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  1. Just got a puppy last weekend so no rowdy celebration for me, but loved every minute of last night with him passed out on my lap. Since the Pack brought it home in 2011, I went from thinking WI was in for multiple titles across the major teams, fast forward to 2021 and I had conditioned myself to be prepared for the inevitable despair when I get my hopes up. I'll be savoring this one for awhile. Still can't believe I'm not having to gather up strength to get ready for game 7 and am celebrating a 'chip instead. I can get used to this...
  2. Wasn't this the ref that was supposed to give us the win? Literally doing the opposite.
  3. With 24 hrs I can make a pick whenever. 1.1 is still available for trade btw.
  4. Lol that's his 6th foul, I'll pass on chilling. Incog is 100% right.
  5. I'd be open to listening to offer for the #1 pick if someone is interested, send me a PM.
  6. Running pick and roll behind the arc and isolating your best scoring guard on Brook has become the new Giannis wall. Opposing coach can run it over and over and over with just about a 100% success rate and Bud will never adjust. We better win this frickin title because we're stuck with this turd now.
  7. Bud is so freaking bad. Good coaches just play with how he can't adjust.
  8. Good to see Bud realizes that every team in the playoffs has gotten us to switch Brook off on a guard. Then we get iso-ed to death. I hate that this run means I have to do this again next year.
  9. We didn't have any flops in Q1, refreshing to see. Suns making up for it in Q2 though.
  10. Jrue cannot play with Giannis in the playoffs for some reason. If we get anything from him, I feel real confident after watching that quarter.
  11. We're about to rally to beat the Hawks, get smoked by the Suns, keep Bud and lose Giannis for '21-22 aren't we @beekay414?
  12. Ross came back in less than 5 months. I'd be fine with that.
  13. Leg fractures are usually not weight bearing, some amazing pain tolerance if you can, also you can make them worse by walking on them. Worst case he's got an ACL.
  14. Yeah you can walk on the ACL, when you add the tibia fracture in there like he was talking about, no way. JJ couldn't put weight on it let alone walk on his own. I've played football long enough to know about the Lachman, at least from my experiences with the trainers I dealt with, if you fail it they don't want you getting up and walking around with weight on it until they know what other damage is done.
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