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  1. Vikings Mock Drafts

    This look too good to be true
  2. Hmm, I thought I did reply Austin Jackson with some detail as to why. Sorry it never went through I guess??
  3. Goodell wants draft to continue outside Team venues

    That time was decreased from what it had been in the past. I remember when the draft was a two day event and round 1 would start at noon and go until possibly supper time. If you give the decision makers x amount of time no matter what x is, most every pick will be submitted at the last second, often trying to talk teams into pulling the trigger on a trade or tweaking the values or trades then trying to get it approved. Take it from a fan base that ran out of time, we need every minute lol
  4. Goodell wants draft to continue outside Team venues

    Or Michael :-) Sorry I thought this was a 22 second clip, not sure what happened here.
  5. FFMD II '20 - Minnesota Vikings Front Office

    I'm willing to pm whom ever and give input but I don't feel I can dedicate the time run a team. If anyone is interested in prospect rankings and trade analysis I could definitely help contribute in that way.
  6. Vikings Mock Drafts

    I don't love Jefferson but overall I would be pretty stoked on these picks as well
  7. Vikings Mock Drafts

    I did a 3 round Mock on TDN and couldn't believe what happen. I ask you fellow Viking fans, If one of the top QB's fall to us at 22 do we pull the trigger? I did a 1 rounder a month ago and Tua was there but I figured it must have been some kind of weird glitch, I tonight just did a 3 round and Justin Herbert was sitting there at 22. My draft ended up looking like this. 22. J. Herbert 25 A. Winfield jr 58 D. Arnette 89. P. Tega Wanogho 105. S. Lemieux (I know we need to address WR at some point in this draft but overall I wouldn't be to bummed if the draft play out something like this
  8. Goldfish Improves Your Teams

    Nevermind it was the JETS and I now realize the link shows such things. # not impressed
  9. Goldfish Improves Your Teams

    Curious what MN lost to trade with LAC and whom did we trade up for?
  10. Name the best NBA player each year since 2000?

    20. Antetokounmpo, 19. Harden, 18. Antetokounmpo, 17. A. Davis, 16. S. Curry, 15. A. Davis (only 68 games though. S. Curry otherwise) 14. K. Durant, 13. L. James, 12. K. Durant, 11. L. James, 10. L. James, 09. C. Paul, 08. L. James, 07. D. Wade, 06. Kobe, 05. L. James, 04. K. Garnett, 03. Kobe, 02. T. Duncan, 01. Iverson
  11. NBA League Pass free until April 22nd

    cool, good to know
  12. That's a good point. I honestly didn't consider the magnitude the 3 peat would have or even the fact that win would have made a 3 peat.
  13. Which is why he is 7 or 8 on my list anyway
  14. Who is the best route runner of all time?

    Shoot I forgot about Steve Smith, gonna have to bump Largent
  15. Who is the best route runner of all time?

    This is a really good list. My List: 1. Rice 2. Welker 3. A. Brown 4. Irvin 5. Largent HM Carter and those in post I quoted but didn't copy