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  1. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    I'm not a fan of the moves Macc made at QB, but if he is able to get Rosen, Darnold, Allen ,or Francois, the game changes. Now you have a Franchise QB and a great defense that is being built around Lee, Williams, Maye, Jenkins, and Adams with $80M. lol He can't blow this. I'm done if he does.
  2. Stock Investing

    Wish I jumped on Tesla when I had the chance.
  3. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    I don't things could get worse. I really hate Woody J. I really hope this all leads to him selling the team.
  4. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    Normally GMs get more than 1 HC. We started the HC search before Macc was hired. Woody isn't going to fire him and grow the reputation of it being an unstable job after firing Idzik on a short-term. He'll get another shot. With over $80M and a potential high pick, I'm giving the Jets 2 more years. The good news is that the defense only had 1 bad drive all game. The Sad news is that I read that Stafford admitted to them barely watching footage of us. I didn't watch the 2nd half. Marcus Murphy and Darron Lee were bright spots for me. MM's good return was called back, but he averaged 5yds a carry off 3 carries.
  5. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    If we only win 2 games this year, give me 1 on the pats and the other on the falcons.
  6. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    LOL Sorry, I had to. Seriously, it's only preseason. Of course, we're not expecting a great year, but it's preseason.
  7. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    lol, Of course, it's tough to watch. Now people have to pray that we don't become the Browns/Rams for the next decade or find a QB and be the Chargers. I hope Macc can build a competitive team within the next 2-3 years.
  8. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    For those who wanted to blow up the roster and tank, you should be happy. Good news is that our young guys need a game like this before the season. Players like Hack & Adams have something to learn from now.
  9. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    Defense probably tired of being on the field. Good test for our safeties to play a QB like this.
  10. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    Yeah, it's really ugly. I thought we would at least be able to run block.
  11. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    * All Blocking lol
  12. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    Want to see our run blocking improve.
  13. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    One name I like is Bishop. He was bringing pressure last week.
  14. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Exactly. Those are the things I look for in a QB. To be able to take hits and still throw with confidence. I've seen him make NFL throws.
  15. 2018 Draft Eligible RB Thread

    That's a good one. Has the size to be physical but is a home run threat as well. One of his workout videos made me go to the gym.