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  1. I wish I could buy into Apple and Disney. Something is going on with Samsung and they stopped shipping their phones, so there aren't a lot of upgrades available. So a lot of people maybe switching over to Apple. That on top of the possibility of landing A24 could really make this jump by the fall ER.
  2. lol Never mind, I was just put on to NUVVE & Volta. I have to spend tonight doing research on which company I love long term.
  3. I can't argue about being overvalued. A lot of renewable energy stocks are way up there. It wouldn't surprise me if we have a red week with all the different factors into play. A company I'm hoping drops is ChargePoint. They are pretty heavy here in Atlanta. If they don't drop low enough, I may go with EvGo.
  4. I don't blame you. I buy shares weekly for the long term companies I love, so this is working in my favorite in terms of averaging down as I buy. I actually needed this. Gives me a chance to buy more and buy at a lower rate as I switch accounts.
  5. If this is all coming from Covid/Delta fears, It's going to be a interesting week.
  6. Yeah, I used this time to sell out of my RH account and rebuying with TDA.
  7. lol I totally forgot about this. I'm planning to eventually transition my Robinhood account to TDA. I was using it to buy shares up each week and using the fractional buying. When I hit my target goal, I'll switch everything over. Then just use RH for recurring dividends. I'm trying to downsize my portfolio to invest more into my production company I'm developing. Every time I cut one out, I find another company I like. lol
  8. Yeah, we should trade Maye. I really like him, but we can really hit the next draft hard with an additional 3rd or 4th round pick. Not a great combination, but I'm good with Davis & Joyner starting at FS/SS until one of the young guys win the job. I think Carter would make a great FS, but he also can play in the nickel.
  9. What's crazy is I believe Coastal has a lot of returning players, so they still maybe the coastal. lol I'm picking Georgia State. Great coach and three out of their 4 L's were one possession games. Their QB was a true freshman who wasn't expected to start (The original QB caught covid and ended his career.) They'll probably lose to Coastal again, but that's the only game I see them losing.
  10. I knew the deal wouldn't happen. I like the potential of next year's draft class so far anyway. I wish him the best on the best with his new team.
  11. You're saying this like they will never get snaps over someone like I mentioned. I see we're not going to agree on this (I don't hate your opinion on this). I still think it's better to give transitioning players a chance to rotate first instead of just throwing them out there because we're not contending for a SB. If they were already LBs, I'm fine with that but seeing the lack of success from higher graded prospects makes me hope we find someone solid enough to at least rotate until they can become fulltime starters.
  12. It's really a coaching decision because I doubt JD signed a 37yr old RB expecting him to be given the amount of snaps he was given. I definitely understand not liking the Curry pick up but he's 33 and had 16 total tackles. He's definitely there for rotation if the young guys earn it in camp/preseason. Someone like Kwon Alexander or Mychal Kendricks would likely take away snaps from the young guys, but someone like Mark Nzeocha (Just an example) would be perfect. He's familiar with the scheme, experienced, but also can be rotated in all 3 positions if needed. If one of the young guys is e
  13. It's not about having great players every where. It's getting insurance for the other two vets and/or giving time for the young safeties transitioning into the LB position while still giving our group a chance. When I say vet, I'm not referring to someone who requires a multi year deal or anything. They can be 30+ for all I care. Young guys will rotate and eventually take the position during the season when they're ready. Similar to what we did with Demario Davis his rookie year. At this point, we're expecting to see Davis & Mosley play all 17 games healthy and with a developing l
  14. I'm definitely rooting for him, but he's been gone for two years. He still has to get in shape to play a whole season. Davis played all 16 games once. The only other player that actually has stats is Cashman. I like Sherwood & Nas, but there aren't a lot of examples of college safeties converting to LB and succeeding early. The speed/coverage LBs we're hoping they become were actually LBs in college like Telvin Smith, Lavonte David, and others. That switch isn't easy. Being the 8th man in the box for certain plays is way different than being in it every down. I do think one of them w
  15. I'm still hoping we sign another vet LB as insurance that can play all 3 spots if needed.
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