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  1. You would think. But I imagine once you've made that kind of money, your standards change to fit the situation. Although I generally agree that Rodgers is a malcontent, I can understand his frustrations after 10+ years of failing to get back to the Super Bowl. Seeing Tom Brady waltz into the NFC and win a ring with another team that gave him everything he wanted... was probably the final straw. 😛
  2. I'm still laughing about Matt Lombardo giving Houston an F minus.
  3. Oh, so that's it! Kind of like linking a Tweet, then. Thanks man. I haven't heard any such rumors, but if I'm Gettleman I'm putting out feelers everywhere.
  4. Speaking of trading for QBs, maybe it's a little late to bring this up, but any thoughts on the speculation that Aaron Rodgers may be eying the Giants as a potential landing spot? With the Aaron Rodgers drama unfolding on Thursday and his future with the Packers becoming tenuous, Giants general manager Dave Gettleman said he never even thought about picking up the phone and at least getting a sense of what was going on in Green Bay. "None of my business," was how Gettleman put it. "I’ve told you guys over and over again, we believe in Daniel." Giants GM Dave Gettleman on Aaron R
  5. Thanks for the footage. I never even noticed Heggie during the clips, which might be a good thing. 😆 BTW, how do you post YT clips on FF now? I used to just copy/paste the link but that doesn't work anymore.
  6. I look forward to this as much as the draft itself. 🙂
  7. I give it a B. No linemen brings it down a little, but I can't deny the quality of the players we did select and the capital we built up for next year. Did Matt Lombardo really give the Seahawks' draft an F-minus? 😄
  8. Better late than never. Out of the three, Heggie probably has the best chance of making the roster.
  9. Look out, Shep. He's coming for your spot!
  10. I'm pretty shocked that we didn't draft a single lineman after producing one of 2020's worst offenses. I'm going to assume Joe Judge and his staff know a lot of things that we don't and hope for the best. The good news is that if all those defensive picks turn out as expected, our opponents won't be scoring much either.
  11. Second round possibility? They really liked him, I guess.
  12. Right... have to trust the coaching staff. Deep breaths. Quinn Meinerz or Trey Smith would have made me happy there, but you can't have everything you want.
  13. Love Surratt's championship belt there.
  14. I guess trading up for him keeps him away from our division rivals. I hoped they would address IOL at this spot, but let's hope Robinson turns out to be worth it.
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