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  1. Filled the 4 biggest needs on the team with quality players. Can't complain.
  2. Wonder what they gave up to move up
  3. Top 40 player in the draft according to PFF fwiw
  4. Jonah Jackson G Ohio State
  5. Yeah, PFF likes him
  6. Wasn't on my list for the pick, but I don't hate it. Fits the mold of they want at LB
  7. Well, helped the pass rush I guess. Expecting OL with the other 3rd
  8. gotta think this pick will be a big ugly. Want Jones or maybe Madubuike, but think they might take a surprising name
  9. What about Cushenberry? Can he play guard?
  10. Dobbins with Lamar. Nice
  11. Quick moving 2nd round, no? Digging it
  12. Could see someone like Uche being in play with their first 3rd
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