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  1. Ravens/Steelers would have been the big seller but that's out of the question now. Instead of giving certain teams Thanksgiving games because reasons, it would make a lot more sense to wait and then flex in some of the best matchups for those slots.
  2. I have a similar strategy. When all else fails, drink until the games look entertaining. 🍻
  3. Give us all something to be thankful for and stomp these guys. The rest of this awful division is counting on you. 🍗
  4. Both look like mismatches. You never know, though. The Broncos have wrenched some magnificently ugly wins from New England and Miami, so I can see the Bills falling into the same trap.
  5. So were six of their seven losses. The Giants have a long way to go, but they aren't cupcakes.
  6. Three. Aside from 2017 when he tore his ACL, he's been fairly durable. I might even take Robinson over Golladay, simply because he's put up good numbers without a Pro Bowl QB throwing to him.
  7. Dear god no. Bakhtiari's one of the most gratuitous holders in the league. He gets away with it because of the team he's on and the HOF QB he's protecting. The Giants don't get breaks like that from the officials. 😅
  8. Whether you want to hold on to Leonard Williams or not, he continues to be a significant factor on this team. When asked about his head coach's style, he doesn't mince words. https://www.bigblueview.com/2020/11/24/21612417/giants-rumors-news-11-24-leonard-williams-on-joe-judge-coaching-style-more-headlines Joe Judge’s style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He is a young head coach with a hard-nosed, old-school attitude. Want to play or work for Judge? Check your ego at the door and buy in to his team-first mentality and his willingness to, as he says, be brutally honest with those under his direction. Golden Tate learned that Judge means what he says. Marc Colombo learned. Defensive lineman Leonard Williams, a sixth-year player yet to participate in a playoff game, was blunt Monday when asked about playing for Judge. “His style of coaching is good for players who want to win and want to play hard, practice hard, and understand that your practice is reflective of how you play. Guys that are willing to buy into a program are going to do great under a system like that,” Williams said. “There’s obviously some guys who are a little bit harder to coach and little bit harder to get to buy into systems. They might be a little bit harder to fall into line. “At the same time, when you’re a part of this team, you kind of feel the atmosphere of everyone buying in. Even those guys that are a little bit harder to coach, once they see the rest of their teammates buying in, they will come along eventually, too. I think it’s a great way, the way we practice. I think it shows we have a tough team. I feel like after losses or wins we go right back to work. I think it’s a hard-hat type of team that wants to work and grind.”
  9. You couldn't ask for a much better matchup coming off a bye week. The Bengals' lack of a pass rush suggests the run game can get going early and Jones can continue to build up some confidence in the pocket. I was also looking forward to seeing our defense against Burrow but we'll have to settle for Ryan Finley. I'm confident that Judge won't let our guys look past this team. Tae Crowder is practicing again and could be back soon. We might even have a Xavier McKinney sighting. It feels good to be this excited about Giants football again.
  10. The Giants are easily the most well-rounded team in the division. I don't know if they'll win it but I like what I'm seeing lately. The Eagles still had a clear path until a few weeks ago; now I don't know if they'll win another game. The Cowboys have the easiest remaining schedule. Washington is Washington.
  11. Waived by three teams in less than a month. Is he going for a world record or something?
  12. I feel bad for Joe Burrow. It's been an unlucky year for quarterbacks. I expected us to win this game even with Burrow. Without him all they have is Ryan Finley, who hasn't won a game as a starter. Let's eat. 😈
  13. I've heard murmurs of the Colts having a great defense, but didn't really believe it until now. If you can hold off Aaron Rodgers you're doing something right.
  14. Complete failure in the clutch. Once again, this team just can't decide whether it's any good or not.
  15. Should have been an interception and "game over" a few plays ago. Typical.
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