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  1. Right, so that was my main reason for hoping Baker looked good. Either he can be our guy or someone like the Browns pick him and it bumps the others closer to us. After thinking about, if Darnold comes out. I want the #3 pick. Get one of the top QBs, then use the $80M+ & Cap Space to complete his surrounding and the wholes on defense.
  2. Leave him alone, you already have nice things.
  3. We may think that, but Baker's performance rises his stock. If he kills it during the draft process, his hype will grow. This wouldn't be the first time. Darnold not coming out would really help him out even more.
  4. Exactly why he needed to look good in this game. To show he can do it against a defense like UGA's on the big stage. We've seen bowl games kill stocks for QBs over the years, so I'm glad it didn't happen for Baker. I agree about the other QBs, but it doesn't always pan out like that in the draft order. Browns could like Baker more. Wouldn't be the craziest thing to happen in the draft. Baker looking good increases our shot at getting him or one of the other QBs he may be picked ahead of.
  5. This is probably why I wanted Baker to light it up. Now we have a shot at any QB especially if Darnold comes out. If we are able to trade up to #3, we could potentially end up with Baker, Rosen, or Darnold pending on how things go.
  6. Runningback U. Before Gurly, Crowell & Knowshon Moreno was killing it. I don't remember the last time UGA didn't have a threat at RB. I can only go back as far as Musa Smith.
  7. Want UGA to win and for Baker to make it a good game. If Baker ties it up and UGA makes a game winning drive. I'm complete. Baker looks good as a prospect and the team I'm rooting for makes it to the championship game.
  8. I think we have to trade up if we don't get cousins. Make sure teams don't leap us for the right QB. Thinking we could be good at #3 or #4. Can come away with a Franchise QB or LT.
  9. Sheesh. Yeah, I need to watch more of him.
  10. According to Adam, the organization loves Mahomes who almost had a 300yd game with Albert Wilson being his #1 target. They are in a really bad cap situation. So it can very well happen pending on what happens in the playoffs.
  11. My guy Chubb I think Alex Smith would have to be moved early because of his cap hit. I'll check on that. I know he's getting $20M. I think if we get Alex, it's not going to stop us from drafting a QB early.
  12. I can't lie, I'm smiling at the thought of having Baker & Jamal Adams hype up their sides of the ball before a prime-time game.
  13. I'd be happy with either as well. Their placements all ride on combine numbers as usual. I like them and Penny from SD.
  14. Colts are rumored to want Barkley. I can believe that.
  15. This is what it all comes down to. I've admitted to my reasons why both should stay, but at the same time they both have screwed up. We're possibly going into next season with More Idzik players on the roster than Macc's 2015 draft class. We traded up for Bryce and took Hack in the 2nd round, and none of them worked out so far. If you can't improve the roster in year #4 compared to the team you took over, you're in trouble. Him and Bowles have to show progress. Now he could have 80M+ and 4 great draft picks, if they can't get the job done next season, that 1 little year on their contract is n
  16. lol Just thinking about how many times has Turner's name come up over the years. Seem like we bring him up every offseason.
  17. If Macc doesn't come away with a good QB and we win 5 games again, you think they will be back? GM's & Coaches get fired while under contracts. If things end badly, that's it. Especially if there are others on the market that can do better. They have to show improvement if they want that second year. In a losing situation, Macc can only protect himself is if the QB he picks looks good enough to win but Bowles blows it.
  18. Remember when Fisher signed a nice extension before he was fired? I think it was the same offseason or after a year if I remember. 2 years is nothing. If things fall apart, they're gone. If they hit 8-9 wins and just miss the playoffs, they have another year to prove themselves. If they win, that 2nd year will be spent working on an extension. I'm willing to bet on this.
  19. With his job on the line, you don't think he will go high for a QB? I think he created this plan last year for the cap space and draft picks, and he protected himself by doing this. He's able to pitch the different ways to finally get a QB via trade, draft, or Free agency. We can aim for McCarron, Alex Smith, A Vikings QB, Cousins, and others and not hurt our cap. Also come away with almost any rookie QB in a potentially nice draft class. If he doesn't find a QB and we come up short again, him & bowles are gone. Picking up a QB with a future or win now shot would buy him some more ti
  20. Rumor is that JG has contacted different coaches. The opportunity would be better for him. TB and the GM are on the hot seat, so Mort's job is on a short leash. Go to the Raiders, he'll get at least another 2 years. He would be getting Derek Carr to work with. If it's up to him, he'll probably go unless we reject it or show him a really good offseason game plan.
  21. That's what I'm thinking. Imagine landing Rosen or Darnold, then signing Graham, Jensen, and Ansah. The teams like the Colts and 49ers are the teams to look out for when it comes to targets. They already have the QBs and crazy cap room. AR15, Graham, and others could be gone anyway.
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