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  1. It would be a cool story if Foster was worth being signed and playing. I just love when athletes can recover and turn things around.
  2. That's a yes and no. Out of the last 10 years, there are a lot of "Hybrid LB/S" players who have failed. Even some of the top picks didn't do well. Fulltime college safeties can't just become NFL LBs. Just take a minute to look up how many have tried it and are actually good. Playing in the box as a safety in college is way different from being a NFL LB. You have to physically adapt to facing 300lbs OL coming at you every snap, how to play zone with TEs/WRs running behind you, and etc. With that being said, there is no way we could expect Nas/Sherwood just to walk into the position as la
  3. They just wanted to see if Bless would make a difference but really didn't. The young guys were going to get the reps with or without him anyway. Hints why people like Dunn was getting reps with the 1's so early at practice. I'm glad they at least gave Bless a try. S.Lawson, Rankins, QW, and (DE tryouts) should still be a good enough line. The LB group will likely be trash, but Williams gives Sherwood/Nas a chance to develop while rotating . That's great news to me. DBs, I think one of the young guys will eventually prove to be a long term answer. It's just going to take time.
  4. Just realized my favorite watch list TE Darnell Washington isn't eligible for the draft next year. So I have to take him off my list for now.
  5. It will be interesting to see how long this will last.
  6. I feel a Crowder for a TE trade coming up. I feel like Zach Ertz is coming. But for the 3 new guys we've added on defense. They are solid. I like the Ward pick the most. Him beating out the other DE's wouldn't shock me.
  7. Nice. We're hurting bad at DE, so he will get a shot to become a starter at some point.
  8. After doing research, Tim Ward might be a steal. A lot of KC fans really wanted him back. Had a great preseason.
  9. I never heard of newegg until recently. I'm going on the Ryzen/AMD side. I used PC picker to make sure the parts are compatible with each other. I bought a empty HP omen 30L before I did the right amount of research. It used to have a Ryzen set up. Ryzen 3950X processor, B550 MSI Mag (coming in the mail tomorrow), At least a 3060 GPU, and will add 128gbs of ram (Required for the cpu). Everything should work with windows. I'm just taking my time ordering parts for the best deals.
  10. Looking at the list of names that were released, I can see us adding a RG, TE, DE, LB, and CB over the next couple of days. Safety is very possible as well. Bengals waived Michael Jordan, I can see us adding him since we have 3 OGs at the moment.
  11. Nice. I'll keep you updated. This is my first build but I know the parts I'm getting, just don't know what the results will be like. Because of the chip shortage and me being a little boujee, I'm going to end up spending $2100 on 3 parts alone but I'm basically building a $4500 computer for half the price. I should be done in October. lol
  12. Looking forward to see who have we claimed. I'm just glad JD is looking to add on defense before the season. He's trying to build a team that can compete as much as possible now while focusing on the future. I love that.
  13. Editing 6k videos and giving animation a try.
  14. Currently building my first PC. It's really cool to dive into this but it also can drive you crazy.
  15. I would be interested if we were running the 34 still, but he plays a little too stiff to be a 43 LB.
  16. It's a Trevor Lawrence of CB situation here for me. He's the Lawrence, but there is also a Wilson, Fields, Lance, and Jones in this potential draft class. My favorites aren't often everyone else's #1. So I like diving in and really seeing who I like and who fits the scheme as well. There is always a new name that pops up as well.
  17. I agree. I'm a little shocked. Must be us just checking him out along with other vets.
  18. Yeah, I forgot. Just edited before this. I know we're going to end up trading one of those picks in the top-4 rounds. Either trading up or picking up a good player. It's going to be interesting to see what he does.
  19. Man, What we was able to get for Adams, Darnold, and Herndon.... it's insane. We currently have 1,1,2,2,3,4, 4 with cap space! We can do what ever we want.
  20. We really got a 4th for Herndon.
  21. Marvel is probably working on a new episode of 'What If' where the Jets have Ben Mason
  22. The only one who can get this franchise on track .
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