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  1. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Wow is right! I knew Denver had to do something, but really didn't think this was going to be the option!
  2. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    A co-worker and I were saying just this today. I think given he wasn't hobbling around that it is not a leg issue. I suspect broken ribs or something else in his core.
  3. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    So, I'm looking at Cam Newton's 2015 stats and he killed it (35 TD's, 10 INT's) and that was under Dorsey's help. Cam's targets that year might surprise some people. The WR's were nothing to brag about...Ted Ginn led them with 739 yds/10TD's, followed by Jericho Cotchery with 485 yds/3TD's, David Funchess with 473 yds/5TD's, and Corey Brown with 447 yds/4 TD's. Obviously, that's not anywhere near 35 TD's, so where did they come from? Ladies and gentlemen, Greg Olson! Dude led the team in receiving yardage with 1104, receptions with 77, and finished 2nd in TD's with 7. He was Cam's most utilized weapon. So, it makes me wonder, is this the year we finally get ourselves a real weapon at TE? Our current batch of guys are far from complete players, so the position certainly could be upgraded. Thing is, most of the TE's coming out this year are probably not going to help in the run game, but many of them run good routes and can catch. The big name is Iowa's Noah Fant, who can help out in the running and passing game. The real cream of the crop IMO though is T.J. Hockenson, who is also from Iowa. That kid is a complete TE and is as fast, but bigger than Fant and I think he might be the youngest TE coming out, because he is just a Sophomore. A sleeper could be San Jose State's Josh Oliver. Word is Oliver impressed quite a few people at the Senior Bowl. Jace Sternberger from TX A&M was a dependable receiver, but like Oliver, possesses just average speed. If we are not going to be concerned with blocking skills, I would look at Stanford's Kaden Smith. You know how I complained about K-Benji being too soft because he never fought for the ball last season? Smith is the complete opposite of that. He can jump like crazy and will out-battle anyone for the ball. He is fiercely competitive. (Gawd, I still hate that wimpy KB!) Anyway, if we can do some good in FA addressing the OL, we might be able to land a quality TE with a day 2-ish pick.
  4. Deleted & put in a more appropriate thread
  5. Yep and we found our WR coach from within the organization... Buffalo Bills: Ken Dorsey, who had joined the Appalachian State staff as an offensive assistant after previously serving in an assistant athletic director role at FIU, has been announced as the new quarterbacks coach. Also, the Bills have promoted offensive assistant Chad Hall to wide receivers coach. Not that it is critical for a coach to have been successful as a player, but neither of these guys were. It always makes me second guess those selections as top tier coaches.
  6. OK...I got nothing. I couldn't make any of you believe this guy was on my radar no matter how many rounds I bought! LOL Per http://footballscoop.com/the-scoop/ Buffalo Bills: After three seasons at Eastern Kentucky (FCS) as assistant head coach / offensive line coach, Terry Heffernan is leaving to take the assistant offensive line job with the Bills, per source. Also, some more info. per https://www.buffalobills.com/news/bills-add-terry-heffernan-to-staff-as-assistant-offensive-line-coach And to do some Bills-related catching up... Baltimore Ravens: David Culley has been hired as assistant head coach / wide receivers coach / passing game coordinator, the team has announced. Culley spent the past two seasons as the Bills quarterbacks coach and was a longtime assistant under Andy Reid with both the Eagles and Chiefs. Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins have announced a number of moves and additions to their front office today including the hire of Bills national scout Marvin Allen as the new assistant GM. The organization has also promoted national scout Rob Brockington to senior national scout, scouting assistant JP Correia to player personnel scout, director of college scouting Adam Engroff and director of pro personnel Anthony Hunt to co-directors of player personnel, senior director of football administration Brandon Shore to VP of football administration, and national scout Matt Winston to assistant director of college scouting. Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins are expected to hire Danny Crossman as special teams coordinator, George Godsey at tight ends coach and Karl Dorrell to coach the wide receivers, Field Yates tweets.
  7. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Not only do I not think we will land 3 FA's to start on our OL, but I think we need to really lower our expectations of which FA's we are able to get. I'm betting the Rams juggle enough money/players to resign Saffold. They'd be crazy not to at least try to keep him - he's just too damn good to let walk. I agree with targeting Paradis, as I think finding a quality C is one of the hardest acquisitions to make in all of football, behind only finding a franchise QB. Paradis is from Idaho, went to school in Idaho, and ended up playing for Denver, which is close to his family/stomping grounds. It may very well be he takes less money to stay there than whatever we or any other team in the eastern U.S. can offer simply because he gets to stay near his home. He's my #1 target and I'd overpay to get him. but I could see him playing for a "local" rebuild more than some rebuilding team significantly further away from his family and friends.
  8. Around The League

    Truth. I don't imagine any team is in a better position to turn things around than you guys. Don't get me wrong, I like where my Bills are in improving, too, but you guys got some key youth at the right places, fewer but slightly higher draft picks this year, and even more money than we do. Both teams lack quality depth, but I think we have a little more needed upgrades in the starting lineup. I see others in this forum seemingly excited about spending all that cash in FA, but everyone with money is in the same place this year and it isn't great. What I'm saying is, you guys got the $100 mil to spend and the FA market is essentially a KMart this year, not a Barneys. The quality and quantity of the players just isn't all that great, which stinks for both of our organizations. We have a lot of similar needs and will probably be competing for OL upgrades, which hurts since there are not many options to legitimately upgrade with. The LB position looks pretty good in the draft, which should help you guys. Both of our teams will probably be looking for WR and, to a lesser extent, RB upgrades, as well. We also need to upgrade at TE and at least get depth on the interior DL, that you guys probably don't really need, at least immediately. It's a good thing we have those 10 draft picks, but, again, several positions are pretty weak in this draft, so it will likely come down to just getting lucky late if we are going to see actual upgrades everywhere we need them. In the draft, I suspect your Jets go after an edge rusher early because it will also benefit your secondary. The draft has a good supply of DL than can help you guys and you are in great position to land a game-changer. Then again, Greedy might be another option at #3 and then some jockeying to position yourselves for that impact edge rusher. You guys might even package future draft picks to do this given the eyeballs looking at your GM and a need to spend some of that Cap. With the lack of a 2nd round pick, several weak position groups in the draft, and a sad FA market, I also wouldn't be surprised to see you guys (and the Bills, too) "overpay" for some short term FA contracts so as to meet the minimum spending requirements. Also, because of that, trading back might not be an option if you somehow weren't able to spend a lot of cash in FA. Again, I think the Jets and the Bills are in a good position to turn things around, but we both might not see any dramatic results for 2 seasons due to the lack of quality players in areas of need we both face. I could see the AFCE being very competitive next season, without any one team leaving the rest of the pack behind. Best of luck this off-season. Looking forward to both of our teams battling it out for supremacy of the AFCE over the next few years. Should make for an exciting rivalry again.
  9. Per footballscoop.com Buffalo Bills: Heath Farwell has joined the staff as special teams coordinator. He had been a Seahawks assistant.
  10. Cowboys fire OC Scott Linehan

    Nussmeier? Has history with Amari Cooper. http://footballscoop.com/news/report-doug-nussmeier-candidate-dallas-cowboys-offensive-coordinator/
  11. He's not on the Bills staff again! Sorry. Too soon? Truth is, I am really curious now to see what the Packers offense can do given you guys have a legit QB and Hackett definitely did not have that in Buffalo.
  12. Just some updates on names I've seen mentioned in this thread... Per http://footballscoop.com/the-scoop/ NY Jets: The Jets have extended the contract of special teams coordinator Brant Boyer, and he will remain on the staff of new head coach Adam Gase, per Adam Caplan. Denver Broncos: Mike Munchak has agreed to terms to become the new offensive line coach, per Mike Klis. And this mention just because it makes me giggle...a lot: Green Bay: The Packers are hiring former Jaguars offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett as OC tweets Albert Breer.
  13. And now per http://footballscoop.com/the-scoop/ ... "Bills national scout Marvin Allen is leaving to become the assistant GM in Miami, per Adam Schefter."
  14. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    I think I heard Munchak was a HC with one of the new, alternate league's teams, but not sure. It's probably in here somewhere... http://footballscoop.com/news/scoop-nfl-stafftracker-2018-19-new-head-coaches-staffs/ BTW, this site has Kugler hired by the Cardinals.
  15. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    I also was leaning towards 4 replacements, though it seemed like most commenting in here had only been thinking of 3. Anyway, a switch makes the backups - assuming they really are better in a power/man scheme - worthless as well. So, we'd need more than 4. Anyway, as I mentioned, it is possible some of these guys benefit from the switch, but if our staff did their jobs, they likely brought in people who excelled at power/man. I do absolutely prefer zone blocking though. The zone offers much more consistency in the ~5 yard per carry range, but in theory is less likely to generate the long ~20 yard runs. Those long runs are so rare IMHO, that I'd rather have the more consistent 5's. Most of you probably remember Chan Gaily's O. As much as it frustrated us, the running game always produced. He utilized the zone and we always had a great ground game you could count on. Denver & the Shanahan's did this as well. Their guys were basically interchangeable when rushing and performed best in that scheme and saw a noticeable drop-off when they switched to teams running power/man. I'd love to have that quality ground game consistency back. To the bolded...No kidding? Huh.