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  1. I'd say it's way more synonymous with team health.
  2. You get a 3-4 year window after you pay your QB before those tough decisions come, Rodgers had terrible luck during his. That's my point. If Mahomes doesn't, the Chiefs will get another ring.
  3. The Packers defense was putrid until 2014. Stop. Collins played one freaking game after the SB. Not sure if Bishop even played a down that next year. Woodson broke his collarbone...again. Ryan Pickett? Dude has what like 5 career sacks and your comparing him to Chris Jones or Frank Clark? The Packers secondary was better than the current Chiefs. The current Chiefs front 7 blows ours away. We're talking 3 years here, stop being so argumentative. Rodgers had crap luck for those 3 years after. Bishop, Woodson and Collins stay healthy, Raji doesn't regress and we find room for Jenkins cap and he would have 1-2 more rings.
  4. Rodgers had Woodson, Collins, Bishop, Raji, Shields all deal with early retirement (or in Woodson's case injuries in the last prime years) that made his elite run only 1 SB. If Ted could have drafted literally anyone decent to put next to Clay not named Zombo, Walden, So'oto, Moses, etc Rodgers would've gotten some more from 2011-2014. Perry sucked for the first few years too. Mahomes has Clark and Jones under contract. As long as injuries don't ruin it, they'll be a dynasty for 3 years yet.
  5. Drop Todd Gurley and Randall Cobb from this and add K'Neal Harry and Preston Williams. Still looking to deal guys like Chris Carson, Drew Brees, AJ Green, Brandon Cooks, Larry Fitzgerald before the draft.
  6. Time to remove the Cardinals and continue on with the season. Other leagues have done this with teams who couldn't keep their players healthy.
  7. Keepers: Drew Brees, Todd Gurley, Royce Freeman, Chris Conley, Chris Carson, Randall Cobb, Kyler Murray, Marvin Jones, Larry Fitzgerald, AJ Green, Brandon Cooks, Hakeem Butler, John Ross, DeMarcus Robinson, Auden Tate. ***Entire team on block for picks/young players***
  8. As the Packers showed last year, sometimes it doesn't matter when you take off for a WC game, they tried 3 different things for the 3 different games, got their butt kicked in all 3.
  9. The two teams that have had all the issues were out partying on the road. I really don't see issues arising if players do what most of the public does. Wake up, go to work, go home, go to bed, do it again. The NFL will have the advantage of just 8 road trips all year spaced out by at least 1 week. Fly in on a Saturday AM. Go from airport to hotel, to the walk through field, back to the hotel, cater in all meals to the rooms, wake up and go to the stadium, fly home. I am pretty confident that IF the players take it seriously there will be a full season. If they don't, it'll spread throughout the locker rooms.
  10. Glad we dealt Grisham for nothing though. I've thought Stearns was overrated since year 2. Mediocre team with the worst farm system in baseball, woo.
  11. So is the protocol going to be when a team has a guy test positive you just move the first game of the series into a double header on the back end while they do more testing? Guess that works. If we're just going to cancel games when a player tests positive and not make them up, just cancel the season. We knew there would be positive tests and that's what expanded testing, rosters and the taxi squad was for. The NFL will have better luck because they travel once a week, and I'm sure the entire team will be tested prior to travel and any positive tests will be left in the home city.
  12. See we got the Rodgers downers back in here, time to get the thread back where it belongs. Rodgers sips tequila now as well as scotch. I appreciate that.
  13. Guys this is a real simple request, this thread is either going to be for posting players on the reserve list or it's not going to exist. No one cares about your opinions on masks or Covid.
  14. There are teams' benches who could kick my new teams *** lol. How do you make a team in a 10 team league this bad.....and deal away a #1 overall pick?? Anyway, if it didn't need to be said, literally anyone on this roster can be had via trade.
  15. I can give it a whirl, truly dreadful team without a 1st so it won't be much fun but I already have an ESPN team so I can check it when I'm on the app.
  16. What platform is this league hosted on @squire12?
  17. The decade ended this year. Quite common to say, "here's who did this thing the best this decade." Who cares about Mahomes or Watson? This will be their decade and not Rodgers or Brees or Brady or Ryan's, that's how these things work.
  18. What we do with Rodgers depends on Love, not the money Aaron is making. Forcing Love into the starting lineup before he's ready to save money could be the end of LaFleur and Gute so it won't happen.
  19. Or they could just not be as inept as baseball.
  20. Thanks everyone! Officially official as of last night. Was great to feel one night of normalcy amidst this crazy year.
  21. I mean not the NBA bubble, but better than going back and forth to St Norberts, back home, out for lunch, have Cleveland fly in for group practice and then 2 preseason games on the road. They'll be the same as the rest of us. Wake up, go to work, go home, do it over again.
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