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  1. Oh yeah, I understand it. Since we have Davis and Mosley, I think we will be decent against the run. We'll definitely be fast and have range.
  2. I should have cleared that up. I meant college DBs. I wish Nasirildeen would get a shot at SS.
  3. I'm just keeping any eye on Trey Smith. I'm really rooting for the kid.
  4. As of right now, the DB run seems questionable, but they were good prospects in general. One of them has to be good enough to start for us.
  5. Overall, great draft. We landed 4 possible early starters on offense and maybe a late starter on defense pending on the OLB & NB situation. I can't say I'm really confident about our LB core, but the S's we drafted could turn out to be good.
  6. Great development player but won't see the field because of depth.
  7. We picked a lot of athletes and captains which is cool. Saleh and staff are confident in their ability to develop on defense.
  8. Welp. I'm sure one of the 30 DBs we took today will stick. We just have to figure out who.
  9. lol it's a wrap once when RBs get past the line.
  10. One more pick. JD, give me my OL prospect.
  11. I love defense, but my Gawd.
  12. I'm still trying. Forsythe or Smith, please. lol
  13. I love Black Pumas. that song has been in my head for a while now.
  14. .I see they're listing him as a LB. Might be behind Davis
  15. Yeah, I think he's a true SS and was good before his injury. I hate to sound so positive about every pick, but the competition at SS is pretty weak. Joyner & Davis arent locks and Maye is on franchise tag. He has a shot. Watching his highlights, before his injury, he made plays every where from any position.
  16. Wade got killed once when he was on an island though. Wade is solid, but I feel better about MC2 right now. I'm still trying to find a true weak spot.
  17. I'm so glad we're Raven fans now.
  18. Powell went to the Chiefs. They're my #2 team now.
  19. lol I'm still researching and learning this dude is really good actually.
  20. I don't know much about him but I don't expect him to beat Hall or Austin.
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