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  1. I guess they were great, in the sense that they delivered in the clutch where so many previous Indy teams had failed. Let's not forget how bad their run defense was before they pulled it together in the playoffs, though. Plus they got to play Rex Grossman's Bears in the Super Bowl. No team before or since has been so fortunate. 😄
  2. I delivered papers in the winter of '99 to save up for a used Nintendo 64 and play Revenge, WrestleMania 2000, and No Mercy. Good times. I enjoyed all of those games and put God knows how many hours into them. Then I upgraded to a PS2 and had a blast with HTCP and SVR '06. Both were great games that ran smoothly and were easy to play. The later SVR titles had a steeper learning curve, but I got used to them too. I loved choosing all the wrestlers' entrance music and designing my own storylines (even though it took forever). I lost interest in WWE in the late 2000s, and I'm just now catchi
  3. Reports have come out that the Giants and Leonard Williams are "not close" to agreeing on a new deal. It sounds like Leonard still wants to be one of the highest-paid defensive linemen in the NFL. If the guy had been a stud since he was drafted, it would be a different story, but he's trying to ride one great year to a rebuild-busting contract. If he's not open to a more reasonable deal, I say tag and trade or let him walk.
  4. Probably Rashawn Slater and Aaron Banks. I would say Trey Smith but his medical history makes me nervous. At corner I like Surtain and Farley the most, but I'd be happy to get Shaun Wade or Jaycee Horn as well.
  5. Don't take a safety, a quarterback, or a special teamer in the first round. Or a linebacker not named Parsons. 😁 Barring that, it would be hard to mess this one up. The Giants have obvious needs at CB2, WR, guard, and possibly d-line (depending on whether Dalvin and Leonard stay here).
  6. Titans offer final warning to Isaiah Wilson after disastrous rookie season (nypost.com) Wilson has a total of four NFL snaps under his belt. He was on the COVID-19/reserve list twice in 2020, then the reserve/non-football injury list in December. He hasn’t spoken to the team since. Tennessee GM Jon Robinson appears fed up with his draft investment, and issued a stern warning to Wilson during a media conference on Tuesday (2/16). “He’s going to have to make a determination on whether he wants to do what it takes to play pro football. That will be on him,” Robinson said. Gues
  7. I have favorite safeties (Paul Krause, Cliff Harris, Lawyer Milloy) but not a favorite safety duo. At least, not yet. I have high hopes for the Giants' trio of Ryan, Peppers, and McKinney.
  8. Kyle Pitts would be a great pickup for most teams, but a real game-changer for the Giants simply because he's a TE who can catch. We'd be crazy not to take him if he drops to #11, but since I can almost guarantee that he won't... I think we have to go corner, preferably Farley or Surtain. We can't start another game with the likes of Isaac Yiadom at CB2. But whatever we do, I trust the Judge.
  9. Exactly. The Chiefs have lost to only three other NFC teams since Mahomes became the starter: L.A. and Seattle in 2018, and Green Bay in 2019. None of those defenses shut them down like Todd Bowles' did.
  10. Are you kidding? Gisele's wealth was brought up virtually every time Brady renewed his contract with the Patriots. At least that was the case on FF.
  11. I hope Garrett gets the message and does a better job, but this is the most likely scenario.
  12. GB/Indy, I think. It's more exciting to have a team that stubbornly continues to make the playoffs almost every year no matter how many times they get smacked down (and deservedly so, in the case of Green Bay 😜). But the Bucs aren't very far behind them, realistically; they were very good from 2000-2008 and again in 2010, so there is some recency bias involved.
  13. Moreover, what exactly is the difference between a team "going all in" and "going all out"? 🤨
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