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  1. Chris Jones, 3 sacks, 1 Int, 2 FF.. Tru, 1 Int, 1 TD, 1 FF.. Big Ben 4 TDs, 506 Yards 99.9 Rating. Justin Houston, 3 sacks. Trey Flowers, 2 sacks. Cooper Kupp, 7 catches, 109 Yards.. Leggo.. Let's start wheeling and dealing.
  2. The Murder of Laci Peterson

    Innocent and I want incog banned.. Scott is innocent!
  3. Carson Wentz... or this haul?

    Negative!? Carr is great..
  4. 2017-18 Offseason Talk

    I really want George and Lebron in LA next season.. I still don't know how I feel about George leaving. I know Myles is going to become special.. But I just wished Paul had stayed..
  5. Carson Wentz... or this haul?

    By far.
  6. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    I posted for a sig bet twice and no one respoded.. Dude comes in here and pounds his chest like king kong.. What a troll lawl.
  7. Aaron Rodgers is 0-35 when trailing teams by more than one point in the 4th quarter that have a winning record.
  8. Best Defense ever?

    They got lit up by the Jags.. Lies..
  9. Goff didn't play that bad yesterday minus that bad throw.. He's looking better and better.
  10. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    Woods had a very bad game my gosh..
  11. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    What a let down we have to win Thursday
  12. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    I hate this team we had them stop
  13. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    Me too start 0-2 plz.
  14. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    It seems like teams always get hurt vs us a ton