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  1. Brett Hundley depreciation thread

    Eh I don't think this is true. It'd be different if Hundley didn't put in the work, but it's clear he does. The locker room knows the situation sucks, and they know Hundley is working his butt off to be the best QB he can be, sucks it hasn't come to fruition but I don't see any risk at all of losing the locker room by playing him unless Hundley's attitude changes.
  2. Defense Discussion [2017]

    I'd start Biegel and Adams for the rest of the year (or at least until Clay comes back, Clark looked like at best a high ankle which is usually 5-6 weeks). The better those guys are next year the better we all are. Obviously King and Jones should continue with their roles too.
  3. Brett Hundley depreciation thread

    You didn't watch Brian Brohm play then.
  4. Management Firing Poll

    Yeah but that 49ers team had a HC who pulled his pants down in front of his players at halftime lol. I think Mac is a far better coach than Singletary.
  5. Are You Comfortable with the RB Position?

    None of these things become public right away, Datone's and Geronimo's arrests we're found out months later too.
  6. Are You Comfortable with the RB Position?

    He was arrested Oct 1st. Sounds a lot like G-Mo, speeding, admitted to smoking. Probably misses week 1 next year.
  7. Management Firing Poll

    The Vikings need to stop being used as an example. That offense is built around a purely a system, they have a whole bunch of mediocrity and 2 top level pass catchers. Right now Keenum is playing about like Bradford on that 5-0 stretch. Case Keenum will come back to earth, just like Bradford did. That team is built around a defense. The other thing that needs to stop being said is "you can't build a team/scheme around Aaron Rodgers." Yes you can, and should. The purpose of this roster/scheme should be to maximize Aaron and his gifts when he's on the field. The OL should be built to pass pro over rub block, the WRs and TEs should be tailored to what Aaron wants. Anything and everything to maximize his ability out on the field. When you have a generational talent, you build your roster for him on the field, yes he can be lost to injury like right now, but you're talking one year out of many our offense isn't firing on all cylinders, instead of every year.
  8. Brett Hundley depreciation thread

    I actually really like Hundley's physical skillset. Mobility is good, pocket presence of what is in front of him is good (his presence of the edge rush surrounding him is terrible), his arm strength and accuracy are acceptable. It's all in his head right now. He panics when he gets an outside pass rush, he doesn't trust his first read. He just looks like his confidence went out the window on the INT to Cobb. The way he ended that Chi game, and the throws on the first drive yesterday, that's a QB we can go over .500 with, the rest of yesterday's game is a QB we go 3-13 with. Head games are a tricky one, you have your Jared Goff types who suddenly get it, and your Brian Brohm types who will never get out of their own way. Hopefully this is the low point Hundley needed to say "here's what happens when I second guess myself out there and don't trust myself, the protection and the receivers."
  9. Management Firing Poll

    You're completely switching organizational philosophy in the final 5 years of Aaron's career? That's....bold I guess. No thanks.
  10. Management Firing Poll

    Would you do things differently than your boss if he was let go and you were placed in power? Look how different Schneider, Dorsey and Reggie Mac have been from Ted, all of them worked under him. It's a matter of respect to those in higher position of power to you, you fulfill their wishes or you have no job. I think personality wise both Elliot and Winston Moss are night and day from Dom and Ted. It's not unreasonable for me at all to think they would have a different way of running the ship.
  11. Switching to Joe "run around for 8 seconds and launch one up there" Callahan would be tanking too lol. That might work when you're facing a teams 3rd string, but I don't see anything there that makes me believe he's any better. Entertainment value could increase though.
  12. Management Firing Poll

    It's an age thing for me, I voted Ted and Dom. If both were Mac's age I'd be hesitant to move on yet. I just don't think Dom relates to the players anymore and when I watch Ted at practice or during his interviews it's just rough. I'd like to see Elliot Wolf as GM and Winston Moss/Joe Whitt DC. I like the organization's philosophy, just think some new fresh voices in power are needed.
  13. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Clelin Ferrel, Arden Key, Dorance Armstrong, Austin Bryant, Harold Landry, Sam Hubbard, Josh Sweat, Porter Gustin, Marcell Frazier, Lorenzo Carter. All guys to keep an eye on as Day 1-Day 2 picks. This off-season is going to be tough. We really need WR/TE/OG help, but we always could use CB/EDGE help. If we cut Cobb I hope we make a play Trumaine Johnson/Malcolm Butler. After House expires we have 0 CBs not on a rookie deal, just don't think that small of a financial allocation is a way to have a good defense in 2017.
  14. Who trades a good vet backup? You wanted us to have a great security blanket for losing Aaron by having a team give up the great security blanket they have?
  15. Rodgers is a once a generation talent, you don't try to not build around him in the case of injury. He's a Jordan, LeBron, Gretzky, Jeter caliber player.