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  1. Free ain't free in the NFL...

    I could live comfortably for the rest of my life on a fraction of the money they gave Cousins. No wife or family, no debts except college, no mortgage; I'd be set. The hard part would be saving it instead of blowing it on short-term comforts.
  2. Saints sign Return Specialist Marcus Sherels

    He's been a good returner for us over the years but was definitely losing a step. Not a big loss if Hughes can take over for him. Still, he's one of Rochester's favorite sons and I'll miss him.
  3. Miami Dolphins Tanking Plan

    My plan would be to build up the team in the trenches and go from there, instead of praying for a savior QB in 2020. No matter who you draft, if you can't block or get open for him he's still going to get killed.
  4. Redskins sign OT Erick Flowers (1 year, $4M)

    For me, I want them to succeed out of nostalgia. They once had John Riggins, Joe Theismann, and the Hogs. Sadly those days are long gone, and we shall never see their like again unless or until the entire team staff vanishes into the Bermuda Triangle and they are forced to start the office, and the culture, over from scratch. Not that I would seriously advocate such a thing, of course. (Anybody got a boat?)
  5. Raiders sign Vontaze Burfict LB

    A match made in tabloid heaven. Welcome to OakLOLand, Burfict. Or wherever the Raiders' home field is going to be this season.
  6. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    Will you accept Huey P. Long?
  7. Eagles’ sign former Viking S Sendjeo

    Sendejo is a pretty good player, better known for his hits than his coverage skills. Fortunately we had Harris waiting in the wings when he went down.
  8. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    @Virginia Viking You're never really sure until you do a DNA test, but as far as I know I'm German on my father's side, Bohemian and Irish on my mother's. But there's no NFL team called the Kaisers or the Gypsies. There is one called the Raiders, but ... you know ... no. So it had to be the Vikings. After the winter we've endured, this coming week is going to feel like summer. 40-50 degree highs? Break out the t-shirts!
  9. For a team with such a mixed history that didn't exist until '76, the Bucs have been in a lot of great football games. They may not be "my team" but I support them more than anybody else in the NFC South. So without further ado, here we go. I narrowed my list down to three. vs St. Louis Rams, 12/19/2000: Because how could it not be on the list? It was their first shot at the Rams since the '99-'00 NFCCG and the Bert Emanuel catch-that-should-have-been. St. Louis' offense was still firing on all cylinders but their historically bad defense was becoming a liability. The Bucs, who had scored 30+ points only once in 1999, did so four times in 2000 while their defense continued to excel. They did it for the fifth time here, knocking off the Rams in a 38-35 MNF classic. vs Washington Redskins, 11/13/2005: The Bucs had changed radically just five years later: different coach, different GM and lots of turnover on offense. Under pressure to get back to playoff form, they responded with a dynamite season in '05. Chris Simms, son of Phil, had the best game of his pro career with support from ROTY Cadillac Williams. A dramatic showdown ended with the Bucs final TD drive when, instead of a game-tying extra point, they went temporarily insane and rolled the dice on a two-point conversion. The gamble paid off thanks to one of my favorite fullbacks to ever play the game, Mike Alstott, and Tampa won 36-35. vs Green Bay Backers, Throwback Day, 11/8/2009: With the Gruden era officially over, the Bucs were in the midst of an 0-7 collapse. Their QB was a 21-year-old kid named Josh Freeman making his first professional start. The Packers had problems of their own with their defense still adjusting to a new scheme and Aaron Rodgers' o-line struggling to protect him, but everyone predicted an easy win for them. Instead Rodgers threw three picks and was sacked six times as Freeman led a team of no-names and has-beens to a stunning 38-28 upset.
  10. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    Different positions, mostly different eras. You can't really compare them on the field. I will say that both stand out as very hard-working players who are serious as a heart attack about their work ethic, physical fitness, preparation, and professionalism.
  11. AAF

    The Memphis Express has signed Manziel. Ugh. I get that they're 1-5 but that reeks of desperation.
  12. Titans cut Blaine Gabbert

    Wouldn't surprise me. If they took Manziel, then Gabbert is a shoo-in.
  13. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    So we don't know exactly when the 3-year-old broke his arm, whether it was inflicted by his parent/s or was just an accident; we're not sure why the police ever got involved, and we have a whole lot of nothing to go on until the real, credible sports media (i.e. not TMZ) and the league get to the bottom of this. If the kid hasn't been removed from their custody yet, he's not going to be. Sounds like a false alarm to me.
  14. Kind of a relief TBH, just because I never liked Tate. I don't get his logic in "narrowing down" to a choice between one of the best coached teams in the league and the out-of-control media circus that is Pittsburgh, or in going to the Giants after all that, but whatever. As long as he's not on a team I root for we're fine.
  15. Who wins the AFCN 2019

    Get back to me in ten months and I'll let you know.