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  1. Hear me out, sign OJ Howard and draft Jelani Woods. Alley-oops in the redzone.
  2. Stop playing and go into the Drew Brees/Saints offense. lol
  3. I don't think I can take the Bills becoming NE 2.0 and running the division for the next two decades. It's our turn. lol
  4. Gilmore got traded for some pop-tarts. I hope we find a way to steal Smith like that.
  5. Please sign him. 22' with Smith, Mosely, Williams, and Lawson in our front 7 would be great. I don't know how long Mosely is going to be with us because of his cap hit coming up after 22'. So I see this as an opportunity to get a reliable starter that can hold the position for 5 years just incase.
  6. Besides London, this whole WR class feel like they fit that range. If we were to draft someone John Metchie III seem like someone Saleh would be interested in.
  7. lol it's sad that he abuses that card so much fans expect him to bail.
  8. Although we're probably not going to draft him, Drake London is moving into my top-10 consideration list. I can see us drafting the center from Iowa with the 2nd first round pick.
  9. I haven't checked him out yet, but I definitely will now.
  10. He's about to take a mental health break and take the USC job. lol
  11. It will be interesting to see what the LB group looks like when Davis returns and the decisions that are going to be made next off-season. QW is just 25.
  12. Haven't seen this post in a while. lol
  13. I love my city, but I would love to kick Atlanta while they are down. These fans will burn their stadium down if we beat them. lol
  14. Agreed. Confidence built on the way to London to face Atlanta.
  15. This was the throw for me though.
  16. Will be interesting to see if we can build momentum from this and beat a healthier roster.
  17. I'm not sure if there are teams that can lose 2 Probowlers in the same position and lose another during the game have more. There is a huge difference in the Titans we faced today vs the team they are when Healthy. If we beat that team, that's a different story. Their starting center also went down during the game at one point. I can't use this game as a measuring stick and decide what teams we could beat on the rest of the schedule. I like it though because it helps with progress and finding our players strengths.
  18. Cole & Crowder came out and Wilson almost hit 300yds. Pass rush looked great. I can't use this to compare to other teams or anything because of the Titans injuries, but it felt good to see Wilson & LaFluer look a lot better in the 2nd half.
  19. lol Watch out Buffalo!!
  20. lol We just put the league on notice!
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