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  1. Nah, the spoiler rule should end here. lol
  2. How doesn't he fit but Banks fits for the 49ers?
  3. What are you expecting from a 5th round pick? We can take the shot.
  4. We have two early 5th rounders. I'm down for it.
  5. Our 5th round picks are pretty early with some good competitive names still out there. Props to JD for sitting still.
  6. If health isn't a issue, I think Trey Smith is the one at OG who would start day 1. Now that it's day 3, I'd take a shot at him. If we pick him in the 5th and he doesn't work out, I doubt anyone will be mad that a 5th round pick wasn't a starter.
  7. I agree, and Cox ability to cover could be the reason why he would be a better system fit. The middle of the field gets killed when you don't have someone that can drop back in coverage in the 43. It's going to be a good competition for that spot. I think it's a win either way.
  8. I honestly don't know. He has flashed at times, but not enough to make me feel confident he can hold the OLB spot. If we add Cox and Blake beats him, I don't think anyone will be mad because it's a 4th round pick. I think adding Cox is great for competition, depth, and adds to our flexibility at LB as a starter. At the very least, Cox becomes Davis replacement.
  9. There is a RB named Jake Funk out there. We have to get him just because of his name. I looked over a list and found some names I really like here or at least I can see challenging for a spot. RB Carter, Gainwell, Hubbard, Roundtree III, Kylin Hill LB Cox, Moses, McDuffie, Ogbongbemiga , Roche (maybe DE) CB Vincent, Mukuamu, SS Forrest, J.Johnson, Nasirildeen, Hufanga OL Trey Smith, A.Jackson (RG), Hudson, Forsythe, Jack Anderson, Trey Hill DL Shaka Toney, Jordan Smith, Weaver, Ogundeji FB/TE Ben MF Mason, J
  10. Yeah, Cox & Carter/Gainwell. Then take a shot at one of the medical red flagged prospects. Lol they all can't be this bad.
  11. If our oline looks good, I'm calling them the Boom-Tang Clan. I don't care how y'all feel about it.
  12. I have to go with Jabril Cox with the next pick. Then trade back up for Carter or Gainwell.
  13. Just sign Nelson at CB.
  14. I'd still draft him late and try him out at RG.
  15. Oh yeah, and Ben Mason.
  16. Fine. I'm down to Jabril Cox, Michael Carter, Browning, Weaver, Alaric Jackson (OG), and Gainwell as far as potential starters in year 1
  17. One of the reasons why I loved him. Home run pick
  18. No point in trading up now. We can sit.
  19. Dude, the Browns look insane on paper.
  20. It's boring, but we landed 3 potential star players. I can't complain at all. We hit on quality.
  21. There is no buzz about us trading up. lol I'm about to give up and go be productive.
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