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  1. Perine was given the ball once in the 2nd half & Ty Johnson was basically benched after giving two of the offense's biggest plays. We don't have the coach who is smart enough to use anyone correctly. Frank Gore will get 15+ carries next game and they will all be draw plays when we're down by 30 against Buffalo. lol
  2. My real point is that we're guaranteed the #1 pick with Gase or not. But IF we were to win some good games because of Darnold after Gase, it makes this draft easier and we can just use picks to build around. We would be the team with a 23 year old franchise QB, a boat load of 1st round picks, and $90M in cap space for JD & the new coach to work with.
  3. Firing Gase won't mess up the tank, it's just going to bring a new energy to the roster & more effort from the players. Also end the Gase bashing for us. We're not beating anyone with Frank Gore & Perriman. We couldn't even score against Miami. But we will get a better evaluation of the players with a different voice going into next season. Watching Drake for the cardinals break out for the run was a reminder of how much better everyone else look. Everyone has acknowledged that, so I hate we can't get a good look at the young players because of this. Same on defense. The Colts CBs we brought in had a higher success rate in man coverage, but GW got them playing more zone. I seriously don't know if Desir & Wilson are the real problems there. Adams mentioned how much freedom he has in Seattle in their defense recently. Myles Garrett said GW wouldn't even let him do spin moves and stuff. I gave my concerns a pass because the defense looked good last year. Now it's clear that it was only because of Adams and now the things I was concerned about are happening. If we fire Gase, I'm fine with almost anything that can happen after that. We continue to suck & Lawrence says no, trade the pick for a house. We suck, Lawrence says yes. Darnold looks good and we win good games, we know coaching was a problem and we can just add talent around him. The rest of the schedule is too tough for us magically win games because of effort, but we can challenge teams and look prepared. I hope we lose but Darnold looks great without Gase so we can trade the picks and build around him. It's unlikely if we have a shot at Lawrence, but we would get better sooner than later IF Darnold is not the problem.
  4. I know things suck, but I wouldn't be mad if we brought in John Ross for a plan next season. Njoku as well. They won't change anything this season, but could be really good for the next coach/Long term if they work out. At least great competition & depth. I would be interested if we gave up nothing or close to it. lol
  5. Generational fan trauma
  6. We don't know this. He could be willing to sit out and force the Jets to trade out because he knows we aren't in position to draft #1 and not have our guy on the field. Especially if we end up trading Sam at any point leading to the draft. Him sitting out would hurt us way more than it would him and he knows that. The only thing I can see that could make him interested in a home run coaching hire. If not, I'm starting to believe we're going to end up trading out of the pick. I hope I'm wrong, but I can't see someone on his level wanting to come here and compete.
  7. We're tanking for Lawrence, but he's going to say no to us because we've accepted being a joke, have a bad history with QBs and surrounding them with talent, made no effort to saving the season, and the owner is fine with all of this. The good news is that we're going to auction the pick and get a great return for the next 3 drafts. The new coach will bring life back into the franchise, develop players, and adapt to the new weapons he is given.
  8. Rooting for the Ravens until Gase is fired
  9. I'm punching CJ in the throat if another coach goes before Gase
  10. Not getting my hopes up. The minute we fire Gase, I'll delete my LJ avatar.
  11. yup lol Good for Steve https://nfltraderumors.co/trade-jets-trading-dt-steve-mclendon-to-buccaneers/
  12. Did we just trade someone during the game?
  13. It actually does make a difference. Keeping Gase only makes things worse. Not only will the blow outs continue, the media bashing, the constant Gase questioning, the Organization continues to look stupid, Bell & Adams look better for leaving, and so much more. Let them go now, the bashing lightens up and the questions about where we are heading come up. A new voice may or may not help, but we will be able to move forward. It shows the organization is willing to try something. People already think the Johnsons don't care. It's going to get worse. A QB on this level isn't going to look at all of this and be excited to come and if he can pull a Eli, no one would question him because of how terrible things have been.
  14. A lot of people are expecting him to return to school next fall. I was just reading about him and Dabo said something about he's not expecting to be in pads until next fall.
  15. lol Have ya'll looked at the schedule? We're not winning because we fired gase. We're just trying to show life and see what the young guys look like under a different play caller or fresh voice. we keep looking this bad, Lawrence will say no. We need to do this.
  16. We're going to lose guys like him because of the poor decision making by coaches and the new coaches coming in not knowing what they can really do before trying to bring in their guys.
  17. I've never seen things get this bad before.
  18. Adams was right. Look at Perriman get some blow out catches.
  19. Did they say Flacco & Gase are talking for the first time? Wow
  20. This has to be it. 0-5 with nothing to lose and not 1 single creative play is being called. He's even running out the clock.
  21. Gase is running out the clock for Miami. lol
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