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  1. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    Admittedly, I should have posted more positive content during the game, but it's frustrating to watch this team play down to the competition time after time. Sometimes you just need to vent in GT's when you see a team that should be capable of more, consistently hold themselves back. That is cool that we swept division road games and should be something to be proud of. Now they need to take care of business Thursday. After the Vikings game, the opponents are lackluster. No reason the Lions shouldn't be favored in the rest of the games.
  2. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    It's good to see Marvin Jones progressing from a WR who shows flashes, but has his inconsistencies, to a reliable WR making plays at every level of the field. He's not just a one trick pony like many thought he was and would be. Him and Stafford seem to have a nice little thing going right now and they're gonna need that to continue if they want to be a factor in the division race.
  3. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

  4. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    They escaped somehow.
  5. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    What a terrible sequence that was. Got the lead, but wow that was bad.
  6. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    They're going to lose aren't they
  7. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    Lang and Wagner haven't been good at all. Turn to crap as soon as they put a Lions uniform on. Typical.
  8. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    I don't understand why the Lions struggle so much during the beginning of a half. It's maddening.
  9. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    Stafford is en fuego!
  10. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    Good connection by Stafford and Marvin Jones. Be nice if the defense did something now
  11. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    Same old crap. They are doing what ever the f they want. What a joke.
  12. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    Needed that one.
  13. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    Looks like SOL came to play today
  14. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    Ricky Wagner is really bad.
  15. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    Lions have won 7 of the last 8 vs the Bears and are 3 point favorites in today's game. Will Stafford continue his hot streak and take another step towards the Playoffs or will the Lions revert back to S.O.L? Game Starts at 1PM ET. Go Lions!