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  1. Probably the Raiders' biggest win in years. Good game.
  2. I love Saquon, always have. It sucks to see this happen to him, especially in a year when he would have been playing for a bigger contract. Fortunately ACL tears are not as debilitating as they once were, so I hope to see him back and better than ever. In the meantime the Giants will need someone else to step up. Gallman is a solid back, Javon Leake is still out there, and I heard Devonta Freeman visited them today.
  3. Brand new uniforms ... same old Chargers and Falcons.
  4. How did Anthony Lynn ever get a head coaching job?
  5. Are you watching, Lynn? That's how you go for a first on 4th and 1.
  6. Nah, who ever heard of Mahomes making it happen with his legs? No way he'll try that.
  7. That's called "double coverage" Herb...
  8. A much better second half...the team fought hard, they just ran out of time.
  9. A 96 yard drive ... gotta hand it to them, that was impressive. It's not over yet. Keep fighting!
  10. Exactly. Trubisky had forever to hang back there and throw a duck that was still caught.
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