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  1. Eli Manning is retiring

    What's up, Ty? Hope you're not still working at the Goodwill.
  2. Eli Manning is retiring

    LOL. I worked with a guy named Ty who always used that line when he tried to convince me Eli was a real top QB. I said "you can't spell typhoid without Ty, but that doesn't mean you're spreading disease everywhere." But seriously, Eli had a great career and really distinguished himself from his brother: not nearly as good in the regular season, but more reliable in the playoffs. I wish him the best.
  3. Raiders Officially known as the "Las Vegas Raiders"

    Knew it was only a matter of time. I'm not any more likely to visit Vegas than Oakland honestly, so it doesn't affect me. It just seems weird. Whatever you do, don't sign Manziel.
  4. GDT: Definitely America’s Team at Chiefs

    Well, there went my last reason to care about the playoffs this year. Still, congratulations on your season. The Titans shocked everybody by getting as far as they did, and I wish them success in the future.
  5. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Starting to lose interest ... lame commercials, ads for mind-numbing shows nobody will remember ten years from now, and the Titans not looking like they can stop these guys at all.
  6. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    I know. They can't train real dogs to run across a field and use CGI for the avalanche?
  7. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Chiefs reminding us all what a real hit on a running QB looks like. Thank you.
  8. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Pretty sure they're overturning this...
  9. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    An overgrown muskrat.
  10. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Memo for second half: try actually tackling quarterback. Memo for 2020: fix rules so quarterbacks can't game the system with runs like this.
  11. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    That felt like the longest, most mistake-filled drive in the history of man, but somehow Tennessee ended it right.
  12. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Crikey. These Titans must have ice water in their veins.
  13. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I'm about ready to move on from Mike Zimmer. He's had multiple chances to prove he's a true leader capable of motivating and inspiring the team, and I just don't believe he has it in him. I think he's set in his ways and won't be willing to update the offense until it's too late. I'd feel a lot better about him as our defensive coordinator at this point, though I doubt he would accept a demotion. If we promote from within then Kubiak is by far the best candidate for new HC (if it wouldn't endanger his health). If we bring in someone from outside, I'd try Eric Bienemy. Leave Rhodes on Planet Xa and prioritize drafting a new o-lineman, a new corner, and a new defensive tackle. Maybe pick up a better backup QB to motivate Cousins. We might still go all the way with him if we put all the right pieces around him, but I'm not convinced he is the answer in the long term.
  14. Generous spot. But the neon pigeons had their chances and didn't capitalize. Now comes our postgame interview with A-rod, who exudes as much charisma and personal appeal as he always does, and the Packers survive for another week.