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  1. I love Black Pumas. that song has been in my head for a while now.
  2. .I see they're listing him as a LB. Might be behind Davis
  3. Yeah, I think he's a true SS and was good before his injury. I hate to sound so positive about every pick, but the competition at SS is pretty weak. Joyner & Davis arent locks and Maye is on franchise tag. He has a shot. Watching his highlights, before his injury, he made plays every where from any position.
  4. Wade got killed once when he was on an island though. Wade is solid, but I feel better about MC2 right now. I'm still trying to find a true weak spot.
  5. I'm so glad we're Raven fans now.
  6. Powell went to the Chiefs. They're my #2 team now.
  7. lol I'm still researching and learning this dude is really good actually.
  8. I don't know much about him but I don't expect him to beat Hall or Austin.
  9. Forsythe or Smith. Perfect time to take the shot.
  10. We really have the Carer I & The Carter II. Great albums. MC2 feels like a steel right now.
  11. Forsythe or Trey Smith, please.
  12. Should not have fallen this far.
  13. My only problem with Davis was he wasn't good when it came to run defending but had nice coverage range coming out. MC2 seems to be right in the middle. Someone his size really isn't supposed to have 28 deflected passes without being a great athlete. Most of his coverage highlights are in Man-to-Man coverage. It's not that he can't play man, but at his size, it's really impressive. Looking over everything, I think he has a shot if we don't resign Poole at the NB spot. He can play man, has guidry speed, and tackles well. It's hard to expect a 5th round pick to compete early, but I like hi
  14. I thought it was Gilbert who was related to Revis.
  15. We have two little dudes named Michael Carter. lol This has to work.
  16. This is my favorite part of the draft. I'll go back to normal tomorrow. lol
  17. MC2 is pretty decent. If he wasn't sort, I'd imagine he would be picked a little higher. He's well balanced. He could rotate at safety and NB in this defense if he's good enough to play. At the very least, he's a boost on special teams with his speed and ability to finish the tackle.
  18. I'm sick of your sh**.
  19. Yeah, he's a solid pick. His 40 time wasn't great, but he does have range for a LB. Could be solid in zone coverage. I wasn't thinking about him before, but I like this. Special teams player with a chance to compete.
  20. can't be setting our franchise back with mistakes like that.
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