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  1. How the fuuuuu do i have so many TO's on low aggro? But Waffles sacks the living ish out of me and forces 9 to's? i'm so done. ffff everybody. GG waffles i hate you breh lol. Seriously.. So many freaking TO's and not one go my way?
  2. Mafia Registration Thread

    Saints suck! Cowboys Suck.. Take your L's.. Rams nation leggo.
  3. Mafia Registration Thread

    Plz for the love of god take me out that gosh dayum list.
  4. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Shame Klay tore his ACL.
  5. I’m glad they popped his bubble. Dude probably thought highly of himself. And figured they’ll run over the raps. Kerr was exposed as a coach and lack of adjustments. Dude put up some ish lineups all series. He got badly out coached and out classed by a rookie HC. Had Nick not called that random TO they win in 5 IMO. That TO was so bad lol. Dude probably thought he was the Jordan of HCs. Humble yourself.
  6. He's a trash troll.. He doesn't know better.. He needs a reminder who the SB 52 champs are.
  7. Cut Antonio Callaway and sign Kenny Moore plz nacho.. @TheKillerNacho
  8. Longtime Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen has passed away.

    Deeply sad one of the goats!
  9. These last 2 pages have been brutal.
  10. Watch every team in the nba draft every tall athletic African player trying to copy TOR blue print lol.
  11. Bs. You want your super star to come thru and deliver. Thing was hideous.
  12. This series had a better ending than GOT! chnage the thread tittle to We Da North
  13. Dammm Marc is holding back those tears. Sheeesh. Whose cutting onions.
  14. Kyle just shoved Demar out the way lmao. Doris these questions are cheeks! Why would you ask that?