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  1. Pistons aren’t shopping the pick. Other teams have reportedly inquired about it, especially Houston at #2, but according to Piston sources, they will stay at #1 and draft Cade Cunningham.
  2. No. We have 11 guys in training camp fighting for 5 or 6 spots and the Lions wouldn't have to waste draft capital on them.
  3. I’m not a tax accountant, my tax knowledge comes from two accounting classes in college and speaking to a tax attorney in my practice. So please explain how being able to write of $10 million against federal income tax doesn’t benefit an organization that is arguably in the largest tax bracket. I’m not being argumentative, I’d truly like to know. Yes, he’ll have to part with $10 million, but he’ll get roughly half of that back in untaxable income (from my minuscule knowledge of write offs).
  4. So their punishment is a huge tax write off for charity?
  5. Cade is the best player, Green would have been my #1 pick outside of the #1 pick. You don't pass on a talent like Cade because you hope Killian Hayes pans out. You draft Cade and let the cream rise to the top. They both are big guards. Both can run the offense. Cade is a better shooter than Hayes. But I think they can play together. K. Hayes/F. Jackson C. Cunningham/J. Jackson S. Bey/H. Diallo J. Grant/S. Doumbouya I. Stewart/M. Plumlee Let the young guys run wild. Use the 3 2nds to move up for the best player you can get. Let Grant playing for team USA ad
  6. I've been saying this for awhile. His story keeps changing. It's disheartening. I am a big Megatron fan, but Calvin Johnson is starting to annoy me.
  7. Detroit Pistons won the #1 pick in the NBA draft lottery. Big year for Detroit teams rebuilding.
  8. I agree, to a point. But after being cut by the Rams, he signed with Dallas and couldn't catch on there either. Then he signed with the CFL and couldn't produce there. While I have no doubts his sexuality and openness played a part in his draft status and how teams and players felt about him, I don't understand the need for people to rewrite history regarding the NFL "cutting him for coming out". And not from your post, but from what I've seen trending on twitter, Instagram and Facebook by some claiming that people are ignoring Sam because he was black and came out, when in reality, the situat
  9. But he came out before he was drafted, so he wasn't an active NFL player. While people question whether his coming out impacted his draft status, he wasn't in the NFL when it happened. He wasn't in the lockerroom, on the field, team bus and plane with NFL players and coaches when he did it. While no one can diminish his mighty big step towards equality, his impact is quite different than someone who has an actual NFL career on the line.
  10. I don’t post much outside of the Lions forum. But I feel compelled to add my two cents. I am gay. The words “gay”, “homosexual”, gay slurs were not used in my household growing up. I had no idea what it was I was feeling or that there were others like me. I knew at a young age that I was different. I felt about the same sex as I was taught I was supposed to feel about the opposite sex. This is very confusing for a child. I learned about how people who were different were sent to institutions and even killed. I was so scared to admit to myself, let alone to others, what I was experiencing
  11. Rakeem Boyd was cut and picked up by the Saints.
  12. I think the thing that sticks out most to me is that this group just loves football. They aren’t scientists trying to prove how they are smarter than everyone else. They just love the game. And respect it. And that permeates through the entire organization and hopefully onto the field on Sundays.
  13. Detroit is not trading for Julio. I know everyone thinks Detroit HAS to get WRs immediately, but they are rebuilding. This is the tear down year. They are not trading valuable draft capital for a 30+ yr old WR who is owed alot of money. Even a WR as great as Julio. It just doesn't help them.
  14. Lions just cut DT John Atkins after signing DT Brian Price. Atkins opted out last year and did not show up to OTAs. New Lions FO are now messing around with guys they perceive as not loving football. They want guys hungry. This goes to my opinion on why they would look at Gurley while cutting Kerryon.
  15. There were some questions, at least rumors, that some were questioning Kerryon's work ethic. I don't think injuries alone are the reason the lions cut him loose. I'm also not sure the Lions will sign Gurley. I think they'll do their due diligence and see where he's at.
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