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  1. FA Thread 2018

    McCown was basically insurance, depth, and a mentor. TB was brought in just in case his plan to trade up didn't work, but also TB can create trade value with a good preseason performance. Macc was protecting himself. If TB looks good enough to be traded, we'll go back to McCown and the rookie.
  2. Jets trade up to 3

    We'll see, it's not always the same. Good options show up every year. Sometimes teams wait until they draft their guy to replace someone with a big contract. I didn't expect every gap to be filled in the first month. He's waiting it out.
  3. Jets trade up to 3

    We're just in the first wave of free agency. 2nd wave of cuts happen after the draft/during camp. 3rd happens with preseason cuts. It happens every year.
  4. Jets trade up to 3

    With the current FA's, Macc can now sell the idea of a Franchise QB coming as well as the potential success story of Bridgewater. That should make picking up players a little easier.
  5. FA Thread 2018

    Do you think we should wait for Breeland and try to sign him? By the time he should be good to go, the season should be just starting.
  6. Jets trade up to 3

    I think the big 3 is Rosen, Darnold, and Baker. He did this right after seeing Baker & Rosen's pro days. He seen something he liked. Please be Rosen, please be Rosen.
  7. Jets trade up to 3

    I didn't expect to give up both of our 2nd round picks, but if we come away with a franchise QB. We're not going to care about what we gave up for the trade. Plus, we're getting our QB and keeping our 2019 first round pick.
  8. Jets trade up to 3

    YES!!! I knew it!
  9. Just another reason why he shouldn't be cheap again. Throwing in those extra picks seem to have worked out while we're in this situation. He just resigned a 40yr old QB coming off injury and we're all praying to the football Gods that TB can not only recover but be better than he was with a 1 yr contract. If they both fail and we're further away from a good pick without any additional picks to trade up with like this season, they're screwed. They're contract is only 2 years. Then you're going to have to give up way more than we would now. Rumors say that he has basically tried to trade up every year. He tried for Wentz, Tunsil, and I can't remember the other. He's tried before, but just came up short. So the idea of him trading up for one of the top QBs is legit and makes sense. He's literally zeroing in on the QBs we've been talking about. This is the year for him to shoot his shot and pay up what you need.
  10. I agree 100%. Could be the same for the Colts as well. #6 still keeps them in range for all the other top prospects they could aim for.
  11. I agree, but if Macc is high on them like he was on the other prospects he tried to trade up for, pay up. If he paid more, Wentz could of been ours. He can't afford to think like that this time. I like Darnold, but I'm not high on him. If Macc trade for him and he's a hit, I'll be sitting at home with a Darnold jersey as if I loved him my whole life.
  12. I'm starting to think so as well, but it's a potential bidding war right now. I'm fine with that if we're getting our top QB. I think this is possible. #1. Barkley/Baker #2. Darnold/Allen (Bills) #3. None QB #4. .....
  13. FA Thread 2018

    He probably just want to play safety and didn't see much of that happening with Adams and Maye. Plus he's close to home. We're Probably going to wait until after the draft to sign someone big now unless another big cut happens. Jets aren't really attached to anyone on the market right now.
  14. At the end of the day, it's all about who Macc really want. I can tell you who's worth it, you can do the same, but Macc might see them completely different. Goff & Wentz weren't looked at as elite prospects compared to other drafted QBs. At the time, a lot of people thought they gave up too much for Wentz because he was a AA QB. Now no one remembers reactions to the trade because he's a hit. I'm pretty sure that year was one of those " wait til next year to draft a QB" year on this thread. A lot of people, scouts, and etc love Baker, Rosen, and Darnold. Macc himself was just at UCLA & Oklahoma's prodays to see these QBs. If he thinks Rosen is the next Rodgers or Baker is the next Drew Brees, he has to make his move. No reason to sit back and hope one of the fall when so many teams in front of you would take them. I think Rosen is an Elite prospect. His stats won't say because of injuries and Mora's terrible job of getting top prospects to commit. Also had the 2nd highest drop percentage out of all the QBs at 7.7% behind Jackson's 8.4%. At the same time, I think Jackson is a mentally prepared Vick with better pocket skills. That's why I'm fine with trading up or sitting, but if I know we have a shot to get our top QB on our board, I say get him.
  15. The idea of sitting at #6 isn't a bad idea, but I think him coming up short in his trade up attempts and having to watch those same prospects light it up gives him a reason to go harder for a prospect he really want. I really believe mcCown will just turn into a big insurance policy if TB & who ever we draft looks good. TB looking good will create a great trade situation going into next season similar to the last Bradford trade. Then McCown becomes a Back up to the rookie at some point. Then we'll go into next season with a franchise QB and more picks to build around him.