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  1. Once we play a good team and win, we will celebrate.
  2. What a lucky win 😂 if we played anyone other than ATL.... celebrate tonight though fellas 🥳
  3. Hockenson out there running the wrong route on 3rd down 😂
  4. This is painful to watch. It keeps looking like we should break out and then we fizzle.
  5. CB Jeff Okudah- Inconsistent. He’ll make a good play and then get burned for a big play. He’s showing flashes of promise but he hasn’t solidified himself yet. RB D’Andre Swift- He’s outplaying Kerryon Johnson as our #2 RB and has gained confidence from Stafford in the passing game. Outside of dropping the GW TD in the first game, I would dare say he’s playing brilliantly. OG Jonah Jackson- He earned a starting G spot and has played well through 5 games. Very solid pick. DE/LB- Julian Okwara- Inconsistent. It almost feels like Patricia doesn’t know where or how to play him. WR- Quintez Cephus- Has played well when he plays, but he’s behind Golladay, Jones, Amendola, Hall, Agnew on the depth chart. DL- John Penisini- Solid depth DL. won’t wow you or make any pro bowls but he’s been solid. Outside of getting more playing time for Cephus and OG Logan Stenberg, this has been a good rookie class for us so far.
  6. QB- Stafford is still my guy, but not sold on anything behind him. RB- Swift is flashing, AD is still playing well but is not a long term player. Kerryon needs to decide if he wants to play in the NFL or not. This group has potential. TE- Hockenson was a wasted #8 overall pick at this point. He had a great first career game against Arizona and has been trash since. Jesse James is a blocking TE who is not worth the contract we gave him. Wouldn’t mind bringing in a 3rd TE to see what they can bring. WR- Golladay deserves to get paid. Cephus and Hall are good depth backs. I wouldn’t re-sign Marvin Jones or Amendola at this point. OL- Decker, Ragnow, Jackson and Stenberg are our future. 3 of the 4 are starters and playing well. We need another tackle. I was hoping Crosby would be that guy but he can’t seem to stay on the field. Hopefully he can turn it around. Our defense is a mess. I like Oruwariye and Okudah long term. Not sure there is anything else I am confident with long term on defense on any level. Our safeties are bad, our LBers cannot cover, our DL cannot pressure. For a “defensive guru”, Patricia really has **** the bed here.
  7. Don’t know at this point. My issues with Patricia go beyond one game. We have the Falcons next week and then a bi-polar Colts team. Anything could happen.
  8. Swift is running strong. A lot of gaps made by our OL this game. Jonah Jackson playing well. Let’s hold on for the W.
  9. It’s against a very bad team.
  10. Unfortunately. And our three games are today against a bad Jags team, next week against the coach less Falcons and than a Colts team battling Covid. We could be 4-3 going into that Vikings game week 9.
  11. Our run game is working this game. Doesn’t bode well for Marvin Jones and KG.
  12. But if they missed it, they would have been down 8 pts and IF they got into position to score again without giving up points, they would have needed the 2pt conversion just to tie. It was a boneheaded move. One of many from him.
  13. I thought it was unnecessary. I truly wonder what went through Patricias mind other than trying to shave points.
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