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  1. GPG27 Mock Offseason V.1

    I don't see Jay Bromley making a team that already has Clark, Daniels, Dial, Lowry, Adams, Green on it. You should have some extra money to begin with, I'd use that on a vet CB. Without bringing House back your vets are Rollins and Randall, that's a scary thought. Love the draft. Edmunds is Anthony Barr, Alexander reminds me of Hayward and Green is a guy who could move into the top 50 with a good combine.
  2. I hear Nick Foles has a 3rd leg so he's got one to spare.
  3. You mean the two best fanbases? I see what you're doing, trying to steal the underdog juju from my new friends. You can wait till next year to be underdogs when you face the new titanium plate reinforced Aaron Rodgers. Take that Anthony Barr.
  4. Do you think David Bahkitiari could pass for Hajwlrleoskwdjf Vaitai? They're both kind of Persian looking. Bahkitiari is regular guest on a local sport radio station here, I can put the ball in motion. Bahk yawns at the sight of Everson Griffen. If we give b.d. Nick all day to throw he'll yawn at Minnesota's secondary.
  5. Are you insinuating Nick Foles has weaknesses?
  6. Every concession stand purchase, every toilet flush, most stadiums have a PA announcers, the Vikings just blow the horn to end every play.
  7. My former team will take Burton off your hands but I would like to request Doug makes it so he only gets paid modestly. He would be a good pair for the GOAT* QB they have. * GOAT ranking subject to Nick Foles performance this weekend.
  8. Can't tell you how appreciative I am for the #1 seed. Not hearing a bunch of tipsy Northerners chant "Skol" and hearing that mother lovin' horn every time they tackle someone before a first down or complete a 5 yard pass is going to make my Sunday glorious.
  9. Aaron Rodgers

    We could be the Patriots defense, and that seems to be good enough every year.
  10. Aaron Rodgers

    We're more than a Chubb away from the Jags/Vikings defense though. You're another stud CB (and that's assuming that King turns into a stud), 2 more talented LBs and oodles of pass rush away from them.
  11. Random Packer News & Notes

    "Pass game coordinator" which is supposedly Joe Whitt's new position means DB coach I believe. I imagine we'll carry an assignment underneath him since he'll have more responsibility. Think we just need a DL/LB coach depending on which one Graham from NYG took. Moss and Perry are gone.
  12. Aaron Rodgers

    Well if that QB hits like a Wentz this is obvious, but if he's a Mariota, Winston or worse yet an RGIII or Russell then it's a huge flop. A rookie QB that plays like Wentz did this year is more valuable than Rodgers, Brady, Big Ben, etc... However if you traded Rodgers and that QB isn't that good, thats a guaranteed firing, no questions asked. It's also your picture and name in that franchise's book of infamy. "Remember that idiot GM we had who traded Aaron Rodgers and the next QB we had got cut 3 years later?" No GM takes that risk. That's like saying you have a 125k salary and someone offers you a business opportunity where you'll either make 500k a year or have your house foreclosed on and have to move your wife and kids into a one bedroom apartment and start over. Most guys are just going to keep their comfortable situation.
  13. The playoffs!

    Just accidentally opened the Redskins forum instead, thought to myself "Where did the playoff thread go?" Then I looked up. Lol Redskins and playoffs. 😂 What a dumb mistake. Hey how much do you think it costs to ship a dog mask to Wisconsin? Asking for a friend.
  14. Random Packer News & Notes

    Failed his physical. We had to give the Home Depot gift cards from Arthur Blank back. Sucks.
  15. Daintrain28's Mock Draft v.2018.3.0

    And when Finley went out their play diminished. You need someone to hold coverages toward the middle of the field. Without them the safeties can cover way more ground if they have no one they need to worry about on the seams. Cook was playing like a TE making far more money than he was, which is why he demanded a lot more in the off-season.