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  1. stats baby stats don't lie. It's all.. I even argue that Janoris should have made the probowl but like what are people watching bro? Janoris Jenkins [16 GS]: 69 tackles (2 stuffs), 51 coverages, 5 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles, 1 recovery. But I didn't mind that compared to Gurley. That legit cost me a chance to win a tag. Don't mess with a mans wife and money. Simple life rules. I get why the other Corners made it. But that Gurley thing was so suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus gang.
  2. I drafted Oline much higher so I should have a better line. But thanks for understanding brother. Just supper bummed because that ish ain’t right. And it adds more drama on top of the susssss gang. Because pwn, remix and flux swayed the votes towards Zeke. Remix Is being a homer I get it. But when pwn and flux do it seems more out of spite than actual facts. Let’s play around and kidd but leave it out the real stuff. But alas much love nacho thanks for another fun successful season.
  3. Honestly brother I’m just baffled. It’s not even a reaction just facts. I mean next time I’ll vote for Colin Kaep as the QB because it’s more than stats.
  4. It's the only thing bozo. It's not like we actually have game film. Holy crap stats aren't everything lmao. Talking about that in a sim. Lmao......
  5. are you on crack? better YPC, More yards. less fumbles. The reason for that was so stupid i can't even tell if it's full trolling. Legit costing a chance on a tag. And that ish is whack. Because it's not about being petty but actually fielding the best team.. Todd should have been the starter and it's not even funny.
  6. I am brother just zero justification. It's not even explainable.
  7. Bro what kind of crap is that? How is Zeke ahead of Gurley man? How?
  8. How the heck is Zeke voted over Gurley? When Gurley had the superior season in every category? In your trash arse ballot?
  9. JAGS NATION STAND THE HELL UP.. 6-10 never looked better.
  10. damm we got hella emotional people outchea. Hope you're ok malf. But taking your frustrations out in a forum is weak sauce. Dm someone if you truly feel you need to reach out. We all got drama and problems in our daily lives. We look to come here to get away from that even if its a min or 2. I kid around pwn and gstrings because they're annoying but at least they got their discord when they could cry to each other.
  11. Sheeeesh that pork of a man in Tyreek. What a time for that trade. Better get all the juice out of him this playoff run base Flux.
  12. (Poll) Win-Loss Predictions

    I’m so curious as to what wade Cooks up for Baker. He’s been so hit or miss with our defense but then again we went thru big time injuries last year. I’m more hyped about the Clev game than the NO one tbh. Just wanna see that roster on the field. If im hyped I can’t even imagine what y’all going thru.
  13. What is the reference to this brother? me no comprende!
  14. (Poll) Win-Loss Predictions

    Heck no a loss shouldn’t be derailing at all. That roster is way too promising and I could see y’all coming slow for the first 4 games. Also, has kitchens said if any said starters will sit out the preseason? Or will everyone play to accelerate the player chemistry?