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  1. Going, going, gone!

    Missed this earlier, but Ramon Humber was released with a broken thumb injury on the 10th and was then signed by New England on the 14th of this month. Huh.
  2. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Love it! I hated that we let him go in the 1st place. I also think Thompson puts us back at 53, but I could be wrong here.
  3. Going, going, gone!

    Looks like we waived/no recall WR Terrelle Pryor and sent DB Denzel Rice to the Practice Squad today! Pryor's contract had no guaranteed money. Looks like Foster is going to see some more playing time...and rightly so. He did an awesome job vs. the Jets secondary. Kid's got wheels and we certainly have needed someone to stretch the field for quite a while. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25268138/buffalo-bills-waive-terrelle-pryor-two-weeks This is the only link I can find mentioning Rice and I don't think it will be up long... http://www.nfl.com/transactions
  4. Nate Peterman Released

    If you love someone, set them free. I'm hoping we can still be friends, though. Actually, I agree with you. No hatred. He just wasn't "the one".
  5. Week 10 The battle of the Ages

    Geez! So, we finally exploded on offense, though it was against the Jet. Nice to see other teams get their upsets...in the Titans & Browns. Not a bad day at all!
  6. Week 10 The battle of the Ages

    Daboll designed that play just like that! Croom! Have fun guys, I gotta take off.
  7. Week 10 The battle of the Ages

    They've obviously got nothing to lose at this point. We've been written off as a laughingstock for some time now!
  8. Week 10 The battle of the Ages

    Ha! Fake punt for a 1st using Thomas' arm!
  9. Week 10 The battle of the Ages

    Foster, deep right sideline, and he's straight of the practice squad and then Shady hit `em for a quick run to the right!
  10. Week 10 The battle of the Ages

    So, no one else just watched the Bills score in like 60 seconds...on offense?!?
  11. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

  12. Bills release CB Phillip Gaines; Claimed by Browns

    TJ has definitely played well and I think that is the main reason they were able to jettison Gaines now instead of after the season.
  13. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Here's the shopping list... https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/contracts/offensive-line/ Who gets paid and will it even be an upgrade? It really is that 2nd half that makes it challenging.
  14. Week 9 NO NO Peterman

    Umm, we chose not to sign him as a FA, the Raiders later said, "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!" Looks like a little misdirected whining to me.
  15. Week 9 NO NO Peterman

    Thomas did nothing to keep Peterman from being sacked.