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  1. Oh man, he got lucky. I hope Ruggs heals up soon.
  2. This kind of thing is relative. To people who aren't fans of it, any sport can appear elementary yet impenetrable at the same time. I will say that as a spectator, it took me much longer to figure out football than baseball or basketball. It was 10-15 years before I could really understand, let alone appreciate what I was seeing beyond a lot of large men running into each other.
  3. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    I work at Target and couldn't go in today. Like other stores in MN (including the MOA), they closed down early this afternoon expecting more protests and possible rioting.
  4. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    I didn't forget about Julian Love. I left him out because I assumed moving him back to corner would be something of a last resort. He was settling in well at safety. If Love goes back to corner in place of Baker, then does McKinney step right in at FS?
  5. New Jersey opens for sports

    It may not sound like much, but it's a big step in the direction of a 2020 football season. New York has been among the states most heavily affected by COVID-19, and their handling of it sets an example for the rest of the nation.
  6. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    This issue looks like it could become a war of words and a court battle between Baker and Dunbar and/or their lawyers and/or the state of Florida that goes on longer than anyone cares to follow. So, going back to the football aspect, this obviously throws a wrench into the Giants' plans at secondary. If you take Baker out of the equation that leaves Beal who gets injured more than Evel Knievel, Corey Ballentine who is in over his head and got torched repeatedly, and Darnay Holmes the 4th-round rookie to fight over that second CB spot--assuming they don't pick up a veteran to stabilize things, which I really hope they do. On the bright side, though... https://nypost.com/2020/05/24/deandre-bakers-armed-robbery-charges-have-giants-in-flux/
  7. 5.176 - MIN: KJ Osborn WR/Miami

    Same. I'm still waiting for the next Percy Harvin.
  8. I grew up here and there, mostly in the Twin Cities. Great place to live! Never been to Texas but my brother goes down there on business sometimes. I gather it's like going from an icebox to a sweatbox. Coincidentally, Steve Kiner is also from Minnesota. He didn't last long in Dallas, but eventually caught on with the Oilers in the late 70s.
  9. 7.253 - MIN: Kyle Hinton G/Washburn

    Good point. I'll take cubic zirconium over the rhinestones we have out there now.
  10. As a quarterback, Jackson has yet to win a playoff game. Wilson has proven clutch in the postseason time and again, and has a ring besides. On that basis alone, I'm taking Wilson.
  11. Does Joe Judge win Super Bowls with the NYG?

    Who can say? I like the guy, I know that much, and I'd be thrilled to play for him if I were six inches taller and a hundred pounds heavier. He has mastered the language of coachspeak, which is immediately apparent if you've ever watched one of his interviews. Every coach is fluent in it, but Judge's articulation and conviction are unmatched. He makes all the old cliches seem new again. If Judge has the ability to back up his words, he will absolutely succeed. I don't know about Super Bowls, but I do have faith that he can turn their organization around.
  12. It's pouring rain here in Minnesota, which always puts me in mind of a passage I read in The Crunch by Cowboys DE Pat Toomay: For all his problems and impatience, Steve [Kiner] pulled an unprecedented coup during his season in Dallas. On one bleak Wednesday morning in the midst of a torrential rainfall, Kiner pulled into the field-house parking lot and scanned the area for a parking place. Visibility was near zero, what with the sheets of falling rain and the limited windshield area particular to 1964 Volkswagens. He finally spotted a place close to the door, in fact, adjacent to that door. Steve reported to the meeting with nary a drop on him. Naturally, the usurped parking place belonged to Coach Landry, who was consequently forced to walk a city block in the deluge. He walked into the meeting, wet to the bone, and looked Kiner right in the eye: "I like a guy who lives dangerously," he said--and the place fell out laughing.
  13. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    I always liked Rosen. He's a good player who was dealt a bad hand. I think he should have the opportunity to start for somebody, but short of that, I'd be thrilled to have him as our backup.
  14. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    The lawyer has changed his story yet again. Now he says okay, Baker was there at the party, but he was just playing Madden (as if being signed in to a PS4 account proves you were sitting there using it at the time). The charges against Baker and Dunbar are baffling, but the defense's theories are just as ridiculous.
  15. 2017 was one of the WORST drafts

    It was okay for the Vikings. Dalvin Cook was absolutely worth the first-round pick and is one of the best RBs in the league when healthy. Jaleel Johnson and Ben Gedeon are still here, though I can't remember the last time I saw either guy on the field. Ifeadi proved to be a steal in the 7th round, as he settled down with us after a while and made some key plays in 2019. On the other hand, Pat Elflein hasn't panned out at any position and his spot is there for the taking. Rodney Adams and Danny Isidora soon disappeared. Stacy Coley looked good in preseason before vanishing into thin air, Bucky Hodges got hurt and never made it on the field, Jack Tocho went on to AAF and XFL fame, and Elijah Lee didn't make it to an active roster until last year with the Niners. So, definitely a mixed bag.