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  1. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    So with the greatest State Fair in the country coming up soon, I checked out the new foods on deck and I think it's the best lineup they've had in years. Blueberry key lime pie, deep fried tacos on a stick, mini donut lattes, brisket grilled cheese sandwich, a new hot dog at Mancini's, build your own burgers, you name it. https://www.mnstatefair.org/new-this-year/food/ Plus I have to fit in my staples: poutine from Duke's, a Minnepumpkin pie, cheese curds, and some Schell's Oktoberfest. It'd be a shame to watch the preseason on an empty stomach, and I sure won't have that problem this year. Thoughts?
  2. About seven. I look forward to seeing the Vikings get better, and I want to find out if the Jags and Falcons can bounce back. Best-case scenario is that the AFC North becomes a three-team race, giving us some great games. I'll be keeping an eye on the Bills, too. It would be higher if the NFL settled the "body weight on the quarterback" thing because I think it will be an ongoing problem. The game was over-officiated before that.
  3. Gino Cappelletti Should be in the Hall of Fame.

    I agree. Gino was an instrumental player for the Pats throughout the 60s, their all-time leading scorer until the Brady era, and a great broadcaster after he retired. He's earned his spot.
  4. It's very close but I'd give it to New England. The Giants looked like a good but not great team that fought just hard enough to make the playoffs and would surely lose in the first or second round, but they had a widely respected coach and the dignity of six previous league championships to sustain them, so you couldn't count them out entirely. The Patriots had an unproven backup QB, a coach with only one winning season and one playoff win, their big free agent signings (Bryan Cox and Ted Johnson) were inactive, and they had never won a league championship.
  5. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    That's awful. From the sound of the accident, he's lucky to be alive, but it's still a very difficult adjustment that will definitely end his playing career.
  6. I agree with the Bills being in the middle of the pack. I think they've got what it takes to surprise a lot of people this year.
  7. Well, I know one team I won't be rooting for this year. And I was just starting to like them again after the Ryan era too. I think the Jets could surprise some people with the talent they've got on their team, but you said the magic word: dysfunction. Even great teams ('93 Oilers for example) are eventually brought down by that.
  8. Behold Da Bearz!

    I was kind of hoping Blewitt would get the kicking job just so we could make fun of his name all season. Robbie Gould apparently doesn't want to go back; good for him. He's the guy we should have signed as soon as the Bears let him go. Unfortunately, at that time Zim had not yet accepted that we needed a new kicker. Instead we went through a few different guys before landing Bailey, who possibly started losing his touch just in time to become a Viking. Hooray.
  9. Have to say, that oversize helmet logo still looks ridiculous. Fix. The. Uniforms. Actually just go back to the 2000s unis, because any "fix" Nike is involved in will just make them worse. Back on subject, I would like the Bucs to get better under Arians because they're the only team in the NFC South I'm not sick of looking at. But I can't see them going very far this year. I think the Falcons will rebound, the Saints will manage one more strong season, and the Panthers with Cam Newton are always troublesome. 6-10 is probably their ceiling.
  10. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    I got my first laugh of the day imagining Paton turning down the Jets three times. You'd think they would take a hint after one or two. Speaking of the Jets, that brings back old memories ... https://sports.theonion.com/jets-attempt-to-trade-mannequin-dressed-as-favre-for-ja-1819570642
  11. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Totally random: remember when the NFL bothered to design actual Super Bowl logos? Now they're not even trying. We haven't had a decent logo since SB XLIV in 2010.
  12. All Hail...to Epic Fail

    I'll abstain. When we finally get that Super Bowl win we've screwed ourselves out of for decades and counting, then I'll be more than happy to talk about those failures in detail, but probably not before.
  13. What if--All Hail, QB Warren Moon

    I've heard all the OTF allegations and I will say there is rarely smoke without fire, especially when the smoke comes up from multiple locations. Strictly as a pro quarterback, he's one of my favorite players to ever step on the field. I knew his name before I knew anything about football. Going back and watching him now, he was extremely skilled and fun to watch whether he wore an Oilers uniform or a Vikings one (the Seahawks can go jump in a lake). He threw too many picks, but that might have been a consequence of the awesome Run and Shoot offense that required him to pass on most of the snaps. He defied the stereotypes and showed everybody that black quarterbacks could be highly successful in the NFL. For that, he has my admiration and respect. If he'd played for us in his prime, we might very well have a Lombardi but it was not to be.
  14. What might the KSO look like?

    I'm pretty sure I could ask you anything about the Vikings and you would have a good answer for me. You could probably make a good living as a sportswriter if you wanted to. But don't do that, because then you might not have time to post here anymore! I did kind of get that vibe from SKOR North. I had never heard of them until stumbling across clips from their podcast, and it seemed like they were kind of grasping at straws. KFAN they are not. But I suppose with podcasts, folks expect you to go in there and talk, even when there's nothing to talk about. And that explains Gerbschmidt ... I'm not on Twitter, or any major social media platform in fact, so I was blissfully unaware of his antics. If Kubiak plus Stefanski can equal redemption for last year's embarrassment and busting other teams in the mouth, then I'm all for it. SKOL!