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  1. 1 minute ago, Bobby816 said:

    We have a very clear advantage from the standpoint of our WRs to their secondary. And it needs to be taken advantage of. Will the OL hold up to allow this is the question. We seemed to be able to put Wilson in better situations last week in the 2nd half. We need start this game that way. Not wait.

    I agree, but BB has a history of taking away young QBs favorite targets. I want us to attack early and spread the ball around. Let the pass open things for the run. 

  2. As I mentioned before, I'm expecting Fant to struggle a little, but not terribly. Pats are never easy, but I like this match up for our offense a little more than I liked the Panthers. Just need Wilson to be able to get things going with the other targets on the field. BB will definitely take away Davis. 

    For defense, the secondary did a little better than I thought last week. So I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do this week. I can see the patriots attacking us with the run & their TEs because our front 7 is questionable right now. I have to get Mac Jones credit, he's better than I thought he was going to be early. This is a good test for our defense. 

  3. 3 hours ago, mattmanz91 said:

    Didn't he practice at LT when Becton was out with a concussion the last 10 days or so of camp? Hopefully that's the case because it should make it a little easier for him. 


    Camp makes it a little easier, but it's already hard to switch. Even harder to move to the left. I think he will be solid, but I think it will take a little more time to really reach his level of comfort. 

  4. Just now, Bobby816 said:

    I assume OL early again only Bc if our OL situation with the whole right side being FAs or likely cuts. 

    Yeah, I think it's definitely going to happen in the first. I have a few names I like for IOL. I just need them to continue to look good and worth picking early. I like Moses as a RT. So my attention is RG and C. 

  5. 18 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

    I agree. But if you ask me… JD clearly values OL more so than CB. So the likelihood of us using 1st rounders on a guy are on OL right now. It’s also a very good OL class. So that’s good for us. The edge class is actually what seems pretty weak

    I agree about JD, but as you mentioned, it is only week one. A lot of these prospects on both sides can start showing flaws and drop in rankings by the end of the season. It happens every year. I was rooting for us to draft Ben Cleveland for like 2 years. No one is wrong for wanting to go oline at all. I just don't want to assume early or force a position. Don't want to end up like the Rams did years ago when they picked Robinson over Khalil Mack. It's all about comparing the talent out of the needs for me. 

  6. 29 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

    100% he was incredible last year as well. Elam is a guy to keep an eye on as well. But based on week 1… we need OL still more than CB

    If we're only going by week 1, of course. It all depends on where we are picking and if the talent is there. We have 2 first round picks. It's very likely we're going to use those picks on both sides of the ball. 

  7. 1 hour ago, JetsandI said:

    Becton is out for 4-6 weeks with knee cap dislocation.

    Crazy how quick players are expected to recover from injuries like this. Lol I roll my ankle and I'm out for 6 weeks. 


    This may work in Becton's favor if we give him the right amount of time. He seems mentally off right now. So he'll have time to relax and figure out what he was doing wrong. 

  8. 3 hours ago, JetsandI said:

    Now I know another one.  JD won't make any trade for player that may threaten to hold out for new or bigger contract. lol.

    Lol at this point, he'll make a move for someone that will get hurt instead.  Joking. 

    With the roster stripped the way it is now, we really don't know who he would offer money to. Especially if they can lock in a position as a long term answer.  

  9. 2 hours ago, JetsandI said:

    Right there OT is his future in pro.🤭


    Anyway, his body movement is nice.  Shame that OKST had no use for him.

    He's at Virginia and just went off for 122yds. lol 

    I'm only looking this deep into TEs because it's one out of 3 positions on offense I know we are likely going to need. Completely different on defense. I'm not sure if there is a position they shouldn't touch. 

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