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  1. Training Camp

    I think our next CB will be from the Colts, Bears, Rams, Trae Waynes, or Sidney Jones(struggling but low risk.)
  2. LB Avery Williamson out with torn ACL

    He shouldn't have been out there. This will hurt a bit.
  3. Training Camp

    I made it to the game and missed the first drive. - I don't want to see Campbell at CB. Wr's were killing him. He got lucky the back QBs didn't target him all game. - Basham is really good. He beat the starters on the oline a few times. Would of had 2 sacks but Ryan dumped the ball right on time. - I felt bad for the kicker. The look on his face during warmups after missing the first kick was tough to look at. We all know he'll be gone. - I love Adams so much. Him, Poole, Maye, and other DBs were the energy on the sideline. They went crazy when Brown made the big hit. - Fat might be the 34 NT I was hoping for. He plugged in gaps and opened things up for the line to blitz. - Kaufusi looked like the perfect rotation DE - Edoga didn't look comfortable at RT, but it might have been a surprise since Shell got hurt at Warmups and Ed played LT last week. - I want to see more Meander at CB. I'm not sure if he played.
  4. Training Camp

    I'm also watching for Montrel Meander. I heard he looked pretty good last week. I'll be at the Falcons game tomorrow.
  5. Training Camp

    The way he bounced back in the Detroit game last year told me everything, but I'll be watching for this too. I'm praying he breaks Fitz TD record.
  6. Training Camp

    I need to produce this short film.
  7. Training Camp

    Solid pick up with Cooper. I'm sure we'll add someone else after next week's cuts.
  8. Training Camp

    Marcus Cooper just got released. He'll at least be solid depth and experience that is currently needed. I'd give him a cheap 1yr deal.
  9. Training Camp

    I said it before that the secondary was going to be an issue this season unless we made some moves. I'm not going to blame GW if the defense doesn't perform this season. At least Maye is returning. Hopefully, he can stay healthy. Makes the center of our 3-4 defense better with Adams, Maye, Mosley, and Williamson.
  10. Training Camp

    Still can't believe we let our special team pro bowlers walk. We had the money. Douglas is doing it right by waiting for preseason cuts to approach.
  11. Training Camp

    He has to. Never mind. Vikings got him.
  12. Training Camp

    I didn't get to see the game, but from what I've seen and heard, I'm not too surprised by anything except how bad our kicker looks. Missed 2 PAT's in a no-pressure preseason game? Yeah, that's terrible. I expected our secondary to struggle and it will probably be an issue until Maye is healthy and we find a solid #2. Sam and the Jerseys looked so good. I called Trevor the perfect back up before, so I was happy to see how good he looked. I might be going to the game in Atlanta.
  13. Jets acquire Alex Lewis from Baltimore

    Great move. Creates depth and a challenge for Winters if he doesn't fit the scheme or show progress.
  14. Training Camp

    The greatest thing that can happen is Edoga becoming the franchise LT. We'll have so much flexibility going into next offseason.
  15. Jets Sign Ryan Kalil

    Even if he doesn't perform at the pro bowl level, this is still a great move. It gives our younger center someone to learn from, It's an upgrade for Darnold and Bell, Darnold gets to learn how to communicate with a center like him, and this also could be a stop-gap for the next center we pick up. I'm still interested in picking up Trent if the price is right, but I also like the potential LT's in next year's draft class. The challenge in that is if we have a good season and not in range to draft a great LT. Do your thing, JD.