears the team plays harder for Wms than Rattler. Could not believe the regression Rattler had shown this year. So glad Riley finally benched him when down by 21 to Texas! As a result, this team still has National Title hopes and chances...
  4. Chrissooner49er:Week 1 - 49ers Week 2 - Browns Week 3 - Bills Week 4 - Buccaneers Week 5 - PatriotsWeek 6 - And if it isn't too late, I choose the Bengals this week!
  5. Already chose: 9ers, Browns, Bills, Bucs This week: Patriots
  6. Exactly! Singletary never got us anywhere near the Super Bowl. Why? He was pathetic at choosing his coaching personnel and at game management and...aw, never mind. Enough.
  7. Already chose: 9ers, Browns, Bills This Week: The Bucs
  8. It's MUCH worse than that and it isn't just us. In the opening game, Dallas held TB's DL all game long but didn't get called for it until the 4th quarter.
  9. Holding by Offensive lines is being ignored around the league this season, which just adds to the lop-sided favor today's NFL rules give the Offense as a whole. Sure, you get the token call once in awhile, when it is extremely obvious...
  10. I hope you are right about both Sermon and the Jags. Sermon may still be dealing with the concussion...that was ugly and looked dirty to me. My wife grew up in Neptune Beach, outside of Jax, so we've had a soft spot for the Jags since they began.
  11. WOW. Sherfield is quite the discovery if this is correct. In his 2nd game in this O, he recognized Deebo's mistake and adjusted?! I would say Sherf is a keeper, if we didn't know that already.
  12. Already chose SF and Cleveland Week 3 Buffalo
  13. After catching up on reading this site, I am always so glad I am not here during the game. Wow. 😏 This was one of those defensive struggle type of games--which are my favorite, actually. Offenses shooting it out in high scoring games are not as fun to me as a game like this. I love having a stout D and perhaps a ball control O. No issues at all with it. Reminds me of the way football used to be, before all the rules that so obviously favor the O. In my opinion, overall, it was a better, more consistent effort against the Eagles than it was last week against the Lions.
  14. This is even more of a disappointment to me than JV or Mostert. Those 2 I know we can't depend on. Anywhere from 4-8 weeks before the 'Law is back?! Dre is one of the reasons Fred can do what he does!
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