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  1. Week 15 GDT: Miami (6-7) @ Buffalo (7-6)

    I predicted a tight game, but still a win. I think that is still the most likely outcome. If the Dolphins' performance last week has you concerned, just remember they played about as perfect of a game as was possible. That isn't the norm...for any team. Odds are they won't repeat that consistent of a performance in all 3 phases again anytime soon.
  2. Case Keenum

    Their O-line is incredible! I'd think almost any starting QB in the league would look fairly impressive behind them, plus they run block well, too.
  3. Maxmw22's First Mock Offseason

    I've said for years that we needed a QB with a rocket launcher to play in the weather of Buffalo, but do we really? Look at all the other QB's who haven't had super strong arms yet have had no problems passing for a bunch of yardage on our turf. I don't think that arm strength needs to be that high up on the list anymore. Instead, just give me someone who can think on his feet and throw accurately. Yes, balls still need to arrive with some zip to the outside, but that would be true regardless of the location. I just don't believe we need to have someone who can bomb 60 yards down the field anymore.
  4. Week 15 GDT: Miami (6-7) @ Buffalo (7-6)

    I got this game being too close for comfort. The Dolphins D is capable of playing far better than their stats indicate. The team as a whole are also on an upswing. Cutler is capable of having a field day given our problems rushing the QB and/but he isn't afraid to take chances deep, unlike Taylor. I'm hoping that results in us winning the turnover battle and tips the scales to our favor. In the end, I think we will once again need Shady and a home field advantage to save the day. I can live with that as long as we get the win! Dolphins 20 (105 yds rushing, 220 yds passing, and 2 turnovers) Bills 21 (120 yds rushing, 195 yds passing, and 1 turnover)
  5. LOL You seriously have no idea what a QB that sucks looks like. Take it from a Bills fan. We'd take this version of Brady in a heartbeat!
  6. Monday Night Football - New England v Miami

    That punter, dough! Two monster punts in a row! Dude came to play!
  7. So, insinuation is bias that affected outcome of game...somehow. Got it. Where did he go to college? This would matter more to me. I don't like any college that players refer to as "THE University of Blah, blah, blah"!
  8. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    Time to root for the Redskins and the Steelers!
  9. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    Shady!!!! OMG!
  10. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    Shady with a strong run...9 yards! Then loses 1 yard.
  11. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    Thompson! Flag on Colts.
  12. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    Well, at least we still have a very slight chance. Raders-Chiefs game is switching to our game! I'm live!
  13. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    That was a possession. All they need is a FG. You needed to go for it you stupid maroon!
  14. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    Go for it!