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  1. Not being familiar with the "purple" designation, I looked it up. Interesting philosophy. Myself, I was lucky enough to be traded to the Canadians for 30 days during a joint exercise at Camp Wainwright in `92. I was USAF Weather (doing Army support) and learned a lot from the vets on the Canadian side. One of my fondest memories of my time in the military. True story: That exercise was 45 days long and a simulated war between our two countries. The Canadians won the war in less than 16 hours by simply having 2 enlisted soldiers walk up to our command center (unchallenged!!!), grab our fl
  2. This was absolutely a complete team win. Would have chosen the D if it was on the list.
  3. Congrats! Thanks for choosing to serve! What branch?
  4. Never heard Brown's name tonight. A great sign for an O-Lineman.
  5. Oliver was falling down as he hit Mahomes. Definitely not intentional. Hate that rule.
  6. D did its job. Offense needs to execute this drive.
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