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  1. First-Pick Ridiculous Mock Draft -- (Not serious post)

    Got bored at work and played around. Decided no trades and to drafted BPA when the puck came up. Ended up with a lot of Buckeyes which hurt me as a Michigan fan. 😂 Your Picks:Round 1 Pick 3: Chase Young, DE/OLB, Ohio State Round 2 Pick 3: Neville Gallimore, DT, Oklahoma Round 3 Pick 3: JK Dobbins, RB, Ohio State Round 3 Pick 21: Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma Round 4 Pick 3: Yasir Durant, OT, Missouri Round 5 Pick 3: Devin Duvernay, WR, Texas Round 5 Pick 20: Jordan Fuller, FS/SS, Ohio State Round 6 Pick 3: Pete Werner, OLB, Ohio State Round 7 Pick 21: Shi Smith, WR, South Carolina
  2. 2020 Free Agency

    I hope we draft BPA.
  3. 2020 Free Agency

    Actually, I think Ragland is best as a two down LB that can cover short yardage near the line but not a true pass rusher. He’ll blow up plays in that 5-15 yard area. But he’s not a hybrid LB that can cover behind, like we kind of use Killebrew as a LB/S combo. Alabama moved him around a little. Jarrad Davis is more suited as a pin the ears back and attack LB, like we used Kennard. I think Patricia wants versatility and will use many different groups and lineups. As you’ve stated.
  4. 2020 Free Agency

    So did pro football talk in 2014 and the Bengals website from 2016 claiming a 4.4 40 time. It’s weird that the NFL site now lists him at 4.51 when media and team listed him at 4.42 ETA: just watched video on nfl.com of Dennard running the 40 at the combine and his first run was 4.42.
  5. 2020 Free Agency

    Our special teams was atrocious last season. I’m not mad at our FO for addressing this obvious need. Free agency and late rounds of draft is where you address this.
  6. 2020 Free Agency

    Reports are Lions signed LB Elijah Lee as well today. Two new LBers. We need depth there, I like this. Jamie Collins Reggie Ragland Elijah Lee Jarrad Davis Jahlani Tavai Jaylen Reeves-Maybin Christian Jones
  7. 2020 Free Agency

    Ryan and Dennard could both be signed, play different roles as a CB.
  8. 2020 Free Agency

    Because he’s better than Mike Ford.
  9. 2020 Free Agency

    I was high on Ragland during draft time. I’m very happy about this signing.
  10. 2020 Free Agency

    If I recall correctly, I wanted anyone but Ebron. I also didn’t want Ziggy. 🤷🏼‍♀️ IMO, we really wasted early picks (top 15) after drafting Suh.
  11. 2020 Free Agency

    Not disparaging at all. It’s reality for a lot of people. Especially young people with money.
  12. 2020 Free Agency

    He had more connections to the Giants, but Detroit was #2 on his list. This is why I laugh when people go off on the front office for not signing these guys. They try, sometimes another team is just a better fit. If only we knew all the discussions that take place during free agency...
  13. 2020 Free Agency

    Tbh, I think Simmons has the highest ceiling but also the most potential to bust. I think Okudah is the safest pick. I wouldn’t complain about any of the four (Young/Okudah/Simmons/Brown) though.
  14. 2020 Free Agency

    I hope it’s not the money we saw him asking for. Trufant/Ryan/Okudah/Oruwariye
  15. 2020 Free Agency

    No thanks. I like him but I’d rather draft Okudah and spend that $10m+ on other areas. Mainly G and DL.