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  1. Pop on a few games if you get a chance. That's what we need opposite Alexander. Length, man skills, flexibility. Lots of what we have in King (I'm not one who feels King is a bad player). He only got to play 6 games this year cause the B1G shutdown for most of the year.
  2. Greg Newsome would be my BPA, Tufele and Radunz also great picks. Newsome is so underrated by pundits, he's going to be a 1st rounder.
  3. Kind of a jack of all trades guy, but a guy that size that moves like that, I have no problems bringing in the fold.
  4. Zaven Collins is pretty clearly the BPA. Some decent OTs and CBs available if you want to go that route instead.
  5. We sign Will Fuller in this so Aaron Jones is negated. He signs with Miami at 48/4.
  6. I like Jones, Compton, and I wouldn't mind signing Weston Richburg for as cheap as he is either. Know he had a bad injury in 2019 that kept him out this year, but he was a stud for awhile there and is still 29. Worth a look.
  7. The moral I saw is that you can't lose a million OL and expect to hold up against a great defensive line.
  8. They traded him when Mostert broke out. He averaged 5 ypc both years in that offense. He's the closest skillset to Jones out there. Coleman was far better in ATL than he was in SF.
  9. My only interests would be the two with experience in SF. Of the two, Coleman was kind of a flop there.
  10. Breida make it through the round? He'd be the RB I target. Probably an IOL for depth and we're set for the draft IMO.
  11. It shouldn't be as hard as our fan base makes it look to understand this.
  12. A guy who's an under 4 ypc? Mid 4.6 guy? You'd expect AJ to be the hammer, we need someone far more dynamic than Davis as a compliment.
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