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  1. Get well soon Blake! We need you out there getting ready to hit guys. Hard.
  2. Judge is the real leader of this team. Gettleman needs to clear this stuff with him in the future. So I don't blame Judge for not warming up to this move, but if this is true I can't really blame it on Benjamin either. He thought he was getting a window of opportunity and ended up with a tiny crack in the door. (Insert joke about Kelvin being unable to squeeze through cracks here.)
  3. This guy talks out both sides of his mouth so much he should be a ventriloquist. 🤡
  4. Benjamin was so lazy he turned into a joke. Now he gets a chance to not be a joke, but fails. Why? Too lazy.
  5. Well, that didn't take long. Is Rysen John ever going to do anything? From UDFA, to IR, to an injury settlement, to the practice squad, to the COVID list. 6'7" tight end who can't get on the field.
  6. Logan Ryan, through a Twitter pic, has expressed interest in reaching out to Arizona's Chandler Jones on behalf of the Giants. Yes, Jones is 31 years old with a $20 million cap hit, and that's if the Cardinals are willing to trade him at all, and Patrick Graham's defense is going to terrorize this division with or without him... but it's a thought.
  7. Another quote: Rodgers doesn’t owe any of us anything, of course. He’s free to behave however he wants. But actual silence and actual privacy are options, and if he took them, it might be better for all involved. As it is, he continues to engage in trollish behavior because, well, he’s kind of a jerk. If true this explains a lot. None of the APC readers in the comments can refute it either; they just make ad hominem attacks on the author.
  8. He was likeable at some point? Must have been before he got drafted. 😆
  9. Long before the Fake Spike Game crushed their spirit, Pete Carroll's Jets looked like a team on the rise. Mo Lewis sets the tone with an explosive pick-six of John Elway, and when the game goes to overtime (because, come on, it's John Elway) Gang Green finishes what they started.
  10. Terrible news. This is why I'm especially cautious when bike riders are on or near the road.
  11. Very reassuring. Glad to see they're not messing around. NFL Network's Judy Battista reported that with players beginning to report for camps, progress on vaccinations has increased. More than 78 percent of players league-wide have had at least one shot, and 14 clubs have at least 85 percent of players vaccinated. Pelissero reported that all 32 teams have at least a 50 percent vaccination rate among players. "We're pleased with those numbers, but we're not satisfied. We want to see them continue to go up," NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills told Battista on Thursday's
  12. Not shocking, but illuminating that Daniel Jones was one of the most blitzed QBs in the league last year... ... and one of the most sacked QBs as well. He went down 45 times, which puts him in 4th place. Carson Wentz came in first.
  13. How much time has he actually spent on the practice field? Too early to dismiss Toney as a bust, but so far he's checking every box.
  14. You're right, he did. I forgot about that one.
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