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  1. Henry is facing a tired defense already. It's over with.
  2. At this rate, Henry is going to break out eventually.
  3. The playcalling is worse than the talent on the field.
  4. It's only right we put Mims out there and he delivers a nice block. Take him out, run the same play, Crowder misses the block that leads to losing 4 yards. lol
  5. Offense, please. Just give me something. lol
  6. lol Right. Still getting dragged and wondering why we are still fans. The usual. Mock drafts will probably start up next week.
  7. So we're about to Jets this up.
  8. At least the jerseys look good. Now we just need the players that can play good in them. lol
  9. Drake London might be the offensive player that shoots up the board.
  10. This is a must win. I can't think of any good Head coaches currently in the league who started off winning less than 5 games year 1. The odds of winning 3 or less in year one and turning everything around a year later is very slim. I'm rooting for Saleh to magically pull off 3-5 wins this year because I want him to be the answer. I'm tired of either searching for a new HC, QB, or GM every year. Just beat the AFC South teams and steal a division game. lol The good news is that Lafluer owned up to calling a crappy game last week and didn't point fingers at the team. So I'm expecting
  11. I know it's early still, but I'm not seeing any offensive players look like top-10 picks yet. Normally there is a few names that everyone is hyped about early, but I'm not seeing anyone. Even in the positions we may not need. Feels weird. I can see our first 1st round pick going defense and our 2nd pick either going C, RG, WR, or Defense pending on free agency and the talent depth in the draft.
  12. Gardner is the reason why I wasn't so quick to list Stingley as my favorite CB. I'm not sure if he out played Hamilton though. Besides that one play, they tried their best to avoid him while he lined up in 3 different positions on defense. Sauce had a good game as a CB, Hamilton had a good game as a FS, NB, and LB. It's hard for me to compare their game. I started to slow down on the CB talk because Echols, Carter, and Hall are showing some progress. I'm not ruling out drafting a CB, just waiting to see what these guys can do in games like today. If they get burned, that will
  13. Dove into researching the NFT & Blockchain stuff. I feel like I discovered the matrix and want to make my own Blockchain now. lol
  14. I've always believed harder FGs should be worth more points. You can't look me in my face and tell me 65yd kick is worth the same as a 5 yard kick. Abolish that scoring system. lol
  15. I loved his game. When he got beat in this play, he did everything right but just lost the ball. He allowed him to play man on the team's slot WRs and they avoided him a lot. I may have seen them target him twice. When he dropped back from the safety position, he took away portions of the field. He's going in the top-10. He's range is wild and he plays with confidence. He also starts on special teams (Made a big hit). I've been comparing him to Eric Berry lately. He's someone you can bring into the box and also someone you can have over the top in cover 1.
  16. I do agree about LaFleur. This could be a situation where Saleh could be a great HC but picked the wrong OC to run the offense. I can't get mad about picking him because I understand. Between being a part of a successful offense, picking someone Saleh knows, and the success of his brother. It all made sense. Saleh probably feels the same exact way we feel right now, just can't throw him under the bus or fire him this early. At the same time, Saleh has to get that offense on track. If not, he may not be different from Dan Quinn when he was in Atlanta. DQ looked amazing after the SB run, but aft
  17. Kyle just got beat. He lost track of the ball.
  18. My favorite defensive players are playing against each other. Kyle Hamilton and MyJai Sanders. Hamilton is playing man on slot WRs and taking away portions of the field when dropping back. They're trying to avoid him.
  19. Culture follows winning and identity. All the coaches/teams we like have a clear identity. Out of the last 20 years, you know exactly how the Ravens, Steelers, Packers, and others were going to build their teams and how they were going to beat you. Coaches like Harbaugh & Tomlin came to organizations that knew what they wanted to do. So they hired coaches that fit the best. Coaches like Vrabel, Carrol, McVay, Payton, and others made their identity clear in year 1. Then it's just adding players that fit it. When we hired this staff, one of the biggest perks that we thought
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