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  1. Week 5 GDT: Jets vs. Browns

    Good win. I'm not to worried about the draft position because we can always trade up or just do a better job of scouting QBs. I give credit to Bowles, but the biggest difference has to be the position coaches. The position coaches are clearly doing a better job of translating Bowles' game plan and developing players. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what Morton does with a real QB, he's getting the offense to put up decent numbers without a player defenses really have to game plan for and a career backup 38yr old QB.
  2. Week 5 GDT: Jets vs. Browns

    McFire get more carries & Stewart get some catches.
  3. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Rosen is the only one I would trade up for so far.
  4. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I still haven't given up on Josh Allen. I'm watching him and Baker next weekend. I'm happy with Rosen. Just need to see everyone else.
  5. Week 4: Jets Vs Jags

    The coaching staff is proving a lot of us wrong. I'm really impressed. McGuire looks like a steal. All I wanted was the team to stay competitive so we don't look like a joke. I didn't watch, but I like ASJ's numbers . Not great, but a decent start after suspension.
  6. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I think Landry is very possible. Him and Beckham are best friends and I'm sure he would love to be close by and we have money. Could be appealing if we're in the position to draft a good QB. Landry, Enunwa, ASJ, and possibly Anderson/Kearse/Stewart . That would help our rookie QB a lot.
  7. Week 3: Dolphins at Jets

    I think Sam could return because he's still young and not quite putting up the numbers that was expected so far. He can make great throws, but if his TD/INT ratio doesn't clean up, he might decide to return for another season. I hope he does come out, not just for the Jets. Him coming out helps us because we're going to need a deep QB class if we don't get the #1 pick. I don't think anyone would pass on the Jets unless Woody's rep is really bad and we get a Eli/Chargers situation. If your organization is running correctly and in a major market, players will want to come. A team that's heading into the right direction and allows a player to expand on marketing possibilities is gold. I don't think Sam or Rosen would return to school because we're picking him, but we do need to show signs of heading in the right direction just by staying competitive in games.
  8. Week 3: Dolphins at Jets

    I liked what Christopher Johnson said and did. I didn't see the game, but I looked at some clips on twitter and seen the stats. We really need to give John Morton credit for what he's doing on offense. We're not highly ranked, but he has the group outperforming expectations. McCown has a 70% completion rating so far. McGuire is averaging 4.8ypc . ASJ had a good start. If he can keep this up, I want to keep morton and see what he can do with a better QB. No telling how much better the offense would look with Enunwa. Jamal Adams will lead the way to the culture change they need.
  9. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    lol As a fan, UCLA don't have great players around Rosen. last year, we ranked 127th in rushing out of 128 teams. we couldn't stop Hawaii from running the ball this season. Look at how talented the team looked around him when he got hurt last season and went 1-6 afterward. It's one of the reasons why no one is considering anyone draft wise on the team but him. Rosen faces more pressure and dropped passes than Darnold and I have no idea why people are questioning his love for the game. I don't blame those who like Darnold more, but I see a lot in Rosen. The same mistakes he has made has been made by top QBs in the NFL. Rosen took some shots during Texas A&M game and started limping at on point, stayed in a fought. Last season, played with injuries until his shoulder got hurt and never made an excuse. Dude is probably the toughest QB in this draft.
  10. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    I'm looking at this draft class and FA list. Macc have a chance to build a nice long term offense. We're going to use our first pick on a QB. Rounds 2-4, we can get a center, LT, and RB. Then sign someone like Jarvis Landry( Just an example) and resign Enunwa. The LT could be someone with all the physical tools who may need a year behind Beachum. RB just in case McGuire doesn't show us anything. I've been reading tweets and seeing clips on twitter of Jamal Adams. He's going to be the best at his position at some point, he's still learning how to read offenses. He doesn't have a vet next to him to guide him and teach him how to see the whole field before the snap. Once when he adapts to playing top QBs, he's going to be a beast.
  11. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    If you want to tank, of course it makes sense to blow these games early. It's only been 2 weeks, those guys won't be getting the snaps they are getting now after a few weeks. So they will still get out there and improve. Also, this is probably Bowles using vets in hopes to save his job. Kearse wasn't a bad move, picking up Kerley after kearse was a bad move. I haven't been watching, but I've seen the snap numbers. it looks like Bowles is walking these players into their roles. McGuire had 0 rushes, then had 6 last game. Stewart is starting off low as well. It makes sense since players like them were mid and late round picks. I expect the young guys that can play to be getting most of the snaps by week 8.
  12. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    At first, I was worried about Rosen's actions until I looked into them. Teammates love him. The players post about him every time they win. He owns up to his mistakes on the field and doesn't lose his cool when players drop his passes. I think a lot of his character concerns is overblown and feels like the type of thing that would make us pass up on him and regret it. Not sure if I said this, but if Rosen is the best QB available and woody use his political mess to skip him, I'm done as a Jets fan unless the QB we pick light it up early, Darnold, or we hire Jim Harbaugh . Not sure if I would have a team at all. But that would be the final straw for me.
  13. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    Good posts. I think the people who wanted the roster blown up and tank didn't understand what they were asking for. Now they are complaining about the roster. For those like me who didn't want to do that have come to grips with what's about to happen. Looks like he has made the right moves by cleaning those vets out. Just sucks that he couldn't replace most of them. We'll see what happens with a top 3 pick and $80M cap space.
  14. Week 2: Par for the Course

    We brought back a still struggling/older Demario Davis and paired him with a struggling Darron lee right next to Mauldin/Josh Martin. That group can't stop the run, pass rush, or cover. They are chillin like on the last 30 minutes of my work shift.

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I didn't know about the Carr story, but I do know the OBJ draft. Rex did want him. OBJ could have changed a lot. I remember pointing out Carr as a good QB and people didn't want him because of the system he came from. We had our shot at landing franchise QBs without tanking. We never had anyone smart enough to find them. This is why I'm looking directly at Macc instead of Bowles. Bowles wouldn't want the roster to look like this while he's on the hot seat. Makes no sense at all. I'm sure he has had say so on some of his moves, but most of them came from Macc.