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  1. George Kittle

    Kellen Winslow to me is the greatest of all time.. some say tony or many say Gronk because of his size and athleticism
  2. Giants release Janoris Jenkins

    Are the giants the kings of dead cap? Good lord terrible terrible and just terrible
  3. DPOY 2019

    Tbh I was surprised when he won it in 17.. Calais should have won that award.
  4. Is Alvin Kamara the best Running Back in the NFL?

    Yeah he’s really good and puts up great numbers as well. Super underrated back.
  5. Notable Stats and Observations

    Fredo was always the most G and best looking
  6. Giants release Janoris Jenkins

    I missed him. The original Marcus Peters for the rams.
  7. Is Alvin Kamara the best Running Back in the NFL?

    Still though when I think physical freak I think Saquon nah mean. Again not fair but when the rams played them he didn’t look that big or fast to me. Which is why my mind is sorta made up on him. He’s a damm great back though No cap.
  8. DPOY 2019

    Well that’s fair then. I thought you were one of those OMG RAVENS MIXED WITH BUCS ELITE DEFENSE.
  9. DPOY 2019

    But this is the same Cards team that the Niners had trouble with. Murray was firing at them. Again damm If you do and damm if you don’t. I get what you’re saying but sheesh. Pats d gets lots of love for playing against trash cans. They’ve lost 3 games to the only good teams they’ve faced 😘
  10. DPOY 2019

    Right but as the season has gone he’s gotten better. Not to discredit Bartet dude was playing out of his mind the first few weeks and was the clear cut DPOY. His stats were phenomenal but he has slowed down a massive amount. How many TFL did he have when he was on that tear?
  11. Is Alvin Kamara the best Running Back in the NFL?

    Right but when people think of specimen they think Saquon and Henry. Just really insanely big backs with speed. I do admit I’m taken by surprised of the sprinter thing.. never thought of him as a burner even though he’s hit a few big runs. That espn 20+ MPH thing has always been a bit of a meh stat to me. Never really thought of it as a go to stat to define true speed! But maybe it is. That last last pic though he looks 40.
  12. Is Alvin Kamara the best Running Back in the NFL?

    I think many people are reluctant to give Chubb credit because 1) he’s not a high tier pick. 2) isn’t a physical specimen. 3) he plays for the Browns. Dudes so damm good and good solid though. Just eats up yards. Reminds me of Demarco murray when he was in dallas. Just the way he runs is so identical.
  13. DPOY 2019

    Not when you factor the amount of double teams. Not to mention the competition and how they effect the defense as a whole. I wouldn’t be mad if Donald didn’t win it and voters fatigue may set in. But no ones have a insane season. But what Donald deals with and how he wins! No one comes close when you add the data. Any other player should have 2-3 sacks with the amount of attention donald is/has been getting.
  14. Perhaps. Perhaps you’ve done a better job explaining your intentions better in this phrase than all the bs I read. Regardless I am the judge peasant! deal with it.