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  1. This right here is why you can't have Preston Smith dropping into coverage.
  2. I'd still really like to push for OJ Howard (less likely now that Gronk has shown he's completely spent) or Njoku.
  3. This is a thread to rip on @AlexGreen#20, if you'd like to rip on @Outpost31, go to the Mike Pettine thread.
  4. Preston needs to actually rush the passer to get numbers.
  5. This is not a thread for Outpost to whine about Pettine, it's to talk about our first round pick who's on pace for 12 sacks and 32 QB hits in year 2.
  6. Me ranking Josh Allen the #1 QB in the draft and saying the Browns should take him #1 is looking to be an accurate stance.
  7. Props to LaFleur, it's your team, doesn't matter if you don't coach defense, if they need their *** chewed, it's on you to do so.
  8. This I don't think. I think having a completely silent stadium is what's getting to them. Pettine needs to dial up something to give them juice. Sitting back in vanilla base and letting a team drive on you isn't it.
  9. Couldn't have called a worse last 2 quarters of defense. Our opponents are 5/5 on TDs. Seeing Preston Smith drop while we rush Tyler Lancaster is disgusting.
  10. Plain and simple what holds you back is your FO can't draft OL, and the ones you sign in FA aren't that good either. The Vikings in the Zimmer era, or the years you had Favre, with a top 10 OL would've been deadly. Last week was the best I've seen them look in years, but last year, other than one beastly run by Cook at Lambeau, we straight up dominated the LOS in both those games.
  11. My roster (at relevant positions) RB: Alvin Kamara, Aaron Jones, Devin Singletary, James Robinson WRs: Davante Parker, AJ Brown, Deebo Samuel, Henry Ruggs, Mike Williams, Allen Lazard, Paris Campbell I was offered DJ Chark and Chris Carson for Aaron Jones and Parris Campbell. I obviously need a solid RB2 like Jones is. Where as I have plenty of options at WR. Is the upgrade from Campbell to Chark worth the potential for injury with Carson and leaving the cupboard pretty bare at RB?
  12. Mack is gone. We must've cut him. Odds are he's still out of shape.
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