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  1. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I disagree. Tate is injured, Golladay is injured. Marvin Jones Jr. hasn't been consistent. We have nothing at the position behind those three, one of which is a rookie. We aren't getting anything from our pass catching TE. Wouldn't hurt to see what Pitt is looking for.
  2. Game 6: Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints

    Considering all the injuries, i give our guys credit for hanging in there and making it a game. Our QB already with a hamstring and ankle injury injures his ribs, he continues to get pummeled. We have a M*A*S*H unit as our OL right now. We lost Tate with a shoulder injury. both starting DTs, starting LB both safeties.... I'm surprised we were able to put 11 men on the field all game long. This BYE week is huge to get our team back healthy and regrouped for the second half of the season.
  3. Game 6: Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints

    Craziest game I have ever seen.
  4. Game 6: Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints

    7 (4 starters) of our 8 inactives are expected to be significant contributers. I normally don't like BYE weeks this early, but it's coming at a great point this season.
  5. Federal appeals court dismisses Ezekiel Elliott case.

    Roger Goodell works for NFL owners. These are not "His policies", they are the policies agreed to between the owners and the NFLPA. The issue isn't Goodell, the issue is casual fans/media not understanding what his role actually is and that despite being the figure head of the league, he is not a dictator with absolute power.
  6. 2007 Patriots vs 2008 Lions with 12 players

    Unless that player was a prime Barry Sanders. This is obviously going to the Patriots.
  7. Darius Slay - Is he elite?

    Nnamdi chose the dream team Eagles over the Lions. Now he's a housewife for Kerry Washington. Some men have all the luck.
  8. Ebron Options

    He barely practices.
  9. Game 6: Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints

    I got so much flack for drafting a rookie running back in my fantasy league. I knew he'd be a workhorse back and early. I also took Zeke Elliott with the 10th pick. So far, they've both worked out for me.
  10. lions signed DE Datone Jones

    They cut Armonty Bryant as well. This signing doesn't make much sense to me unless they feel like he's a better fit in a 4-3. I'm not sure.
  11. Worst Franchise of All Time?

    Detroit Lions actually won 4 championships. If you're going to count 1957 (pre-Superbowl) why would you not count 1935, 1952 or 1953?
  12. Game 6: Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints

    At this point, he can't block or catch. Maybe we can use Roberts as an extra lineman to get Fells out as a receiving option when trying to help out Robinson.
  13. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Are skill positions showing to be draft needs? A pass catching TE? A pass catching WR? A thumper RB?
  14. Time to get rid of the bad JuJu from the last thread. Let's play a clean, injury free game before heading into our bye week. 4-2 would be alot better than 3-3.
  15. Week 5 Gameday Thread

    You sound mad.