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  1. Falcons extend LB Deion Jones (4 years, $57M, $34M Gt'd)

    Underpaid. He's ridiculously good. Not the game changer ala Ketchup or Wagner.. But man he's special.
  2. 49ers agree to terms with K Robbie Gould on 2-year pact ($10.5M)

    Still a playoff team
  3. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    That's a cool sig. Reminds me of the old style Lotto.. Nice.
  4. 49ers agree to terms with K Robbie Gould on 2-year pact ($10.5M)

    That's a lot of money a team who won't make the playoffs is paying to a kicker.
  5. Big lies only if you had Brady
  6. Ain’t no one using sliders this late into the season
  7. Base nacho post the games today. Take tomorrow and the whole weekend off. Start again Monday/Tuesday. Bless us oh lord
  8. Hey man he only has friends online. Don't hurt his feelings like that. He's a cool kid.
  9. lol ima go cut my self waaaa waaa..
  10. Collusion chat ruined the league or nah?
  11. Destroyed and obliterated.. Bye Bye Glen GGS.
  12. Todd Gurley: 26 carries for 128 yards (4.92 YPC, 20 LNG), 0 touchdowns. Ezekiel Elliott: 19 carries for 53 yards (2.79 YPC, 11 LNG), 0 touchdowns. IRL numbers in the post season when they went H2H.. GGs..
  13. Maybe but i'll enjoy the next 10+ years.
  14. The eagles will never be back Mcvay> Donald > Gurley> Kupp Woods Cooks >> Eagles suck compared to the power house we’ve built No 🧢..
  15. I’ve seen bags in down town La that are realer than this.. Just kick back and do a few bumps. Eagles nation stand the hell up.
  16. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Tampering is so rampant in the league that if you ask who isn't tampering, teams and agents all, independent of one another, mention one guy, and just one: Hornets GM Mitch Kupchak. Kupchak, of course, was the Lakers' GM for 23 years before being fired in 2017, and was known throughout that time as The Last Honest Man in the game. (Kupchak chuckled when this was brought up to him Monday, but otherwise, didn't want to comment.) lmao.. @J-ALL-DAY
  17. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    Das the joke friend da fudge.. Should I have put it in green font? Jesus.
  18. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    Idk we’ve never seen Westbrook and Harden play together. Lulz. Think they’re the new Blazers. Second round exit tbh.
  19. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    Dunno maybe 80 Mil split into 5 seasons. I’m 100% sure CP3 don’t wanna be in OKC to finish out his career. Tbh.
  20. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    Bro I said First are overrated but.. @Utley and @seminoles1 swear they’re gold.
  21. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    You never know the time for the chip is now..
  22. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    There’s no way Presti lives to make any of those picks.. Maybe CP3 will get a buyout and join the lakers? Theres no way OKC keeps him.
  23. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    Terrible fit. This is Dwight Howard 2.0.. whose team is it gonna be? We’ll never know.: OKC the dynasty that Never was.