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  1. TNF: Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) @ New York Giants (1-4)

    Saquon is a beast, but let's not put him on Sanders level...
  2. Week 5: Cheeseheads vs Lions

    It's early, but this draft class has been impressive. Kerryon and Hand are looking like long term fixtures and honestly, both have the talent to be stars at their positions. Moreso Kerryon, but Hand has always had the talent and now seems to be putting it all together. Ragnow has progressed every single week too. And Golladay is our best receiver. Which is impressive being we have MJ and Tate. And he still has room to grow.
  3. Best NFC North Receiver?

    It's early, but man is Golladay impressive. Not saying he's the best, but I don't see many weaknesses with him.
  4. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Vikings miss a 28 yard field goal lol
  5. Week 5: Cheeseheads vs Lions

    Offense was bad today. Very fortunate to get those 3 takeaways
  6. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Crosby is the player of the game.
  7. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Golladay! Lions might have the best WR trio in the league
  8. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Bs flag on Jones. Screwed Detroit
  9. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Stafford to Jones!
  10. Week 5 Gameday thread

    D'Shawn Hand is a stud
  11. Week 5 Gameday thread

    oh. my. god. LOL
  12. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Wow, Crosby again.
  13. Week 5 Gameday thread

    yeah, but I'm used to it. All Detroit fans are.
  14. Week 5 Gameday thread

    Wow. Kerryon just missed an easy TD. Ran it up the gut instead of cutting outside...
  15. Week 5 Gameday thread

    This could get ugly in Detroit.