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  1. There is no direct source. Paul Allen got wind of some bad info, Schefter figured people would sniff around that story and wind up being able to break what he was working on.
  2. You play 2-4 WRs per snap and 1 QB. The situation is not comparable within the context of the game. Jordan Love and Aaron Rodgers cannot play at the same time. Adams and Jeudy can.
  3. I don't think that's an option sadly. The reason Aaron isn't here is because he wants guarantees that probably last 3-4 years. While Gute probably wants 1-2 and an out to Love. If Rodgers plays again here it's because we sign him long term, with guarantees.
  4. Adams still plays 100% of snaps with Jeudy on the team, so no I don't worry about it.
  5. Standford Samuels is my guy to come out of nowhere this year. Think he's better than Jean-Charles, Jackson and Hollman. The NFL really screwed him over, had a flag for his heart at the Combine, so they did a stress test to clear him for the workout. Had to wake up the next day and workout, ran the 4.6 and he was done. I think he's really a 4.45-4.5 guy and probably a 4-5th rounder if he runs that.
  6. You don't bet on relative certainties.
  7. Also got G-Mo in UDFA, so that bumps me from C+ to B-.
  8. Rodgers plays full season with some type of extended deal - 60% Rodgers plays full season on existing contract and then is traded in Feb 2022 - 0% Rodgers is traded this off-season - 35% Rodgers sits out part or all of this season - 5% Rodgers retires - 0%
  9. The template is having a great QB and a top 10 defense? I think you're on to something. We should tell Gute and keep this a secret from the rest of the NFL.
  10. I'd wait until camp, but if he doesn't show, the colossally stupid thing would be to let an asset that valuable rot in CA. If Rodgers sits out, you MIGHT get a first round pick in 2022, but you now are dealing with a 38 year old, who will turn 39 in season, who will be 18 months removed from playing ball. You call his bluff through OTAs, and the first week of camp, but by Family Night, if he's not in house, you cut your losses.
  11. It's funny you say this when every beat writer and fan of teams in the mix are happy to give that up. Especially when you consider whichever AFCW team doesn't get Rodgers will face Mahomes, Rodgers, Herbert 6 games a year. Guaranteed 4th place and no playoff birth for 2-3 years. That will be the package we get, either 3 firsts with some mid rounders mixed in among the 3 years, or 3 firsts and a player. I'm sure all teams are prepared to make that offer.
  12. Watch the clip above. Myers is tasked with that block all the time at OSU, they run some similar zone concepts to us, we ask our centers to reach block all the time. It's been over 2 months since I watched Humphrey so I don't recall exactly what he was asked to do there, but if you're excelling at elements that are similar or identical to what you'll be asked to do by your new team, they're going to grade you highly for it.
  13. It came out on draft day because Paul Allen got like a 30% correct information and spewed it on the airwaves that morning, being that he's a Viking homer and it was negative news about Rodgers he probably didn't care about validity. If Schefter didn't spill what he had, someone else was going to get to the bottom of it and it was going to be someone else's story.
  14. Mahomes is 25, can't compare the situation to Rodgers, we can't give Aaron a 10 year deal to spread things around. The Bucs have pushed out 24m in void money for Brady, they'll owe to that their cap when he retires, we definitely could do this but it's clearly not the way Russ Ball operates.
  15. I don't think he's Mahomes, he has some skillsets that Mahomes has. I just think you don't know what sort of skillset leads to a game manager QB. When you draft a Mac Jones, Andy Dalton, hell even Jared Goff if it doesn't all click, you may end up with a game manager type. Live arm (yes Love's arm is upper echelon for sure) guys with mobility who have question marks at times with accuracy and decision making don't ever become a game manager. Very rarely do they end up middle of the road, they usually flame out or become great. Think like Jay Cutler/Mike Vick (purely passing wise sub
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