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  1. I'm giving it to the SEC as a conference ability to market their teams and games. They dominate when it comes to national championships and their big games between Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and LSU pull in huge ratings consistently. Stadiums are always full and the ratings are always high because if you win the SEC, you have a good chance to win in the playoffs. Other conferences like the PAC and ACC have the cities in terms of business and population, just don't have the teams and the number of meaningful games the SEC has at the moment. I agree with you on the transfer part. I'm a UCLA fan and I think we will benefit from that eventually. USC as well. Coaches can pitch the schools, the conferences, the city, the access to other businesses, and the marketing ability of their names within the city. That along with being in the same city as the Chargers, Rams, Lakers, Clippers, and Dodgers. City is filled with IG models. lol Being a king in Miami, LA, NY, and Atlanta will be more appealing eventually. Not right away though. I think USC is benefitting from it now. They finished 55th in recruiting last year, now that the rule passed and starts 2021-22, they are ranked 7th.
  2. The big programs will continue to win to pull interest, that's not going to stop. But if there is a 4 star player who sees himself as a star. He might not get the early playing time and local deals early from the top programs. But if a school like UCLA or Rutgers can look good during the season, offer early playtime, their conferences, and access to companies in the big cities, it would be tough for a kid to pass up. I think that's where they'll benefit from. Those markets have so many companies, even the smaller ones would jump on potential star athletes they normally wouldn't have a shot at getting. Shoot, these kids will be making money off of youtube alone. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out.
  3. That's definitely a good question. It's hard to argue against the SEC being the top conference for marketing, but all the big conferences would be winners. I think about what type of deals Cam Newton or Reggie Bush would have had if they were able to freely make money off their name.
  4. That's why I said " in or near". It can still be a benefit of being able to get to a major market city where some of these deals might come from.
  5. I've been thinking of how this would change recruiting. I don't see much changing besides the schools that are in or near major market cities could gain from it (UCLA, Rutgers, Georgia Tech, and etc.) The big schools will still get the top recruits because of the large fan base they could make money from.
  6. Around the League 2020

    Mahomes is the only QB in the league I really fear. When he admitted to not knowing how to read defenses until the season before last, I realized he's eventually going to become the greatest. He was out there winging it, breaking records, and throwing no-look passes without knowing where the defenses will be. That's insane. The contract is crazy now, but those his annual salary will be pretty normal for top QBs 3-4 years from now.
  7. Trash. I hope the students hit the transfer portal asap.
  8. I say 6 games for 3 reasons. 1. It's what Mora had before he was fired. 2. It shows progress in wins since he first started. 3. We get our first bowl game under him. He may be protected for another 2 seasons though because of his contract, we're still paying Mora, new AD, and the idea of how long it takes for him to "develop his guys for his system". I don't care for Chip. But if we can pick up a legit brand and get into a bowl game, that will change everything recruiting wise.
  9. Back to the subject though, after really looking at the situation UCLA is in right now. Chip Kelly has to win 6 games or be a part of the reason we get a deal with Nike. He has a connection with Phil and Nike's COO Andy Campion is a former Bruin. If they link everything together and basically save the program before football season, they're not going to fire him even if he doesn't hit 6.
  10. lmao don't do us like that. At least give us New Balance.
  11. Yeah, they really dropped the ball. That's why I think it's so funny that they blamed UCLA in their statement. It's a bit on both. UCLA declined in both football and basketball since the UA deal. Google "under armour ucla shoes" , they're pretty bad. Their main site put all the merch on sale. I'm waiting and hoping for a Jordan deal.
  12. lol Would have worked well with recruits.
  13. Training Camp Thread

    I like where this roster is heading for 2021-22 season and the $60m+ we could have next offseason. I still see 5-6 wins this year because of the schedule and other things though. Some of these position battles will go into the season. It's going to be an interesting year.
  14. Training Camp Thread

    For the average team, I would agree but this is BB's system. Brady at his worst or with backups, we still struggled. Defenses never had to worry about a QB running when facing the pats. Now we have more to try to plan for. If we trade Jamal this offseason, it could be even more challenging. GW proved me wrong last year and impressed me with what he was able to do with the front 7 down to practice squad players. But it's hard for me to get my hopes up. I'm worried about all the teams in the division evenly to be honest. Dolphins and Bills improved on paper, but we will see. I'm excited about this roster after this season.
  15. Training Camp Thread

    Of course, but we have mutual friends. It's really close. People don't believe me now, but Cam will expand BB's play options and defenses will have to adapt.