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  1. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I'm not sure where I would put Cousins on my list. 1. Rosen 2. Darnold 3. L.Jackson /Mayfield 5. J.Allen I have to watch others, but this is it so far.
  2. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I'm watching more footage of the top QBs to see who is my #2 and #3 QB. I don't think we'll have a shot at the top 2 QBs with the Giants and Browns holding the picks.
  3. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I have to watch more of Mayfield, but I don't understand the Manziel = Mayfield comparison. Must be his attitude people are comparing. Mayfield is different. Macc really needs to dig deep into his QB scouting this year. I'm not writing off Lamar Jackson because of Mariota.
  4. FA QB's for 2018

    I believe this was the year for the culture change. we already matched our wins from last season without the overpriced vets. We got cheated out of 2 games by the refs. Could be sitting on 7 wins right now. So I can't complain too much about performance when every expected to be picking in the top 3 this year. We really need Macc to do a better job of scouting, plain and simple. We're about to be in a great position cap space & potentially draft pick wise. To protect himself, he need to sign a solid QB and draft one as well.
  5. 2018 Mock Thread

    I'm not going to trip about taking a QB in the 4th and him not being a starter. The Hack project failed. So I will admit that. That might be a bigger reason to trade up and lock in one of the top QBs. I'm still a fan of Josh Allen. He checks all the boxes for me.
  6. 2018 Mock Thread

    If we have to trade up for a QB, I don't care what it cost any more. we can't continue to miss out on QBs.
  7. 2018 Mock Thread

    I just need a QB, Chubb, OT, and a Center.
  8. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    lol it's not even December yet. I'm waiting until combine time before I take anything draft related seriously. ___________________ I like Jackson, but I honestly have to watch him more. But if Mariota can do it from Oregon, I don't have a reason why Jackson can't. I still have Josh above him, but I wouldn't be mad with him at this point.
  9. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I would to. I wouldn't mind a trade up for the right QB. It's time to get our guy.
  10. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Rosen is still my favorite, but I still wouldn't mind J.Allen. With Morton's offense, I think Allen would be a great fit.
  11. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Depends on McCown really. He's basically our Tommy Maddox until we get our version of big ben. If he finishes this season strong, I wouldn't be mad at the idea of bringing him back and drafting our QB. I'm interested in McCown/Josh Allen going into next season unless we can trade up.
  12. I think I already admitted, but I was wrong about McCown. I called him a human white flag before the season.lol
  13. FA QB's for 2018

    I think we're going to sign someone and draft a QB like Josh Allen.
  14. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I've missed out on so much
  15. Week 5 GDT: Jets vs. Browns

    Good win. I'm not to worried about the draft position because we can always trade up or just do a better job of scouting QBs. I give credit to Bowles, but the biggest difference has to be the position coaches. The position coaches are clearly doing a better job of translating Bowles' game plan and developing players. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what Morton does with a real QB, he's getting the offense to put up decent numbers without a player defenses really have to game plan for and a career backup 38yr old QB.