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  1. Too soon to tell. Every year some of the top rated players fall due to something that bad that came up or just a poor combine. Sometimes they just surprisingly slip. Then you also have some people who would be looked at in the 2nd round then shoot up the boards to end up going in the top 15. Every. Year. If I had to guess, I'd say Chubb, L.Jackson, Raquan Smith, Williams, Nelson, Davenport, and Josh Jackson. I do think Rosen will be there at #3 and that's where I want to trade up to if #1 isn't available.
  2. I'd add Foles as well if he looks good enough in this matchup. I wanted Anthony Barr so bad. It's true, we don't have to have a big name at QB to win. Just someone good enough to win with when you have a surrounding good enough. Hopefully we can find our Franchise guy this offseason. This is a pretty good offseason for RBs and we can sign an upgrade at center. I really believe if we spread the money correctly, we're going to compete sooner than expected.
  3. If Foles lights it up against the Vikings, should we add his name to the list of targets? age 28/29.
  4. I want a real battle for the QB positions. I think we will end up with McCown+Rookie, but I don't want anyone to have it easy going into camp. I think we can very well build the type of surrounding the Jags+Vikings have. Not in one offseason, but we can in a couple of years. Great defense, rushing attack, and targets good enough to win with. Seattle did it and when Peyton was bad, Broncos won with it.
  5. I didn't say Hack was going anywhere. Petty will be cut but Hack won't just be given the 2nd string position without battling for it.
  6. My mind has been on Cousins + Mid/Late rookie, McCown+Rookie, or Bradford+Rookie .
  7. It's funny how it all worked out, especially after getting ripped for taking LF as early as they did.
  8. I'm putting my faith in Macc this offseason. A lot of options are out there we can fill our roster gaps with.
  9. Jags went from 3 wins to this. I'm sticking with my wildcard contender hopes next season. lol
  10. Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Ben, Wentz, Goff, Rivers, Matt Ryan, Wilson, and Stafford. I normally don't hear " Elite" until they put up record-breaking stats or leads their team as Playoff/superbowl contenders. You posted one year of stats that we've seen Fitzpatrick accomplish in year 1 and McCown could have possibly reached if he was healthy. I'm willing to give him a big contract but I won't call him elite until I see him really light it up. It may not be his fault because I recently mentioned the lack of talent he was surrounded by, but I can't put him up there in the same category with Brady,
  11. I'm not sure if that makes him elite. Don't get me wrong, he's great. Just not sure if I would use the word "Elite".
  12. But that is still 2 out of 3 years of career highs from McCown and Fitz. It's not like Morty was really working before Bowles picked him up. I have to give Bowles props there when I think about it. I do hope we keep morton. If not, I think we promote Bates or bring in McCoy.
  13. I actually got Tyrod going to Jax. I can see Bradford going to AZ, but we got a shot at some of these QBs. If you put the right surrounding around Bradford and he stays healthy, I think you can win with him. He's a good 3rd or 4th FA/trade option. He's going for the long-term deal unless no one offers it because of injuries. I believe we're an interesting place for QBs because we just got career years(Besides the one year) out of guys like McCown and Fitzpatrick under Bowles. Add that with the fact we have money and the chance to put together a good surrounding, some of the top QBs
  14. I'm sure they do, but we'll see how things play out. He might look for a bigger payout than Jax is looking to pay. I'm looking at Sam Bradford more and more now.
  15. Should take a look at Aaron Colvin.
  16. Everyone in a rebuilding situation doesn't have to be under 25. Looking at Antonio Gates, we could get another 5 years from Graham. He could be looking for the best deal, right system, and a team heading in the right direction. Who knows, I could ask why any of the free agents we named would sign with us. It's still early. But I don't see a reason why not to take a shot.
  17. I know he's 30, but he's interesting pending on how the Enunwa situation turn out.
  18. I know I've been big on bringing in Eifert/Graham, but I wouldn't be against bringing back ASJ as a starter. But I rreeeaaalllyyyy want Graham. He's a difference maker that defenses have to plan for. The attention he gets from safties opens things up for Anderson and others. Eifert might be the low risk high reward situation if he recovered from his injuries.
  19. Tyrod is probably their back up plan. I think Jacksonville will aim for Tyrod or Alex Smith if Bortles blows this playoff game terribly. Jags defense, LF at RB, and solid WRs is perfect for Tyrod. I tried to think of some unlikely names at QB who could possibly be traded for. Slim to no chance this happens, but it's fun to me. Luck, Winston, and Dalton. Colts shock everyone and draft a QB at #3. Winston gets the same treatment the Chargers gave Brees. Bengals decide to give McCarron a shot. Back to my reality. I would like to have Cousins, but I think we're going
  20. I forgot about Hughes. We need to have him on the watchlist. We need a threat at KR/PR.
  21. lol Of course. I'll give him a look. I'm playing catch up on a lot of players. If we find our franchise QB via trade or free agency, we might go defense or OG.
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