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  1. Lock is Lost - we’d be better off running 75%+ plays
  2. These are dark times my friends, dark times...
  3. Yikes. The offense makes me want to puke...no confidence in coaching staff either...
  4. ...we won’t get Von vs Cam when the Patsies come to town...shame
  5. Exactly! I envision a league where each team is an Elysium...bring your family and say goodbye to the crazy world outside.
  6. There is so much money involved in the business there should be no excuse for not creating a successful environment. However, until I see it happen I have my doubts because there are so many variables to cohesively control and too much hubris among the owners.
  7. Nah, that was me politely telling AKRNA that he can kiss it
  8. Talking through how players in this sport are going to keep themselves safe is something we are all interested and concerned with...however, let's discuss football and leave the epidemiology discussions on other forums.
  9. Jeez...I'd say this guy knows exactly what he's doing...who's his agent?
  10. About as painful as haggling of the purchase of a car...hmmmm...
  11. What if was more about zapping / destroying the virus vs not letting it through? Like a carbon filter, but for virus.
  12. What's the R&D dept at Nike, up to these days...can we get sports masks for athletes?
  13. Possible long term health effects are worth watching and considering.
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