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  1. With these options I would choose Gordon slightly over Gurley but Who else are you leaving off as options? a top QB might be the better way to go.
  2. Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz on the QB front, Chris Carson, Mark Ingram for RB, Keenan Allen scares me, Cooper Kupp for WR, and TE depends where you got them ranked but Hooper and Higbee should not be considered safe top ten TE's
  3. Jerick McKinnon if knee is healthy could be this years Mostert. Derrick Carr should be streamer worthy and a sleep superflex QB. Marvin Jones shouldn't be a sleeper but every year we all sleep on him and every year he out performs his ADP by allot. James Washington entering his 3rd year and not doing as bad as people think with terrible QB play is a late round WR I'm targeting in a few of my leagues. Ronald Jones II might be the Alpha Back in a Brady dump down offense, huge ppr upside imo (I'm not much of Vaughn believer). Couple more WR I'm looking at late are Anthony Miller and Brandon Aiyuk. Not sure where K. Murray's ADP is but he has potential to finish top 3 QB, I personally have him ranked 6th currently. Jonathan Taylor and Clyde Edwards-Helaire gap should be closer than what I'be seen I think one is slightly overated while the other slightly under
  4. There are two TE's worth grabbing before round 7 after that in 7 I would take a shot on Ertz or Andrews but neither will probably be there. After that you it's a crap shoot. I would be equally ok with Waller, Henry, Engram (my next tier) as I would be Gesicki, Hooper, Higbee my 13-15.
  5. I would keep Chubb if the penalty for keeping is all the same but if you give up a 1st for Chubb I would pivot and Keep Evans
  6. Any Rumors about him returning to the NFL at all? I was hoping after he healed for over a year he would consider it. I'm mainly asking because I put him on my IR spot in a dynasty league and want to know if I should hold onto him just in case?
  7. Dynasty League. I need a RB and QB badly. Is it smart of me to trade A. Thielen for the 1.06 or is that too much. My starting WR's if I let Thielen walk will be Hopkins, Hilton, R. Anderson after that I got random guys like Sanu, C. Conley, M. Boykin, Tyrell Williams, A. Jeffery and whom ever I draft.
  8. Franchise league: Do you feel D. Parker for J. Conner is a fair deal or is one side heavily favored? What side is that?
  9. Guice Is the better RB imo but if he is never healthy it doesn't matter. I'm not sure Guice will ever be healthy enough to be the RB that he once was, it could be too late but if it's not he is a better back than Sanders.
  10. 1. Sweetness 2. Barry 3. Brown ------------------Next tier------------------ 4. AP 5. LT 6. M. Faulk ------------------------ Next Tier--------------------- 7. E. Smith 8. E. Dickerson 9. E. Campbell 10. C. Martin
  11. lol True you gave us a painful beating, I have no clue why we decided to change our offensive philosophy completely for that game but we did and it hurt us.
  12. Ha I believe the Viking, Saints, Rams, and Panthers where better than that Eagles team. Obviously because they went on to win the SB I don't have much weight in that argument today. Eagles had some fortunate breaks that propelled them into an unbelievable run but no one outside of Pennsylvania is going to think back on that team as anything more than a crappy team that got one on Brady/Belichick and company.
  13. I run a high-bred 3.0-3.5 game, what version are you into?
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