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  1. 42 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

    Ya and I got laughed at by every person on here for even thinking of him that high. SMH

    lol I mocked him to us as well. I didn't do it at #3 because I got tired of people telling me #3 was too high. It was in my "Bad Boys For Life" mock. The rest of the draft was really bad, but that definitely would have been a hit for us. 

  2. Wilson will likely start early based on the fact there isn't a vet QB available that is clearly better than him or could hold the starting position for long. I think he'll adapt just fine. The biggest thing that helps is that we're not having a lot of competition battles on offense that could delay his chemistry building. We know who will be the starters for most of the positions. He will know who he needs to build with this summer. 

    He is also familiar with the system we're running, so the transition will be a little easier for him. I'm glad JD/Saleh are building the team with a balanced approach so we're not asking Wilson to score 35 a game to win early in his career. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, JetsandI said:

    Zero interest in your opinion.😚

    Wilson has played offense that Jets will run.  Unless Mike LaFleur is incompetent I don't see why we should worry about him handling NFL.


    Big Ben


    Wentz pre injury

    Josh Allen (3 year progression)

    Tony Romo (3 year student)

    Lmao trash. 

  4. Just now, Dr.O said:

    I ask the questions no one else has the balls to ask.

    I give you props on that. Now I feel like I need to see her movie just in case. I have to know if they were clapping cheeks or not. 

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  5. 16 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

    Very well could be and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's close to fully open this summer. I know my family in Tampa who normally meet up with us at the parks when we're there, don't want to go into the parks right now bc they won't wear a mask all day in the FL heat. So we are trying to find a way for them to still come and hang out. Disney doesnt require masks by the pool, so maybe they do a pool day with us. Last year when WDW reopened it was in like mid July. And people were still pretty iffy about going there (very low crowds), so I think the FL heat wasn't as big of a deal with the masks. This summer with what will be a higher capacity and maybe still require masks... I could see that changing the masks laws.

    Living in TX where we got rid of the mask requirement like 2 months ago, I will say it hasn't changed much. Most businesses still require you to wear them to enter there business. So a place like Disney could see more guests coming in if they allowed vaccinated guests to not wear masks. A big line to cross. But I'm sure it will happen eventually. You see the cruise industry has already pretty much required the vaccine. Speaking for myself... I am vaccinated, but my wife isn't. My wife never even gets the flu shot, so she said she wasn't getting the Covid shot. Now what she has said... is since we travel so much... that if she cant go places bc she isn't vaccinated, she will get the shot. So our main places we travel are to Mexico, Disney World and NY. If those 3 places don't require the vaccine, my wife wont get it. But if even just 1 of them does, she will.

    Great point about the Florida heat. Also, I hated the tanlines I got last summer when I had my mask on. lol 

    Disney will likely still provide masks and still force that part, but I expect them to dump the spacing & capacity rules sooner than later. 


    It's going to be really tough for those who choose not to get the vaccine. I don't blame them for being hesitant, but these major companies are going to try to protect themselves by either requiring everyone to be vaccinated or have no restrictions putting the unvaccinated at risk. The NFL draft and other events required everyone to be vaccinated to attend. That's going to keep happening for a while and as long as it works, more will follow those steps. 

    I have my own production company on the side I'm currently working on and this is something I have to consider going forward because I can't take a big hit because of the virus. 

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