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  1. GDT: Bills @ Steelers on SNF!!

    I am excited for tomorrow night's opening...https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10451270/mediaviewer/rm2321455105
  2. Current Favorite Bills Players

    1. Tremaine Edmunds - I'm biased...I love athletic LB's. 2. Cole Beasley - John Brown might have more TD's but this guy just keeps getting first downs to keep us alive. 3. Micah Hyde - Consistent player Every. Single. Game. 4. Matt Milano - See above 5. Taron Johnson - Such a sure tackler and packs a punch, too. Love watching him play. Bonus! 6. Devin Singletary - Gore is looking like he has been showing his age for weeks now. We needed Devin to take over and he has done well.
  3. GDT Ravens

    Didn't watch the game until I got home yesterday evening. I think my wife went to bed believing I HATED the Bills! LOL! All in all, that was a frustrating game...in terms of coaching. I, too, would have challenged that deep PI non-call. Literally wrapped his left hand around the receiver's waist even before he hit him on the head. The main problem though is nothing new...Daboll can't stop shooting himself and our offense in the foot. Those deep balls kept coming even after the one pass stalled in mid air! Josh may have a strong arm and may even get some very good rotation on the ball, but at some point (and that point was definitely yesterday) the winds are just too strong to allow for an effective passing game...especially deep since the ball's revolutions slow drastically on those longer passes. We should have been attacking the middle more with short to intermediate routes and attempting more outside runs. Heck, does Daboll ever even try pitching the ball outside to RB's to get a jump on that movement? I can't recall ever seeing either Gore or Singletary (who would benefit the most from it) ever getting a pitch. It's always the same pistol/RPO stuff over and over. They kept attacking from the edge, trying to get to Josh...switching focus to the RB if it was a run. We needed to find a way to get by their outside shoulders as they drove to the point behind the pocket. The closest we came to that was by running multiple screen attempts, telegraphed by our attempts to set up blocks.They were all over those after getting burnt once. The next significant problem was our OL. They looked horribad out there. Part of that has to be due to the Ravens impressive D, though. Gotta say, I under-estimated their secondary. They played even better than our guys as I don't recall any of them blowing coverages resulting in 60+ yard scores from TE's! The rush though was relentless. They attacked from all over the field. Was really some brilliant game planning on their part. Still, Dawkins was a serious weak spot and Spain and Morse weren't any better. It didn't help that we didn't get any real blocking help from the TE's either. Point blank, we need to find a stud OT this off-season. Dawkins simply is "just good enough" and that doesn't cut it when we should be capable of doing some damage in the playoffs. Addressing our team's resiliency (#6), that is a sign to me that the players do have faith in the staff...even Daboll. That is awesome! You can't coach that sort of thing. Either you have that hunger to win or you don't. Still, I can't stop kicking that dead horse...Daboll has no freaking common sense. He focused so much on trying to get big strikes and probably hoping to get the Ravens in a position that they would be playing catch-up from the get-go, that he gave away our home field advantage. We should have been taking short yardage stuff/whatever the Ravens' D would give us. That coupled with a loud home crowd, should have been a bigger asset than it was. It also would have limited Josh's reliance on his weakest passing characteristic, the lack of good deep-ball accuracy and our OL's ability to protect him for any extended time-frame anyway. Finally, as good as our D is, holy carp, does Jackson got some insane athletic ability! He's a one of a kind player...even more shifty than Vick was supposed to be. That stop-start he did along the sidelines during the 1st quarter was wicked! Any other mobile QB in the league would have been maintained by our D. And, yeah, I know we ended up holding him to some relatively low yardage, but he took what we gave him and made us pay, even if it involved sloppy backyard-type of plays. He did what he had to do to get the win, without trying to play Heroball. Barring injuries, he is going to be a nightmare for years to come. Especially since the Ravens force opposing D's to put some thicker (and likely slower) players on the field to deal with the power of their TE's. Again, really brilliantly planned stuff from their coaching staff.
  4. GDT Ravens

    Given what the Ravens have done lately, we could lose 24-20 and still be a team that needs to be taken seriously. Having said that, some teams have kept it close or even defeated them who I actually don't think are all that great. Browns rolled them (Ravens D couldn't stop anything that day)! The Steelers took them to OT (Jackson w/ 3 INT's and Ingram w/ 44 yds rushing). Cards gave them a solid game (They did it through the air...totaled 20 yds rushing). Even the Bengals kept it a 1-score game when they lost IN BALTIMORE (Shouldn't have been this close at all)! This team is not invincible. We have a legit chance of defeating them, especially if defensively we can clog some running lanes and force them to go to the air. We also would need to find some success running the ball ourselves, just to help keep our D rested somewhat. Long story short, I think we shock the league and hand them the L. Ravens 23 Bills 24
  5. AFC Playoff Picture

    Yeah, but at least the Titans took care of business.
  6. GDT: Turkey Day Feast! Bills @ Cowboys

    I honestly could give 2 craps about what the media thinks of Josh. One thing I am certain of and that is his teammates and coaches believe in him and that is all that counts.
  7. GDT: Turkey Day Feast! Bills @ Cowboys

    Just gonna leave this here... https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2019/11/28/20987518/watch-the-bills-celebrate-cole-beasley-as-he-enters-the-locker-room
  8. GDT: Turkey Day Feast! Bills @ Cowboys

    D really got their act together after that 1st drive. Making us proud. Our OL is getting exposed regularly taday. Need them to at least deliver in the timely moments. Super pleased with the play, the food, the liquor, the broccoli, and the company so far! Go Bills!
  9. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    Well, he's no Nathan Peterman! 1st regular season start and in front of the whole world, you need to be ecstatic! He's had a tremendous 1st game!
  10. Huh. Way more negativity than I expected in here. I realize you guys have struggled with teams with winning records, but we essentially have been feasting on the cellar dwellers, too. Cutting to the chase, you guys have the more complete team and I think most of you know that. Truthfully, I got you guys winning by 2 points, but I'm a homer...and eternally hopeful. I mean, Christ, I'm a Bills fan, so I have to be! Against my better judgement, I'm predicting a Bills win in overtime 24-21. It will absolutely be the game of the week if that happens! One way or another, here's to an injury-free game and Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. GDT: Turkey Day Feast! Bills @ Cowboys

    With LVE probably out, I expect the Cowboys DL get to play a little more aggressively and since we don't do a lot of swing passes and screens, their pressure will make things even more difficult. Truth is, we got a serious battle coming up against what is arguably a far more complete team. They get more points per offensive yard than we do and given how good their O is, that advantage in efficiency is a big problem, especially when we don't put up a large amount of points ourselves and also because we will be in their house. If there is any sort of equalizing factor in our favor, it is that we seem to be healthier than they are. We also have a slightly better turnover ratio and T.O.P.. I suspect we will have to win the T.O. battle and limit our penalties to get the W. If we do that, maybe we can overcome the 2 point advantage I have calculated for them using one formula. My other formula says a 21-21 tie! (But that formula has been less accurate this season.) Gotta dream, right? Bills 24 Cowboys 21 In overtime!
  12. Week 12 GDT: The OJ's vs The Broncos

    There's his 100 yarder!
  13. Week 12 GDT: The OJ's vs The Broncos

    God I love T-Johnson! Just keeps delivering.
  14. Week 12 GDT: The OJ's vs The Broncos

    Gore gets it! #3!