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  1. Pretty cool name, but the hands-down winner for that category has got to be "Boogie" IMHO! LOL
  2. Loved the focus on the trenches! I, too, wanted an upgrade at CB, however, an improved pass rush would require the secondary to cover for a shorter amount of time. That would make Levi a better/"improved" player, whether I personally like him or not. This actually felt like some very smart moves in hindsight.
  3. This will be unpopular and probably ironic given I adopted Edmunds, but IMHO we needed Milano more than any other LBer. Yes, there have been past issues with injuries, but as noted, these have not been recurring ones. The simple truth is that our D was monumentally better with Milano on the field this past year. Matt can cover and defends the run solidly. I know Edmunds racked up the tackles last year, but when defending the run, his tackles largely looked like this: the RB finds a hole, accelerates through, and Edmunds steps in front...not DRIVES through the RB, but STEPS in front...resulting
  4. Well, it's been chippy all game, starting with Jones hitting Feliciano early on. I'm guessing we have a rivalry for a while now to replace the one with the Pats. Doubt this will be forgotten...
  5. On the positive side, Knox has had a pretty good game today. Don't recall seeing a drop.
  6. I was hoping the game in week 6 was just a bad day for Josh and today would be different. KC seems to bring that out in him, which means to me that it isn't Josh having a bad day as much as their D plays us very, very well.
  7. If I'm being honest, I think another issue vs. the run is our LBers. Edmunds absorbs the hits of RB's instead of delivering the blow. GIves up 2-4 after contact most of the time. Milano is kind of a wash. Klein is stout, but too often a 1/2 -1 step out of position or slow. Not exactly Hughes strong suit either.
  8. I'd add that I think we are also getting out-coached today.
  9. That INT is not Josh's fault, not that I think it matters. Gonna take a miracle to come back now
  10. Twice this game actually they've used the shuttle pass to Kelce
  11. Jones is a stud. We just don't have anyone who can neutralize him. He's going to be back there the rest of the game
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