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  1. Honestly, judging who the best player out of our needs at the Seattle pick maybe impossible. I've been comparing the CB's, Edgers, OL, TE's, and WRs that people are assuming will be around that pick. We're in a great spot, but it's going to be tough to see who will be the best. As I mentioned before, I'm open minded with that pick. I don't care what position we go, he just has to be great.
  2. Langi has looked amazing lately.
  3. I've always said the best thing that could happen is us lose out, but Sam proves he's not the problem. Then we could trade the picks and be set for years. I'm not worried about Lawrence going back to school, I'm worried about him pulling a Eli. Since we've started to look a bit more competitive and showing signs of life, I'm not as worried about it as I once was. Sam would really have to light it up to save his job. He literally has to be the reason we're not in position to draft Fields or Lawrence. If he can do that against this remaining schedule with Loggains calling plays, I wouldn't be mad at all. The risk is if he earn his spot and flops during his contract year next season. I like Fields just as much as I like Lawrence, so it would suck if we missed out on a great QB for someone we're not going to resign. If we win a game, I'm still picking Fields. Darnold would have to lose shootouts in order for me to be fine with passing up Fields.
  4. They aren't either. It Fitz who dragged us so bad, Tua was able to get in the game. Our secondary is terrible against the pass, we're not going to beat anyone with Frank Gore, we don't know what version of Sam we're getting, and Dowell can't manage to call good plays for a whole game. Sam would have to go off for us to get a win against a team still in the playoff hunt.
  5. lol Nah, Miami beat us 24-0 and had a bad game against another we almost gave up 40 to. We may do better, but they're still clearly better.
  6. lol I love Harbaugh, but this is funny.
  7. - Dolphins (6-4) - Raiders (6-3) - at Seahawks (7-3) - at Rams (6-3) - Browns (7-3) - at Patriots (4-6) We pretty much don't have a shot in this upcoming games. I probably won't watch any games because I pretty much have my answers at this point. I'll check in on Bryce Hall though. All of these teams are fighting for spots right now.
  8. If we're going to lose, this is the best way to do it. At least look competitive and showing heart. Potential free agents look at things like that and upcoming rookies come into a team that goes 100%. Great game. My highlight is Becton bullying Bosa for most of the game.
  9. Another young QB with a Star WR.
  10. I asked for this a long time ago. I don't care what happens during the season anymore. All I can ask for now is to end the season, get the right coach, and Lawrence joins the argument of greatest QB of all time early in his career.
  11. How does a team down by double digits early only target their WRs twice in the first half??? I hate CJ & Peyton Manning for this.
  12. God, I hope Lawrence really is going to be the God people think he will be.
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