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  1. Kyle just got beat. He lost track of the ball.
  2. My favorite defensive players are playing against each other. Kyle Hamilton and MyJai Sanders. Hamilton is playing man on slot WRs and taking away portions of the field when dropping back. They're trying to avoid him.
  3. Culture follows winning and identity. All the coaches/teams we like have a clear identity. Out of the last 20 years, you know exactly how the Ravens, Steelers, Packers, and others were going to build their teams and how they were going to beat you. Coaches like Harbaugh & Tomlin came to organizations that knew what they wanted to do. So they hired coaches that fit the best. Coaches like Vrabel, Carrol, McVay, Payton, and others made their identity clear in year 1. Then it's just adding players that fit it. When we hired this staff, one of the biggest perks that we thought
  4. Woods, Wydermyer, and Kolar really have my attention at TE so far but the FA TE class is really good. There really isn't a bad decision for me here.
  5. I'm going to live in the college football thread if we lose this.
  6. I mentioned how the the short preseason a lot of starters weren't playing in could lead to injuries. Athletes have to build their bodies up to full-time game shape. Can't go from practice to 100% games when your body is used to using preseason to get itself in game shape. It can be done, it's just really hard, especially for positions that rely on a lot of running and cuts.
  7. True, but they are also one of the league's worst in yards allowed and PPG. So there is a chance for our offense and defense to look better. If we can't win this, we're definitely going 0-17.
  8. If Brown & Jones are going to be out, I'm interested.
  9. I agree with you 100%, but the problem is that if we don't sign him before the trade deadline, there is a good chance he walks for free. I say trade him for a pick, then use some of the picks for a trade or two. Overall, I hate creating new holes on the roster and tanking, so I understand. I'm only giving this a pass because I don't want someone like Maye to walk for free if we can't resign him.
  10. I think the scheme on defense has been saving us along with teams not having to throw. I give props to the scheme because the players are in position to make the plays, they just lack the talent. I expect things to get worse, but finish strong with some of the young guys. Offense, I need to see better play designs. Wilson had a bad game against the Pats, but I expect him to have a couple more. He's a 1 good season kid from BYU , he wasn't going to walk out and be great. The Denver game was all coaching. No one knew where they needed to be. Unless they change that, I'm not sure how the of
  11. I'm a little worried about our secondary with Maye being out.
  12. Oh, I see Brown & Jones missed practice today.
  13. lol This is Maye's agent. Definitely feels like he tweeted this to make other potential teams know. Anyway, I might start the whole Titan's offense this week on Draftkings.
  14. Nice! I definitely support that. I've been working on set of some MCU films and shows the past year.
  15. Raising money to make films is tough. I quit, I'm just going to open a onlyfans page.
  16. Of course this could change later in the season, but the WR free agent list looks a lot better than the 1st round options right now. So I'm leaning towards FA to handle the WR and one of our Oline needs. TE can be signed or drafted. Defense, there isn't a wrong answer here. As someone who loves defense, this is a great draft & FA class. No position is off the list. Just get me a playmaker.
  17. I'm definitely with you. I want to draft one and sign one. A line full of young players will get Wilson killed and kill our cap space when it's time to resign the entire line at the same time. Yes, please cut him and throw him out Uncle Phil style. He's not helping anything or anyone at all.
  18. We have to make trades like the Browns did or offer up. What ever it takes.
  19. We're going to have $81M in cap space when we cut McGovern & GVR. $80M+ cap space 1,1,2,2,3,4,4 in the top 4 rounds right now. If we can't build a good team after this, I'm done. lol
  20. It should definitely put us in a great position next year. Not only does McGovern & GVR suck, they're pointing fingers at everyone else right now and we're only in week 3. I wish we could cut them both right now.
  21. For me, I would be happy with resigning Moses, and upgrading the Center and RG positions.
  22. Yeah. I'm watching the AFC west & NFC west for the rest of the year. Those match-ups are fun and filled with hope. Lol Chargers, Broncos, Raiders, Cardinals, and 49ers were down bad at one point recently. Now they're contending for their divisions.
  23. I agree. AVT didn't even play in preseason, so I expected some down moments from him like Wilson. McGovern & GVR can leave right now. In all of this, the seat for the oline coach is just as hot as the OC's. His players don't even know who to block. Looking at all these clips of poorly designed plays and blocking scheme, I feel like that would make the biggest difference including starting Mims.
  24. Maybe I'm just reaching for a bright spot here, but I think the real issue is offensive coaching and our IOL. We expected growing pains from everyone, but I'm wondering how much better we would like by upgrading those two.
  25. He has but that's expected. He's a kid from BYU who had 1 good season. My bar was set low from day 1. You can't design plays and blocking like this and expect him to be good. We're asking him to turn water into wine right now.
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