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  1. He won't start here, so hopefully decreasing the snaps and making him a pass rush only type will give him more juice for those downs. If Z is back at some point he'll be #4 on the EDGE depth chart.
  2. About .01% that occured. We recruited him here over other teams. If we can get Z back by wildcard weekend, Z, Preston, Gary, Mercilus, Clark, Keke is a pretty great group of 6 to utilize as rushers in the playoffs. No more Lowry, Garvin or any of the other scrubs.
  3. Based on recruiting rankings this is one of the most talented offenses. We're the school that consistently coached up lesser talent, now we finally have some high end recruiting classes and we're coaching them down.
  4. They need to get him practicing with the pass rushers, Smith still has rare athletic ability. He was freaking terrible out there Sunday, he's not much different than Burks as an ILB. All athletic gifts, no idea how to diagnose a play. Looks completely awkward out there. Can see why Dallas cut him. Think there's something there if you play him aggressively, but he's not a read and chase LB, MUCH better off with Barnes if that's what you want.
  5. Yeah it's fallen apart for Chryst and Co this year, enough so that it might be enough for the athletic department to consider moving on. This is one of the more talented offense we've ever had and it's probably the worst I can remember watching in awhile. Leonhard is an obvious choice to replace him, young offensive minds will want to link up to that defense so they can be recognized when we win and get a HC gig.
  6. The Burnes whining all over the fanbase makes no sense to me, we needed to win 2 games. Whether he pitched the first one or the 2nd one, who cares? This series was entirely on the bats. We clinched too early, got in a laid back mindset for September and couldn't get into playoff mode. Luckily we have Woodruff, Burnes and Peralta and Houser and Small or Ashby could make up #5. That's pretty damn strong. Need to find some hitters. Also what a massive disappointment Yelich is, looking like he could top Suppan as the worst contract in Brewers history.
  7. Dunbar played for Joe Barry in Washington so it should be a pretty quick study for him.
  8. For one of the more hyped QB classes I remember, Sam Howell might be the only NFL QB to come from the 2019 class. Crazy how hard it's busted this year.
  9. Had a feeling this wasn't solely about ILB. Rams utilize a lot of 240 range EDGE guys so Barry is comfortable being a little lighter on the EDGE than Pettine was. I'm not saying he'll ever play base downs there, but I'd rather rush Jaylon than Garvin or LaDarius Hamilton.
  10. Down to Preston, Gary and Garvin. Another signing needs to be made here. Wonder if Jaire goes to IR today? Even without surgery it would seem 3 weeks would be needed for him to heal up. Luckily the division looks horrible, let's hope Jaire, Z and Bakh are all healthy and playing by wildcard weekend.
  11. Well Joe Barry has gone from Micah Kiser and Troy Reeder to Devondre Campbell and Jaylon Smith. Now all we need is to find our Aaron Donald and #1 defense will be achieved.
  12. Just spitballing but I wonder if we have plans for him in the pass rush package. Just can't think we make this ILB investment with Barnes ascending and Campbell looking like a stud. Smith is probably 230 but is a rare athlete when it comes to explosion, the long speed has left from injury, but he's still got that burst. He's obviously not an EDGE and he's not going to line head up on an OT and beat them, but Garvin and Rivers are not good. We've been doing a lot of stunting and knifing, I think getting an explosive guy like that in those types of rush/blitz packages might be valuable.
  13. We have Devondre who's been a stud through 4 games. Not sure what Jaylon's role is going to be, but he's not going to be the traditional MIKE he was in Dallas, Campbell has earned that role for us.
  14. Rasul is serviceable, better than trusting a LaDarius Gunter type off the PS. Bigger, slower, press and bail, sit in zone type. Not sure he fits in with 3 CBs who ran sub 4.4, he's actually a similar guy to Yiadom I guess.
  15. Sounds boring. I'll keep throwing my can koozie at my TV.
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