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  1. You’re so nice Jaf. Gg bears nation.
  2. Where the bear fans that said Mitch and foles >>>> Goff... Pay for your sins
  3. Cut this mother loving trash can off the team. Dudes dog manure. My gosh. What a pile of crap this dude is. How many chances you need you bowling style kicker. My grandma can get more lift in a kick than this idiot. They’re high soccer kickers that are better. Done with this bozo.
  4. Just hope for no injuries. Good luck y’all ( I think this is a dumb saying, it’s being fake humble).. As a rams fan I don’t know what to expect. I still have that Jeff Fisher stink! And it came back ten fold last week..
  5. I’m so demorazed. I expected us to lose this game and win the Niners one. But now I think we win. It’s crazy how Chicago fans are saying Nick Foles and Mitch are the same caliber of player Goff is wtf. Blows my mind.
  6. It’s all good! Playoffs will save us from the ravens.
  7. Verett if healthy is the real though. Dude was lock down. I was so mad at Goff for trying to keep going at him. Like bro!!! Insanity at its finest.. Gg Niners lamos. It doesn’t even feel right eww.. @N4L if you wanna bet on the next though I got you.
  8. He’s right. Who is that? Y’all got so lucky. And everyone of you knows it lol. Even had dudes better against the Niners. I don’t wanna hear it. I would have more respect if y’all brought the smoke.. But y’all laid in a pile of pitty.. Ggs but even y’all know an arse whooping was due.. The rams just played like dog poop. And for that I am embarrassed. But Ggs none the less. It was a very frustrating game to watch lol.
  9. Goff was horrendous yesterday. The play calling was aweful. Second half defense remains god like. Love it. But yesterday was such a frustrating game. It was a Jeff Fisher game. We’re suppose to ish on bad/injured teams. Goff was just truly aweful and Mcvay did him no favors. Should have been a East win. How
  10. Nah bro what happened. It did go down nasty though lol
  11. I don’t wanna hear it. Y’all stayed quiet for 6 days like mice. Talk the talk since day 1 not when you win by some miracle lol. Idk what happened yesterday.
  12. Rather have kicked a Fg. Rams need a massive turn over this drive or this game is over.
  13. Man what a massive disappointment. Rams sucking on SNF continues to be a trend. Should have crapped all over this lame as Niners team. Just horrendous showing.
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