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  1. Patriots sign DE Adrian Clayborn

    I really like this guy. I can see him having some great years in New England.
  2. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    I'll take the greatest state over the greatest city, thank you very much. And I don't blame Kirk Cousins for doing the same.
  3. Giants on the decline

    I'm not sure how bad the Giants would have to be to make 2018 seem like a decline in comparison to 2017 (when they dropped from playoff contender to winning three games). Going 0-16 would be just the beginning. You'd have to throw in Pat Shurmur quitting the team because he can't get a taxi and a roof collapse in MetLife Stadium.
  4. Which Super Bowl meant the most to you?

    I'll go with the game that made me a Patriots supporter in the first place, Super Bowl XXXVI. I hated the Rams for knocking off the Titans two years earlier, and I just wanted somebody to go out and stop them. The Patriots did that, and I've admired and respected them ever since. The names of Lawyer Milloy, Ty Law, Antowain Smith, David Patten, Tedy Bruschi, and of course Tom Brady are forever etched in my memory.
  5. The Patriots' defensive woes were a familiar refrain earlier in the season; making it all the way to the championship game with that unit is a great achievement in itself. It's just a shame they didn't win, because that would have been a great '3 Games to Glory' set. (I have 2001 and 2014.) Obviously there will be some adjustments made as new coordinators step in on both sides of the ball, but I'm confident that New England will remain a force to be reckoned with in the AFC. Best of luck next season.
  6. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Well, that's it. Great offensive football game and the Eagles win. Nick Foles is the Jeff Hostetler of the 2010s.
  7. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Tom Brady lives for situations like this; here we go.
  8. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Almost no defensive highlights in the third quarter and then we see something like that. Nice.
  9. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    So we have a commercial by a phone company that has absolutely nothing to do with phones, directed at an infant audience.
  10. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    What an embarrassing missed tackle.
  11. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Gotta hand it to Tide, they're running away with this Super Bowl.
  12. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Got Gronk? Nice drive for New England.
  13. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Well, that was more than enough time for Belichick to make his adjustments.
  14. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Timberlake? Meh ... I'll be listening to some death metal on my headphones for a while.
  15. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Impressive. Very tough trick play to execute but they pulled it off.