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  1. Season Schedule Set to release today

    Fair enough. It has been a while (2016)...TT of all people beat them, but without Brady under center. Before that, Orton beat them in 2014, but Brady only played 1/2 the game. Fitzmagic was the last (only) QB we have had who has defeated the Pats squad when Brady played the whole game and that was in 2011. We've only defeated the Pats when Brady played any portion of the game 3 times...EVER. Geez, it's been a rough couple of decades! https://www.footballdb.com/teams/nfl/new-england-patriots/teamvsteam?opp=4
  2. 2019 Draft Interest

    The mantra out of the FO seems to be "BPA, no matter what!". Players get signed in the off-season and released before the regular season every year. It wouldn't be some sort of shocking scenario if we dumped any of these newly signed O-Linemen. Curious (if you have the time)...Let's say the Bills move back, picking up a 3rd (yay!), but TJ is gone at that new 1st round pick. Best guess as far as I can tell would be a trade back with either GB, WAS, or NYG (they'd have to give more than their 3rd) - 12/15/17 or maybe ATL at 14. I don't know if any of those seem likely to you, but either meet in the middle-ish at 14/15 or just pick whoever you think is most likely to move up to 9. Then, can you tell me who you think will still be available that you'd take with that pick? Does that new player meet BPA or is it addressing a need?
  3. 2019 Draft Interest

    I, too, doubt Oliver falls to us at 9, but if by some miracle he does, we have to pounce on him. As you said, the need is great and the player is just too good. He should be a no-brainer if we get lucky enough to see him. As for Hockenson, I have no problem taking a TE - at least a COMPLETE one like him - in the top 10. If he was a 1-trick pony, I'd agree with you and in fact would be arguing that a player like that should be held off from drafting until at least the 2nd round. TJ does it all though and given who we currently have signed, would result in the biggest upgrade at any position on our team. His ability to block benefits the ground game. His ability to catch benefits our receiving corps. This improves 2 aspects of our offense with just one player! That just makes a ton of sense to me. I know you had White as your 2nd option at #9 and I also had him, but as my 4th option. Truth is, I would not complain one bit (I'd still say that I would have taken TJ though) if the FO took White over TJ. That guy is a stud and would set us up with a very high quality LB corps for years. Still, IMHO White is also a longshot to be there at 9. If these 3 were gone, I'd go back to focusing on the OL. I understand your interest in a DE to improve the pass rush, but I just don't see McDermott scheming to free the ends up to rush the QB. I really wish he did as it takes pressure off of our secondary, but I've never seen evidence that he is willing to do that other than on the barest of minimum snaps. Because of that, upgrading the OL with quality, young talent makes more sense to me with that pick than a DE and gives Josh a better chance at improving his game.
  4. Season Schedule Set to release today

    A typical year has some surprise wins and some losses where an underdog stepped up, usually taking advantage of penalties or turnovers. Late in the year we are more likely to be banged up, as well. And, yes, I know the same holds true for the other teams. I'm dead serious about the Patriots. It's like they have no clue early on the defensive side and now with the shakeup in the coaching staff on that side of the ball, I really do believe we could take the game at home. BB will have them firing on all cylinders again late in the season, because he simply understands how to stick to a plan and teach his players to implement it. Late in the season, DEN and NYJ could be trouble, more so than BAL, but again, every year there are upsets that put teams playoff hopes in jeopardy. I'm just planning on seeing one or two somewhere this season.
  5. Season Schedule Set to release today

    So, in recent memory, we started out impressive only to string together loss after loss late in the season, missing the playoffs. This schedule looks like it could totally set our fan base up for that level of disappointment. That 2nd half is tough. Truth is, I could see us starting 6-0...and, no, I'm not drunk! I don't respect the Jets' D and we have the rest of the off-season to prep for that game. Lately, NE has started out slow and sloppy, especially on the defensive side of the ball. We beat the Titans last season, with what should prove to have been a lesser offense. Unfortunately, I see us winning only 3 games after that...WAS, MIA, and 1 from either DEN, BAL, or NYJ. 9-7
  6. Your Top 5 Big Board for pick 9

    I realize that the following list is not in the consensus BPA order that our FO wants to go with. Still, I feel our needs should be factored in to some extent and so have proposed this order: Ed Oliver TJ Hockenson Jawaan Taylor Devin White Montez Sweat In theory, Hockenson should be my #5, but I have no faith in our current small group of TE's and Hockenson allows us to pound the ball plus attack through the air with the TE. Sweat also should be higher, but we don't really attack off of the edge, so it doesn't seem like as good of a fit. Properly used, I think he'd be a significant upgrade opposite Hughes, I just don't see him used that way, however. White is a stud who I'd probably have at #2 any other year, but our current LB corps played solid last year and I expect them to have recovered from injuries. Finally, Taylor is rated a little higher than he should be because I just don't believe we are done trying to improve our OL and there certainly is still improvements that can be made and hope we do.
  7. Pre-Season Schedule Released

    I wish we were facing the Vikings week 3. It'd be a better gauge on where we are at. Come week 4, it will be nothing but bench warmers and players we cut on the field.
  8. How good can this defense be this year?

    I wouldn't take Murphy at 9 either, but would snag him if we traded back. Putting Wilkins in the interior makes sense, so I get that. Burns would be skinny if he was a TE, but as a DE (you said trenches) would just be comical. He'll probably end up as a OLB in an odd front...and he'd still be light. I see our options at 9 becoming less and less ideal. I really hope we can trade back.
  9. How good can this defense be this year?

    This is my only beef with McDermott. Frankly, in a different era, it wouldn't be a problem, but this is now hardly a league that mostly relies on a running game. It is ridiculous to expect perfect coverage from the hardest defensive position to play on the field! You rush the QB so that the coverage hopefully doesn't break down...and without pressure, it will sooner or later. Proof of this is all those scrambling red zone TD's we've all witnessed in the past where a receiver was running back and forth and finally got open. Even if all of the potential receivers fell down, eventually one of them will get up and get open if we can't get to the QB. I absolutely hate this strategy, but I don't coach that D, so, yes, Murphy makes a ton of sense. Actually, blowing Murphy off in order to pick a DE who will rarely be given an opportunity to get after the QB would be an incredibly stupid move on draft day. Now if we went after a rush DE and actually saw McDermott change his philosophy, that would be one thing. Sadly, what I really expect though is that if we go DE early and he never gets pressure, our fanbase will give McDermott a pass and just claim the kid didn't have the moves to get to the QB in the 1st place...nevermind that that's why we hire coaches!
  10. The AAF to cease football operations

    LOL! This forum has turned into an argument over some tool who oversaw a soap opera about men in schweddy tights! Bad uniforms aside (NDSU, er, I mean AZ = Wow!), I liked the idea of a developmental league and had hoped that's what the AAF would become. I think there is value in fringe players getting reps so that the NFL could address some depth issues. And for anyone still hoping for some sort of expansion, that extra training would be crucial to help fill out NFL rosters with adequate players. If the XFL can do this in the future without a bunch of overhyped cheese, cool, but I'm not holding my breathe.
  11. Bills sign John Brown & Cole Beasley

    Check this out. This is one dumb DB! LOL! https://www.cfl.ca/2017/10/22/week-19-duke-williams-block/
  12. Free Agency Thread

    I was thinking a heavy emphasis on BPA, as well, which is what Beane has said was his desire before FA even started. Even though I believe the OL has some better talent to work with, Waddle and Feliciano seem like nothing more than solid backups, and maybe the same could be said for Ty, though I think he has a better chance of being a decent starter. That means I could definitely imagine that the FO still believes a O-Lineman needs to be drafted early this year. However, with this influx in better talent, I think it is taking quite a bit of pressure off of needing to draft multiple OL picks. I still think TE is high on the list of targets this year and could see us snagging a quality player early. Additionally, OG, CB, OLB, and DE seem to be in need of upgrades as well. I think our interior DL is in very good shape, with nothing more than maybe a late round pick needed for depth. Other than that, maybe we look at a safety to start planning for the future...admittedly, I'm not really familiar with any of them in this years draft though.
  13. Bills sign John Brown & Cole Beasley

    Agree with starting Brown at the X and making Foster adjust his game at the Z. Brown's got speed to quickly recover from jams and if we go to a 11 set, he blocks well in the running game. Jones actually is a good run blocker, too, but KB was even better and I think that was partly the reason Zay didn't see the snaps over there after KB was acquired. Foster makes sense playing at the Z to continue his ability to torch DB's, especially once he's been put in motion, and because he doesn't block as well in the run game as most of our other receivers IMHO. Williams is the one I can't put my finger on. One of the knocks on him coming out of college was that his blocking was fairly poor...whether he had the size advantage or not. In the CFL, though, he recorded some pancakes, but maybe that's due to facing lesser competition. Anyway, it seems to me to indicate that he'd be better served as a Z, swapping places with Zay. Thing is, though, Zay wasn't getting open enough when he was in the X position, at least compared to the end of the season. This is another aspect of Zay's game that he will need to improve on, especially if we utilize him to back up in multiple positions.
  14. Bills sign John Brown & Cole Beasley

    If Zay doesn't continue his late-season growth from last year, he needs to ride the pine. It's his 3rd year, so he needs to either deliver consistently or we need to accept that he will always be just a quality, back-up receiver. It sounds harsh, but it is the reality. We are building a team that can deliver play-off appearances. "Good enough" isn't good enough anymore.
  15. Bills sign John Brown & Cole Beasley

    Beasley does exactly what I wanted from Humphries and for less money. I like this one. Brown? As I've said elsewhere Foster performed better on a per pass attempt rubric, but I will say, there is value in his experience that can be passed on to our young receivers. So that part is good. In the end, it looks to me like the FO is embracing speed and probably will put Brown and Foster opposite each other and Beasley in the slot...S T R E T C H I N G the field vertically and letting Josh launch some bombs! Air Coryell/K-Gun, anyone?!?