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  1. Thank you for that quicky. I’ve had better but you weren’t the worst.
  2. I don’t think you remember. But there was a worse one a few years back. That one still stays with me. When I am down I go and look for that one. Ggs and best of luck..
  3. Damaged goods tbh. Reminds me so Much when Bradford was traded. Too many bad habits to over ride.
  4. Clicked the last page. Was the top comment to go back. Is there a easier way? Or do you leave a tab open with the latest comment ? Lol that’s passion.
  5. what do you do? I guess dinner on you lol
  6. Check the record. Still made the post season. Y’all have 1 good season under shanny lol. In 5 years lmao.
  7. Hell yeah... That false hope love it.
  8. Not even shocked. hope he gets a great lawyer. He has some explaining to do
  9. @RandyMossIsBoss my son ggs. Come sit on papas lap and tell me my child! What you did wrong. Good game. Offense has to get it going. Watson did not feast and that’s alarming. But boy my defense came in with that WWF ATTITUDE ERA! BROTHER AARON DONALD(STONE COLD) took a chair to HERBETS SKULL! LET ME TELL YOU ONE THING BROTHER! Know your role brother. scary game coming up against a dude who smokes anything he finds in a dark alley. @Malfatron lay with me this week.
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