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  1. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Well theres Lattimore, White, King, Witherspoon, Griffin and Humphrey that played a lot last year and held there own. That's just one draft. Isn't hard to find NFL ready DBs.
  2. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Even more reason for them to throw at the UDFA as much as possible no? And he held his own.
  3. MOCK round by round (ROUND 2 on page 5)

    Almost have to take Oliver with the current roster.
  4. Mike Pettine Defense

    Wouldn't surprise me if he was gone. Still unless you consider Davenport or Landry elite, Chubb certainly won't be there.
  5. Mike Pettine Defense

    Also unless a miracle happens I don't see him having a chance at an elite pass rusher this draft either.
  6. Packers Forum Big Board - #3

    It's Derwin for me.
  7. Mike Pettine Defense

    2009 they took Sanchez over Maybin and Orakpo. 2010 Kyle Wilson over Jerry Hughes 2014 Justin Gilbert over Anthony Barr That's about it. Unless you count the Coples as an EDGE rusher, he's never taken one in the first as a DC/HC.
  8. Need one of these CB's - the best of the rest

    There's two types of CBs to me (Fitz is a bit of a safety too but solely playing him there isn't utilizing his full skillset) you have guys who cover people and guys who take the ball away. If you're truly elite like the young Richard Sherman, Pat P, etc you do both. Fitzpatrick is a takeaway guy, like a Mathieu, Woodson, Peters. You don't really want him to man up on a receiver every play because that isn't his strength and you'd rather his eyes be on the QB than a WR. Ideally he's a guy that the QB looks for pre snap, because you could be playing him at the one high, in the box, slot or occasionally the boundary. His best fit is with a team that has an island guy and a one high stud (think 2010 Packers w/Tramon and Collins.) That we he can roam and not be too concerned with jumping routes and such. We really have neither lol, but I still wouldn't pass on the chance to draft him.
  9. Packers Forum Big Board - #2

    As I said, those players are bridges from one year to the next. I'd be totally shocked if any EDGE from the 3rd round or later was more productive than a guy like Barwin next season. (Unless all the GMs in the NFL are idiots and pass on a guy like Carl Lawson over and over even though that's your biggest need. Looking especially at you Ted....)
  10. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    I have no problems starting rookies in the secondary. One of the easiest positions to play without experience. We won a SB with a converted UDFA WR playing #2 boundary CB.
  11. Need one of these CB's - the best of the rest

    Was not a big Takk guy. Landry is a better player. Takk is stiff, Landry is a pretty fluid guy. Loved Barnett last year, he graded out a smidge higher for me than Landry. He went 14, so again I have no problems with Landry at 14 unless the board gives us a gift.
  12. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    1999 draft here we come. Ward Bates Averett
  13. Packers Forum Big Board - #2

    None of those vets stop you from drafting any of those guys. This isn't a one or the other scenario. A guy like Dorance Armstrong isn't going to walk through the door and be anywhere close to the player Ahmad Brooks or Connor Barwin currently are.
  14. Packers Forum Big Board - #2

    Nick Perry, Clay Matthews. Two guys who can be difference makers. Plus in FA still sits Dumervil, Barwin, Brooks, McPhee. There are hundreds of snap open at EDGE right now, I'd guess there are thousands at DB.
  15. Need one of these CB's - the best of the rest

    I never said I didn't want him, he's just not a top 5-10 player in this draft. He's Mr 3 Cone. If he comes in at 7.00 or higher we're talking about him as a reach. He's somewhere around the 15-20th player in the draft who has some helium in this board because of him Combine. Pass down only player right now, can't hand fight and set the edge like a Nick Perry. More like Clay, has to penetrate or an OL can easily control him. Chubb can do it all, that's the top 5 player. Davenport is rare, he's closer to the top 10. Landry will be a good pass rusher for a long time in this league, but as far as defensive players go, give me Chubb, Ward, James, Fitzpatrick, Edmunds, Davenport or LVE ahead of him.