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  1. General Season Talk

    But he comes up big when he’s called upon. Super great hands in clutch situations. Would love to keep both but I agree.. With money being tight he and Josh are both likely trade targets.
  2. 2020 Draft to be held in Las Vegas (Renderings page 6)

    Can I join and be the main snack?
  3. Browns WR OBJ undergoes core muscle surgery

    Is it not? We’ve seen more bad than good. But yes. Carry on we must defend Odell’s honor because he’s done wonderful things.
  4. I feel my best ever...but idk

    Loving both. But the second one is super nice bro. Just wish you didn’t wash it out so much. If that rendered popped just a bit more it’ll be A1. Your best for sure.. Liking it a lot.
  5. Browns WR OBJ undergoes core muscle surgery

    And you do? Handing out money? slapping a cops arse cheeks? Come on man. Be gone thot.
  6. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    I own that dude. Working on his sig as we speak boss.
  7. Russell Wilson Named PFF's MVP

    No questions asked.. Seattle was a 7-9 team the whole year.. They won by his sheer greatness.. Wilson is what people think of Rodgers or did before. Dudes a freaking stud and makes things happen with little help. Dudes unreal.
  8. Update: Jaguars hire Jay Gruden as OC

    Got it.. Just seems odd but maybe it’s a transition period or until a better candidate is available.. Hope you guys kill it though in the draft and FA. Resigning that your DE is numba 1.. Just weird that he wants to leave.. something has got to be off with coaching if he’s already posting deuces pics. Best wishes.
  9. Browns WR OBJ undergoes core muscle surgery

    Who cares? Is this injury going to make him less of a D bag? No then what the hell. Dudes a pompous jerk.
  10. Update: Jaguars hire Jay Gruden as OC

    @.Buzz it’s weird because you mentioned the word rebuild in there. So why hang onto him? Is he going to be there 2-3 more years of this rebuild. Only way you keep a HC like him if you aren’t rebuilding! IMHO.
  11. Update: Jaguars hire Jay Gruden as OC

    But he’s had what 3-4 years? I think that’s a long time. The team somewhat under achieved. I know the defense was missing some guys, specially a HOF CB and a pro bowl MLB. But still it’s a damm talented unit. Wonder if you trade Bouye for some draft capital in this years draft. Idk it just seems odd that he was retained to me. Old school you know in a modern NFL. I think the titans OC would be perfect for your team.
  12. Update: Jaguars hire Jay Gruden as OC

    No cap but why is Marrone still your Hc? Doesn’t make sense specially with the axing of Tom. Just figured a new slate would be best. Jags team has some pieces but it isn’t anywhere close to that AFC team a few years back. Just asking for Les Snead who’s supremely happy with Jalen.
  13. 2020 Draft to be held in Las Vegas (Renderings page 6)

    You sound soft af. Mandilon. Coño coje huevos.
  14. Update: Jaguars hire Jay Gruden as OC

    Oh yeah for sure we’ll be in the conference finals no cap. With that said great hire. Love me some minshew, hopefully those fumbles go down. But the sky is the limit for that young talented man.
  15. Update: Jaguars hire Jay Gruden as OC

    For the top draft pick?
  16. 2020 Draft to be held in Las Vegas (Renderings page 6)

    Whose going?
  17. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    Ask GB.
  18. Ja Morant vs Trae Young

    I can’t believe the foolish things Bekay has said about young. That dude is phenomenal.
  19. Raheem Mostert

    He’s pretty good
  20. Romeo Crennel not expected to return as Texans DC

    Good. Dude blew a 24-0 Lead. Disgusting.
  21. Have you seen Brees in his last 2 playoff games? Gtfo with that non sense. They had their chances and were spotted a 13 point lead in the first. Hell nah. If they were so “head and shoulders above everyone” as a Vikings fan said! They should have mopped the floor. Tired of hearing that false bs narrative and no cap.
  22. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | All Hail King Zion !!!

    What do you think of Ingram?
  23. All 32 Starting QB's Next Season

    Everyone gets food poisoning being with your toxic butt. You can’t cook or clean. And give attitude. Me and danger are good. We uphold and care for each other. We water and watch each other grow. The chakra is 100% pure uncut Colombian fine gold.
  24. All 32 Starting QB's Next Season

    Jared is king. Love it.