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  1. Championship Week 1 Round with trades

    Outstanding for the Lions, not only in the quality of the scenario but also because its still in the realm of possibility. The trade down in something I think most Lions fans believe will happen come draft day. Going down to #7 and still getting one of Okudah, Simmons or Brown is best case scenario for us.
  2. The Make No Sense Mock, Bengals don't click...

    I love it for the Lions
  3. 6 Round Draft

    I agree with davisblack as I don't see Miami giving up all of that to move up two spots, but I love the defensive focus of the draft. I've been screaming for it for years. I also don't see Lemieux dropping down that far but crazier things have happened. Love it!!
  4. Quick 3-round mock draft

    Honestly I'm okay with any of Okudah, Simmons, Brown. I think Burrows goes #1 and I'd be absolutely shocked if Chase young doesn't go #2. I wouldn't mind a trade down, as I don' believe there is a clear cut #3, but I'm hoping we focus on defense as so many great defensive pieces are right there for the taking.
  5. Updated 2020 5 Round Mock Draft Updated 1/20/20

    Not terrible for the Lions. Isaiah Simmons is one of the best overall players of this draft. and LB is a need for the Lions. Would like to think the Lions could trade down a few spots while still getting him and add a pick but cannot argue the player at all. Great 2nd round pick. 3rd rd pick is not a player I've watched a ton of so I cannot rate the player, but I applaud the position addressed. it breaks my heart that you have Shane Lemieux falling to the 4th rd and getting drafted one pick before my Lions. He's one of m favorite players in this draft for my team. Kudos overall though.
  6. Quick 3-round mock draft

    I can see Murray as someone that could go mid round 1 to mid round 2 depending on what teams do. While I think he's first round talent, that talent falls sometimes. That is why high day two picks are prime for trades. Hurts is a guy that I think just makes plays. He has arm strength. You can see the distance he gets on throws but his accuracy is suspect and he doesn't always make the best decisions. That is why I think a year behind a guy like Stafford (who had to learn accuracy) would do wonders for him. The mobility is there. The cannon is there. The adaptation is there. But he needs work.
  7. Picking #3

    I would gladly move down in that scenario and take an of the players available plus draft capital. Jedrick Wills OT Tristan Wirfs OT Jerry Jeudy WR Grant Delpit S K'Lavon Chaisson DE Kenneth Murray LB

    While I'm not fond of the jobs Quinn and Patricia have done thus far, I've always believed you give head coaches 3 years to turn a team around into their image. 2020 will be Patricia's 3rd year and if we don't see a vastly improved team, I'd gladly watch him walk and bring in someone new. I know I'm biased because I didn't believe Caldwell should have been fired. But I'm okay with Martha giving them one year on the hot seat to right this ship.
  9. Quick 3-round mock draft

    Good catch. I kept going back and forth about trading down with either Carolina or Cleveland. I could actually see multiple teams willing to move up for different players.
  10. 2020 Free Agency

    I'm looking at Offensive line and Secondary in free agency. I think this draft is deep with DL, depth LB, and depth offensive skill positions. I'd pay Glasgow, sign the best LT possible, move Decker to RT, cut Wagner and draft a G to compete with Benzschawel and Aboushi for the other starting G position. If we draft Okudah, great. But I'd still try to build up our secondary. Slay has been a solo beast for years. We saw what adequate corners looked like with Coleman and Melvin. I'm hoping we see big growth from Oruwariye in year two. Tavon Wilsons future is up in the air. Will Harris looks good but raw. Agnew is strictly a returner, IMO. Wouldn't mind more uses for him offensively. I'm not as high on Walker as others are.
  11. Hank Fraley new OL coach.

    Good promotion. 11 years as an OL in the NFL and respected by his teammates for his ability and character. Would love to see what he could do with our younger OL (Ragnow, Crosby, Benzschawel).
  12. Brenston Buckner Fired-Worth A Look?

    I would definitely pick him up. His improvement generating pressure in Oakland was remarkable. Would love to see that addressed here.
  13. Quick 3-round mock draft

    Don't know how the comp picks are going to land and how the last four rounds will land, so I'm only doing the first three rounds for right now. Detroit Lions trade #3 to the Carolina Panthers for #7 and #38. With Kuechly retiring, I think the Panthers will try to jump the Giants for Isaiah Simmons as their star LB. #7- Derrick Brown DT Auburn- Explosive. Gets pressure. Makes plays. Put him inside between Snacks and Flowers and let teams decide who they are going to double. #35- Kenneth Murray LB Oklahoma- Consensus #2 LB in this draft behind Simmons. Plays sideline to sideline. Kennard-Tavai-Murray with Davis and Jones for depth. #38- Shane Lemieux, G Oregon- Can start at G right away. Not highly athletic but has raw strength and power. Needs to be coached up. I could see the Lions letting Glasgow walk instead of paying him, cutting Wagner, moving Decker to RT and signing a LT in free agency. Lemieux covers one of the holes while they rearrange the OL. Free agent-Lemieux-Ragnow-Glasgow?-Decker. #67- Jalen Hurts, QB Oklahoma- Lions go back to Oklahoma to draft a mobile QB to sit behind and learn from Stafford. He's going to be a the Senior Bowl and I think this will help the Lions get extra time to watch him. I think he's great value. Patriots like to draft QBs and let them sit and learn. Could be a trade chip if Stafford ends up playing 5-10 more years. Not likely with his injuries though.
  14. Lions hire Brayden Coombs A good indicator of postseason appearance and success is turnover differential. 10 of the 12 playoffs teams were op 12 in the league in TO differential. Only Houston and Philadelphia made it to the post season without having a top 12 TO differential . Detroit was 25th in the league. Coombs Bengals were 29th.
  15. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    While I agree that his drafting hasn't been horrible, my issue is not so much who he has drafted but who was also available and positional value when draft selections were made. I'd probably grade Quinn as a solid drafter, and I do think he has a vision for what types of players (off field guys as well) he's trying to build around. But I do think he's deserving of criticism as long as there is reasoning behind the criticism.