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  1. First we don't get Ben Mason and now this. Smh. Blow up the roster and prepare to tank.
  2. lmao I don't have that information and I wouldn't say anything if I did. The mouse would kill me.
  3. You definitely made some great points. Cali recently opened concert venues and places like that back to 75% last month and I'm surprised that Florida has any restrictions at all. Georgia is basically wide open. The capacity limits are about to lift sooner than people think because of how fast people are getting vaccinated. Companies like this are spending millions on creating a safer environment, but once when the covid numbers are low enough, they're going to end it pretty quickly so they can invest that money back into what they lost. They'll probably just put a warning in writing for
  4. I work for Disney/Marvel Studios on the covid side. I don't know much about what's going on with the parks, but I know they're definitely opening back up soon. They're going to make their money back and more with everyone being excited & vaccinated.
  5. Rashed & Yeboah are probably my favorites. Dunn & Naggar have a good shot as well. Yeboah really ate up Alabama & Florida last year. His stats would have looked better if he didn't have to share with Moore and the other great WRs they have.
  6. Gut feeling, but I feel like we're going to eventually make a move for Marshon Lattimore.
  7. lol I hope he's good so he can get on Stefon Diggs' nerves like this.
  8. So what you're saying is that we're drafting Derek Stingley & Luke Matthews next year? Cool. lol
  9. Would fly to from Atlanta to Baltimore and still end up with a layover in Utah.
  10. Right. Spirit is cool. Probably the only airline that let people smoke like it's the 60s. They don't care.
  11. Nah, Spirit. Tight budget.
  12. He reminds me of Steve Smith. He eats zone defenses alive. His IQ shows on tape. The only team he didn't kill was Auburn and that wasn't his fault. 7/8 games with 10+ catches, 6/8 with 100+yds, 3/8 games with 200+yds..... in all SEC games. If he played as many games as Devonta Smith, his numbers could have been similar. He's going to be a problem for defenses early. His 4.3 speed to go along with Mims' 4.3. Man...
  13. I'm mad at Baltimore for taking Ben Mason & Cleveland. I'm flying up there to fight the whole franchise.
  14. Glancing at the rest of the division's draft class, it looks like everyone got a little better on the oline & dline. Buffalo: Rousseau, Basham, Spencer Brown, and Tommy Doyle. Miami: Phillips and Eichenberg Pats: Barmore and Perkins Since all the HC's in the division of defensive minded coaches, it looks like they were all thinking the same. Our Dline is pretty much set for now, but adding AVT will make a big impact. I already expected to see improvement on our oline from coaching & scheme alone. With AVT, that means the battle at the other OG positio
  15. lol This draft will forever be funny to me because of that. I think their game plan was to get freak athletes who just needed help on technique/mental. MC2, Pinnock, Echols, Marshall, and now Dunn had crazy pro day numbers. So they're definitely confident in their ability to develop players. I believe he'll get a starting DB out of the group. I can't believe we drafted all these college DBs.
  16. Jesus, JD can really scout. We signed Isaiah Dunn from Oregon state. Made him the highest paid UDFA in history for a corner. Dude is really good. 6'0 193lbs with 4.36 speed and is physical. He just has to clean up a few things that could be coached.
  17. Yeah, Rashed's tape is really good. I like him more in the 34, but could definitely work as a DE
  18. I like Tristen Hoge, Kenny Yeboah, and Hamilcar Rashed Jr. Hodge was highly rated on PFF for a few weeks, but is 24. So he won't have years to develop. Yeboah & Rashed have a great shot.
  19. lol We have to wait and see for all the safeties at this point.
  20. Milo Eifler is a real LB, so I'm rooting for him. lol
  21. Yeah, we definitely wanted Yeboah. I hope him and Herndon workout. That would be a fun 2-TE set.
  22. Trevon grimes as well.
  23. Give me Moses, Alaric Jackson, Bushman, and a RT.
  24. lol a whole lot of twitter.
  25. 90. We came out with at least 4 starters. You can't complain about that. I'm hesitant about us trying to convert 2 safeties to LBs, but we'll just have to wait and see how Saleh develops them. A lot of competition in the secondary. We don't just look good on offense now, we look for for years to come. I still expect us to struggle pretty bad in our division, but we're going to at least compete.
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