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  1. Honestly, there are so many examples and stories on why you shouldn't drink and drive, it's hard for me to feel bad for him. Especially being drunk enough to speed like that. The only thing I hope for is that others use this story as a reminder during this holiday season. He hit her and had to watch her burn to death. If that doesn't stop others from drinking and driving, I don't know what will. People make mistakes, but this is something that is warned years before you start driving.
  2. I do like the fact we were willing to trade for a vet that can compete for the spot. He might be the vet the next RG we draft can learn from and compete with next season if he's solid.
  3. Lol talking about players. I was hoping for us to trade for a starter today. Someone like Fant would have been great.
  4. Welp. We got nothing. I'm not mad, but I was hoping for progress.
  5. I just want to see a trade that gives us a player that can help us now and the future. I'm cool with adding picks.
  6. He's not a special player, but this is a good trade for who we're giving up.
  7. Donald & Miller on the same line. Insane.
  8. Give him a Mahomes contract, now.
  9. The only WR I would take in the top-10 right now. I'm not supposed to root for USC but he's fun to watch. It just sucks that it happened this late in the season, so he won't be ready when combine hit.
  10. Yeah, we definitely shouldn't force Wilson back into the lineup. It's a win/win for us at the end of the day. White will either be the guy or get us another good pick in a trade. Wilson will have time to adapt and be the guy or will also get us a pick. There is a chance White could be Matt Flynn 2.0. So time will tell in this situation. I think we're in a great position no matter what as long as White looks solid.
  11. Ha! You brought up names I haven't heard in a while. I'm excited because the type of defense he did it against. It's not like Wilson beating a injured Titans team. This was a healthy #1 AFC team with a solid defense. Bengals defense scoring wise is in the top-10. I'm going to wait to see what he does in the next 2 games, but I'm rooting for the kid. He would be a great story.
  12. lol Sad stat: White has as many TD's as Wilson already.
  13. Corey Davis is good, but I'm not sure if I would call him a #1. He's a #1 with us, but production wise, he's most team's #2. So I don't think that's the case here. But Davis was the only guy he had time to build chemistry with. Mims was sick/out, Crowder was hurt, and Moore was hurt. So I think he was locked in that way and struggled with opening up mentally. It's hard to tell. Mike White literally said " Let's go out and have fun" in the tunnel. I think he was calm enough to see and target what the defense was giving up.
  14. Did this without Corey Davis and with back OTs on the field.
  15. I'm going to post another one and start him next week. lol
  16. Great game. Coaches adapted when I think they wouldn't. Mike White is either the guy or someone we can get a great draft pick for later on. Although we gave up 30, I think the defense did great. One of their TDs came from an INT. Chase was taken out of the game. We took away the run. All of the rookies on the field looked great and what we were hoping for. We did all this against one of the top teams in the AFC. That's huge. Props to everyone.
  17. So LeFluer is never allowed on the field, Saleh can't shave, and Mike White is the light.
  18. Yeah, that call was terrible.
  19. He better request to have his bed in there.
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