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  1. Who do the Bills keep between Milano and Dawkins?

    Really believe it is easier to find capable LBers than it is to find OT's. NFL Tackles not only have to be athletic, but have to carry a lot of weight in the right places. Combining the two isn't easy and most can't maintain the speed and agility once the weight is packed on. Gotta go with Dawkins here.
  2. Ed Oliver arrested

    Out in the field? No. Never. Anyway, as you said, the weapons charge is not significant. I highly doubt it is even addressed by the NFL. Obviously the other charge is going to be somewhat of a problem. Like others, I'm expecting 2 weeks.
  3. Offseason Talk

    I initially thought they could do distanced seating to help sustain some sort of income stream to assist the teams, but now I suspect the real limitation will be related to the restrooms, etc.. The restrooms, gates, and concessions are the 3 main bottlenecks where social distancing becomes challenging to adhere to. That would really limit the numbers of people who could attend. Unfortunately, I suspect you couldn't even accommodate all the season ticket holders. You also have the suites and they would be affected as well to some extent. This whole situation just stinks.
  4. Ed Oliver arrested

    My parents live in TX. Was told the unlawful possession of a weapon is tied to the alcohol. The minute there is alcohol involved, any weapon at the scene is considered "unlawful". This is nothing like being drunk and waving a weapon around and making threats, etc., so essentially, that portion is no big deal at all, as it sounds like it was just in his possession. However, regarding your speculation that he "was probably drinking and hunting", would be a real problem for me. As an actual sportsman who does hunt, IMO any alcohol or drugs have no business being consumed while hunting. If that really happened, I'd throw the book at him. That irresponsible combination is frickin' ridiculous and on par with poaching as far as I'm concerned.
  5. Ed Oliver arrested

    This is because I voted for Oliver to be the Defensive Breakout Player of 2020, isn't it?!? Seriously, he's young and can certainly learn from this. DWI is a no-no and he can afford an Uber...and register your weapon! Got plenty of time to do that with the off-season being so funky!
  6. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    Yeah, if I'm Logan Ryan, I am so baling on the Jets and telling my agent to get my butt to Seattle...but would happily slow down the process with them in hopes of driving the price up. Could care less about Baker, but Dunbar is someone I have targeted in simulated league expansion drafts/signings. On the field, I like what I've seen from him. This definitely shows that game day skills have absolutely nothing to do with the kind of person one is.
  7. Thinking aloud...Would like to see additional competition at CB, but Ryan gives up too many completions. Warford is interesting, but with what I feel will be an incredibly short training camp, I think maybe we are better off rolling with those who already have experience with each other. Everyone is coming back and I think this year, that is a major advantage. Based on what is on that list, maybe bring in an Edge player for the pass rush? Or maybe, just go with "Other" and fill in "None" for the name. Think, I'll do that last option and play the cards we've been dealt.
  8. Defensive Breakout Player for 2020

    This is hands down the hardest of the 3 surveys to answer. It's not like we don't have any options to consider, it's that we are so solid on this side of the ball, that we are always playing TEAM defense. Everyone on our D can be the difference-maker one week or the next. It will almost seem like no one will stand out. Sure, Edmunds will most likely lead in tackles, but I think with how stacked our DL is, we finally see a ton of pressure on opposing QB's. I went with Oliver to continue to affect inside runs and to be the big winner in getting to the QB from the inside this season. Gawd, I love our D!
  9. Who will be the Bills MVP for 2020?

    This. I wouldn't want to put additional pressure on Allen, but I suspect he has already done this himself. Hopefully, Josh doesn't force things too much and try to play heroball. The bottom line though is the Bills are his team to lead, he has legit weapons on offense, and a D who will get him the ball. He's wanted to play QB at the NFL level. Well, he's here and it is absolutely time for him to deliver.
  10. Offensive Breakout Player for 2020

    Well, I'm going to look like an unoriginal yes-man. I also figured Knox would benefit from the WR on the outside, allowing him to work the middle. This is a perfect checkdown for Josh. Singletary would have been my pick if we hadn't gotten Diggs and Moss. Diggs is really going to affect his teammates game in passing situations, giving Knox a boost. And Moss is going to steal goal line carries from Singletary. That said, the truth is, we would benefit more if it was Ford who had the breakout year. He could positively affect both the running and passing games. I just don't have that much faith in him at this point. In short, I think he's just serviceable.
  11. Saints sign Jameis Winston

    Saints have the most QB-Friendly offense on the planet. If JW get in the game, he will be fine. I'd bet that system played a bigger part in his decision not to go to Pittsburgh than anything else. I would have done the same.
  12. The FF's Webby's select...

  13. 2020 NFL Draft

    My favorite unheralded Bill is Tavon Johnson. I love his explosive tackles and that he always seems to find the ball. That said the injuries have been a concern. I'm all-in on Bryce Hall and would move up to make that happen. Even if Hall can't unseat Johnson in the slot, at least we would likely have quality depth for when Johnson likely gets injured again. I still believe our biggest need is across from Tre, but that isn't likely to be solved this season...OR the FO is far more confident than I am in our current options. Back-up plan would be to move up (if possible) to get T, Ben Bartch. Given value of picks, though, I think this is highly unlikely...even with adding a player.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft

    Last year he packaged picks with players to move... Could happen again. We have a solid team with very good depth and are poised to take this division now.
  15. 2020 NFL Draft

    Think Beane moves up?