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  1. Season over?

    Relatively healthy team? Stafford has been banged up more than once but has played through his injuries. We haven't played a full game with our starting OL. Abdullah and Riddick have played injured. Golden Tate has been banged up. We lost Ngata for the season. Ansah has missed time. Our starting MLB has missed 4 games. Our sack leader from last season has missed all of this season. Just because our starting QB is playing injured and not sitting does not mean that we've been "relatively healthy". We are not getting a coaching change. Caldwell just signed an extension, is the winningest coach for the Lions in the modern era and has made the playoffs in 2 out of 3 seasons thus far. But good to know you want McDaniels. LMAO
  2. Thanksgiving Game Day Thread

  3. Game over. Hope Stafford isn't injured moving forward. These next ten days will allow him to rest up. What are the odds for a wildcard spot?
  4. Thanksgiving Game Day Thread

    It only counts when the no calls count against the Vikings.
  5. Thanksgiving Game Day Thread

    Boneheaded play by Tate. Lions could use a TO here.
  6. Boneheaded play by Tate. Need a TO here.
  7. Thanksgiving Game Day Thread

    Just need points here if you're the Lions. Alot of time left.
  8. Hope it's just a sore ankle and he can return. Agreed on good no call. Viking player was blocked into Stafford there. No intent. Incredible catch and fight for the endzone by Marvin Jones!!
  9. Good stop. Need a TD here.
  10. Agreed. not only that, they confirmed the TD originally. There was not enough to overturn it.
  11. Thanksgiving Game Day Thread

    They review it when the confirm the scoring play, like every scoring play.
  12. Of course that gets overturned.
  13. Our defense has started to figure some things out against the vikings offense. Our offense needs to step up in the second half. Still have a shot at this.
  14. GOLLADAY!!! See, try to catch it!!