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  1. Packers legend Bart Starr passes away at 85

    The greatest playoff QB of all time. RIP Bart, a true legend indeed.
  2. MKE Bucks Thread | Enjoy the door, Midds. You bum.

    Yeah he needs a jumper, but with a jumper, he will be. He's got the work ethic to get there though. I wouldn't be surprised if he's already in a gym somewhere right now.
  3. MKE Bucks Thread | Enjoy the door, Midds. You bum.

    So realistically if we bring Brogdon back and beg Lopez to come back for a modest raise but nothing crazy is there money left to chase a mid-level 3&D forward to start with the 4 we have? I'm not worried about Brogdon replacing Midds, he may not quite be to the level of Midds yet, but he understands his role and that Giannis is and will always be the star of this team. We could use someone who is kind of what we thought Snell was going to be when we paid him. Then just hope DJ and DD improve, we'll miss Hill for sure, but I know there are vets who could be convinced to play on our bench for less for a title run.
  4. MKE Bucks Thread | Enjoy the door, Midds. You bum.

    He seems like a players coach and a good developmental guy, but sorry I don't see anything to tell me he's an Xs and Os guy. You certainly can win it all with a guy like Bud, but Brad Stevens built the wall and laid down the blueprint Nurse used to beat the Bucks. Against Boston, Khris, Hill, Pat, Miratic were all hitting 3s, this series they weren't. We needed and adjustment and Bud couldn't deliver. Not to mention whatever the hell that was on defense.
  5. MKE Bucks Thread | Enjoy the door, Midds. You bum.

    Hope Giannis can carry his *** just like Rodgers did to Mac awhile there at the end.
  6. MKE Bucks Thread | Enjoy the door, Midds. You bum.

    And that crap offense still might have been enough if at the same time his new defensive philosophy wasn't derived from the guy we all rejoiced when he left town. Thank goodness we don't have to watch Clay, Steph and Durant against that defense. Bud was an absolute joke once Nurse realized he had the less talented team and was going to have to make some changes.
  7. MKE Bucks Thread | Enjoy the door, Midds. You bum.

    Our offense was Giannis driving into that wall, then kicking out, with the floor spaced out poorly so no one was truly open. Raptors went down 2-0, Nurse adjusted, Bud never figured out anything remotely close to make him counter-adjust and the Raptors ripped off 4 in a row. To me Bud is #1 on the blame list. Then Bledsoe, then Middleton, then Giannis. After game 2, the Raptors had the #1 and #2 best players on the floor, you could argue Van Vleet was #3.
  8. MKE Bucks Thread | Enjoy the door, Midds. You bum.

    Time for us to GTFO and we totally deserve it. In 8 days I went from top of the world to wanting nothing to do with Middleton and am pissed we're stuck with Bledsoe, and have serious doubt Bud is actually a good coach and didn't just benefit from Giannis being a beast. Giannis got his first taste of a deep run and is going to get deserved hate. Just make you're effing free throws and we win either game 3,5 or 6. Hopefully this motivates him. I don't even want the Brewers to tease us again this year. I don't have the heart for it.
  9. Giannis and Yelich both lay postseason eggs in their MVP years. As usual Milwaukee sports fans get teased again.
  10. If only we could say that for any of the 3 players we actually pay to fill this role.
  11. Lol what a garbage unclutch team we've become. Series over and we deserve it.
  12. The wide open 3s that we've been giving away in the playoffs, it'd be ugly. Golden State is winning in 4-5 regardless of what happens tonight. The Bucks that play the defense they did during the regular season and can play their transition game have a chance but we haven't seen that team in a long time. Another wide open 3 for Leonard...
  13. Weak minded team with a coach who can't make adjustments.