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  1. I had to work and missed this one. Looks like I didn't miss much.
  2. I've been begging for a defense heavy draft for a few years now. I just don't see it happening, especially in this years draft that is not deep defensively. I think we can all agree that defense is our main downfall, but IMO, that doesn't absolve Quinntricia, it's THEIR defense. This is the defensive roster they built. They brought in "their guys". Maybe I'm slow this morning, but I can't think of one defensive player that wasn't brought in by Quinn. As for coaching the defense, Patricia is the mad scientist who was touted as the guy who can form any defense around the players he has out there. So how can he not coach up a defense that he's built?
  3. IMO, his draft position is whats keeping him on the field. If he played on a good team with a good coach or anything at TE behind him, he wouldn't see the field that often.
  4. I don't count Walker as a good player. QB- Stafford RB- Swift (Peterson due to age/Kerryon on bubble) WR- Golladay (when healthy) TE- No one OL- Ragnow (Decker is hot/cold, Jonah is still wet behind the ears) DL- Okwara (maybe Griffin) LB- No one CB- Oruwariye/Okudah have potential, but they are not sure things. S- No one P- Jack Fox
  5. Lions hurt their tank chances with a disgusting last minute comeback win against Washington today. Lions are now 1.5 games out of the playoffs and also sitting at the 16th pick in the draft. Worst possible scenario, we win just enough to keep Quinntricia and not bad enough to get a top pick.
  6. Lions 1.5 games out of the playoffs 😂
  7. Stafford is having a "down" year but still the best QB I've seen in a Lions uniform in my lifetime. Wouldn't mind moving him to a contender or bringing in a QB to groom behind him. Swift is awesome. outside of his dropped GM catch week 1, his season has been spectacular. Would like to see Kerryon get involved more. Marvin Hall just makes plays when he's in there. Cephus looks like a rookie who hasn't played much. i'd love to see both of them used often the rest of the season to see what we have there. Hockenson continues to whiff on plays. Jesse James provides nothing behind him. Our OL played alright today, Aboushi was getting beat a few times and had a stupid penalty. I guess they decided he was better than Joe Dahl getting beat. Why not try Stenberg? Everson Griffin was getting pressure of Alex Smith all day long. Him and Romeo Okwara could be a solid duo. We have nothing of value at LB. Collins is probably our best based on talent, but we need help there BADLY!! Jayron Kearse would make one good play and then one bad play. He might have size, but he doesn't have smarts. Oruwariye is growing at CB. Okudah whiffed big on one play I noticed, but was active all game. We need talent across the board. Which is highlighted by the fact that our coaching staff cannot mask deficiencies because it's God awful.
  8. I saw him get a few blocks helping out on the left side. Didn't key in on him enough, tbh.
  9. D'Andre Swift has 331 Rush YDs, 275 Rec Yds, 4 Rush TDs, 2 Rec TDs for 606 yds and 6 TDs through 9 games. Not bad for a guy someone said wouldn't get 700 combined yards and under 5 TDs on the season.
  10. It was moving around for sure.
  11. Griffin is getting alot of pressure today.
  12. Aqib Talib is actually a very good commentator.
  13. Alex Smith just needs to get them in FG range to send this to OT.
  14. Swift is sitting near 150 yds from scrimmage today.
  15. Laughable!! 24-3 in the 4th and it's now tied. Patricia needs to be fired, NOW!! Giants, Jacksonville, helping out our tank game.
  16. Justin Coleman with the whiff, TD Washington, they are right in this game.
  17. I'm sure year 4 will be his year...
  18. Our defensive guru HC doesn't know how to get his team to tackle.
  19. Agreed. I'd love to be wrong about Hockenson. We need talent. Never goes wrong taking BPA. Draft talent, sign needs.
  20. Swift is very good. I remember quite a few fans didn't want him round 2 during the draft. He was a 1st rd talent IMO.
  21. Lions giving up 48% of third down conversions to opponents. Good for 27th in the league. Wonder where they rank in 4th down conversions.
  22. I thought Griffin tackled McKissic for the 10 yd loss in the backfield? He's not credited with a TFL.
  23. They both did. Hockenson just misses it entirely the very next snap.
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