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  1. It's that and Wilson locking in. Going back to the Pats game, Davis wasn't open a lot and Wilson forced a lot of those plays. Him and ML have to get others going. In this game, we're doing a better job than the other games we've had so far.
  2. It's not, but it makes defenses life a lot easier knowing this team won't score at all when you cover him well. It has to be fixed.
  3. I mentioned this was going to be an issue and something Wilson will have to prove he can do.
  4. There goes my last bit of hope. Thanks. I'm just going to go teamless until I figure my life out now.
  5. I'm going to look at some mock offseasons to make me feel better. I tried rooting for other teams but all it did was remind me how terrible the jets are.
  6. Corey Davis is doing us like Trumaine Johnson.
  7. Davis slips but Wilson will get the blame on it.
  8. Henry is facing a tired defense already. It's over with.
  9. At this rate, Henry is going to break out eventually.
  10. The playcalling is worse than the talent on the field.
  11. It's only right we put Mims out there and he delivers a nice block. Take him out, run the same play, Crowder misses the block that leads to losing 4 yards. lol
  12. Offense, please. Just give me something. lol
  13. lol Right. Still getting dragged and wondering why we are still fans. The usual. Mock drafts will probably start up next week.
  14. So we're about to Jets this up.
  15. At least the jerseys look good. Now we just need the players that can play good in them. lol
  16. Drake London might be the offensive player that shoots up the board.
  17. This is a must win. I can't think of any good Head coaches currently in the league who started off winning less than 5 games year 1. The odds of winning 3 or less in year one and turning everything around a year later is very slim. I'm rooting for Saleh to magically pull off 3-5 wins this year because I want him to be the answer. I'm tired of either searching for a new HC, QB, or GM every year. Just beat the AFC South teams and steal a division game. lol The good news is that Lafluer owned up to calling a crappy game last week and didn't point fingers at the team. So I'm expecting
  18. I know it's early still, but I'm not seeing any offensive players look like top-10 picks yet. Normally there is a few names that everyone is hyped about early, but I'm not seeing anyone. Even in the positions we may not need. Feels weird. I can see our first 1st round pick going defense and our 2nd pick either going C, RG, WR, or Defense pending on free agency and the talent depth in the draft.
  19. Gardner is the reason why I wasn't so quick to list Stingley as my favorite CB. I'm not sure if he out played Hamilton though. Besides that one play, they tried their best to avoid him while he lined up in 3 different positions on defense. Sauce had a good game as a CB, Hamilton had a good game as a FS, NB, and LB. It's hard for me to compare their game. I started to slow down on the CB talk because Echols, Carter, and Hall are showing some progress. I'm not ruling out drafting a CB, just waiting to see what these guys can do in games like today. If they get burned, that will
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