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  1. I mean the whole Tonyan thing is selective viewing of an out of context video, but yes #17 is clearly the target (and the one you'd want to draw up the GW play to).
  2. Better IMO, without Adams and Lazard he's able to be keyed on more. MVS is actually better the more high ranking guys on the totem pole are on the field. He only needs 4-5 targets to hit 100+ yards because that big play potential is always there.
  3. Lazard is your #2, guy has shown he can do everything this offense requires and do it well. MVS is a great #3 and Funchess/EQ will be fine #4-5's going forward. Add a couple mid rounders in another stacked WR class and call it a day.
  4. There were many saying to not expect a drastic improvement upon 2018-2019 Rodgers in 2020, even though it was year 2 in what was a new offense for him.
  5. Congrats and thanks for your service! Honestly just way too much investment at WR that's not needed. I'm totally fine with Adams, Lazard, MVS, Funchess, EQ, 1-2 mid round guys going into camp. In this scenario I'd spend more capital on DB/OL and lose Davis/Smith.
  6. Jared Goff went to his only SB already. That guy isn't getting to another. He's incapable of playing 2-3 games against elite competition without imploding. The rest of the Rams, damn good team. They don't scare me with Goff at the helm though.
  7. Martin, Kirksey, Barnes, Burks is the best ILB group we've had since Bishop/Hawk. And we still suck at defending the run. Time for a new system.
  8. The man who made it says the 2020 Bears are closer to being crowned SB Champs this year than the 2020 Packers, so what did you expect?
  9. Lol I didn't even see this gem. You slowly had gained some credibility with me, but I'm going to need you to admit you were drunk if you want to keep it.
  10. Wentz. Because using hindsight is dumb.
  11. I don't see how going into a game expecting your offense to score more than 31 points on the #1 D in the NFL is a realistic gameplan. We did enough in the first half to win that game. 2nd half you can't go 3 and out back to back, but you also can't then allow the other team to take up the entire quarter while you aren't on the field. That messes up the flow of any offense.
  12. Some of you deserve to be Jets or Browns fans is really all I can say about this thread.
  13. I couldn't even tell you what this is it's so bad, cover 6??
  14. Welcome to press conferences, this answer could have been from Mac, LaFleur or the next HC. Continuity in that locker room is more important than him sharing his honest thoughts with you, the fan.
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