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  1. Probably my biggest fear right now.
  2. If we're not competitive in this one, I'm going to starting working on my list of coaches for 23' offseason.
  3. I agree. Stingley is good, but Sauce is insane.
  4. This is why it's hard for me to want JD out before the coaches but he did hire Saleh. I'm 60/40 on him. His drafts are solid and he got really good picks for Darnold and Adams. He is awful with vets/free agency and it killed us. JFM is good but none of the pick ups look like a home run signing. We watched the Cardinals pick up Hopkins & Green, Browns with OBJ & Landry, and others. The only teams who truly build through the draft are the Steelers and Packers, but those are franchises at one point relyed on deals for Favre and Bettis to help get their franchise back on track.
  5. I have to give Kliff his props, I didn't think he would be a good HC. They are really about to be 6-0 while playing in a tough division.
  6. Of course but do you believe that organization is telling themselves they shouldn't make the move because they overachieved? I doubt it. If they make the trade and only have to worry about building a oline after that, it becomes much easier for the team to build the offense. Everyone doesn't have to be 1st round picks, so it's a risk worth taking. They are going to have $80M+ in cap space. They can trade for him and still have about $50M to add talent around. Eagles gave up just as many sacks at the Dolphins has so far. Last season, I think the Eagles gave up almost 70 sacks. It just mak
  7. Wentz is making the Eagles look really bad right now.
  8. Yeah, I'd rather see the Eagles get Watson. We're currently sitting at #3 in our division. Could move to #2 if we beat the Pats. I want to win, but I want it to be with good coaching so we can just focus on adding talent down the line.
  9. lol Too many of ya'll responded at the same time for me to be direct. I don't think the Dolphins would be scared to give up a lot for Watson. This would be like the Saints picking up Drew Brees. Watson is 26 and could still be built around. This draft class doesn't look too good QB wise, great for Watson's trade value. Texans are already ahead of both teams, so it's not like either team can offer the #1 pick in the draft. Also, Miami will be #2 in cap space this offseason without any cuts. So money won't be a issue. Eagles aren't 1 QB away from winning anything either. So bo
  10. I'm realizing our offense is built to run similar to the Steelers but we're forcing Green Bay style of offense. I think that's one of the biggest problems we're facing. Lafluer isn't great, but I'm not sure if the results would have been much different under any other coach running the same offense. When comparing our offensive roster to the Steelers', I'm not matching talent level but the ability to play the roles. Feels like JD was building towards something like it but loved Saleh and what he could potentially bring.
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