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  1. Maybe we should bundle up all our draft picks for the next three years and take the top two QB's in this year's draft...let them fight it out with Lock.
  2. Or we trade back and acquire future ammo for that type of flexibility.
  3. So day 2 of the Bowlen trial will occur the same day as the MLB AllStar game at Coors Field!?
  4. 68 pages of, “what to do at QB?” September is so far away...
  5. We'll need lots of draft picks to fill these holes and replenish.
  6. He's done. Financial ruin likely to follow. Terrible all around, especially for the victims.
  7. Paton doesn't need to win this year. That's on the coaches he didn't hire.
  8. Assuming an ownership change/overhaul with new coaches...we jettison Lock, don't resign our 1 year defensive player contracts, suck bad for the 2022 season and draft a QB in 2023.
  9. There's no logical reason for Paton to risk his job with a QB draft pick this year. Lock is tied to Elway. New ownership/coaching will want their QB choice so why not provide everyone the opportunity to succeed...or fail.
  10. Especially if Paton is better than Elway at negotiating the draft day trades.
  11. I don’t mean to make light of the situation or give Watson a pass, but let’s not act like this isn’t a larger issue/problem. Robert Kraft anyone? How many high profile people in sports are we letting slide? The guy is obviously into the grey area, at the minimum. Where do we draw the line with players and free agents? Why is it ok to march on with Melvin Gordon? The way I’m understanding this is if Watson is still playing football (NFL doesn’t ban him) then it’s ok. I don’t know if I’m ok with this...
  12. A man of Easterby’s standard putting up with such tom foolery...outlandish! I bet he cuts Watson for such unholy behavior.
  13. "Come out to Denver*, we'll get together, have a few laughs"
  14. Watson sitting in Houston for a year could play right into Denver's hand...interesting...
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