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  1. lol I mocked him to us as well. I didn't do it at #3 because I got tired of people telling me #3 was too high. It was in my "Bad Boys For Life" mock. The rest of the draft was really bad, but that definitely would have been a hit for us.
  2. Agreed. He's going to get a few more of those. He's the league's new Megatron.
  3. I have to give it to Cam. From what the team was the year before to what they became is a major leap. That Auburn team wasn't that good. They had 8 wins in 09' and that was against teams like Furman & Ball State.
  4. DK Metcalf is really aiming to make it to the Olympics. As he train for it, he gets faster. That's scary. 6'4 230lbs and will likely hit the 4.2 range now because of his olympic training. Imagine having to cover that twice a year. lol
  5. The money shot. This would have been everyone's sig on the old site.
  6. I know this is far out, but next year's draft class & Free agency looks perfect right now. I have my guys I'm rooting for on our defense now, but I'm no longer worried. I would like to add someone like Kwon Alexander, Lattimore, or Steven Nelson to the defense this year, but I'm cool if we don't.
  7. I'm looking forward to the competition battles this summer on defense. Speed shouldn't be a issue. I'm banking on one of the athletic freaks we've added towards the end to pan out. Not early, but I can one or two of them being better than expected.
  8. Wilson will likely start early based on the fact there isn't a vet QB available that is clearly better than him or could hold the starting position for long. I think he'll adapt just fine. The biggest thing that helps is that we're not having a lot of competition battles on offense that could delay his chemistry building. We know who will be the starters for most of the positions. He will know who he needs to build with this summer. He is also familiar with the system we're running, so the transition will be a little easier for him. I'm glad JD/Saleh are building the team with a balanced
  9. As of right now, we still have 4 picks in the top-2 rounds in next year's draft with at least $50M+ in cap space. 2022 is going to be a great year.
  10. What's crazy is that we're only halfway through the offseason. We can still add more pieces.
  11. There is an audience for everything in that industry.
  12. My confidence for Wilson didn't grow with just his 2020 take. I like what he did against USC & Tenn in 2019. Those were good teams he performed well against.
  13. Saving this for when I start shooting porn.
  14. I feel too much happiness in here. I have to mess it up. He's the next Colt McCoy. lol
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