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  1. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    If King went off the board maybe they don't move down? Maybe they had King, Watt, Foster (doubt it but who knows) all in a similar tier so that's why they moved down. With King gone they might've just stayed at 30.
  2. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Get Well Soon Julio

    Can you push a player off the base with your glove and then tag them? Lol I don't know every rule in baseball like football but that seems about as productive as tackling a WR and then intercepting a ball. Like that's why there are rules to prevent it.
  3. GDT Week 3 - Bengals @ Packers

    Not until I watch the film and see what he planned vs how it was executed.
  4. Packers 2018 Mock Offseason

    My point is, while the squeaky wheel keeps staying there, and you keep greasing it, you may not hear the other things that start to go wrong. I would love nothing more than a cheap, young, good secondary. How much of an investment does it take before other positions start to suffer? It's good food for thought. In this scenario, Id be concerned about that EDGE, WR and OL depth charts.
  5. GDT Week 3 - Bengals @ Packers

    John Ross and Eifert are out. That leaves Alex Erickson and Brandon Lafell as pass catching options. There shouldn't be a single play in this game where AJ Green isnt the responsibility of two of our DBs.
  6. Packers 2018 Mock Offseason

    If we dont see obvious growth this year from guys like Fackrell, Spriggs, Rollins, Randall, Ryan, Martinez, Davis, Lowry, and even to an extent HHCD and Monty we're going to rapidly become a mediocre team that Rodgers has to carry to get anywhere. Our draft/development history over the last 4 years is downright average. I think that's why we saw the shift toward veteran depth at a lot of spots. When you've invested lots of draft capital in a position with no improvement, that's when you switch to investing FA captial IMO. CB is an absolute vital position now in today's NFL, that 2018 roster of yours has almost no money tied into it, all rookie deals. It's time to pay out a Sam Shields like deal, not that it needs to be House. King would still be 4 years away from an extension if he's a stud, plenty of time to have a FA off the books for him.
  7. Should be more blame here for the safeties. Last play you listed in the 1st Q is clearly a double team on Julio by the way it's set up. Dom doesn't want Randall pressing because Randall cant get beat on his outside shoulder as he has no help there. Randall is playing off because he knows the front side of Jones should be covered by the field side safety. Brice goes all the way to the box getting fooled on PA and doesn't even look to find Jones after he realizes it's a pass. Massive failure on his part. First play of the 2nd Q is the same thing. This was obviously a "robber" call. HHCD is supposed to show playing deep and jump the crosser. Rollins gives ground to Sanu inside because they want to funnel the throw there. Dom obviously watched the NFCCG film and saw how Matt Ryan looked for that crosser first. I don't know if it was an audible from Morgan Burnett or a call from the box from Dom, but it was a perfect call on a perfect play, should've been a pick 6, HHCD just massively fails. Brice and HHCD were worse than any CB on the team in ATL to me.
  8. Kevin King Time?

    Week 2 last year Davante Adams had 3 catches, 26 yards and a lost fumble. People were done with him too. What a difference a year can make.
  9. Kevin King Time?

    Pretty decent week 1 + bad week 2 = absolutely terrible?
  10. Packers 2018 Mock Offseason

    Just don't think that roster has gotten any better. I'm not in favor of the 3rd CB in the 1st in the last 4 years. I think you can just resign House and King and get a CB in the mid rounds to fight for nickel/dime reps. The double dip needs to come at EDGE IMO. Fackrell isn't going to see a 2nd deal. Assuming you forgot Biegel on your depth chart, but if he really is bad enough that he gets cut next year, we're in trouble. OL and WR need youth, and actual good youth, not what we have right now. This is why it's imperative that the coaching staff gets something out of guys like Randall, Rollins, Biegel, Fackrell, etc... I think the 2019 offense is in big trouble if we have to go heavy defense again.
  11. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Get Well Soon Julio

    Game should've never gone to extras, just total luck in the top of the 9th on the part of the Cubs. Walker should've probably never fielded that ball. The approach at the plate was fine, Braun hit one right on the nose with the bases loaded that clears the bags if it was a foot to the left or right. Then Shaw with runners on first and second hits one so hard that they held Walker in the 9th. They got the contact they needed with runners on, just bad luck. The only one who truly whiffed was Domingo, and he was responsible for 2 of the 3 runs we scored, so it is what it is.
  12. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Get Well Soon Julio

    Taylor Williams and WCW were the only options that we aren't sure if they suck or not. This game was just bad luck. Between Brauns at-em ball with the bases loaded, Shaw getting a walkoff hit that literally landed on the RF and the whole top of the 9th and that garbage, just have to laugh.
  13. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Get Well Soon Julio

    Cubs with the luck of the Cardinals there in the 9th.
  14. GDT Week 3 - Bengals @ Packers

    So glad this is the game that I got for the gold package. Going to be awesome to watch pre-season in September.
  15. FIRE SOMEONE! Atlanta Post Game Discussion

    For the millionth time that is literally the worst environment for them, playing on a fast track where their safeties hung them out to dry. How often were we pissed at them during the run the table streak? Far less. We need to take care of our business, get some HF playoff games and they'll be fine.