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  1. I see Isaiah Wilson is on the trade block. I wouldn't trade for him, but it would be fun to have two giant OT's. Screen passes would be terrible for DBs. lol
  2. Of course. I'm referring to if/when things pick up about the two Qbs. If they can't repair things by the time the draft hits, they have to decide if they are willing to miss out on drafting the next best replacement this offseason. Neither team have a first round pick this year. They can try to wait for 2022, but they have to decide if they're willing to miss out on the 3-4 other QBs who finished with a higher PFF grade than Lawrence. It's a very interesting situation.
  3. I'd still take Wilson, but not over Watson. We're in such a great position right now. We're either drafting a good QB or we're going to trade for a top QB. Also, the Wilson rumors might help with leverage in the Watson deal if the Texans feel like they don't want to miss out on our deal that could get them the #2 QB in this draft.
  4. I have no problem with this.
  5. We're the only team that can get them the best replacement possible. We can offer first round picks that can make a difference this and next season. If they go with someone else, they're not going to get as much. Jimmy G is solid, but he had one legit season and is 29 right now. The Texans are clearly rebuilding, so I'm sure they're looking for a long term QB to build around. So the 49ers don't have a replacement QB or the picks that allows the Texans to draft their replacement. Miami is close, but Miami would have to give up more picks than us and pitch a QB they benched during the
  6. Fields & Lance are still my guys if we don't trade for Watson. I'm cool with Wilson as well.
  7. I'm honestly at the point of just getting the right guy and don't risk too much. If we can trade back and get him, I'd love it. If we pick him at #2, I'm still good. I don't want to trade back too far and assume another team won't jump in front of us to get him. Yeah, they've been trying to target his character for a while because he has wealthy parents apparently. He's going to be good in the right system. I'm still worried about that one year difference from the previous season, but his tape looks really good.
  8. I'm glad Wilson's teammate spoke up for him. His character was already being questioned and the none captain report was just giving people another reason to say something negative. I like Lance more, but I like Wilson and would be happy with him as well.
  9. I wouldn't be mad at all.
  10. Mosley should be fine, but I'm expecting him to need more time to adapt physically and to the scheme.
  11. I hate Brady, but I'm glad to see a good defense win. Congrats, Bowles.
  12. I have to see how good this class is with 4-3 DEs. I love the amount of 34 OLB's, but I haven't looked at the 4-3 style players yet.
  13. I'm not going to, but this Watson hype got me wanting to make a mock involving how I think we should build around Watson and the defense this offseason. lol This really feels like the year Brees was available and the only two teams that could get him was New Orleans and Miami.
  14. I don't think trading for Watson is going to cost as much as people think after the Stafford trade. The Rams' picks were late in the round, so they have to give up a little more. We hold the #2 pick that allows the Texans to draft the best possible replacement this offseason. It's going to cost multiple picks, but we still have the best shot if Watson is to get traded. The Texans don't have a pick in the top 2 rounds this year. They're in a forced rebuild situation anyway. I think it's going to be Watson, Lance, Wilson, or Fields starting for us next season. I doubt we go into nex
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