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  1. We have to fire JD if he doesn't make it happen.
  2. He's slow, but still covers pretty well. Not to be left on an island with a slot WR, but can hold his own. His combine isn't great, but from what I saw, he's solid.
  3. Sherwood is a box safety who can hit and ran a 4.75. May still take a shot at Stevens for the other spot, but I can't imagine Sherwood sticking to safety.
  4. Sherwood is pretty physical. Could be a LB project.
  5. Didn't realize Jamar Johnson is still out there. Okay, good trade back.
  6. right. lol I think we all were focused.
  7. Screw it, I want defense, but I really like the idea of giving Trey a shot here.
  8. Rams took Harris. I hope they go 0-40.
  9. This late, he's worth developing.
  10. Cowboys went offense, that means we're going defense.
  11. My last defensive players I'm really interested in are Weaver, Vincent, Mukuamu, Moses, and Ogbongbemiga. Offense: Trey Smith, Alaric Jackson (RG), Forsythe, Trey Hill, Ben the Gawd Mason, and Jacob Harris (TE project).
  12. He's worth the pick. He has the frame to develop into a solid 43 DE. I wouldn't be mad at picking him.
  13. He's on my watch list. I like Fant, but that $10M cap hit maybe a killer for him.
  14. I like the idea of getting Mason & a development RG or RT today. Fant, GVR, and Lewis contracts end in 2022. Fant will be due a $10M cap hit. They will all be in their 30's. Cam Clark can be a nice scheme fit for us already.
  15. Same. So many weapons on that offense right now.
  16. That was my zone guy. Bynum would have been great in this scheme.
  17. Players still have to prove it, but this is the 2nd JD draft we all really liked.
  18. If Herndon bounce back, imagine the passing down situations. Mims, Moore, Davis, Cole, Herndon, and Carter? No way. Carter is a great route runner. We just have to protect him now.
  19. Watching for us, but for Cornell Powell as well.
  20. lol okay, show my defense some love.
  21. Cowboys LB core is insane.
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