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  1. Week 14:Broncos Jets GDT

    Losing to the Colts has to help our draft position, or will they own the tie breaker? Hmmm, after all this QBOTF talk, it would be amusing if Elway passes up two franchise QB’s to roll into 2018 w/Lynch...lol
  2. Week 14:Broncos Jets GDT

    This a business, not a pee-wee feel good moment. We beat the Jets...blah. I knew Trevor would pull out his audition tape if they brought him back. If we don’t get a real QB, we’re just extending the misery.
  3. Random Thoughts

    That’s cool! I’m about to pull the trigger on a Recon...fun times
  4. RUMOR: Vance Joseph to be let go?

    If Mac drafted our best O players and Fox drafted the best D players, it makes sense to bring them both back. But I'd give Fox the odd rounds, and Mac the even rounds this time around.
  5. Elways Wikipedia Page 2050

    He might have to suit up this year...
  6. Week 12 GDT: Broncos @ Dolphins

    Honestly, it’s probably the most exciting game & play Gase has seen from his team all season...he’s riding a wave today, but will come crashing back down next week. All is fair in love and war... Maybe he was toying with VJ the whole game because he can.
  7. Might be all we need if Siemian gets hurt and we roll back to Brock the following week.
  8. RUMOR: Vance Joseph to be let go?

    Also, Prescott is struggling in Big D without a RB & Great o-line. I say he looks like garbage in Denver, so i’m not sold on him being a great or good QB. Eli may be better, but there’s another dumpster fire for you in NY.
  9. RUMOR: Vance Joseph to be let go?

    It was sarcasm - meaning keep him around and we’ll be drafting top 5 every year. Let’s plug some roster holes before we get a motivator HC.
  10. RUMOR: Vance Joseph to be let go?

    I like VJ - we need talent, and under his leadership we will get it. Keep this guy around another year or two so we can rebuild the roster.
  11. GDT: Broncos @ Raiders

    What’s the over/under on Siemian starting and playing 4Q’s next week?
  12. Paxton to Start - Let the bid for the Bottom Begin!

    Bwahahaha... remember when Shannahan used the first 3 picks on CB’s... ...I say we use all our picks next year on QB’s!
  13. 53 Man Roster Projection

    Kubes & Wade got a lot from this roster...but it also required PM’s last ride to elevate the team. It’s salvageable, but not with Hubris.
  14. Paxton to Start - Let the bid for the Bottom Begin!

    There will come a point this season when Lynch and Oz are too hurt to play...and Siemian will go back in and screw it all up by winning.
  15. Mike McCoy is gone.

    The offensive woes go back years and across multiple coaching staffs. Not a fan of this move...are the fans and media running the asylum now?