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  1. NFC East: Now half good!

    y’all already know what I’m here For.
  2. GDT - Week 6

  3. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    Hopefully this was just a stinker and we could turn the season around. But we’re beat and not as talented as we could be..
  4. GDT - Week 6

    I don’t want any smoke! I’m all out of smoke.
  5. GDT - Week 6

    I feel like Watson and Wilson’s greatness are being put aside when compared to Mahomes video game numbers. Crazy Watson is a baller.
  6. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    So many chances though man. Fowler false start that allowed them to tie. The dropped pick six. The failed 4-1.. Bad teams don’t execute and that was us. We had plenty of chances to get back or be on top. But it’s painful to know that when it’s 3 and +6 we have no chance to convert
  7. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    Best of luck going forward
  8. GDT - Week 6

    You guys deserve man. Years of tank nation to build that monster Dline.
  9. GDT - Week 6

    I hope the field gets swallowed up ala Rises lol.
  10. GDT - Week 6

    Lmao love that you got it man. Much love brother. I predict a 3-3 score and a tie and both of us being salty as heck.
  11. GDT - Week 6

    They said that last year. At least we got a SB run out of it.
  12. GDT - Week 6

    Man the Chief and Houston highlights are a treat. If you lost today I suggest you tune in. Will also watch the condensed version. Explosive baby. BOB > Mcvay. @ET80
  13. GDT - Week 6

    Goff next week baby I’m about to ULTRA INSTINCT WE BACK BABY.
  14. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    Damm I’m not sure it’s over over. But it’s over. And we do look bad with no hope, but I believe we retool in the off season and get it popping. Huge learning experience when all goes not so well.. We all knew we were on borrowed time last year. But the core still remains. Just that Gurley and his contract at this point have become a huge black hole. The run game looked much more explosive.
  15. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    We need him.
  16. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    The sky is falling and we have no answer. We are however gonna get fed with a nice dose of 3 game stretch.
  17. GDT - Week 6

    Brother I’m sad as well. Been a roug month eh. Cheers though we’ll be back next week and then some more. GGs my bro hope life is well and the health is doubled.
  18. GDT - Week 6

    @KingOfTheDotwe making a run for that east crown or what. With a healthy Sam ain’t no one better tell me no.
  19. GDT - Week 6

    Heck of a win by the Jets. Needed that.
  20. GDT - Week 6

    Right. Man it’s all I’m saying.
  21. GDT - Week 6

    I literally said the rams are hot trash. I didn’t Goff was excellent. Are you guys reading what I’m writing or what? Go back and read my history brother. And he has a lot. Specially with that whole Gruden- Mack. Ab thing, I know this old man I know him real good.
  22. GDT - Week 6

    Lmao that’s hilarious bro. Haha. Only waited 2 years huh.
  23. GDT - Week 6

    Bro when have you go back and look the last 2 years. I never go there. I know @Forgeis my witness man. Now if you’re talking about Jenny’s g. That’s all day bro. He wanted to gift that game so bad. But don’t go making stories up old man. I’ve seen you on troll those raider fans. It’s you my boy not me.
  24. GDT - Week 6

    Saints broke the rams too. Next level strats.
  25. GDT - Week 6

    That’s the thing though I didn’t. But hey man beat that chest my bro get it all out. Flex on me baby I ain’t mad. Just saying there’s a double standard.