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  1. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    We can't draft nor coach up players so this is what we have - perpetual next year menfality. Elway may be great at managing contracts, but he hasn't figured out how to pick a draft committee or a coaching staff.
  2. If we could swap firsts with the Giants at the cost of our second rounder, we could probably flip if for so much more
  3. If the Giants value Chubb / Barkley / Nelson equally then they have no reason to stay at 1.2. We'd have to know the Browns and Giants boards to predict this out.
  4. Random Thoughts

    She doesn't give a rats arse how you look. She wants a confident guy. Google, "The Confidence Thread" - should be on bodybuildingforums if you need assistance channeling your inner wild. Primal is best. They eat it up. Oh, girls love games...all the time. Don't get too serious or it gets stale and loses the fun factor. Spontaneous is best. Don't be asking her what she wants to do because she's looking at you for what to do.
  5. Honestly, I don’t care which QB we pick, so long as it’s a HOF QB...
  6. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    The only way Barkley makes it to us is if teams like Buffalo, Miami, Jets, Arizona are trying and manage to trade up to the top 4 picks to grab a QB, ahead of us...and/or if Cleveland and the Giants go QB. So QB 1-4 picks. That would be an interesting scenario for sure...i'd laugh...then probably cry. In that scenario Keenum is our QB for 2018.
  7. Extension Candidates

    I figured you'd play if I dangled
  8. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    That's good, because he'll be running for his life behind our O-line. Whatever gives him the best chance to avoid injury.
  9. Extension Candidates

    Isaiah McKenzie - extension for sure, a baller
  10. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    It's hard to speculate on what if positives when other organizations have risen from the ashes and we're struggling to be relevant in the worst division in football. IMO, we haven't hit bottom. Keenum...bwhahahaha
  11. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    We could get an incredible player at #5, but my gut says we'll trade back and draft a slew of players too high because they have promising ceilings, but are out of the league in 3 years.
  12. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    I'm in alliance with AAA here...this franchise is being run on an excel spreadsheet eerily similar to an auto dealership level. We've absolutely wasted talent that was drafted by coaches and staff no longer here.
  13. I think QB's will be going off the board like crazy with the first 6 picks...maybe an outlier, but teams will be jockeying.
  14. I bet our pick will be worth a lot - trading back may be ideal
  15. Broncos QB Discussion Thread

    If the Broncos QB board has 1 top guy, and they really want him, then you trade up and get your guy.