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  1. lmao I just wanted to be different, not a monster.
  2. I'm just going to be different. lol Fields - QB Farley - CB Watkins/Cleveland - OG M.Carter - RB James Hudson - RT Matt Bushman - TE Shaka Toney - OLB Damonte Coxie - WR Darrick Forrest - SS A kicker.
  3. I mentioned this before, I think the media jumped the gun on assuming we made up our mind. I still think there is a good chance Wilson is the pick, but I'm glad JD & the team is still doing research.
  4. Jenkins & Becton bullying rushers>>>
  5. I'm definitely not against drafting two in general, but I'm 100% against it with the top 6 picks as mentioned earlier. If we're in the 4th and the highest grade you have available is a QB, take him. If he works out, you'll be able to trade him for a boat load of picks to build around your starter.
  6. That along with me losing my job. I got promoted right after that show ended. lol
  7. No, I only worked on the Health & safety side. I joined the production late, but it was a cool experience.
  8. I worked on set of this. You all are going to love the last two episodes.
  9. lol Just say the word and I'll go on a rant about how Fields is the best to heat things up in here. I might do a quick mock with Fields as the pick just to really get people mad.
  10. Thanks. I agree about the CB position especially with the direction our division & conference is heading in. I really feel like Saleh's scheme is perfect for Farley. Miami is loaded with picks and have Williams, Parker, and Fuller at WR. Buffalo could draft a good RB and add to their offense. The Pats won 7 games with a bad team, they will likely find their QB in this draft. We can't ignore the defense.
  11. It may not be a need, but if JD & Saleh see one of those DE's as a star/difference maker, it's going to happen. Of course there would have to be a large gap between the DE & the best Oline available. My favorite example is the Rams picking Greg Robinson at OT because it was their biggest need, but missed Khalil Mack. They could have came out of that first round with Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald in 2014. As long as the talent is there, I'm all for going any position. I just have to see who are the options to compare.
  12. Honestly, he's one of the guys I would consider at 23 if he's there. On defense, it's Parsons, Horn, Farley, Phillips, and Rousseau I would consider. I do think there is a great chance the pick is AVT or Slater, but it depends on how JD feels about the rest of the class depth. If he feels like he can get a defensive prospect at 23 and still pick a starting OG in the 2nd, he's probably going to do it.
  13. I expect Oline to be the pick unless someone unexpected like Farley fall to #23.
  14. When it comes to picking a QB, you can't assume you can get one later or act like you need the #1 pick to build. You just have to know how to scout and if someone is worth moving up for.
  15. Lacey if I had to pick out of the two 😂😂
  16. Lol I just busted out laughing in Walmart
  17. Yeah, it all comes down to what our medical staff says about Farley. If the rumors are true, JD isn't worried about Wilson's shoulder after the staff did their work. The same could be done for Farley. If it all checks out, I can't see us picking anyone else. Maybe Vera-Tucker, but that's the only one.
  18. lmao I actually laughed when he posted it. Straight up killed my whole mock.
  19. lol Someone literally got mad at me for saying JD is possibly still doing his homework on the QBs a month before the draft. I knew it could cause a few people to go off and I'm only willing to debate a select few on here. I can actually do a post with videos breaking down why Fields is just as good as anyone in this class. It's really not worth it.
  20. Although I'm a Fields fan, I don't blame anyone who feels like Wilson has the highest ceiling. When I post, I try not to knock Wilson as if he's going to be a bust. He's a great prospect. For me, Fields has displayed better decision making in general and his passes often catch WR's in stride, you really don't see WRs having to slow down or get in awkward positions to catch the passes thrown. A lot of people got on Fields for the Alabama game, but I actually liked what I saw from him because he had to make the best of a lot of plays. Ohio State WRs are good, but not good enough to beat Su
  21. I keep forgetting about Payne. Class is perfect for our needs at the moment. I have a good feeling about what JD will do. If Farley is there, I seriously can't think of a better offensive prospect we should take over him that could possibly be there.
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