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  1. Free Agency News

    Thompson is a Cowboy and they got him cheap. I wanted him back because I thought he showed some real promise last year...even with TT throwing him the ball. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2018/03/22/cowboys-sign-free-agent-wr-deonte-thompson
  2. Jets trade up to #3 in the draft with Indy

    I'd add a TE, OLB, DT, and since I have no faith in Gordon staying in the league, a WR, too. My $0.02. As for the salary cap...yes they have a ton of room, but that doesn't mean there is anyone left that they want to spend any serious cash on. As you said though, we are far more desperate to get to 4 than they need us to hook them up with picks.
  3. Free Agency News

    Be patient, bend over, or both!
  4. Jets trade up to #3 in the draft with Indy

    If I'm Cleveland, I'm going to not only listen to offers for #4, but I would move on the "right" package of picks. Too many holes to pretend Barkley is going to do more than bring me to 6-7 wins. Yeah, it's an improvement, but I'm filling holes without spending bank in FA. #1 is definitely not for sale though...and neither is the Giants' #2.
  5. Jets trade up to #3 in the draft with Indy

    The only time Foles has had success was when he was allowed to run a RPO. In every other scheme he's been involved in at the NFL level, he has stunk. The Eagles basically went into a mini training camp for a few weeks before the Superbowl so Foles could get comfortable again in the RPO he ran under Chip Kelly. It worked and BB didn't have the Patriots ready for it. Any team who tries to go RPO with Foles will no longer have that element of surprise and D's will be ready and able to stop it. Foles is essentially a one-trick pony and I hope we never get suckered into pursuing him.
  6. Free Agency News

    Well, the thing is all draft picks may or may not pan out, not just QB's. They all are gambles and I'm fine with taking a shot at a QB early. One way or another, we must find our franchise QB who can put the offense on his shoulders once in a while. It's been so long since we've had that, it's almost like we haven't been able to even play a modern era style of football!
  7. The Josh Rosen Hype / Rumor Train to Buffalo

    Stumbled across this: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2761942-wyoming-oc-brent-vigen-qa-is-josh-allen-the-next-carson-wentz Is Vigen a good salesman or is this an honest assessment? I have no idea!
  8. Free Agency News

    Nailed it. There is no true, consistent value to gauge/base this on. It's like the sports trading cards market. There are players whose rookie card was worth bank initially, then after 5-7 seasons in whatever sports league they were in, the value of the card drops significantly as the player turns out to be good, but just not great AND someone else is the hot player of the day. Teams value QB's higher than any other position - salaries prove this. It is the same when you're offering draft picks instead of cash. You want the pick that will allow you to get that QB you want (EVERYONE knows we want a QB)? Prove it and pony up! Teams know this and know they got us by the short and curly's in the current situation. I hate the Jets, but I totally respect the strong move they made to put themselves in a position to draft one of the quality QB's AND they did it at our expense. It stinks, but it was admittedly a brilliant, early move. It does concern me that they didn't trade up with the Giants, which really would have guaranteed them a QB they could confidently work with. Makes me believe even more that the Giants are absolutely going QB. At #1, Cleveland is not gonna let anyone get between them and their QB, so they're picking one with that 1st pick and likely know that trading that pick away would come with too much risk. Pick #4 can be had for the right price, however, as they need so many upgrades beyond just a RB. Anyway, this high cost does not mean that sacrificing our future early picks is a bad thing though. If we miss out on just one other stud player next year, but acquire our franchise guy for the next 10, we're fine! It frees up considerable cash/Cap we would have had to spend on a FA QB...assuming we could even land one. We've had opportunities since Kelly, and the closest to being successful in FA for that position was getting Bledsoe (by trade). History has already shown us just how costly it is to not have a stud QB in this era. It's the equivalent of not having a good RB back in the 60's-70's. Might as well pay the piper early and get ours or we'll just end up paying for it in another way, either to an expensive FA or else complete failure to find one at all for an extended time...aka the status quo.
  9. Yikes! Are we that desperate for depth at C?!?
  10. Can you elaborate, addressing both Pass & Run blocking? Were you guys running a Power or Zone blocking scheme?
  11. Jets trade up to #3 in the draft with Indy

    This totally assumes that the Giants aren't staying put to plan for life after Manning. Realistically, if you were the GM for them, do you honestly believe you will lose enough games next year to be in position to look at a QB next year? Who's going to be available? Their moment is now. Why would they ignore their perfect opportunity to land their future QB now when it costs them absolutely nothing extra and when RB's are a dime a dozen (though admittedly not Barkley), and OL & DE help can also be had pretty much every single year? I'm pretty sure the only way we are getting into the top 5 to pick a QB is if we can somehow convince Cleveland NOT to select Barkley at #4. Frankly, I'm bracing to be disappointed this year. If Bean can pull off a miracle and get us someone worthy of a 1st round selection not named Jackson, I will be stunned...and probably build a shrine to him! Who's available next year for us to select in FA? Just in case the Giants don't select a QB at #2, will there be 2 quality FA QB's available or are we going to have to get into a bidding war to land 1 good QB next year? What if at least one of the top 4 rookie QB's are a complete bust? Will there be 3+ FA QB's worthy of leading our team? I think the odds might be stacked against most of these scenarios. What I'm saying is I don't think we can sit and wait and hope anymore. We need to be assertive and act now, essentially pushing all (actually just a lot) of our chips into the pot and force someone else to show their cards.
  12. Free Agency News

    Cardinals sniffing around... Bastids!
  13. Jets trade up to #3 in the draft with Indy

    I'm reading that the Colts got three 2nd rounders! https://www.theringer.com/2018/3/17/17133948/jets-colts-nfl-draft-trade Gonna make anything we do pretty expensive. Still, we need to get a true franchise QB somehow.
  14. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Had one named Ranger when I was in my early teens. Amazing waterfowl dog and tough as nails! He'd break through ice by smashing it with his paws as he swam to go get ducks and geese! Got his butt whipped by a badger once on the shore of a lake, so he dragged it out into the lake and killed it while he swam circles around the critter! Cost a few thousand dollars though to surgically repair his nose/snout, which the badger had managed to butcher before Ranger got him into the water. Even before that incident, Ranger's nose was pretty much worthless, however, in times when we needed a pointer, but we had a Springer Spaniel that was the best upland bird dog I've ever owned. That one was named Rocky and he got a lot of breeding interest when other hunters saw him in the field because of his skills and the fact that playing with Ranger had made him into just a ripped 70# Springer, so he could easily handle geese, as well! Those 2 dogs were the best ones I ever owned.
  15. Free Agency News

    At this point, it is clear to me what the process needs to be: Whatever it takes! If we end up drafting a WR to play QB I will lose my ish! I wonder if we even had attempted yet to reach out to the Colts? If we did and refused the deal, we better be sure we can move to #2. I don't think we can get anything better than Allen or Mayfield if we move to #4 with the Browns. Both of those picks make me nervous as Allen's muscle memory is going to be the hurdle in consistently improving his footwork ===> accuracy and Mayfield seems to not fully understand that he sometimes comes across as a d-bag. It's just a level of immaturity I'd rather avoid. I think I'm starting to get spun and need this draft to be over ASAP! LOL