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  1. Just visited the other forums for the teams I like. We post wayyy more than everyone else. Lol So we're leading in something.
  2. Sh**. I definitely want everyone fired now. Lol
  3. My family has a rule that if you leave your team, you can't pick a playoff team. I see the Steelers are slacking. Lol might be my chance
  4. My back up team got killed by the Bengals. I'm jumping into college basketball.
  5. We had 2 weeks to plan for a 2-4 team and getting blasted by 40 points right now.
  6. I no longer care about drafting someone that fits the current system. Just sign and draft the best players and find the coach that can work with the talent. After Saleh gets fired after 22' season, we'll end up changing anyway.
  7. The organization deserves this.
  8. Mike White better be solid since we decided we didn't need a real vet QB behind Wilson
  9. I have to agree. Saleh looks like Gase with more energy.
  10. I brought this up as a possibility twice and people argued. I'm not done with Wilson but this staff is awful. I was wrong.
  11. Lol 2 weeks to prepare for a average team
  12. The center depth is the xfactor here. If we really like Lindstrom or someone else in the 2nd round, that gives us more flexibility in what we can do in the first round.
  13. If we're not competitive in this one, I'm going to starting working on my list of coaches for 23' offseason.
  14. I agree. Stingley is good, but Sauce is insane.
  15. This is why it's hard for me to want JD out before the coaches but he did hire Saleh. I'm 60/40 on him. His drafts are solid and he got really good picks for Darnold and Adams. He is awful with vets/free agency and it killed us. JFM is good but none of the pick ups look like a home run signing. We watched the Cardinals pick up Hopkins & Green, Browns with OBJ & Landry, and others. The only teams who truly build through the draft are the Steelers and Packers, but those are franchises at one point relyed on deals for Favre and Bettis to help get their franchise back on track.
  16. and the Cardinals GM as well.
  17. I have to give Kliff his props, I didn't think he would be a good HC. They are really about to be 6-0 while playing in a tough division.
  18. Of course but do you believe that organization is telling themselves they shouldn't make the move because they overachieved? I doubt it. If they make the trade and only have to worry about building a oline after that, it becomes much easier for the team to build the offense. Everyone doesn't have to be 1st round picks, so it's a risk worth taking. They are going to have $80M+ in cap space. They can trade for him and still have about $50M to add talent around. Eagles gave up just as many sacks at the Dolphins has so far. Last season, I think the Eagles gave up almost 70 sacks. It just mak
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