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  1. I agree to a point. But IMO, if we traded down and a DB was BPA, I'd draft that player and develop what we have. Whoever doesn't pan out can be moved.
  2. I did a mock adding Caleb Farley to Okudah/Oruwariye and everyone was dead set against it. I'm not. I think we need players at EVERY position on defense and want the best talent available.
  3. I love everything you did. I like the cuts. I agree with the re-signings. I like the draft. Awesome job!
  4. Special Assistant- Chris Spielman Senior Personnel Executive- John Dorsey (Browns) Senior Defensive Assistant- Dom Capers GM- Brad Holmes (Rams) AGM- Ray Agnew (Rams) HC - Dan Campbell (Saints) AHC- Duce Staley (Eagles) OFFENSE OC - Anthony Lynn (Chargers) QB - Mark Brunell RB - Duce Staley (Eagles) WR - Antwaan Randle El (Buccaneers) AWR- Seth Ryan (Chargers) TE - Ben Johnson (retained) OL- Hank Fraley (retained) DEFENSE DC - Aaron Glenn (Saints) DL - Todd Wash (Jaguars) OLB- Kelvin Sheppard (LSU)
  5. I like addressing the right side of the OL and WR. I think the defense needs an entire overhaul and it's going to take more than one offseason, so I'm not honed in which part we address first. I like the direction overall though. I like Gipson and Brown as free agents. Great job overall.
  6. I'd rather have the two future 1sts and a 3rd this season than a 1st and 5th this season. We have a whole new front office that needs time to build a draft/scouting program. And this covid restrictions this year, it's harder to evaluate guys, especially those who opted out for the season, than it will be in 2022/2023.
  7. The only thing holding me back from being excited about ARE are his comments about wishing he'd never got into football and believing the sport will be gone in 20-25 years. I understand he had a shorter career in football than he possibly could have had in baseball, but you can get injuries on any job, including baseball. Especially physical jobs and sports are a physical job. But if you are against football that severely, why are you trying to coach young people to the same injuries you are lambasting? His career and his comments do not mesh for me. But I respect the player he was and his wor
  8. If you're worried about Calvin's pocket change, that's on you.
  9. How are the Lions "losing face"? They made him the highest paid WR in history, that was not surpassed for over 7 seasons when Michael Thomas got paid. They signed him to a 7 year extension, eliminating any chance of re-signing Ndamukong Suh, and building around him and the offense. He decided to retire and told no one on the team (other than Stafford) until the season was up and left the Lions hanging with a massive cap hit. They asked him for some of the money back he got after negotiating in bad faith for a contract he had no intentions of honoring. What exactly have they done wrong?
  10. He got his money and then some. If anyone needs to make right, it's him. He decided to retire one year into his 7 year extension. He told no one on the team ahead of time other than Stafford. The partial money he gave back was outlined in the contract he negotiated in bad faith. He's already made tens of millions for doing next to nothing with his extension. And he's badmouth the organization ever since. I'm happy for him for making the HoF.
  11. Holmes and Dorsey. Dorsey might be bad at picking coaches, handing out contracts, but its undeniable that he has an eye for talent.
  12. Interesting that Seth Ryan is assistant WR coach. Wonder if they are still in talks with Hines Ward. Shepperd was originally dubbed OLB coach with DeLeone dubbed ILB coach. Now he’s listed as just a defensive assistant.
  13. Gurley only signed a 1 year deal with Atlanta, he’ll be a free agent...
  14. I’ve seen you state “big 4” before and I’m interested in this. Most agree on a big 3 of Lawrence, Fields and Wilson. Not sure I’ve seen a 4th QB on par with them.
  15. I found out yesterday. This board will never be the same.
  16. Well, we don't have a middle 2nd... the pains of being a bad team, we draft at the top of rounds. 😂
  17. I like his game/potential as well. Every mock draft I've, he's sitting there at the top of 3rd and I've tried taking other players, just to mix it up, but passing on him is hard.
  18. There's been more. She's had to walk back on a few of her posts, including against Kaepernick. I'll leave it at that, as it probably goes against board rules to post some of the things and get into this discussion, but you can look up her twitter and google some of her remarks over the years. I think she'll fit right in with the L.A. (or Newport beach) media, but Detroit was not the spot for her.
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