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  1. 3rd preseason game so we should see a good bit of the starters. It's on Friday at 7 ET. What's everyone looking forward to in this match up?
  2. Preseason GT #2: Lions vs Jets

    I feel like this is the deepest Lions team i've seen in year. If there's an injury at any position (except QB), I feel pretty comfortable with the next man up. Good feeling to have about a team.
  3. The Return of Marvin Jones

    Honestly, I expect the same, but more efficient/consistent if that makes sense. I think Tate will still be our #1 guy, but I expect some growth from Ebron and with a healthy Abdullah and Riddick, the ball will be spread out a ton. He's a good fit for the offense and adds a dynamic that without, we would not have. He's a valuable asset that might get hated on too much, but his incosistency was inexcusable for sure. Need more from him on a week-to-week basis.
  4. Preseason GT #2: Lions vs Jets

    Nice toss and catch by Stafford and Jones
  5. We will ride my back to a perfect preseason. The ultimate goal. What is everyone loooking forward to? I want to see more of Abdullah. He's so damn electric when he has the ball in his hands. He looked pretty good in limited time last week. Want to see the battle at DE and see who steps up to claim the other starting position. And want to see more of Greg Robinson. He wasn't other worldly or anything last week, but he was adequate, which is a start I suppose. (Game starts at 7:30 ET)
  6. Sunday Preseason Games

    Golladay with another TD catch
  7. Preseason GT #1: Lions vs Colts

    Golladay with another one
  8. Preseason GT #1: Lions vs Colts

    Tabor showing his physicality right away. Two good stops.
  9. Sunday Preseason Games

    Kenny Golladay made 2 impressive catches (including TD). Been getting some hype during camp. Living up to it so far.
  10. Preseason GT #1: Lions vs Colts

    Antwoine Williams looking good
  11. Preseason GT #1: Lions vs Colts

    Golladay is a freak
  12. Tomorrow at 1:30 ET What are you guys looking forward to the most?
  13. Division rivals that killed you

    Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson
  14. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Tweets/Videos Get Embedded

    Isaac Paredes is mashing for WM