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  1. Nobody wants to bother with overpriced packages like Sunday Ticket. Every football game should be available to view for any fan who wants to see it, on legitimate streaming services that are easy to use. It's long past time for that. They aren't charging fans in the New York media market to watch Giants games on TV (and if they did, there would be riots) so why charge fans outside of that market? Greed?
  2. Says a lot that this is one of the easiest games on our schedule and we're still not confident about winning it. Might as well see more of what we've got in Brightwell, Smith, and a few other guys who haven't seen the field much this year.
  3. When fans criticize the team it's one thing; when former players come out and say the same things, it's another. Amani Toomer pulled no punches about the state of the franchise on a recent podcast appearance: “They don’t look like a team that belongs on the field,” Toomer said. “It’s almost like they were playing Alabama. It’s really sad to see the state of the Giants right now. “I dig into the body language, right,” Toomer said. “Are they excited, are they edged up? They didn’t seem that way to me. It’s easy for me to say but the amount of points they got beat by [the Rams] didn’t l
  4. That's exactly why the last few years have stood out to me. Seems like ever since trading Tannehill, they haven't been able to settle on a guy. Rosen never had a real shot, Fitz was benched out of left field for Tua, and now these rumors about a Watson trade.
  5. Can't cover, can't tackle, can't give their offense a chance late in the game. Reminds me of the Giants.
  6. It would be just like Miami to give up on Tua, rush a new starting QB in there, let him get pounded for the rest of the year, and then possibly be looking for yet another guy in 2022. It never ends with this team.
  7. Surprisingly good call. I thought it would be too close to overturn.
  8. Yeah, did I really just hear that? 😶 I'm going to celebrate the day this broadcast team finally retires.
  9. That defense is not what it used to be.
  10. Cleveland appears cursed and Denver has done nothing lately. Both teams are in competitive divisions and need the win. Let's see what happens.
  11. Houston, Pittsburgh, and WFT for sure. Heineke is solid backup material but not a long term answer. At this rate the Giants will almost certainly have a new GM/HC combination in 2022. Those guys will want a fresh start and their own QB. Jones hasn't done enough to hold on to the job IMO. Denver, Miami, New Orleans and Seattle are maybes. Don't be surprised if this is Wilson's last year as a Seahawk. Darnold, Goff, and Ryan will hang on for another year or two.
  12. The Titans tightened. Good game. I think they need this one because the Colts aren't going away.
  13. What a stop. Never thought it was the Titans' defense that would win them the game.
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