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  1. I was talking about running plays like that in general when defenses don't have to worry. Great 12 yard play that led to a FG.
  2. Doesn't work against a defense that doesn't have to worry about you even throwing the ball outside the numbers or even to a TE. But I won't go back and forth on this. I respect you're sticking with him, but I never seen it in him. At the end of the day, he's not going to last and the Franchise needs to find the right guy.
  3. Every defense has principles. But screw it, don't test anyone. Stay in the box. Don't even try to draw up something the defense hasn't seen before. Just stay limited so the defense doesn't have to think and pray. Cool.
  4. So letting them simply run a 9 route ONCE or twice to target them is a challenge? Seriously. Simply just taking a shot and giving them a chance to spread the defense or even make the defense believe they are willing to go deep is something we couldn't do? Bosa, Ford, and others were gone and still didn't try? Nah. You have a fair point with GW but not attempting to spread the ball or even designing legit plays for your TE's with a stripped WR core is trash play calling. He folded and didn't bother giving guys a shot even when we had nothing to lose.
  5. Most of GW's problems came from guys missing tackles and not getting to their gap assignments, not really the plays he was calling. He should still do better, but it's not all on him. Gase biggest problem is his play calling and decision making. We all knew the injuries were a problem. But he never took shots down the field and never set up plays for the TE. After a while, the defense knew the ball was either going to go to the 2-3 WRs or to Gore and they never had to worry about the ball going outside of the box. The defense didn't have to think at all.
  6. Exactly why I'm now rooting for a Colts blow out. Gase won't figure it out and we have nothing to lose.
  7. LMAO He sucks so bad. https://twitter.com/TheJetPress/status/1307779382820450305?s=20
  8. Need a Colts blow out, but the young players to make progress.
  9. Exactly. People really thought Perriman would come in and easily replace him because he's fast.
  10. I like how the 49ers are still staying aggressive with their backup QB. In the 1st half, we never tried to make them believe we would go deep and at the same time didn't target the 2 TE's we have. The defense had nothing to worry about.
  11. Exactly why I didn't like the Anderson vs Perriman comparisons.
  12. lol I remember shouting this last year when we were injured. He won't even make the defense believe he'll take a shot down field.
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