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  1. "And Blair Walsh's first missed field goal for Seattle comes against ... his former team! The Minnesota Vikings!" How appropriate. Is our offense even trying to convert on third down? It's 3rd and 15 in preseason. Just throw the damn ball down the field and let one of our guys go up and get it!
  2. Good open-field tackle by Mackensie. Shame he didn't stop him in time though.
  3. The defense showed a lot of promise last year and played the biggest part in our 5-0 start. Then we went into a slide because the offense wasn't measuring up and the defense got worn out from carrying the load. What can we do on offense and special teams to keep this season from turning out like the last one?
  4. Damn, I was hoping Cook could break that tackle. Still a good run though.
  5. Players who might regress on your team this season

    Possibly T.J. Clemmings. I'm not sure how much further he could regress from last season without actually vanishing from the face of the earth, but we may find out.
  6. Colin Kaepernick

    Sigh. I don't envy the possible media circus in Oakland. But it's well known that if you play well, football fans will let almost anything slide. If Lynch delivers on the field, the stand/sit/lie down/play dead for the anthem won't be an issue. If he doesn't deliver, it'll be the Kaep situation all over again.
  7. The preseason is fine the way it is. I like the more casual, low-key presentation. I like seeing guys who are still question marks try to make an impression and stay on the team. These games represent an invaluable opportunity for them and for the coaching staff. If I'm an unheralded late-round pick trying to earn my spot, preseason is a BIG deal to me.
  8. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Taylor Heinicke for MVP.
  9. Let's Delve Into Dalvin Cook

    That may depend on how they use him. I watched him on The Film Room and Brett Kollman pointed out that he doesn't always have enough power or explosiveness to just hammer his way up the middle like a Leonard Fournette. He's most effective in space where he can make guys miss, slip through gaps in the defense, and also be a receiving threat. We might have more success using Cook on 1st and 2nd down, then bringing in Murray on 3rd and short.
  10. DT Vince Wilfork retires

    How could anyone not love Vince Wilfork? Great player, fun guy, and a winner. He's had a great career and I wish him the best. Wouldn't mind trying those BBQ ribs of his, either. I wonder if he'll start a restaurant chain?
  11. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Bishop Sankey is a better running back than Dalvin Cook. He gained more yardage on less attempts in one preseason game. I don't see how you can argue with that.
  12. Titans jersey changes finalized, coming in 2018

    Honestly I think they have one of the best uniforms in the league already, and I can't think of a single change I'd want to see in them.
  13. Huge news! Eddie George is one of my favorite RBs of all time and I can't wait to see his story.
  14. Hunter is becoming the Hunted

    Same here! Our D is packed with talent and I can see them breaking out as one of the league's best squads pretty soon. Linval Joseph and Terence Newman are my personal favorites, but I like them all.