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  1. Random (Deep) Thoughts

    It would be nice to have a sticky with the current seasons schedule (including pre-season) for quick/easy access...I know we have game day threads, but if there was a link in the sticky to each game day thread (as the season progressed) that could be a useful tool. Thoughts? I saw someone post about Talib pick-6 Cutler but I don't have our schedule memorized and have no idea if or when we play the Dolphins. Kinda weird to open another browser and go to a different site to view the schedule IMO.
  2. Broncos QB Battle - Siemian it is

    Both QB's are learning and unpolished. The entire offense is same. Not a great scenario, but this could take most of the season, if not all, to play out, assuming we are moving forward and quickly enough to avoid a reboot/retooling. Confidence is huge too, so going back and forth is not ideal. So long as the fans are patient enough to keep the news personalities from taking over we remain one front. No need to get hostile with each other if both QB's, HC, OC, etc fail to deliver this year. It's completely out of our control. There are bumps to every season and game but how quickly we learn and adjust help determine our success. I really don't know what to expect this year and next. Uncharted territory IMO...