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  1. Yeah, I can't put everything on Wilson. He's not great, but the blocking and play designs doesn't make anything easier. Players don't even know where they're supposed to be. That's on coaching, especially when you look at the reason for not playing Mims.
  2. If you like Marvel, the Loki series is a good one.
  3. lol Great for you, terrible for LJ. This whole time LJ has been a starter, he hasn't had one WR I wish we had on our roster. They drafted a great WR but he got hurt early. He's screwed again.
  4. " ZaCh NeEdS tO gEt tHe BAll OUt QuIKer" - GVR
  5. I'm rooting for the Ravens or Chargers as my B-team. I just feel bad for Jackson because his WRs are terrible. Brown dropped 3 TDs from him yesterday. smh
  6. We're one game away from getting demoted to the ACC conference.
  7. Starting to get real jealous of the other teams who can compete in prime time games. I need to just stop watching NFL games for the year. 😂
  8. Sounds crazy, but I honestly think our defensive coaching staff is doing a good job with putting players in the best position, it's just the players aren't that good. Mosely, Maye, and QW are the only people out there we knew would lock their position as starters after Lawson went down. Mosely will like be gone after next season because of his contract, Maye is probably gone after this season, have to see how Lawson recovers, and see if QW is considered a player to build around.
  9. I'm with you 100% on that one. I already have back up teams. I became a fan in 96'. I'm trying to stay positive for now until my last straw is pulled. We've watched so many teams blow up good rosters, rebuild, and contend again since we made the playoffs. I'm tired of it. We can't even pull players that are fun to watch while we lose.
  10. I'll check them out. We're definitely going to have a shot at the #1 WR, so I'm hoping the right player is there
  11. I'm not saying I want this, I'm saying how quick organizations change their minds when a opportunity is presented that wasn't expected. I'm not going to write off the idea our franchise would do this if the scenario played itself out that way. JD met with Sam's parents at one point and promised how he was going to help him. Did the opposite and moved on from him when the team loved Wilson's proday. They can say and plan for whatever they want, but history has proven nothing is a lock.
  12. I still have to watch him, but I like some of the highlights I've seen. So he's really pending. I don't see any WRs, TEs, or RBs I'm excited about as potential 1st round picks yet. It's early though. So someone may show up. I don't care how we fill our needs anymore.
  13. Thank you. I've been saying this since day 1. They really gave White first team reps like they were serious about giving him a shot. lol I'm not even mad at Wilson because it's not his fault the Franchise thought he would just walk in and be ready.
  14. lol I was just thinking about how we would never draft him with this staff. The only offensive players I like right now for the first round is Neal, Green, Linderbaum, and Justyn Ross. George Pickens was one of my guys, but he's hurt.
  15. According to tankathon, we have the #1 pick again. lol
  16. lol I'm sorry, he's not the one that should be giving anyone advice.
  17. I understand that, but if a great QB and coach is available and everyone looks like a bust on our end, all of this doesn't matter. The Panthers did the same after Jimmy Clausen. I'd rather build a surrounding team. I've been preaching about building a balanced team for years, but it doesn't matter if a QB they feel is special is right there. We just have to wait and see how this plays out. We could very well pick up someone like Jimmy G and build with that plan, but if we have the #1 pick and a special QB is there, I'm willing to bet our franchise will look into it. I'm not saying we sho
  18. Right. We're never an option anymore for star free agents everyone want. We normally leave with signing the 4th best option and create our own hope the player will be a standout or a bounce back year for that person. So now all I'm focusing on is finding a star in FA or the draft. I don't care about trading back or saving money. Just need someone.
  19. I worded that wrong. The whole team is trash from top to bottom. The defense was on the field the whole game and was worn out. So I can't blame them completely. My favorite players in next year's draft are defensive players but we just need star players no matter where at this point. I'm tired of not having anyone teams have to take seriously. As of right now, no one is a difference maker or a threat that teams have to adapt to. I'm looking at getting star players and not that Value trash anymore.
  20. That's easy to say here in week 3, but we have to let the situation playout. I'm not sure if anyone is safe. Having a long term plan is cute until you go 0-17 and the QB you gave the keys to early isn't looking good. I agree trading back would be great, but if we continue to get blown out, I'm not writing off anything. We need star players to build around.
  21. It was more than that. He recruited him and played against him, there really wasn't a deep relationship. Wilkins won 3 games in year 1 with a struggling Rosen. We're lucky if we win 3 games this season. It all depends on who's available after this and if Saleh can adapt before the season end.
  22. If we go 0-17, a Cardinals situation could very well happen. They fired Wilkins and moved on from Rosen after one year. There is a better chance of Wilson/Saleh getting another chance, but I'm not sure if anyone is safe if 0-17 happens. The defense is solid, I agree about that.
  23. Mock offseasons are going to be interesting this year.
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