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  1. You’re missing Robert Woods whose better as well. I like Hunter just not sure he’s top 15sh. I’ll take Corey Davis over him as well. Corey is just in a bad spot..
  2. I hope Rapp doesn’t play as bad as that sounds. He’s been a huge liability on the back end. Causes confusion, unless he plays LB I don’t want him at Safety. Love Nick and Weddle back there!! As weird as that sounds. Back end seems to be more on the same page.
  3. Lmao. He’s so good as a tacker but simply doesn’t have the foot speed. Dudes a cement truck out there. Man I hope it’s not Howard. He’s been A1 sauce. But i get that they trust Reeder more. But we have to match their athletic ability. This isn’t the game for Reeder.
  4. Think he’s waiting for a time like this. Ever since he stopped Jalen from playing that stupid Leo/Star position he’s been so much better. But to maximize this D we need to jump out to a big lead. Donald is due for his, all he’s heard is how he can’t get to Brady! And boom he’s been feasting. When people tell that man something he comes out a vengeance. A few years back DJ Fluker ran his mouth on how the Hawks Oline kicked our as! Donald and Co demolished them. I think this is the game where we cry of joy. Even last year he single he almost won us the game with the strip sack. The Jared we
  5. We should get back Ernest Jones back to whose much better than Reeder. Rookie looks dynamic. Think we pack the middle, Raheem showed a ton of things against Tampa that he hasn’t done. He’s been unleashing new looks. I dont think SF will be ready for that. At least I hope…
  6. That’s what am saying. All she’s doing is buying tickets out of her own pocket and giving them Away. The word desperate and lame? Lmao what the actual bloody hell mate! If anything that’s being awesome. Just blind hate at that point. Matthew Stafford plays his best ball at home, I ain’t tripping. Niners lame as hell dawg.
  7. None of that matters. Whole new ball game. Rams are healthy, focused and just out right peeking at the right time. Rams are balling/Hot right now. I look at the Niners like what are they doing here! They’re the ugly chick your hot *** GF a brings! And she ask the dumbest questions and she wants to be wanted! While you have dudes faking their sexuality to just get away from that grenade! Ya feel me?
  8. How confident are Niners fans regarding their O… Can it keep pace? Or if they can’t milk the clock it’s all over for them? They have to play ball control for their only way to win right?
  9. Pass catching ability/safety blanket.. Akers is hot after those 2 fumbles. Dude looks so phenomenal rn. He’s running so violent and is fresh. Mcvay has a hard one for pounding the ball rn and that’s really good!!!!!!!
  10. Yeah yeah. Imagine taking another teams accomplishments as yours. The games have been thrown by Goff and his silly TOs. this is a diff game. Playoffs are diff and Niners offense is pretty bad. They struggled against a terrible GB defense.
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