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  1. I'm looking forward to the competition battles this summer on defense. Speed shouldn't be a issue. I'm banking on one of the athletic freaks we've added towards the end to pan out. Not early, but I can one or two of them being better than expected.
  2. Wilson will likely start early based on the fact there isn't a vet QB available that is clearly better than him or could hold the starting position for long. I think he'll adapt just fine. The biggest thing that helps is that we're not having a lot of competition battles on offense that could delay his chemistry building. We know who will be the starters for most of the positions. He will know who he needs to build with this summer. He is also familiar with the system we're running, so the transition will be a little easier for him. I'm glad JD/Saleh are building the team with a balanced
  3. As of right now, we still have 4 picks in the top-2 rounds in next year's draft with at least $50M+ in cap space. 2022 is going to be a great year.
  4. What's crazy is that we're only halfway through the offseason. We can still add more pieces.
  5. There is an audience for everything in that industry.
  6. My confidence for Wilson didn't grow with just his 2020 take. I like what he did against USC & Tenn in 2019. Those were good teams he performed well against.
  7. Saving this for when I start shooting porn.
  8. I feel too much happiness in here. I have to mess it up. He's the next Colt McCoy. lol
  9. I give you props on that. Now I feel like I need to see her movie just in case. I have to know if they were clapping cheeks or not.
  10. Great point about the Florida heat. Also, I hated the tanlines I got last summer when I had my mask on. lol Disney will likely still provide masks and still force that part, but I expect them to dump the spacing & capacity rules sooner than later. It's going to be really tough for those who choose not to get the vaccine. I don't blame them for being hesitant, but these major companies are going to try to protect themselves by either requiring everyone to be vaccinated or have no restrictions putting the unvaccinated at risk. The NFL draft and other events required everyo
  11. October is looking better already lol
  12. First we don't get Ben Mason and now this. Smh. Blow up the roster and prepare to tank.
  13. lmao I don't have that information and I wouldn't say anything if I did. The mouse would kill me.
  14. You definitely made some great points. Cali recently opened concert venues and places like that back to 75% last month and I'm surprised that Florida has any restrictions at all. Georgia is basically wide open. The capacity limits are about to lift sooner than people think because of how fast people are getting vaccinated. Companies like this are spending millions on creating a safer environment, but once when the covid numbers are low enough, they're going to end it pretty quickly so they can invest that money back into what they lost. They'll probably just put a warning in writing for
  15. I work for Disney/Marvel Studios on the covid side. I don't know much about what's going on with the parks, but I know they're definitely opening back up soon. They're going to make their money back and more with everyone being excited & vaccinated.
  16. Rashed & Yeboah are probably my favorites. Dunn & Naggar have a good shot as well. Yeboah really ate up Alabama & Florida last year. His stats would have looked better if he didn't have to share with Moore and the other great WRs they have.
  17. Gut feeling, but I feel like we're going to eventually make a move for Marshon Lattimore.
  18. lol I hope he's good so he can get on Stefon Diggs' nerves like this.
  19. So what you're saying is that we're drafting Derek Stingley & Luke Matthews next year? Cool. lol
  20. Would fly to from Atlanta to Baltimore and still end up with a layover in Utah.
  21. Right. Spirit is cool. Probably the only airline that let people smoke like it's the 60s. They don't care.
  22. He reminds me of Steve Smith. He eats zone defenses alive. His IQ shows on tape. The only team he didn't kill was Auburn and that wasn't his fault. 7/8 games with 10+ catches, 6/8 with 100+yds, 3/8 games with 200+yds..... in all SEC games. If he played as many games as Devonta Smith, his numbers could have been similar. He's going to be a problem for defenses early. His 4.3 speed to go along with Mims' 4.3. Man...
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