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  1. Game stop to 800$ whose buying Monday.
  2. So Cathy woods just added NNOX to her portfolio without them getting the FDA approval. Big news as it’s ran up and this stock has been hot.. This still has potential to explode once they get that approval.. Crazy I didn’t get into GME figured it would dip but wow.. I missed that train and I’ve seen it lol i just figured it sound have flopped..
  3. it would be the most Jaguar thing ever tbh..
  4. Gosh Draftkings is such a tease... Just giving me blue balls like crazy.
  5. Will look into it. But I’m kinda scared to pay big bucks for a YouTube highlight.
  6. Anyone else feel like Tesla will ever collapse lol?
  7. I think we’re all different... I’ve had more success day/swing trading. It’s fun to me. But I’ve been listening to Peter Lynch a lot and he’s so against it lol. He’s so against options as well. I love it. Also, listening to that Boggle guy is interesting. I just feel like if I could take 3k and run it up I could get more in one week! Swing trading than most long holds get in a month or 3(depending the stock). I read that 80% of day traders lose money. I sharted when I heard that. It’s that you’re flying too close to the sun story. And they’re all right. But I’m just enjoying this Bull market t
  8. Eagles will pay with blood for that sb
  9. Hate to see it but at least you’ve been doing good babe
  10. I love the way you talk. Shame you’re a Niners fan. Would be a lot cooler if you weren’t 😘 . After this smart breakdown ima go full Yolo and buy 3.3k shares of BIOL. wish me luck.. got in at 1.06$ Some nice catalyst coming up for this week and next...
  11. Love it.. Let's see if the Saints and Sean go into a 10 years of darkness mode.
  12. Interesting.. tell me more. Have you bought any and ty.
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