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  1. The Pack losing assets should count against reasons for Rodgers to stay…could get interesting.
  2. Awesome, another big step into a new era. These moves will further propel us beyond our past and into the next chapter of Bronco mania.
  3. They're ready to move on and cut their losses. I'm unsure if Rodgers needs a change in scenery or if he just needs to retire. The guy is an amazing QB, but has not put it together in the playoffs.
  4. The Pack have turned against Rodgers…are they wrong?
  5. Agreed 100%...I was being a bit facetious and sarcastic...a single player isn't enough, but a deal w/the devil may get it done
  6. I'd sacrifice a 3rd round pick to the football Gods if it guaranteed us the #1 special teams unit in the league for the next 10 years
  7. Perhaps Cleveland, Minnesota, or even Green Bay if Rodgers retires.
  8. I'm in agreement and jumped a few steps ahead. I wonder how many trade calls teams in the top 10 receive during a typical year. I'd like to believe there's some strategic planning going on and the teams that have the best odds at the worst record (in this scenario) would be more favorable trade partners. Playing it out, who are those teams?
  9. Let's make it easy and trade down with the team that will have the #1 pick in the 2023 draft.
  10. His Defensive prowess was matched only by his Offensive ineptitude. Sorry Drew.
  11. Always, but he’s so darn quick our QB’s can’t track him.
  12. I agree. There are a lot of important decisions upcoming and most lie squarely with Paton. We all have our opinions re what decisions should be made, some differing…however, we all want sustained success and competitive play for that Lombardi trophy.
  13. We’ll soon find out how good Paton is at this GM business.
  14. Our defense could play lights out and Lock will still give up points. A pick 6 or two maybe a fumble return...then the Defense gives up and we're free fallin'...
  15. We might lose out and nab a top 10 draft pick. Spicy!
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