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  1. I came here just for this. Lol
  2. I like him, but he's not the only that can perform at a high level. There are at least 3 others right now grading just as high as him.
  3. Imagine him going out there and can't read defenses. lol
  4. Q's brother Quincy Williams was released by the Jags. Could make good LB depth.
  5. Because of our weak spots and the amount of position battles, I'm expecting him to pick up at least 2 names that can compete for a starting spot.
  6. lol probably more suspensions than sacks at this point.
  7. Yeah, but who actually out played him? Hopefully he'll land on the PS.
  8. I remember loving him as a 34 OLB during that draft.
  9. I thought JT Hassell was doing pretty good. Shocked he got cut.
  10. Cager got cut. I'm hurt. lol
  11. lol I've worked with people who worked on Cobra Kai. I'll ask them to hook me up just to make you mad.
  12. I'm preparing to start dating again and this comes to mind every week. lol
  13. Yeah, I don't think we will be in the top-3.
  14. Congrats, dude! I write screenplays and there is nothing like completing something you've spent months to a year on.
  15. I like him, I just think he will be out of range for us.
  16. and we're not spending money. This move makes too much sense.
  17. Looks like we only gave up one of our 6th round picks for him. Great decision. Still have enough to make another move if wanted to.
  18. If he was eligible, I would say keep a close eye on Darnell Washington, TE from Georgia. He's going to explode this season. My favorites in the positions we might need so far: DE: Myjai Sanders (CIN) LB: Brandon Smith (PSU) CB: Still comparing SS/FS: Kyle Hamilton(ND) TE: Wydermyer or Washington RG: Marquis Hayes (Oklahoma) C : Luke Matthews (Tex A&M)
  19. 2 Lawson's! Good move if it's for a late round pick. Someone who can help now but also give us at least a few years if things work out.
  20. We really don't know if they were waiting for someone like Mullens instead of just picking anyone. That's why it's a "if" for me. JJ could very well plan to become a QB coach and his experience with adapting to new systems, watching other QBs, and etc could very well help Wilson. Who really knows at this point. If we're not going to keep him, Mullens makes too much sense to not sign.
  21. Yeah, DTR might hurt Phillip's chances of being a high prospect going into the draft. Maybe great news for us if we keep him on our list. I want to be locked in on DE this draft class, but Mosely(contract) is the only starter outside of the Dline that we know will be back after this season. So it really depends on the talent available to us.
  22. I can see JD packing a player and a pick for the right DE. Then jumping on a potential starting LB or CB that hits the market after cuts. We're likely going to trade some of our picks anyway, so I'm not against it. Someone like Ferguson could be just in the wrong scheme and could be had for a 5th, possibly. As for the backup QB situation, I'm cool with JJ. If we're still looking, I like Mullens and Foles. I've been rooting for JJ for years, but teams don't often keep him.
  23. Nick Mullens got released. I'd like to add him or Foles. I want him or Foles.
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